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Thread: Glues, etc
20/07/2018 19:38:44

You lads are making two part epoxy look very appealing.

So Gorilla glue looks to be best bought in small packs, or used while new

Thread: Mini Jazz or similar being considered
19/07/2018 21:31:09

Set your view in Phoenix to keep ground in view

Like you do with the model

I cannot rate time on the Sim highly enough

You have somehow come to the wrong conclusion

The Sim will move you forward, without model damage, just press reset

Thread: Laser Engines - Technical questions
19/07/2018 16:56:33
Posted by Joespeeder on 19/07/2018 16:45:39:

Perfect !!

Thanks Jon. The PDF got me wondering. I’ve always used F’s.

Didn’t know what I might be missing.


Already agreed Joe, F plug in 4 stroke, OS No8 in 2 Stroke

Enya No3 lasts a good long time

But rule of thumb as plugs are getting very expensive, and you may see some offered at sale price

Hot plugs go in small 2 stroke glow motors, say up to .60

Cold plugs, .90 upwards, as larger lumps of aluminum retain the heat more easily

Thread: Mini Jazz or similar being considered
19/07/2018 07:51:17

Check out Martyns


Thread: New Drone Laws from 30/5/2018
18/07/2018 19:01:42

While they are proving it

They may arrest you due to the sequence of events unfolding

Causing them to arrest and fingerprint you on the way, leading to a criminal record

And loosing you job if employed in such a sector as to warrant it

The wife then leaves you and takes the dog too ! ! !

I think we are best advised to follow the rules

Thread: Re-covering a WOT 4 XL fuselage with Profilm/Oracover.
18/07/2018 07:30:04

Balsaloc every time David, it is specifically tacky and heat sensitive to bond

Thread: New Drone Laws from 30/5/2018
17/07/2018 20:03:50

Over the past years, when the establishment attacked our club activities

I mentioned truthfully, the old folk who see no one else but club members at the patch, otherwise alone at home

The handicapped who partake in our sport at our field, sporting themselves heart surgery and my mate with one lung

And the camaraderie of all ages in the club, good for the soul and the spirit

The complaints went away rapidly

We must play this other truthful card for our sport

Thread: Exess fuel
17/07/2018 14:29:44
Posted by fly boy3 on 17/07/2018 12:37:13:

Hi all, I try my best to ensure there is no exess fuel to cause drips etc in my engine after last flight of the day. Any tips please before my car gets in a mess lol. Cheers

After all the pinching of pipes, and plugging of holes FB

All my band wrap the nose in an old hand towel and tie down with a shoelace

Thread: IRange module
17/07/2018 08:50:35
Posted by Ron Gray on 17/07/2018 08:41:33:

Peter, would that Immersion RC RF power meter be any good to determine erroneous RF signals on our flying site or is it really only for checking the TX RX ?

Ron, you can get a 2.4gig RF checker app on a smartphone, then stand in the pilots box and be amazed at the signals received

Edited By Denis Watkins on 17/07/2018 08:57:48

Thread: Panther Trainer Autogyro
16/07/2018 11:36:21


Edited By Denis Watkins on 16/07/2018 11:37:17

16/07/2018 11:29:14

I use RC Car aluminium ball joints were they are needed Richard, both 3mm and 4mm

Thread: suggestions on throw launch plane for flying on rough grass pasture land
16/07/2018 11:26:45

Foam E Wot 4 without its undercarriage fly's like an arrow for hand launch Dan

Thread: The Seagull has landed
16/07/2018 11:24:27

C of G is dead centre of the wing tube BTC

And on most models constructed that way

Thread: fav model of all time
16/07/2018 07:11:25
Posted by Cliff Bastow on 16/07/2018 02:37:58:

Bit of an odd choice perhaps but for me it would be my Britflight Breeze. Really cheap to get airbourne and lovely to fly and quite aerobatic. Fun per pound spent could not be beat and always in my car when I went flying. Gutted when I stacked it too badly to repair and by then they had stopped production so I could not get another.

Edited By Cliff Bastow on 16/07/2018 02:40:17

Have still got mine Cliff, it was sold in a polythene bag and though super strong, it weighs nothing

On 2 cell, it becomes a trainer, and 3 cell takes the model to a new level, with no vices

Thread: DX6
15/07/2018 17:10:14

Yes MG, all as you say, some 6i are DSM2, some mixed and some DSMX only.

The DX6 will acquire the DX6i wirelessly, and is a mega difference for the instructor

It can be set up to switch the model back to master just by touching the sticks

Which is usually up elevator

A switch then sends it back to the student

No cable to trip over or pull out

15/07/2018 12:52:35

Kingslynn models are always good on price

But give Glenn a chance as you will have a pair to wireless buddy then

Thread: The Mini WOT 4 thread
15/07/2018 12:49:17

Spot on Percy

I persist with this model, having built my own undercarriage for it, which will at least allow its arrival without bending the legs.

Mine will just not glide at all, and comes in far too quickly to avoid bending the soft motor shaft.

In flight, it does look good and is predictable, but as the speed drops this one underperforms

Thread: World Cup 2018
15/07/2018 09:32:58

If we look at those three teams, France, Belgium and Croatia, half of the lads play here in the Premiership

There was nothing in those teams that we couldn't match at some point, in effect, there was nothing to fear.

It was in the end "a bridge too far" but so close

Thread: Glow Plugs
15/07/2018 08:40:07

Oh Percy, I was sucked in by the MDS promotions, with the stylish box and heavy motor.

Do you know that they ran, on the bench, straight from the box when attached to a tank and glow stick

But not so well in the air....

15/07/2018 07:22:56

If you are using an high capacity 2v gel cell OT, we just had them on long leads to drop the voltage.

A 1.5v glow plug would probably endure 2v but at a reduction in life span.

NiMh glow sticks are of course 1.2v and completely safe on the plug.

Those Russian motors provided a 2v plug and someone may still have supplies

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