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Thread: what type of battery pack for i/c engine trainer
04/12/2019 23:38:45

Well chaps, my post seems to sparked some lively debate!! Once again thank you all for your responses to my question and again a lot to consider and take in.

Keith Miles 2: Keith I do have a charger, a Ripmax Sigma Eq 2x50 watt that i used to charge the LiPo's on the much missed Wot4 and it will charge all the other different types of battery.

All for now


02/12/2019 23:13:19

Well that has given me a lot to get my head round !!yes Thanks to all for your swift replies. Just a bit more info on the plane, I am pretty sure that is at least 10 years old and is currently fitted with 5 Hirec HS-300 servo's and a switch harness. My current Tx is a Spektrum DX6i and a Spektrum AR6200 will be the the Rx of choice. The plane has been sat in an ISO container for a long time so I think for peace of mind I will replace the old servo's, can any one recommend a suitable equivalent to the Hirec's ? Please excuse my ignorance in this matter as I have just returned to the hobby after a small ?? break of 55 years!!. Back in the day I only flew C/L, FAI Team Race, Rat Race, Combat and Stunt, I had never flown an RC plane until this Spring when one of my friends walked into my garage with an elec powered WOT 4 under his arm and said " were going flying!! " I had immense fun over the Summer on a buddy box, the WOT 4 is no more alas ( I didn't crash it, my mentor did!! )

So, basically, what I know about the technical side of RC you could write on the proverbial fag packet, so a vertical learning curve at the moment and I shall spend some time going through all the links provided. Once again thank you all for your replies and I will post some pics of the finished a/c when completed.


01/12/2019 22:34:01

I was recently given a well worn i/c engined trainer aircraft minus battery pack and engine, which I am currently restoring over the Winter months. I now have an OS Max 46 to go in it, but I have no idea what type of battery system to put into it to power the receiver and 5 servo's. Any help in this matter would would be appreciated,


Thread: advice wanted for hinges on Siebel SI 201 build
02/11/2019 22:06:02

Tim,I am unable to take photo's of the motor at the moment as my camera has decided to play up and wont charge, but if you type Tower Pro 2409-18 into either Robotbirds or Hobby King sites it comes up with pictures of the motor with the prop shaft exiting the mounting plate end.

After I wrote my post last night I turned to my ever faithful You Tube and found several vid's on how to reverse the shafts on brushless motors and today I have successfully carried out the conversion so that is another problem solved, all I have to do now is find a suitable engine mount and prop collect assembly and that's the engine side of things finished.


01/11/2019 22:40:25

Evening Tim, thank you for the kind words of encouragement, already a quick question, I have managed to buy a brand new Tower Pro 2409-18 as per your build, it has come as front mounted with the propeller shaft coming out of the front mount plate which is the wrong orientation. Any idea's how to correct this so that the prop shaft is at the front of the motor and the mount plate at the rear?


31/10/2019 20:59:25

Tim Hooper, thank you for your response to my Siebel hinge post, I have already read your build thread ( many times!! ) and have also read Ton van Munsteren's build as well. I take on board your point that it is not a suitable model for a beginner to fly and I should have made it clear that I have spent most of the Summer getting to grips with a Wot 4 trainer, a mentor with the patience of a saint and a Phoenix flight sim.

My intention is to carry on with the Wot4 over the winter months, weather permitting, and use the flight sim during the long nights to try and keep my hand in whilst doing a slow build on the Siebel ready for Spring. I wasn't going to incorporate the flaps as with my current level of skill?? it would be another function to far!! dont know Thank you for your help in this matter Tim.


Thread: Phoenix Flight Sim
30/10/2019 21:00:24

As a complete new comer to R/C flying I was given a genuine Phoenix 5.5 sim by my mentor, it turned out that my lap top ( Windows 10 ) would not recognize the dongle and after much faffing about I took the plunge and purchased an obvious clone from China. It worked perfectly straight from the box for £8.35 delivered !!

What more can I say,


Thread: advice wanted for hinges on Siebel SI 201 build
30/10/2019 20:25:13

JohnP25, thank you for your response to my Siebel hinge post, I will take your advice and contact Tom H.


28/10/2019 23:28:39

Good evening people, after a long time away from the hobby, 61 yearssurprise I am now in the process of getting all the components together to build a Siebel SI 201 designed by Tim Hooper and featured in the April 2010 edition of RCM&E..

Having spent a lot of time studying the plans before starting the build I have noticed that there is no mention on the plans or in the write up as to the type, positioning or fitment of hinges for the ailerons, rudder or elevator surfaces. Please excuse my ignorance in this matter, any help would be much appreciated, the learning curve is still vertical!!


Thread: Good evening from Lincolnshire
23/10/2019 20:40:27

Gentlemen, thank you so much for your quick response's, to Bob Cotsford, Iv'e just been on the Robotbirds site and ordered a Tower Pro motor so I am now up and running on the new build, and to Rich too, thank you for the welcome.

Now I must get back to the vertical R/C learning curve.yes

22/10/2019 22:52:51

Good evening ladies and gentlemen, my name is Richard Elvin and I am just ? getting back into aeromodelling again after an absence of 61 years, yes guys, I am that old!! crook Having spent 26 years in the RAF and then another 7 years working for the RAF in a civilian capacity I know a bit? about flying and back in my youth my self and my twin brother designed and flew many control line aircraft in FAI Team Race, Rat Race,stunt, and combat becoming Scottish FAI Team Race Champions, but I have never flown a R/C aircraft until now.

To cut a very long story short, approx 6 months ago friend of mine came walking into my garage with a WOT4 Foam E under his arm, 2 TXs and a buddy lead and said those magic words "we are going flying " since that time I have joined my nearest flying club, East Kirkby and have had some amazing fun.I will now get to the heart of my plea for advice, whilst looking through some old RCME mags in the club house I came upon the plans of a model I would very much like to build as a Winter project. The aircraft in question had a Tower Pro 2409-18 motor fitted which I have since found is no longer in production and the plan states that the aircraft is suitable for 150 Watt power systems, can one of you experts in the electric power field come up with a suitable equivalent motor.

thank's a lot and sorry to have bimbled on for so long, Richard

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