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Thread: Who wants to share a new Flair Baronette build?
17/10/2019 19:34:22

Hope you got some flying Paul.

Well my aircraft is in one piece again but not yet flown. A couple of pictures of her finished and back with the Flight ready for the better weather. The day of the pictures was lovely but I didn't have time to get to the flying site.





14/10/2019 16:53:58

That has been painful! I’ve been trying to find the right size nylon bolts to fix the model back together and have failed totally to get the exact match. Definite Imperial as neither M4 or M5 are right, it’s somewhere between. I even looked at raiding some of my other Flair kits and replacing them with Metric, but none of them fitted (7 different kits including 2 Baronettes). Either previous owners have done the same or my first one was older than the others.

Well I decided to use M4 bolts with retainer nuts fixed to the original ones and it all seems very secure. Electrics checked and ready for test flight...just need the weather to get better now.

04/10/2019 08:04:47

Engine refitted after successful soldering repair on the ESC and test bench run.


A liitle more subtle bending of the cowl and it fits nicely now. You'd never know it had crashed, well almost.



Before I can fit the wings on again I'm waiting for new nylon bolts. The original 2 sheared which I think saved the rest of the model from worse damage. I had considered replacing with metal bolts I have but have thought better of it, just in case.

Edited By Simon Knight on 04/10/2019 08:06:32

03/10/2019 22:01:17

Thanks kc, it was the careful combination of some cardboard on the garage floor and gentle encouragement from my nylon hammer to get the main shape back then fingers and screwdriver handle to get the curve back in. It’s not perfect but then are any real cowls?

Edited By Simon Knight on 03/10/2019 22:01:43

01/10/2019 19:25:18

Ok so the latest update...

If you have checked out my album for this model you'll have noticed that I am writing a day or 2 behind actual progress.

Having competed the covering and various patching up, I used the trusted Halfords grey primer.


I have decided to go for a more standard scheme for the repaint, and mainly because of the various paints I have available. So, a light blue underside and struts (believe it should be turquoise or something like that?)

I have painted the gear in blue and solid olive (ish) green and tried to weather the wheels a little.


The main covering is going to be streaked olive green over a light linen colour...saved them weight and money, saves me weight and money. Then, to top it all off, rather than linseed oil for a gloss finish I applied a paint gloss finish. Cross Pattee are solarfilm on a painted white background.



With the wing repair completed and the upper and centre rejoined, I now just need to sort the rudder, resolder the ESC (crash culprit...I hope) and work a better way of mounting the engine to the model to avoid rubbing on the motor.

All said and done, whilst i was very disappointed with the crash I am quite happy how she has turned out. More pictures to follow when completed and hopefully flown in the next 2 weeks subject to Hurricanes (not the WW2 type).

30/09/2019 18:51:50

You can see from the dented cowl that the impact was hard.


Explains why the centre wing snapped where it did under twisting moment from the upper and lower wings which are amazingly damage free (relatively).


Fuselage broke at the weakest point, that being where it is attached to the box frame, but n easy fix and some added bracing.


Some metal bashing sorted the cowl and once all glued and secure, the useful HK white covering has done the job:



30/09/2019 16:42:47

Well it looks like I may have solved the mystery and it has added a pre car packing check. So all the electrics work and had a temporary power loss in flight leading to the stall but all working again when in a heap in the field. The comment from kc made me have closer look at all the connections and guess what? The positive wire solder on the EC3 plug was weakened and with a very gentle tug came away! I therefore surmise that somehow in the manoeuvre the lead separated creating a temporary power loss and when the model tipped in the connection was made again. I always pull the plugs when separating the battery so hence not noticing the looser wire indecision

Time for a new plug and some better soldering! Something else to check on the other models before I load them up for the flying site; once the weather significantly improves!

I’ll put some pics up of the fix when I get some more time. Looking so much better already and I think she’ll fly again after some more tweaking.

Thread: What's your club membership size & fees?
29/09/2019 08:44:47

Shropshire Model Flying Club, £60 plus BMFA, reduced depending when joining in the year. Currently 60 members with space for more.

Thread: Forum members' new models: Let's see them.
29/09/2019 08:34:10

Got myself an e-Flite Convergence with the view of being able to fly it at the front of my house over the fields opposite. Need to get confident with it and the transition piece before I go for it so I took her to the club last week and had a few practices. Need to have some more before I fully commit as if I get it wrong, it could end up in the local pond where I’d never get it back from.

Already had to loctite the props on after the port blade departed the model after less than 2 mins of hovering!

Edited By Simon Knight on 29/09/2019 08:39:52

Edited By Simon Knight on 29/09/2019 08:41:58

Thread: Who wants to share a new Flair Baronette build?
29/09/2019 07:30:39

Morning Chris and thanks for the comments. You are absolutely right re identifying the problem, so I plugged her all together (electrics anyway) yesterday. All servos operate normally with no unusual sounds, they moved as expected and didn’t go beyond the limits I had set. The motor runs fine (without prop fitted) and the current draw was well under the 60C the battery can deliver. The battery connection is good and not loose.

Thinking back to the crash, I did lose all control and the motor did go silent. The model was in a tight left hand turn at the time with rudder applied and probably some up elevator to keep the turn tight. Silence, nose pitch down and thump. The model therefore probably stalled with loss of power and banking left so little lift on the wings. When I got to the model it was still buzzing, the battery whilst out of the model was sill connected so perhaps it was therefore a receiver loss of connection momentarily.

It’s a Spektrum receiver and I have only had connection loss twice in all the years I’ve been using them and never with this actual one fitted. It all works at the moment and at the time, it had flown in the area already that morning that I lost signal so really not sure why it would have done so that time frown

28/09/2019 20:22:00

Never one to miss an opportunity, it’s time for a new colour scheme change and a repair smiley

28/09/2019 20:20:49


28/09/2019 20:17:12

So, a year in and I had the sad experience of a technical failure on my most recent flight with this lovely model. I/we, think it was a failure of the battery connection resulting in the receiver switching off and then arming once AGM after hitting the ground. Basically, we had been flying nice low circuits, done some loops and rolls and then as I went in another circuit after bat 2 minutes of flying the model went silent, and nosed into the field. o response from the control surfaces and just a cry of doom from me. It could have been worse, but she wasn’t going to fly again for a couple of weeks. This was 2 weeks ago and the crash site investigation photos follow. Note that the elevator was locked in the extreme down position, something that under normal movement it wouldn’t get close too.

Thread: Wot wing for wots wot....
06/03/2019 17:26:09
Posted by Tim Flyer on 05/03/2019 15:08:50:

img_1359.jpgBy the way chaps . The front of all Wot Wings are straight! It’s the rear that tapers ! So no mucking around with c if g necessary . Just for amusement here is my Wot4 Mk 3 wing compared to my kit Acrowot

My Wots Wot ARTF had a swept leading edge and straight trailing edge out of the box, so perhaps not all? It flies great, and I use an ASP 90 which gives it more than enough power.


Thread: E-flite Hawker Hurricane chat
17/02/2019 19:37:01

Thanks, she flew Wednesday but was a bit gusty. 2 blades works great 3 would like nicer 😉

17/02/2019 18:40:29

New colour scheme that stands out even more now:


17/02/2019 18:40:27

New colour scheme that stands out even more now:


17/02/2019 18:40:26

New colour scheme that stands out even more now:


Thread: Forum members' new models: Let's see them.
02/02/2019 16:29:38

I do like the Flair DVII but never been able to get my hands on one. I like the colour scheme of yours especially with the decent lozenge camo. My SFM ones fly lovely so am sure this will be even better, enjoy.

31/01/2019 09:35:58

Thanks Kooka, yes she has the e-flite retracts 😊

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