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Thread: Sabre made in Belgium
03/07/2020 17:39:04

Nice one Dirk, you never cease to amaze me. Mine has rough bits and some high/low spots in the glass.

I don't know how you do it!!!

Congratulations on a supreme build.

03/06/2020 13:40:11

Considering the liberties taken with shapes across the pond, I think we do alright.

PNQTSSA - Power Not Quite True Scale Soaring Association!

31/01/2020 11:46:51

Even the full-size has cracks in the moulding! I think I can replicate that...

Thread: Jet Provost 1.5metre Andy Blackburn PSS Plan
15/01/2020 12:34:22

Well done Pete. Look forward to seeing it off the slope in its slimmer guise!

31/12/2019 17:04:09

Oh my word. I’d need a couple of months to get anything close to that!

Thread: PSSA Mass Build weekend attenders
18/12/2019 17:24:37

Yup, I’ll be there, Sabre at the ready!

Thread: PSSA Gliding Events
16/12/2019 13:05:32

I'm in... fingers crossed for some friendly winds without precipitation!

Thread: Bob's PSS Nimrod MRA4
22/10/2019 11:58:34

She's now starting to fill the shed!

nimrod 135.jpg
nimrod 136.jpg

I'll get some more work done on the centre structure to a point where I'm happy to leave her so I can get the Mass build Sabre done before Christmas! Yeah, right....

22/10/2019 11:53:26

With quite a few formers in the centre section and the alignment of the nose mounting tubes to consider, I did a dry fit of the central core structure that everything hangs off.

nimrod 115.jpg
nimrod 116.jpg
nimrod 117.jpg

Phenolic wing spar tube is 38mm diameter.

nimrod 119.jpg
nimrod 122.jpg

Happy that everything was pretty darned square, the glue and angle section balsa tied it all together.

nimrod 123.jpg

Creative use of clamps squares and elastic bands kept everything straight at the front end.

nimrod 124.jpg
nimrod 125.jpg

22/10/2019 11:35:11

Okay, where were we? Oh yes, finishing off the season on top of the Great Orme! What a brilliant day. Very busy!

The 'rod has cracked on apace.

I had the rather tricky task of how to fit the tailplanes in a fashion that was detachable... the principle is easy to imagine. Transferring the loads to the rest of the airframe caused some head sctatching.

The tail planes are at a 6 degree dihedral each side and at a negative incidence of 1 degree. This was set without the tailplane on the fuselage by angling some stress plates with some insert jigs at the correct dihedral and raising the aft jig by 1 degree to the datum. The design of the stress plates, mounted in the correct orientations allows the tailplanes to simply slide on!

nimrod 126.jpgnimrod 133.jpg
nimrod 132.jpg
nimrod 130.jpg
Measuring the torque rods for the elevators, driven by dual Bowden cables, will allow me to close up the rear fuselage ready for glass. Then it's a case of attaching the linkages and fairing over this rear section with the detachable tail boom.
nimrod 131.jpg

A bit out of sequence, this is how I glued the tailplane tips with gorilla glue...

nimrod 128.jpg

... with holes in a ply plate to let the glue flow through to the balsa. This was shaped to section once it cured

nimrod 127.jpg

Centre section next!

Thread: PSSA Gliding Events
16/10/2019 11:34:15

Pete, you're a star. Love Pauls photos too.

Thread: Jet Provost 1.5metre Andy Blackburn PSS Plan
11/10/2019 15:30:39

Good move. Keep at it Pete, this is really useful and interesting.


Thread: F86 "Gamma" Build
04/10/2019 11:17:04

Must clear the Nimrod off the bench first though!

Edited By Bob Jennings 1 on 04/10/2019 11:17:40

04/10/2019 10:11:40

Bringing any more kits to the Orme next weekend? Bought my additional wood in readiness!

Thread: Jet Provost 1.5metre Andy Blackburn PSS Plan
04/10/2019 10:05:17

Can't wait to see the physical comparison to mine when you have this done Pete. Brave pioneering!

Thread: Bob's PSS Nimrod MRA4
03/09/2019 15:23:25

Devil's snot... yep, I can see that. Yep, a thin layer of epoxy may win out when I'm glassing the rest.

Edited By Bob Jennings 1 on 03/09/2019 15:24:47

03/09/2019 15:22:11

Yes, I got on a roll and just remembered to keep taking some photos when I got to the end of a session or a key bit.

WBPU sprung to mind too and I guess a thin epoxy would also work well.

03/09/2019 15:13:23

I was thinking of using a spirit based sanding sealer just to seal and fill the grain.

03/09/2019 15:00:26

Fin skins, chamfered at the trailing edge to allow a shrouded rudder housing.

nimrod 109.jpeg

All glued up and clamped.

nimrod 110.jpeg

nimrod 111.jpeg

Progress shot.

nimrod 112.jpeg

And the rudder. Trying a balsa and 1/32' ply structure. It won't need glassing just primer and paint. Not sure if I'll save any weight, but you have to try these things. It will be stiff though.

nimrod 114.jpeg

Making sure to take photos sometimes slips my mind, there's so much to do but I'll keep shooting the key bits.

Thats it for now.

03/09/2019 14:59:29

Tail end halves coming together. Squaring up the formers and fixing in place.

nimrod 75.jpeg

Checking it's all true, up and down. Fin core is polystyrene.

nimrod 76.jpeg

nimrod 77.jpeg

nimrod 78.jpeg

Spruce stringer in place. I decided to cut the stringer notches after laying the stringer in place and marking before using a square file to create the notch inside the pen lines.

nimrod 81.jpeg

The formers are thick enough to butt up adjacent panels. A bit of relieving is usually needed to get a nice tidy fit.

nimrod 82.jpeg

Back end space for the tailplane assembly.

nimrod 83.jpeg

Closing up the bottom section to add some stiffness.

nimrod 84.jpeg

Now... I had an utter mare with the nose section and to make it right required some surgery to my beautiful planking. Lesson learnt and I need to re-draw the formers on my plan at some point.

nimrod 85.jpeg

It was emotional taking a saw to it. But I'm glad I did. Meanwhile, the wings arrived! Happy day.

nimrod 86.jpeg

nimrod 93.jpeg

Just need the centre section building now. All the flappy bits in the wing need making up plus the nacelles and tippy bits. The tailplane needs jigging and fairing into the back end. Lots still to do.

nimrod 95.jpeg

Wings are a good size.

Getting down to business with the twin bowden cable outers for the elevator.

nimrod 96.jpeg

I used some of the lightening holes to support the cable runs.

nimrod 97.jpeg

Once they had been thinned down.

nimrod 99.jpeg

nimrod 101.jpeg

The MAD boom sorted. Balsa formers and solid blue foam wrapped with brown paper and PVA. Incredibly light. I thought spiral wrapping the paper might add some structural integrity. As if it needed it!

nimrod 102.jpeg

The tailplane needs to have a secure fixing so I'm fashioning these stress plate sandwiches to enclose the tubes to allow the tailplane halves to slide on. It will make sense later. The idea is to set the dihedral and incidence with these plates in the fuselage.

nimrod 104.jpeg

A bit of tail fin detail.

nimrod 105.jpeg

nimrod 107.jpeg

Fin skins, chamfered at the trailing edge to allow a shrouded rudder housing.

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