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Thread: pss foamie airliner
25/06/2016 17:24:17

I thought of using a lollypop stick to push up the spoilers but then used composite ,i also used rare earth magnets to snap the spoiler shut .) hence the name lollypop system worked !

Thread: Nahhhh it cant be surely ???
18/03/2016 11:46:05

Sorry guys the reason i wasn't posting was i got ABDUCTED yesterday ,Found myself half naked on top of a slope with a transmitter and a glider this thread is out of this world now laughHE HE !

17/03/2016 13:09:43

There has been a quite a few of them lately ... I was asleep dreaming nice things at 3.30am surprise


Thread: A Quarter Scale Hurricane Build
17/03/2016 12:23:28

Get well soon matey you have a plane to finish yes

Thread: Nahhhh it cant be surely ???
17/03/2016 12:04:12

Non taken Tim what so ever honest ! Its only a post . And if we all get bothered by peoples judgements on our selves we should not be on these forums ..true !yes

I will try to get the pic off him , hopefully he's still got it but like i mention it shows just a dot ..we were a bit peed off it never amounted to what we saw sad

17/03/2016 11:29:13

It roughly looked like this in the link below

looks good enough to eat cool

17/03/2016 11:11:09
Posted by Andy Meade on 17/03/2016 08:45:45:

Were you both standing near a burning lipo when you hallucinated saw the flying doughnut? laugh

Only kidding. Yes, I've seen a cigar shaped "object" doing similar fast flying, stopping, and zooming off too, when flying at Keevil airfield in the 90's.

Apparently your crazy to Andy ......your my friend now not the others lolwink

17/03/2016 11:02:55

I did fail to mention Graham did get a pic of it on his phone (samsung galaxy 4) but it just looked like a black dot when we uploaded it to the computer ,even zoomed in it just looked a blur. The shape of it was only visible through the binoculars .(I think the pic is still on his computer) ....I was waiting for the sarcastic quotes lmao but i take no offence guys , its just what we both witnessed and i think it would of been a waste of time reporting it .


17/03/2016 00:05:52

I have just noticed my avatar .Its just a coincidence honest lmao ...omg

16/03/2016 23:50:07

This is a chitchat sort of topic. maybe,call me crazy , mad whatever because i aint bothered tbh, But last year my friend and i went to our local flying field in Redcar Teesside on a warm but cloudy windless day to maiden my depron extra 300 3D plane i built from an rc powers plan . The car was parked to the rear of me in the field while i was flying this plane and and my friend Graham was sat on the rear of the car with the tailgate open . So im flying away shouting "well it flies well" then i heard from him " Rory land your plane buddy" , I replied "what for ?", "Just land your plane" he said so i turned my head and he's got his binoculars looking in the sky to the left of my left shoulder , laughing i said "what have you seen a ufo " I'm still giggling at this point . without asking any more questions i put the foamie into a low harrier an dropped it to the ground safely and walked back to him , He said while passing the binoculars to me what do you make of that and pointed ,So i zoomed in to what Graham was pointing at , This is no word of a lie but what i saw was a dark doughnut shaped object with a really bright white light in the middle of it hovering just below cloud base , As i lowered the binoculars and said to Graham "wtf is that ?" , It was not a plane and it deffo was no a heli but it was big considering the distance . Graham replied " Ive been watching it come from over there the far left then it suddenly shot over you within a split second" he said . As i raised the binoculars to look again it shot off over ici wilton works to the right of us and we both said "were is it ?". Graham shouted "There it is above the cooling tower just below that cloud ". I zoomed in again and just got it in focus then it shot off upwards, i cant even put a sense of speed it went but never to be seen again has anybody else seen strange stuff / crafts in the air while flying models.


Thread: C17 Globemaster III - 1/15th Scale for PSS
16/03/2016 21:56:41

WOW that's epic !

Thread: Fox 2.3 Part two
16/03/2016 21:44:23

Depends how much you want one to really , I thought i would mention this while we are on the fox subject , I got offered a 5 mtr all glass fox in the Redbull colour scheme for £400 , it was in the back of his van and it was quality and i never bought it , The fuz was huge.......OMG im kicking myself now thinking about it !


16/03/2016 20:56:52

flyfly do a 3 mtr fox g/f fuz & balsa skinned wings , i was tempted myself, maybe glass the wings


Thread: And i call myself a rc pilot ,your haiving a laugh aint ya !
16/03/2016 20:50:13

cheers Joe ,Shauni, steve & Cymaz the glider was ok apart from a bent wing joiner which a vice and a pair of grips sorted it out . It really came in fast and could not judge until the last second , the decision to let it fly past or land went quicker than the glider so twang and she was down . Its on the workbench now getting spoilers and flaps added but like steve said im going to try kill that speed due to the dead air on the landing strip with it being flat and a 600ft slope in front ,I think the air starts to roll further back near the trees to the rear . After i posted this vid i went to marske- by- the -sea and flew my fox in a 10 mph north easterly , had 2 great flights and 2 text book landings which made me feel better lol...cheers guys ....Rory

Thread: Fox 2.3 Part two
16/03/2016 12:11:14

It looks and sounds like there is a load more power there than the standard motor, also i found a weak spot on the fox wing , on landing on a slight cross wind caused the wing tip to brush the grass on landing causing the tip to snap off. The wing has a light square bar running the length of the wing but it stops 4-5 inch before the tip , that leaves the tips just foam, I used flat carbon strip on both sides of both tips , really strong now and prevents wing bend at higher speeds with it being epo .. just a tip for you if you ever find yourself in the same situation which hopefully you wont steve. I do love the fox even though its epo its one of my favourite gliders.....Rory

Edited By Rory connell on 16/03/2016 12:12:00

Thread: And i call myself a rc pilot ,your haiving a laugh aint ya !
16/03/2016 10:58:10
Thread: Fox 2.3 Part two
16/03/2016 10:45:49

I have the same fox but with v2 wings (with flaps). For an EPO model it flys /glides fantastic, i also have a few vids on youtube of it with on board cam and the slope .. May i ask what new motor is in it or is it just a standard replacement one.,great vid btw............Rory

Thread: Canopy and window glue
12/03/2016 15:14:57

how about hot glue gun carefully

Thread: The final straw.Spectrum doubts
12/03/2016 13:55:23
Posted by GONZO on 11/03/2016 19:15:59:

There was a recall of early DX 6i Tx due to a bad batch of stick pots (I know, I had one) that would intermitantly give erratic control movements. Perhaps some pots sliped through the net. IMO stick pots used now are not of the same high quality of the past. Could well be that everyone has been looking in the wrong place. A bad pot, or two, could turn up on any Tx control function.

i found out they had the wrong grease in the pots and that was the problem not the pots apparently .

12/03/2016 13:51:56
Posted by Robert Putley 1 on 11/03/2016 17:46:39:

Hello Roy,

Looks as though you have solved a lot of those unexplained crash's.

I have one of the first Spektrum DX9''s, which has given faultless service. Think it might be a good idea if I took the precaution of an annual spray of the pots. Exactly how much does one have to spray on each pot.


The tin comes with a straw just like wd40 one quick blast in each pot drive out the greasy grimewink

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