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Thread: Successfully changing the AA batteries for the Lithium Ion pack in the spectrum DX6G2!!
15/05/2019 16:53:34

Hi everyone,

Well for sometime now I've been contemplating changing the 4AA cells in both my Spectrum DX8g2 and also my DX6G2.

So, without further ado I sent off for the Spectrum 2S 2000mAh Lithium Ion pack and also the 4-Max 2S 4000mah LiPo battery.

They both arrived together this morning and I had an hour free so I thought I'll get cracking.

5 hrs latter I had managed to get the Spectrum 2000mAh inserted after damaging the very soft wire covering in three places. Patching those up I persevered and got extremely stressed out poking and pushing the wires into the tiny little space where the connection goes. Connecting up is tricky enough!! Even though the connection appears to be 'fully home' I had to strip the padding off of the inside of the sliding rear cover. Also, I've really still no idea whether I've nicked those delicately covered wire/wires in that final 'push'!

Well, that was certainly challenging. But moving on to the 4-Max Lipo battery, which actually has THREE wires to squeeze into the same very restricted compartment!! I think during this whole process I may have even invented a few new swear words ....!!!! I have still to complete this changeover. I just couldn't take anymore until tomorrow.

So, my question is - Has anyone on here actually found an easier approach to insert these replacement batteries into an extremely restricted space on the transmitters.

Not actually knowing if I have further damaged those wire/wires is terribly worrying.

Any experiences and solutions found would be most welcome.



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Thread: Setting up the Stability System Reaction system on the E Flight X-VERT
15/06/2018 18:29:47

Thank you John and Denis for your replies. I haven't had much time to get the model out and try to put your collective suggestions in to practice. Unfortunately, I've not been very well but hopefully next week I should be in the position to report back on here to you on how things went.

Fingers very tightly crossed.

Thanks again,


11/06/2018 21:51:38

Hi everyone,

Been trying to set up my recently purchased E Flight X-VERT today.

No problem binding with my Spektrum DX6G2. Controls all worked fine, except the throttle. Then when I tried the Stability System Reaction test - nothing!. The control surfaces should have reacted to correct external forces such as wind etc. But nothing!

Receiver correctly showing 'green' and in 'Multirotor Mode' and receiver battery fully charged. Correct model entered into the Tx.

So I tried to contact Horizon Hobby by email and that even failed!!

Not going very well so far!! The email I used was -

Has anyone else experienced problems similar to those above?

Hoping someone can help!!

With Warmest Regards,


Thread: Old glow fuel - how to dispose of?
24/02/2018 09:39:06

Hi everyone,

This post rather prompts me to ask the question - how can you tell when 10% glow fuel is beyond its best?

I've got 1/2 gallon of 10% glow fuel that's about 3yrs old. It's been tightly sealed in its original container in a dark corner of the shed. I have used a small amount of it and totally resealed it again but that was about a year ago. That seemed OK and I used it to just bench run in an Enya 30BB,

Does glow fuel actually 'go off'?


Thread: A new aviation tv channel.
22/02/2018 11:41:30



Hi everyone,

Well,last year I came across this new tv channel, set up by a couple of aviation enthusiasts. This channel is now quite well established, and I too am now a fully paid up member, being something of an aviation enthusiast.

This tv channel I'm referring to is called -

I'm not connected to it in any other way, other than being a very enthusiastic member who enjoys watching full size airliner activity, at various airports.

You do get 30mins of 'free view,' and to join up to become a Gold member will mean subscribing for about £4 per month, for 2  90 minute broadcasts per week, plus occasional 'specials'.

Just take a look and see what you think. I became hooked straight away.



Edited By JohnnyB on 22/02/2018 11:43:40

Thread: Availability of RCM&E binders ... ??
27/02/2017 20:28:24

Hi Beth,

Thank you very much for that link. That's extremely helpful and very much appreciated.


26/02/2017 23:02:11

Good morning everyone,

Could someone please point me in the direction of a supply of RCM&E binders. I'm in the need of a few to safely store away my last few years of subscription copies.

They no longer seem to be even listed in the My HobbyStore or anywhere else for that matter.

Hoping someone can help.

With Warmest Regards,


Thread: 2017 Mass Build Voting Thread
03/11/2016 10:00:16



2).Astro Hog.

3). Skywriter.

Edited By JohnnyB on 03/11/2016 10:01:01

Thread: Problem charging 6V 2300mAh NiMH receiver battery for the first time!
18/05/2016 10:19:16

Hi everyone,

Thank you all so much for your replies. Reading them through helps to give me the confidence I need with this new battery. Lipo's are not a problem as I can connect to a battery doctor or similar and see the percentage capacity,individual cell voltage, whether the cells are balanced and even select 'balance' if they are not etc, etc!

It's a different story with this NiMh battery though. I can see how much capacity has gone in and on the first occasion from new after 3hrs at a charge rate of 0.3A it was 773mA. Then I discharged down to 1.2v per cell, the lowest option it would allow in the programme, and then recharged. On this occasion after 3hrs it charged to an indicated capacity of 808mA. The battery capacity is 2300mA!!!

Another factor I haven't mentioned so far is the temperature of the battery. On both occasions, after the 3hr charge sessions the battery was quite warm/hot. If this is the case after just a 3hr session with only an indicated 808mA capacity, how hot will it get to get the full 2300mA charge?

The reason for all this frustration with charging a NiMH battery is that I now have an i/c model whereas until now I have only flown electric. I need the RELIABLE, and have confidence in, this NiMH battery before committing to a take-off. At the moment I just don't have that confidence in the battery at all. I wanted a large capacity battery to last confidently for a good number of flights. Now it's looking as though I might just go with a 4.8v 1200mA NiMH battery but then I run the risk of 'brown outs' as I'm still training. At least I can charge this 4.8v battery overnight without cutting out after 3hrs and the battery doesn't get hot, when using the simple wall charger.

Thank you guy's who pointed out the safety cut out period on the charger. I hadn't realised that, but as John Lee points out, it is in the operating manual!!


17/05/2016 14:12:22

Thank you Peter, that's a great reply.

What individual cell voltage do you suggest I discharge down to before recharging again?


17/05/2016 14:00:15

Hi Everyone,

Thank you Masher, Hangar9 and Cuban8 for your valued replies. I really am fully appreciative of your experience and advice.

After just over 3hrs charging at 0.3A the charging programme stopped having only charged to 773mA. ( it has a capacity of 2300mA's) Would this be because of the delta peak intervening. Surely the battery will not be fully charged? Would you suggest I begin another charge attempt at the same rate of 0.3mA and see if it continues to charge or would it be better to cycle the battery down and start again?

What is the best way to check that a NiMh battery is fully charged? (or not!!!!!).


17/05/2016 10:55:19


Hi everyone,

I have just bought a new Overlander 6V 2300mAh receiver battery. On the label it says - "Standard charge 250mA for 10hrs'.

OK, I thought, I'll just use my old Futaba Tx/Rx wall charger just as I used to do with my old 4.8V receiver batteries. This states an output of only 4.8V and 70mA.

I connected it all up and indeed the little red light came on to indicate charging. Then when I went back to check after an hour, the red light had dimmed. I checked the connection and no difference. So I left it and checked again after about 90mins. By now the light had almost disappeared! This is a new battery so it shouldn't be fully charged after such a relatively short charging period surely.

So, after pondering for a while I decided to use my faithful Graupner Ultramat 16 charger that does have a NiMh charging program. I decided to use the manual programme as I do not want the delta cut off to cut in. I set the charge rate to 0.3A and plan to leave for about 10hrs. I will keep checking the battery for temperature (feeling by hand).

The battery has now been charging for 25mins and it has 115mA(?) put in as indicated but the voltage is indicated as 7.17V(!) Isn't this voltage already getting too high considering it's supposed to be on charge for 10hrs ..... !!! The battery is cold to the touch.

I must say I have very little faith in this battery at present, especially as I intend to use it in my model on Thursday. How can I be absolutely confident that once in the air this battery will not let me down, especially after a few flights? I do have a voltage checker showing red, amber and green when system is switched on in my model. Would it be safer to use a 4.8V NiMh 1200mAh battery that I can charge on my Futaba wall charger for the required time. My model has 4 servo's and my radio is 2.4 Spektrum.

Also, I have read somewhere that new NiMh batteries should be 'cycled' after being charged for the first time.


Edited By JohnnyB on 17/05/2016 10:57:15

Thread: 2016 RCM&E Autumn Special- Free Plan Modellers Choice
11/01/2016 15:19:12


Hi everyone,

Here's my suggestion -


                          Scottish Twin pioneer - electric and with slats and flaps for real slow landings.

Edited By JohnnyB on 11/01/2016 15:20:01

Edited By JohnnyB on 11/01/2016 15:20:21

Thread: Flight simulator for Mac???
25/05/2015 18:07:04

Hi Ben and WolstonFlyer,

Thank you both for your replies, they have been most helpful. It certainly seems to be my only option in this case but at least it does seem to be a good product too!

Thanks again to you both,


24/05/2015 22:25:09

Hi everyone,

Well, I have just bought an iMac computer and I was hoping to invest in a good quality R/C simulator to use with my new acquisition, but having already spent sometime looking on the inter web,I have drawn a complete blank!

Does anyone know of such a simulator that will happily run on the Mac OS X 10 9.2? I'm beginning to despair!!!


Thread: Greenacres 2015 fly-ins chat
10/02/2015 09:45:44

Hi everyone,

Will the usual 'fly in' specific range of clothing be available as usual this year?


Thread: RCM&E / Greenacres 2014 fly-in photos and video thread
23/06/2014 22:40:22


In the photo of the Saturday group taken by David, I'm the one in the blue hat and blue polo shirt back row extreme right. Oh! not forgetting the moustache of course!!

David did take anther one, this time with me kneeling on the front row,extreme left.

Thanks to everyone for a great show. I didn't really mix too much because I'm quite shy, but I did spot a few guys that I recognised through a long history of reading the RCM&E magazine.


Thread: AW FK10 Quadruplane at 1/4 scale (80")
21/06/2014 18:37:27

Yeah, saw this model just a short while ago. Its just Awesome and looks fantastic in the air too!! All in all a great show at Greenfields. Well done to everyone who made it all possibleteeth 2

Thread: RCM&E / Greenacres June 2014 fly-in - chat thread
19/06/2014 18:43:25

Hi everyone,

Well, got my shirt today so I'll be there on Saturday. I won't be flying as I'm still in training at my Club. Instead I'm greatly looking forward, very much, to meeting as many forumites as possible and to have a lot of fun!!

Oh, I'll be the one with the moustache by the way!!

See you all soon.


Thread: Charging multiple Rx Batteries.
17/06/2014 13:56:39

Hi everyone,

Well, I'm very nervous about charging Rx batteries. I'm never really convinced that they are fully charged. With Lipo's it's easy as you can get various battery 'checkers' that tell you the % of charge remaining etc etc.

I've just bought a Fusion NX 83 charger thinking,from reading the info on it,that this would put my 'fears' to rest.

Sadly, this is not the case. I've just connected it to one of my 6v Nimh batteries and although the charging light was showing Red at first,the light went out after about 45secs and then showed no light at all!!

So, my question is - what's happening there? It certainly hasn't helped to restore my confidence in charging Rx batteries. What voltage is a fully charged 6v Rx battery and is that voltage 'proof' of a full charge?

The Rx battery is a 6v 1200mAh NiMh


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