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Thread: Maricardo - tank size
31/12/2019 05:25:01

Hi Jerry. I have a Maricardo at a similar stage to yours but I have installed a tank. I used a Sullivan 8oz which was suggested in the new build article. One of the threads on this forum on the Maricardo has both the build article and one by Alex Whittaker which are a good read and might give you the inspiration to finish yours. - **LINK** .The original build article and plan are now also on "Outerzone". I am further down the globe in Christchurch New Zealand. I have bought quite a bit off SLEC over time as they have such a great range of stuff. I even have one of their building jigs. If you E mail with them with what you want, they will send a Pay Pal invoice which you pay which initiates the order. Never taken too long for stuff to arrive. Some guys don't rate their tanks but I've used them with no worries and they're recommended above.Good luck with your build - I might follow your example and finish mine.

Hope all's good with you. The sky here in Christchurch has been filled with haze from the bush fire smoke from Australia. A reminder to us about how bad it is there.

Thread: Setting Flaps on 8fg & what does offset do?
27/09/2019 10:13:09

Hi Erflog

I use the 8fg and have found the supplementary notes that Malcom Holt produced very helpful. You can find them in this thread. - **LINK**

Also if you post your question on the 14sg thread Malcom may answer your question.


Thread: Thinking aloud about Spits...
08/09/2019 00:04:00

Only want a tiddler at 2" less than 4 foot you could do Tony Nijhuis's 46"spit featured on his website and was originally an RCM&E plan. There's a link on the web page for this model to the original article and the model started out in silver film before it was then painted. He does at least one larger one but this one would be a handy size for electric or a 30FS. There is at least one build article on this forum where retracts were fitted. Personally, I would go with the original design which was hand launch and belly landing. This keeps the weight down and does away with the two most difficult parts of any flight - well for me anyway.



Thread: Six Nations 2019
11/02/2019 06:06:08

Cheers for your confidence Cymaz. Nigel from NZ!

Thread: Dave Burton (BEB)
05/01/2019 22:35:30

Sad news and I will miss him down here in Christchurch, New Zealand too. Always enjoyed his contribution to the forum and RCM&E. I keep some of his articles in a special folder for reference. He obviously enjoyed the social side of modelling as evidenced by the photos and stories I read of the Greenacres meets and the like and had a knack of generating some lively debate on this forum.

Thread: New EDF Mini Jets- Sabre & MiG15 RCM&E 2018 Special
05/01/2019 22:27:34

Good suggestion Erflog. I"ll add my vote for a Phantom in the next batch when you're feeling up to it Tony.

Thread: ASP anybody?
13/10/2018 08:24:52

It was a reasonable observation Simon. I see Hobbyking has gone out of supplying ASP engines, and presumably the residual IC brands, OS & Cox as soon they clear existing stock. Could well mean that reducing demand for Glow IC against Electric and Gas will see Sanye ceasing production. They're still available on Ali express at the moment.

Thread: Maricardo
09/07/2018 09:06:42

I have a copy of the Paul Strawson updated plan which shows the CoG 82mm from the leading edge. When measured onto the wing rib it puts it right on the front of the front spar.

Controls listed on the plan are -

Rudder 1"each way

Elevators 1/2'each way

Ailerons 1/4'' each way.

Hope this makes sense. If not let me know and I'll post photos of the relevant parts of the plan.

Thread: Battery problem
23/04/2018 10:45:11

I usually charge my Ni-MH batteries at 1amp for the 2000mah flight packs and the transmitter at .7 using a basic smart charger. This is nearer 1c than .1c.

Is the discussion here saying that is way too high for regular charging?

Thread: RM Aerobat
13/04/2018 10:27:13

Fantastic effort Nigel R. Really good articles to go with the plans. You, Mark and KC are certainly creating a bit of interest in the design and it will be interesting to see if any further builds eventuate.

Mark, I would Definitely follow KC's advice about the formers. I used the original former shapes and attached the upper sides but thought it didn't look right and so cut off the sides and trimmed the formers straight but I can see the finished effect on KC's plane looks fine.

What engine did you power your Aerobat with KC?

11/04/2018 08:58:54

Mark, you can see from your formers that the middle 2 have wider tops and will distort the upper fuselage sides and the lines of the aircraft. Rather than try and calculate what they should be, leave them as they are and assemble the fuselage up to the point you're ready to sheet the upper sides. Then run a straight edge from the top edge of F6 to F9 and mark on the top of F7&8 where the edge intersects. This will give you the true line and you can easily mark and then trim the excess material from the side of each former. The photo below shows the stage at which it is best done, although in this older photo F8 and F9 weren't glued in place yet. I'd taken the photo to show off my then new SLEC fuslage Jig. In the South Island of NZ it would be one of the most southern!


10/04/2018 08:41:07

I built one a few years ago and like one or two others it didn't have a long life as I described in one of the other threads linked earlier. Was a nice model and there is a photo of it in the other thread. I built mine from a plan I bought from Nexus. One thing to watch is that the tops of formers 7 and 8 are too wide and distort the upper sides. I can see in the picture your plan is the same and you can see the top of F7 is wider than F6. Best way is to assemble the formers on the sides and then use a straight edge between F6 and F9 to give the proper line then trim up 7 & 8. Hope this makes sense.

I'll also be watching this with interest along with others and you might be starting a bit of an Aerobat resurgence (Sorry KC). I wouldn't mind doing another - perhaps with a 30 FS. It would be fun to see the original build and flying article from the mag. Maybe you can post photo's which has been done with other articles..


Thread: Excerpt from Aero modeller 1971
16/02/2018 06:27:59

Likewise BBC. I've just forwarded it to our club magazine editor who does a great job of our club magazine and has heaps of one liners like this in it.

Thread: What star sign are you? Is there a trend with flyers?
05/02/2018 06:41:09

This is a good thread and has created some fun discussion, just like the recent "Death of IC" In fact another good one which would stir some lively debate could be what star signs fly Mode 1 or 2!

Thread: Forum members' new models: Let's see them.
15/01/2018 07:40:00

Curtiss Gosshawk - maiden "flight" will probably be when my 3 year old granddaughter visits next.


Thread: Kiwi Assistance Please
10/01/2018 08:14:58

I dont know of Brian either except from his earlier posts. He's not a member of the Canterbury Model Aero Club that I belong to. However I think he was in Christchurch as trolling his posts gave a reference to a flyin they have here at Lake Forsyth. Just got a call from LMHS about putting the Auster on display as a part build in a Fly-in at Lake Forsyth next weekend. The store he will be referring to has now closed but the Flyin is arranged by the Christchurch Radio Flyers club here every August (Successful in 2017 with great weather). Radio flyers has a web site and I will E mail the secretary and ask him to alert Brian to this thread if he is a member there.

Thread: Is traditional building a disappearing art?
26/12/2017 09:37:19


My son must want me to continue traditional building as he has given me a 16" span kitset of a Spitfire. I do build my planes from plans and this Guillows kit is the first laser cutting I have handled. Pretty amazing. I have a 56"sportster to cover when things settle down after Christmas and also a Can Doo to fit the hardware into, so this model will be a bit of a change. I have built rubber models before but not quite this small. Will have to see if I can get some coloured tissue from one of the free flighters in our club. They would make up the majority of scratch builders in it - there is a strong Tomboy contingent with regular competitions.

Thread: Swamp Rat builders
17/12/2017 08:53:45

Yes I know now that a patch of solid colour is better and I will do that as I finish my next project which is a Maricardo by using a large black patch on the underside of the yellow wing as you suggest. The black and white checkerboard does blend into a grey in the distance.

I dont think we can get solarfilm polyester here in NZ. Mainly just the generic stuff. I'm reminded of this every time I read one of your build artciles and you extol the virtues of it!

Peter, you need to publish another photo on this forum. I see you're currently on 999. Cheers

17/12/2017 02:42:40

Hi Below are the pictures of my Swamp Rat which I maiden'd today out at the CMAC (NZ) model club. It has been built for nearly 2 years but for a variety of reasons including its very temperamental OS 25 SF had not flown till today. Went well despite the sagging covering which comes with 32 deg (celsius). Orientation is certainly an issue and need to keep it close and pleased the wing is done in chequered covering underneath. Bought OS NIB a while ago and it is a bit more compact than the 25 Fx's and with more airtime I'm sure it will go well. Another great Peter Miller design. Only change was was individual aileron servo's. Must try bellcranks one day.p6040206.jpgp3280178.jpg

Thread: Yet another build Pt 2
10/12/2017 08:03:09

Hi Bobby, like others I have enjoyed this thread. One reason is that I have a bipe plan called Poppet which was an RCM&E Ashby/Cooper plan that I would like to build soon. It's 43" so the figures and comments you made about your Mk 1 have been helpful. The original design used a 40 2st stroke so it was good to see yours went OK with a 52 4st till the weight increased.

One thing I have picked up from this thread is what the actual design is?

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