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Thread: Bob's PSS Nimrod MRA4
03/09/2019 15:23:25

Devil's snot... yep, I can see that. Yep, a thin layer of epoxy may win out when I'm glassing the rest.

Edited By Bob Jennings 1 on 03/09/2019 15:24:47

03/09/2019 15:22:11

Yes, I got on a roll and just remembered to keep taking some photos when I got to the end of a session or a key bit.

WBPU sprung to mind too and I guess a thin epoxy would also work well.

03/09/2019 15:13:23

I was thinking of using a spirit based sanding sealer just to seal and fill the grain.

03/09/2019 15:00:26

Fin skins, chamfered at the trailing edge to allow a shrouded rudder housing.

nimrod 109.jpeg

All glued up and clamped.

nimrod 110.jpeg

nimrod 111.jpeg

Progress shot.

nimrod 112.jpeg

And the rudder. Trying a balsa and 1/32' ply structure. It won't need glassing just primer and paint. Not sure if I'll save any weight, but you have to try these things. It will be stiff though.

nimrod 114.jpeg

Making sure to take photos sometimes slips my mind, there's so much to do but I'll keep shooting the key bits.

Thats it for now.

03/09/2019 14:59:29

Tail end halves coming together. Squaring up the formers and fixing in place.

nimrod 75.jpeg

Checking it's all true, up and down. Fin core is polystyrene.

nimrod 76.jpeg

nimrod 77.jpeg

nimrod 78.jpeg

Spruce stringer in place. I decided to cut the stringer notches after laying the stringer in place and marking before using a square file to create the notch inside the pen lines.

nimrod 81.jpeg

The formers are thick enough to butt up adjacent panels. A bit of relieving is usually needed to get a nice tidy fit.

nimrod 82.jpeg

Back end space for the tailplane assembly.

nimrod 83.jpeg

Closing up the bottom section to add some stiffness.

nimrod 84.jpeg

Now... I had an utter mare with the nose section and to make it right required some surgery to my beautiful planking. Lesson learnt and I need to re-draw the formers on my plan at some point.

nimrod 85.jpeg

It was emotional taking a saw to it. But I'm glad I did. Meanwhile, the wings arrived! Happy day.

nimrod 86.jpeg

nimrod 93.jpeg

Just need the centre section building now. All the flappy bits in the wing need making up plus the nacelles and tippy bits. The tailplane needs jigging and fairing into the back end. Lots still to do.

nimrod 95.jpeg

Wings are a good size.

Getting down to business with the twin bowden cable outers for the elevator.

nimrod 96.jpeg

I used some of the lightening holes to support the cable runs.

nimrod 97.jpeg

Once they had been thinned down.

nimrod 99.jpeg

nimrod 101.jpeg

The MAD boom sorted. Balsa formers and solid blue foam wrapped with brown paper and PVA. Incredibly light. I thought spiral wrapping the paper might add some structural integrity. As if it needed it!

nimrod 102.jpeg

The tailplane needs to have a secure fixing so I'm fashioning these stress plate sandwiches to enclose the tubes to allow the tailplane halves to slide on. It will make sense later. The idea is to set the dihedral and incidence with these plates in the fuselage.

nimrod 104.jpeg

A bit of tail fin detail.

nimrod 105.jpeg

nimrod 107.jpeg

Fin skins, chamfered at the trailing edge to allow a shrouded rudder housing.

Thread: Jet Provost 1.5metre Andy Blackburn PSS Plan
02/09/2019 12:53:12

Gonna need more space to replicate this shot!

jp 1.jpg

29/08/2019 10:10:10

Hi Pete, I use a trusty red BIC and lightly pass it over the wood so as not to damage the grain at the rib position. Just a thought. Well done for getting this started. It's already looking familiar. Not sure when I'll get around to making my 'Big brother JP'. Hope you decide to install the twin lights in the nose.



Edited By Bob Jennings 1 on 29/08/2019 10:30:31

Thread: Bobs F86 Sabre
15/08/2019 10:07:19

At last I think I'm sold on this one.pic_slideshow.php.jpeg


Pretty simple masking and I'll need an easy paint job to get this finished.

Thread: Bob's PSS Nimrod MRA4
13/08/2019 12:30:09

Cheers Andy. I'll be buying pins and glues at Barkston... as well as a beer or two.

Thread: sabre made in Belgium
13/08/2019 12:22:08

Ooooh that's nice. Yes, it looks fast standing still!

Thread: Bob's PSS Nimrod MRA4
13/08/2019 12:18:04

I seemed to get carried away and Here the topcracked on attaching the tail end formers to the balsa spine without taking any photos! Here the upper skin has been attached with the stringers in place.


I reduced the skin thickness to 3/32 in the hope that it will keep the weight down... It certainly bends better. No ammonia used here. The back end is open so I can install some reinforcement for the tailplane seat and rods.


Used most of my pins and found my stash of binder clips!



This is by no means an easy build. The structure is a beautiful shape, but there's so much to think of that I hadn't considered on my very 'general arrangement' plan. The tail section may well be the first section completed with servos, wiring and flying surfaces attached.

More later.

13/08/2019 12:02:25

I hit a profile snag on the nose, so I'm leaving it to germinate!

The tail section is next and the formers essentially create a cone that needs reinforcement for the tailplane. There also needs to be access for the elevator linkages as the tail is a slide fit in two sections with the strakes added as flexible plasticard. That MAD* boom needs to be as light as humanly possible, way out at the back! (*Magnetic Anomaly Detector)

13/08/2019 11:56:56

Nice one Martin. That's truly amazing!

08/08/2019 00:01:04

I should also add that both sides of the balsa need a good wetting, especially if it’s thicker than 1/8”. I did manage to make a rolled tube from 1/8 balsa, so it’s a versatile method for creating complex shapes.

Edited By Bob Jennings 1 on 08/08/2019 00:04:37

07/08/2019 23:57:30

Hi Chris, it’s really simple. I’d wear a mask and gloves... brush ammonia onto the balsa, leave it for 10 minutes and you’ll see how pliable the wood fibres become. The bending can be enhanced by carefully assessing the best grain direction. Hold the piece in place until the balsa dries and it will have ‘set’ in shape. An additional coat of ammonia will allow further distortion. It is amazing how the balsa returns to its original rigidity once the ammonia has evaporated off. Try it, it saves hours of planking.

Thread: Jet Provost 1.5metre Andy Blackburn PSS Plan
07/08/2019 16:03:31

Sweet! Stop teasing... I need to focus on my Nimrod and the Sabre... and...

Thread: Bob's PSS Nimrod MRA4
07/08/2019 16:01:47

It's been a while since the last post. More glueing and pinning to get the Nose section to a near enough state prior to starting the tail section. I want to get all the big bits done together and then glass the whole lot once i'm sure the fuselage will fit together.






I'm leaving the structure open here so I have access to the formers when I install the bracing tubes across the holes you can see inside.


Just got to ammonia some more balsa to fit the upper cockpit area. It may need a sub-former the support the curve. Another addition to the plan!

Thread: Jet Provost 1.5metre Andy Blackburn PSS Plan
07/08/2019 15:51:53

More power to your elbow Pete. I'll be following with glee!

Thread: Sciabola or Italian Sabre
01/08/2019 12:20:41

I'm with you on the sheeting route. With the Nimrod nose section nearly done, I have a good idea of the amount of stress a sheet of balsa can take with ammonia persuasion. It should be a doddle and end up a bit lighter overall. I'm not sure how much weight the planked glue joints add but, like you say, it'll be an interesting challenge.

Edited By Bob Jennings 1 on 01/08/2019 12:21:09

Thread: Bobs F86 Sabre
31/07/2019 14:02:07

Not sure how I can change that!

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