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Thread: Galaxy Domino lower wing dihedral
12/12/2019 21:39:52

This is from the build post and inconclusive

I have the feeling that they were flat too

But take a fresh look at the plan for a straight or angled dihedral brace


Thread: Christmas Present for a Two Year-Old.
11/12/2019 07:14:22

Home and Bargain outlets in the UK

Have flying models David

Thread: Futaba T1OCP batteries
09/12/2019 17:00:59

Wall charger for your nimh Mark on ebay

Fusion NX83 Transmitter and Receiver Delta Peak AC NiMh NiCd RC Charger FS-NX83

Thread: Judder on all servos with DFT module
09/12/2019 14:04:37

Have only come across this with near flat Rx pack, or faulty flight switch

Thread: Sharkface question
09/12/2019 09:57:56

20191209_095038.jpgThese tough props 8 x 4

Supplier liquidated last year20191209_095003.jpg

09/12/2019 06:51:47

For flying in various conditions Barry, I use a variety of lipos with an 8 x 4 sports prop.

Due to belly landings, I use a tough black prop unknown make

The 12v motor gives the option of 2S or 3S packs, from 500 - 800mAh

In light breeze conditions, the 2S is fine for flight and in windier conditions I have a heavy 800ma 3S

Edited By Denis Watkins on 09/12/2019 06:52:37

Thread: Intermittent Throttle Mystery on Spektrum 1S Indoor Receiver
08/12/2019 08:10:20
Posted by Cliff 1959 on 07/12/2019
this would suggest that the older batteries, although fully charged and showing 4.2, just aren't cutting it anymore for this particular model!


You have it Cliff

All my 1S are not all suitable in all my micro models

You can hear some " brick" types filling up and whirring before flight, just zeroing in

Suggesting more power is required in a particular model

On the multimeter most 1S will show 4.2v even when down on capacity

Some fully inflated almost useless 1S can show 4.0v

07/12/2019 20:24:20

David beat me to it

My throttle does the same on failing cell

A fresh cell normalised the control

Where a normal cell is normally 3.7v

Spektrum Rx shut off at 3.3v

Edited By Denis Watkins on 07/12/2019 20:26:47

Thread: Fugly build/kit review
07/12/2019 10:06:35

Robbie is available

Thread: Sky TV issue
06/12/2019 17:05:21

On my TV remote Gary

The " Aspect " button is right next to the power button

And easily interfered with accidentally

Check this button

It is a line drawing of a TV screen

With arrows up, down, side, side

Press it !

Thread: Do I need a new charger
04/12/2019 11:50:25
Posted by Martin Dance 1 on 04/12/2019 11:48:26:

Due to restrictions imposed by carriers Lipos tend to be dispatched at between 20-30% of full charge. Many will have a note with them advising the purchaser to charge to storage level at least as soon as possible. Storage voltage about 3.6-3.8 v per cell. A fully charged new lipo should show 4.2 volts per cell. so 3 cell is 12.6 v. Hope that helps.


Thread: The Gov't, CAA, BMFA & UAV legislation thread
04/12/2019 11:48:47

No need to start WW3 Nigel

We have always flown " Line of Sight ", so the " Secretary " could assist by putting out an email, or your club form of communication, relating to what is expected of in the pilots box

Maybe have a word with a trusted colleague at your site, and see what they say

04/12/2019 09:11:07
Posted by Nigel Heather on 04/12/2019 08:39:58:


You are at your club, pretty empty, just you and another guy. The other guy is flying a quad using FPV so he doesn’t have line of sight. Even if he had a spotter, the quad is often flying behind structures that would block line of sight. He is a very competent flyer and doesn’t appear to be putting anyone else at risk given the location that we fly from.

Do you say anything?



Over the years Nigel, I personally have caused many flyers to leave the club

Not by being impolite or being a jobsworth

But for looking for increased safety

Looking out for my self and others and our neighbours living nearby

You are not compromising safety

They are, and we feel awkward

We constantly revise what we should be doing

We are all better off without these competent great flyers who risk it for everyone

Thread: Max Thrust Riot - Upgrades
04/12/2019 08:14:13
Posted by Colin Carpenter on 03/12/2019 17:45:13:

Because he's a learner and flies on a fixed throttle setting I wonder if it helps it fry ! My throttle use is up and down like a yo yo flying aerobatics and no problems ??? Colin


You are right Colin

An ESC does the least amount of work at Full Throttle

As at this setting, the battery is almost connected directly to the motor

At say 50% throttle, the ESC is working hard maintaining the lower output from the supply, and getting hot

Tootling round at low throttle makes the ESC work hard and could account for frying

And is why it is best to go up some margin on ESC Amp rating


Edited By Denis Watkins on 04/12/2019 08:16:10

Thread: Arrows T28
03/12/2019 08:17:51

Have not got the Arrows T28 John

But have flown this size and larger.

In general, the T28 is an ideal flyer in model form

C of G on a trike is always in front of the main wheels in order to rotate at take off too

Just in front of the main wheels looks a good start point then adjust after further flights

This livery is spectacular

Thread: Biggles' Mess (the renamed cafe!)
01/12/2019 14:43:47
Posted by ken anderson. on 01/12/2019 14:24:26:

anybody know what's happened to Percy Verance?….a regular (everyday) member and poster...last time he was on the forum was approx July...since then nothing ...

ken is he now dept.?

Edited By ken anderson. on 01/12/2019 14:24:46

I too made enquiries a few weeks ago Ken, and I drew a complete blank

Thread: The Gov't, CAA, BMFA & UAV legislation thread
29/11/2019 13:03:26
Posted by fly boy3 on 29/11/2019 12:55:52:

I have a B cert. Next week I will pay at my AGM, club fees, bmfa fees, and £9 registration. Will I have to wait until club treasurer sends off monies to bmfa to be forwarded to CAA, to get my operator number in order for me to fly ? Thanks

Edited By fly boy3 on 29/11/2019 12:57:54


We carry on as normal, and fly

Weather permitting

While the cogs of progress continue to turn, and offices have had time to complete the work

29/11/2019 12:10:55
Posted by Tim Flyer on 29/11/2019 11:27:49:

One further question please ...For the PFCO certificate holders should they still register via BMFA and pay the £9.00 to register as an Operator for recreational flying so they can get a number to put on their aircraft?

If you fly Tim, you pay £9

Thread: Engine projects
28/11/2019 21:54:29

26 x 10 - 12, 28 x10

Thread: Aeromaster
28/11/2019 11:57:01

Just for information and comparison Nigel

The Aeromaster does look the business

I know Bipes have loads of drag, but in my view, at 48" is still 8 foot of wing to carry weight

And this size, including my bi-fly, come out a heavy 7.5 - 8lb

BUT my 4ft span bipe goes like a Rocket already on a Saito 62, so what will an OS91 do

Also the 91 is relatively quiet, and a nice motor, and you have one

And 60s are relatively quiet too in 2 stroke

You decide

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