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Thread: Balsa USA Sopwith Pup 1/6 scale
16/06/2018 18:32:32

Welcome to the forum Ronald! Shropshire is in the Midlands, so we have a connection with that too wink I look forward to seeing your aircraft when she is done smiley

Thread: No space left for new models?
27/05/2018 17:24:30

befd75e4-12c8-4f47-b132-3d7b58eca147.jpegWell I will be looking to see what else I can paint now having finished my Mustang. Very happy with the finish, the Halfords grey primer is more the dark grey so had to seek the appropriate light gull grey for the whole underside, but it was very easy to cover. The decals seem to have come out ok this time, though I did have an issue with my first attempt and lack of acrylic varnish covering; got a bit of bleeding so had to redo a few of them. Used Mr Decal Paper this time and it seems pretty good to be fair. had to use the RGB codes to fill in the gaps between the letters as they were a bit fiddly to apply with gaps in them.

Had a go at adding a bit more weathering or wear and tear this time, partly to cover the decals that tore slightly etc but I don’t think it is too much...


23/05/2018 22:33:03

It’s the fast and low that have contributed to the need for new paint jobs in the first place, not so much the inverted, well not intentionally anyway wink

Part of the pleasure is then the challenge to repair them and see them fly once more. My earlier models were not so lucky and went to the bin quickly. Sell them? Difficult after putting in the time to fix them up and certainly won’t get a good price for them; though I haven’t tried to be honest.

As for masking tape and paint peeling, I use Tamiya masking tape for straight lines and the finer detail; peel it, stick it on my jeans briefly, then apply it to the model making sure there has been 24 hours since the paint was applied. If I need to protect an larger area, I then add normal masking tape on top of the Tamiya stuff and ensure it doesn’t touch the paint. I have even used cloths to protect from over spray or held card as a shield.

Geoff, Belper is 59 miles away on a good run wink

23/05/2018 19:39:28

Not all of the Lifecolor paints take well to foam and I am still learning and experimenting with thinning or not; normally I find no thinning is better for larger areas. Also for my latest project I have discovered the talked about Halfords grey primer. Brilliant paint! Wish I ‘d discovered it earlier. Covers beautifully over all surfaces and colours and takes acrylic nicely. Hopefully the end result of my new project will be proof of this. Additionally it doesn’t leave deposits like dust all over my garage and contents like the white primer I had been using did. I do wear a face mask at all times now and often goggles when using aerosols.


So, now that I have no space for new models, I am repainting one of my foamies using skills and knowledge I have gathered over the last few years. It gives me something to do that I find very satisfying, creates an original model at the flying site and a sense of ‘new shiny toy’!

My decal creation is evolving using waterslide and vinyl sticker options and I have yet to try and paint them directly to the model; perhaps that will be next?

Why am I writing this now? Well, I am waiting for my paint order to arrive as only ordered it yesterday after starting the job! Was getting impatient. Who else repaints their ageing foamies and how do you do it? How do you create your decals? Let’s see some of your offerings...

23/05/2018 19:39:12

Similarly crashed but repaired only just is my lovely E-flite Hurricane. ESC cut on finals on a very hot day due to poor air flow and cooling. Decided to make her different and go for a tropical filter and desert cammo, but again a little incident needed some significant paint work so why not change her completely? As I had now built my Yak 9, I fancied a Soviet Hurricane, similar to the 3500 or so given to fight on the Eastern Front. A complete spray job and you can see she was taken from the RAF and quickly adapted in a minimalistic way to Soviet colours.




Whilst I was having issues sorting my Pup and its issues, I encoded to sort the worsening paint job on my FMS Yak 130. She flies beautifully and looks and sounds great too, but the paint was peeling and looked tired. So having looked on our friendly search engine chose to brighten her up with a nice new blue scheme. Works well at the site and is easy to see which attitude she is in even against bright blue skies.



Pup has flown for 30 minutes successfully now and I have itchy feet for a model change. Next up and currently work in progress is my Freewing Mustang. Flew her as a US aircraft on Saturday for the last time before starting work on her this this week.


Paint and methods have refined since I started doing all of this and having never been able to find paint that matched the original colours I used Humbrol enamel paints brushed on; expensive and not very efficient way of painting, and the paint cracks. Then I moved to acrylics that offer the flexibility but still labour intensive and bad finish when brushing on large areas.

Discovered the Humbrol airbrush with aerosol tins as didn’t fancy spending money on a proper airbrush if I wasn’t going to use it much. It was fine, but not very reliable and quite frustrating. I’d use it alongside the larger acrylic spray cans, but they were not very accurate.

Then I discovered Lifecolor paints. A massive selection and much more accurate colours and shades as I was getting into the painting now. Also, as I was doing this more frequently, I invested in a compressor and airbrush from Amazon. I am pleased and pleasantly surprised to say that it works brilliantly and I am very pleased I got one.

23/05/2018 19:38:32

What do you do when there is no space for new models?

We all have a finite space for storing our models and at the moment I have exceeded my authorised hangar space within my household having had a WW1 biplane building frenzy this year (2 x SFM Fokker DVII, a ‘Veron’ Fokker DVIII and the most recent, a Balsa USA Sopwith Pup).

I have found building to be very therapeutic, satisfying and keeps me out of trouble and is something I can do at home whilst keeping an eye on my little boy too.

But with the garage roof space full, and 3 models in the spare bedroom that’s it, no more approved space for the model kits I have waiting to be built. So what can I do other than read a book?

Solution! I have some foamie models that are lasting longer now I have become more competent and they have received some hangar rash and general wear and tear. Normally, once repaired after a significant dink, I will look to paint the aircraft in a different scheme; makes me feel like I have a new shiny toy but at a fraction of the cost.

I have a couple of my older models wrappped up in foam as they don’t get flown anymore as they don’t offer the same thrill: Parkzone Spitfire MkIX, repainted and clipped wings for something different



Parkzone Thunderbolt x 2. One now wrapped away is converted to a razorback version, and the other that was crashed a couple of times has gone from Snorting Bull, to french AF to RAF as she is now.





One of my most favourite models is the Parkzone Mosquito, crashed after a slow turn stall, repainted for a night fighter and then more recently converted to a PRU model from Italy.




Edited By Simon Knight on 23/05/2018 19:40:54

Thread: Balsa USA Sopwith Pup 1/6 scale
18/05/2018 18:23:43

All sorted and she flies very nicely now I think. Here is the video to prove it. Fuel tank secured properly this time, cowl fitted and no overheating issues, engine tuned as good as I can get it and continuing to use the larger Turnigy 15x5. Finally she has moved from the back bedroom to the hangar with the others, ready to fly on the next nice evening.

12/05/2018 20:10:19

So I actually got round to flying this morning albeit briefly (10 minutes, 4 landings and a couple of touch and go) and I am happy to report a successful return, for now. The tank is more secure now and in a better position. Tuned ok with the 15x5 prop, though I note that the high speed needle is almost all the way in for max revs, today averaging around 7800. This was enough to get her airborne and be able to perform comfortable loops and split turns, cruise nicely at half throttle and finals on almost idle.

Didn't get round to fitting the cowel but will do this next time to see if there is an overheat issue or if it was just the tank slopping about last time.

Once all sorted and confirmed, there will be a celebratory short video smiley

10/05/2018 11:07:00

Thanks for all the comments above. I have broken her down to revisit the fuel tank position and I will confess now should anyone else be doing a build that I had obviously not secured the tank enough, as on removing the lower wing the tank was loose; would explain the refuel tube suddenly shorter and obvious fuel issues.

This issue has now been addressed and the tank is positioned slightly higher in the fuselage and laid upright rather than on its side with brass tubes repositioned accordingly. All fuel tubes have been shortened and the tank is positioned into a wooden frame with tie wraps unlike last time where I relied only on tie wraps and foam.

I will hopefully run the engine again and tune it today or this weekend with the 15x5 prop, as Jon says in the initial flight it was a good speed and thrust. I'll run and fly initially with the cowel off to make sure she works, then if all good, will attach the cowel again. if there is then an issue, it will suggest overheating and I'll try Jon's advice on the restart to confirm.

Just as thought, with a tail dragger, should we tune it horizontal as she flies or tail down as on take off? or doesn't it make that much difference?

08/05/2018 07:19:08

Thanks brokenenglish, I’ll ask around. I used to rely on Jon H and a couple of the other guys too much when I was lucky to be at their club.

Practice, practice smiley

07/05/2018 22:30:47

Thanks gents for the comments.

The motor was second hand from that well known auction site. I ran it on the bench to make sure it worked fine and did a basic set up, but this was in the 12 o'clock position. Once in the model, the engine sits at the 7 o'clock position and the fuel tank is in a completely different place, and not ideal to be honest. I ran it at home in the model, but was aware that after 15 minutes the neighbours may be a little miffed. Tweaked it at the field and she ran fine held vertical too, so I didn't think there would be any issues before first flight. I'm not the most experienced with IC and this is only my 4th motor so still lots to learn from you all and happy to take advice.

So here is the video, nothing fancy and maybe a bit long but you get to see the full maiden from take off to emergency landing and then some bits from the following 2 flights with obligatory pictures of course. No music this time.

Thanks again, and I look forward to my next build, though that may be a while as I have no space left, so may just refresh more of my foamies with a lick of paint...Still buying old kits when i see them so should have plenty to choose from wink

07/05/2018 08:15:05

So, the big day arrived yesterday, no excuse, get her up in the air or die trying. Ell it wasn’t long before she sounded ready. With the big prop she only turned at 8500rpm max and ticked over at 2500 so seemed ok but not much oomph.

Maiden flight was short (video to follow), just under 2 minutes after I thought the engine had cut but it didn’t then suddenly it did. Managed to get her down onto the hard standing with out damage so first landing successful but not where are wanted. I note that I obviously haven’t got enough of the tail skid into the fuse algae as it had twisted slightly on impact and my wood attached had also moved, but all fixable easily.

Time to try again. Thi sis when I realised i haven’t got the refill line ling enough and with the vowel on I can’t access it easily enough! Cowel off and refuel. For the next 10 minutes I can not get her started and decide to try a smaller 13x6 prop. Finallly starts with a very similar rev range.

Ok lets fly with cowel off and see how it goes this time. I get a further 3 flights of bout 4 minutes each a th tank isn’t huge. I do note however that whilst the revs are good and she flies very nicely and to scale I suppose, there is no power if yo want it.

On the 4th flight I try some loops which she can do with a bit of a dive first to build up speed. Interestingly, as she inverts, I hear the revs increase and then level they slow again. She is having to fly on max throttleprety much all the time so why is this? Could it be the tank needs to be higher? This will be a challenge of not impossible considering the small space to work in. Do I have to revert to a 12x6 prop which is the engines recommended largest size?

Aside form the engine issue, she flies really nicely has to be handled gently and will loop so that should be enough. The landings are very easy and she stops pretty sharpish. this was a pretty calm day and I think with a bit of a head wind we may have more challenges unless I can sort the revs. I have really enjoyed building this model, she went together nicely, the kit and manual were very good and I would recommend it to anyone, if you can find it!

Couple of final pics in the thread and video will follow this week if not later today. Thanks for any suggestions re the engine and revs and happy flying.




Edited By Simon Knight on 07/05/2018 08:16:20

27/04/2018 17:19:01

Bad weather means no flying means more fiddling. Got the Vickers gun from Inwood Models today and have now installed it so she’s finished! Gun was nice and easy to assemble and required a little tidying and a mod as the fore sight wasn’t the best. very happy with it though nd is a nice finishing touch.


More pictures of the gun in the album if interested. Thanks

25/04/2018 17:03:57

Rigging lines fitted, Vickers gun ordered...


24/04/2018 18:34:44

SO the weather is stopping me going to the field and finishing off the tune and test flight so I have been fiddling. Not a fan of the big open front end and fancied a radial engine. Can't afford a real one and don't have the patience to build a dummy so here is my offering:


used a photo from a google search, printed it onto OHP slide so that the ink is under a protective layer and then fixed it to plasticard.


As with my Hangar 9 P47 I have cut a suitably sized hole for cooling and think that should do the trick. Don't have any issues with the P47 so fingers crossed it works on this model too.


If the weather doesn't improve, I may end up fitting the rigging lines too before she gets he first flight. Still no weapon to mount though, at this time.

20/04/2018 08:54:17

Ok, remote glow fitted (not this photo) with enough room for hands and prop clearance and now trimmed; 310 grams of lead up front. A little more than the BUSA model but not too bad and it fitted neatly in the fuselage up front.


Now need to run up the motor and tune it before heading to the field for her maiden! I will do a video.

18/04/2018 21:29:56

Thanks Jon, I look forward to seeing how you do yours wink

Some outdoor pics from this afternoon.




18/04/2018 09:14:35

So this week, with all this progress I felt energised to try and finish her. Bolted all the bits together and all seems fine. The CofG needs an extra 280 ish grams of weight up front (BUSA said they needed 230 so not too bad). Haven't added the rigging wires yet, but will. Need to work out the best (and safest place) to add the remote glow plug as it seems a little close to the prop for my liking.


Would she fly as a monoplane? Looks ok


And finally a Pup! though the upper wing looks a little too high and why do the scale pilots always look so small?



Shes isn't 100% yet, but we are nearly there. I now have to tidy the back bedroom before adding that last detail and deciding on where the remote plug goes. Cowl or gear strut, both pretty close to a spinning prop so will need steady hands when removing it. More to follow when complete and hopefully after a successful maiden in the near future.

There are quite a few more pics from the whole process in the album so please feel free to look at those if you wish

Edited By Simon Knight on 18/04/2018 09:15:34

18/04/2018 09:06:33

Next was the wing electrics which again went in well and no hassles. Longest part was threading the y harness through the centre of the wing. Should probably have fitted it in when building that part but didn't think that far ahead. Anyway it covered nicely.


Next competed the top wing and decided to go for the centre cutout for a bit of interest. May look to get the gun that was used in it once I have flown her and all is good.


Applying the decal on the upper surface went really well though maybe a bit too far to the wingtip. Undersides for some reason the decals don't take totally and it may be because of the painting. not sure. Will see how they fair on first flight and may have to apply extra glue if they lift.

Next was to hide the wire work and add bulk out the cabane struts and gear legs. Did this with the pieces provided and a bit of spare balsa I had. Covered the gear in Solartex and the cabane in tissue and stained them. Seems to make a big difference on appearance so happier than just bare wires.


Same balsa and tissue stained method for the tail skid. Works on my DVIII so fingers crossed here too.


Used the rubber band method to secure the spreader bar without affecting the natural spring in the gear struts. Not scale but it works


18/04/2018 08:36:18

Well that has been a break in comms for a bit sorry. I haven’t been neglectful of the Pup but each time I hit a challenge I procrastinate and what turns out to be a quick job cold have been done earlier. Anyway, after having a colour break I did crack on and sort the pushrods for the elev and Rudd. Needed to work out where they had to exit and how which was difficult without the actual surfaces fitted so it was a case of balance them in place and cross my fingers. Didn’t want to fix them until the rest of the fuse was covered. Once they were in, the fuel tank was secured an things look like they are getting there now. (Going to my pc as can’t add photos easily with this iPad and the inability to see all the pics in one go and the random sorting it does from the album)


After sorting the fuel tank it was time for more covering and a bit of spraying to make up for the lack of availability of Solartex Antique or Linen. The end result isn't perfect but happy that it looks tied and worn which will do for me. Very happy with how easily the Solartex applies and shrinks, makes up for some inaccurate application faffs.


Undersides done and need to sort the wing wiring and servos before covering the upper surfaces. First I decided to complete the fuselage and add the decals because i had them and wanted to see how they went on. Pyramid models, did them for me  1/6 scale which were only available at  1/4 scale before so thank you.



You will note i have sprayed the cowl and wheels red also; may as well whilst having the compressor set up. Again, the Solartex went on beautifully and I am really happy with its finish and look. Rather than use the aluminium sheets supplied with the model, I decided to use Aluclad as recommended earlier in the thread and I wanted more coverage than just the cheeks. It went on pretty easily and I think does just the job. Plenty of spare for another kit should I have space become available. Starting to look like a Pup now.

Edited By Simon Knight on 18/04/2018 08:51:18

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