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Thread: Carbon Cub Mystery
21/04/2019 14:57:39

I meant to add that if the GPS was a problem

Then Autoland may too be accessing the throttle out of sequence or haphazardly

As the Autoland max throttle is set by the user

The plot thickens

Start from scratch

Reset the Compass

Be sure the throttle is down and not moved, and all controls are centred

Edited By Denis Watkins on 21/04/2019 15:03:18

21/04/2019 14:04:48

You may have seen this in troubleshooting

Coiled leads can induce magnet fields

Having the compass too close to a magnetic source

Rectify notes below

Deactivate GPS system while in flight and land the aircraft. Remove any

possible magnetic sources such as cameras, camera mounts, speakers

etc. Unplug and reconnect flight battery to reactivate GPS system for next

flight. Perform compass calibration before flying again

Thread: Head Loader
21/04/2019 10:04:53

Had to copy this from another site

Start by opening the high end needle about 4 turns from fully closed. This is just a starting point to ensure the high end needle valve isn't restricting fuel to the carb so you can adjust the low end needle setting.

The low end is easily set to a good starting point with the following procedure:

Close low end needle valve completely.

Install a clean piece of fuel tubing into carb fitting, make sure it is long enough for you to blow into it with your mouth.

Open carb to 1/5 open from closed position

Blow into fuel tubing while slowly opening up the low end needle valve. Stop turning low needle valve when you first feel air blowing into carb from your mouth or hear the sound of air blowing into carb. The flow should be restrictive and very small. We only want a small amount of fuel to flow (air to flow) at 1/5 throttle opening. This low end needle setting will get your engine running and may require further adjustment. THis is just a ball park setting.

Thread: wire rigging
20/04/2019 07:07:50

Here, at Modelfixings too Den,


Thread: Radio, servo malfunction
19/04/2019 07:57:32

Have had one or two of the less costly lightweight servos do this Robert

Where the default setting was full deflection stalled, at the plugging in stage

Not worth messing with

If the servos work initially, this usually continues for their lifetime

Thread: Variable resistors
18/04/2019 08:26:52

What is your supply volts Doc ?

5 ohm is barely an adjustment, and going to 1 ohm almost makes the pot limited for useful adjustment

Is the pot really 5 ohm?, are the numbers printed on the case

In answer to your question, yes you can add fixed resistors to alter the pot range value


Edited By Denis Watkins on 18/04/2019 08:31:56

Thread: Head Loader
17/04/2019 21:52:54

To approach this from another direction Phill, have always tuned I/C Helis statically

Using the " blow pressure " method, attaching a long piece of fuel pipe to the carb

And listening for the Low and High needle setting as the barrel is set to idle, then fully opened

Have found this method works out to barely one click from optimum when checked when running

Thread: Thunder Tiger Manual
17/04/2019 18:27:42

In defence of the tacho Steve, and I will explain why

Is tickover, which can be too fast for a comfortable landing (3000rpm)

Or too slow (1800) where cooling can cause a deadstick

And all this because Hand on Heart, 4 of my flying buddies are partial or fully deaf

And they have little clue of the sound of tickover, where the tacho gives some idea

16/04/2019 08:40:48
Posted by DIGGER on 16/04/2019 05:34:46:

There are alot of kits on ebay all from the USA prices are reasonable but the postage kills it for me.


Same here Chris, I managed to find a spare wing I needed in the USA for $69, but the size made postage $79 on top

Thread: Zenoah 38 conundrum
16/04/2019 07:24:36

The Magneto Condenser can be a tricky little devil Martin

All can appear well, cracking a spark, but when the internals of the condenser break down, it is not often all at once,

And operation becomes erratic, with some control then none during the cycle, ie, some good sparks, then none

I don't know your design of mag, but cast an eye and meter over it, on the LT side, Low Tension

Thread: DX6 Transmitter
12/04/2019 18:34:12

There is so much on the use and reason for curves online Ken

Main use is on Multi rotors and Helicopters, and getting linearity on servo throws, if needed on fixed wing

12/04/2019 16:57:59

We could all write a book about the question you ask Ken

And reading back, you have a DX6i, have you now got a new DX6 ?

If you have flown a well set up, flyable model already, then you have done this without the above D/ R or expo.

The D/R, can give you the switchable option of throw settings on those surfaces chosen

And the Expo, will give a % throw relative to stick movement, and on mode2, can be used to soften the centre of the right hand stick, so as slight movements don't move the aileron or elevator

The we come to Helicopters, do we need to go there?

Thread: Flaps on Futaba T6EX
10/04/2019 15:40:40

With the Tx off

Borrow a Multimeter set to ohms Brian, put the probes to the centre pole and one outer tag

Then go to full deflection with the switch or stick and back again

The meter should read Zero and your pot value

Also most pots have a number stamped on e.g 109

Online, you can put that number in and get the pot value, in this case 10K

Edited By Denis Watkins on 10/04/2019 15:42:12

Thread: Delivery time....
10/04/2019 09:20:34

Sign in to your HK Rodger

And look at the " Status " of your orders

Information is usually there

Thread: Lost radio contact
10/04/2019 07:44:54

Graham, everyone is reluctant to give advice on the 700mah pack, that then you will continue with the duff aerial and dodgy set up.

A 700mah pack will keep its charge for months in a Tx with normal use, Always remove to charge.

As always, monitor your volts in the Tx panel, and check with your meter routinely as the drop off volts are rapid at the end of the last charge, but will last weeks, not just days

Believe what you will about dry cells, but dry cells discharge gradually, are more robust internals than a rechargeable, and hold voltage higher and longer than a rechargeable pack. A whole Manufacturer has designed and made a unit confident in their use

Thread: Help with printing on home printer
09/04/2019 19:54:55

Are you printing from a PC computer Gary?

As there should also be a " Preview " before you commit to printing

Thread: Lost radio contact
08/04/2019 21:44:43

Lads, I have to give a balanced comment to radio gear designed for cell use and replacement.

Have always used Duracell dry cells in these radios since the advent of this Tx, years ago

Never ever had a clip or tension problem to date, and a set of cells lasts a flying season

The manufacturer chose this form of power too

We fly with what we are comfortable with, and modification to our choice

And the working failsafe meant the RX did its job

Thread: Carbon
08/04/2019 06:46:34

You now discovered it yourself Andy, to try imperial searches in metric units

Most modern materials are offered in metric sizes, but paper plans are more likely imperial notation

07/04/2019 17:19:36

Can it be 3mm Andy

Loads on ebay

Thread: Mustang p51d
06/04/2019 16:34:01

Downloadable instructions on Ripmax Andy

C.G. The recommended Center of Gravity
location is 105mm back from the leading
edge against the fuselage.

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