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Thread: Reworking Ultimate
19/04/2020 12:39:53

Hi Trebor, maybe yes if I make it !! very soon to be 84yrs and COPD, have to make very sure venturing out even when the restriction slacken. The good news I got a Tesco home delivery slot and Famous Grouse £16 for 1ltr so purchased 2, therefore God owes me at least long enough to drink them!!. Hope to see you soon. All the very best laughdevil Bobby (Bob2) yes

18/04/2020 12:58:28

dscf6907.jpgdscf6906.jpgKinda lost interest when the cowling fuel proofing went belly up, the non exhaust side epoxy dragged due a contaminate of some kind on the cowling not sure how it happened, after several rub downs and reapplications of epoxy it adopted a slight yellow finish so left as is until a flying day and if I then like the model I will do the cowling again. Some stripes to aid sighting only will change if satisfied. sad  Cheers Paul bit late I knowdscf6852.jpg

Edited By Bobby on 18/04/2020 13:07:41

Thread: The Gov't, CAA, BMFA & UAV legislation thread
07/12/2019 19:56:25

Hi cymaz, just did mine including the CAA bit about five minutes ago no problems, but my non primary one renewed me to the same end date Dec 2019 that is covered by my membership already to Dec 2019 Emailed BMFA for help Bobby

Edited By Bobby on 07/12/2019 19:56:52

Thread: Sandbox
17/08/2019 16:33:29

Testing URL LINK

Thread: Cap1763
17/08/2019 12:03:25

Sorry for your bad event FB3, like Ken complying with the E/O Nov 2019 request is not a problem for me as I do cold but not old/cold, come the E/O Sept/mid Oct I hang up my hat for the season. So unless there is a law to register as an owner say like a SORN, in this case it would be an SNFN I will also wait for the outcome and move one way or another come the E/O Mar 2020 Bobby (Bob2)

Edited By Bobby on 17/08/2019 12:18:39

Thread: Reworking Ultimate
10/08/2019 16:52:50

dscf6839.jpgdscf6841.jpgThought I would update as Angela (Wife) has fallen down from our side bank a few weeks ago suffered a compound fracture of the left wrist leaving me to help her dress/undress! Wow this bought back memories!. devil Assembled model to make sure all went together OK, found out why the bracing strip on the cabane assembly had 4mm holes with 3mm bolts fitted as standard the upper wing outer strut holes were a quarter hole out so with the usual time honoured way I gave the cabane a clump (RAF/Fleet Air arm practice) as I did my N/S in the Army came across this in my later life supervising ex service men devil , all is now OK, think I need re training as after two attempts at undercoating the now two cowlings resulting in the need to rub down again for the second time (numpty me), purchased a new can the result now OK, only the top coat and then the fuel proofing coat to do when the weather improves fingers well and truly crossed. dscf6844.jpg

Thread: Gee Bee Models Dreamer Bipe
06/08/2019 12:47:35

Like it Like it !! ditch the rubber bands though and fix with bolts upper wing and bottom wing. Bipes fly more than easy safer than the low wingers. I fit my small ones into the car already assembled. JUST LOVE BIPES bobby.

Thread: Reworking Ultimate
28/06/2019 12:53:05

dscf6833.jpgdscf6834.jpgdscf6835.jpgdscf6836.jpgA bit more progress while I await the winds to abate as with my shed door and window open it gets a bit blowy for spraying that cowling , everything is slowly being assembled the servos have been serviced by removing the tops to inspect the gears for wear and then re-greased with my freshly purchased gear grease, cabane now all riveted and installed will not fit the fuse blanks until final assembly , control throws more or less ok for now. Moved internal 4.8v sub c r/x original battery by fitting 2 x 4.8 aa r/x batteries into new front box. Interesting to me was that the 2 x aa bats weight was 225 gr compared to the sub c of 260 gr mega result and then again I found the 4mm rivets weight was 0.552 gr each and the 3mm rivets were 0.257 gr compared to the bolt nut spring washer at 1.186 gr each. Will try to get the pics in order for smileywinkonce. dscf6838.jpg

14/06/2019 15:33:42

Cheers Trebor, I think you give me too much credit but as any politician would say," I will take it friend ". kisswink Bob2

13/06/2019 13:48:29

sadlaughsmileydscf6820.jpgdscf6821.jpgdscf6824.jpgdscf6828.jpgCowling job is quite long winded a bit like me I guess, a good finish was achieved by Seagull but my did it take an awful long time to rub down (120 wet and dry followed by 240). I did reinforce the T/E of the cowling before cleaning the inside with cellulose thinners ready for the laminating resin to be applied, this requiring masking up the outside to avoid surface contamination and when dry removing masking only to now apply tape to the outside for the spraying operation to take place, using my old spit rotating lash up for painting the glider fuselage. After a visit to Halfords where I purchased paint then brushes from the Range at a bargain price of £2.99 for a pack of 3 or 4 brushes the filaments are a type called Taklon !. After painting will use the large brush with laminating resin to fuel proof the outside of cowling. the brushes wash out with cellulose thinners so you get to use them again without probs. Found a company that sell dress maker type pins in brass 50mm long x 0.8mm thick for fitting to the hinge position for security in service, have to wait for the weather to improve so I can set up the shed for spraying (blasted weather).dscf6830.jpg

Edited By Bobby on 13/06/2019 13:51:09

07/06/2019 15:38:34

winksurprisedscf6819.jpgdscf6818.jpgfinished polishing the cabane parts with my buffing soap (shame I do not have an adaptor for my buffing mop) but it will have to do, decided to rivet all the parts together but could not remember the rivet spec's so dug out my old ARB inspection procedures manuals and bobs your uncle it's SP85 type L86 material, now just to buy, still have all my old rivet snaps so no probs there thank goodness "come the day". While I was at it decided to repaint my glider fuselage and then fresh lacquer it, now installing gear so here I go again digressing, must be old age. dscf6816.jpg

Edited By Bobby on 07/06/2019 15:40:50

Thread: Interesting reply from email to Richard Moriarty, CAA
06/06/2019 19:34:25

The meek and saintly. Bobby.

06/06/2019 19:21:15

Doc Marten 16.46.18 page 15. You Are Spot On. I did post earlier stand together or divided we fall, guess the later prevails. So in answer to the John stones and others here is my pledge. I will give £100 to a legal challenge if all of the BMFA/Forum membership do the same so we can mount a legal fight in the European court if required. I know my money is safe as houses, the meek and saintly will always ride on the backs of those who are willing to sacrifice. I have been a modeller since 1946 at 10 yrs old with my small knife well sharp by father , a small strip of wood plus carboard for wings and tail plane / fin adding as much weight to the front until it kind of flew, knew nowt about c/g glory days for me. I'm only a couple of years away from saying enough so I can live with whatever comes about, feel sorry for the late comers. 40000 x 100 do your maths international lawyer for that kind of money. Bobbysad

23/05/2019 13:06:17

Have just received a reply from the CAA which I found "basically", already decided but a change may be forthcoming in the future when the EASA thing is finally settled. jam or NOT who knows!!

The reply from my MP was very encouraging in so much as he is going to contact the CAA Chief Executive for an explanation on how this would control the people who we call rogue flyers and what course of action were they planning to control that, plus other questions that come to mind and get back to me when he has a reply, but of course he still states the government line regarding it in general. Bob the Bobble surprise

Thread: CAA registration consulation
12/05/2019 14:45:43

Gonzo, could not agree more. As a long ago ASTMS rep, together we stand divided we fall yessmiley

Thread: Reworking Ultimate
11/05/2019 15:35:37

dscf6813.jpgdscf6814.jpgAt last the main covering is complete, have to treat with tipp-ex all minor areas where some balsa shows and epoxy over them. Wing Tips to decide covering wise, blkhd plus r/x battery box to clean up paint and another light coat of epoxysmiley dscf6815.jpgModel Bipe 11 on cycle for Monday so no progress to be done for a while laugh

05/05/2019 13:06:22

angry 2winkdscf6806.jpgdscf6807.jpgdscf6808.jpgJust dragged myself back having been busy selling my old much loved Focus Flight and then getting used to my Kia Ceed replacement. Well rather than finish covering set about finishing the lower ailerons by making and fitting hard points for the control horns, then covering them. For my next phase decided to do something with the cabane parts radiused the ends and am now trying to polish with a mirror type finish. With all of this chatter about the death of model flying am I wasting my time I ASK !!!???dscf6811.jpg

Thread: CAA registration consulation
04/05/2019 13:32:46

Have sent Emails to Baroness Vere / My MP / Richard Moriarty CAA, received auto reply from DFT almost by return and will get a full reply in under 20 days. I feel, to do any other approach would only duplicate what I have already actioned.smiley Bobby

Thread: Reworking Ultimate
10/04/2019 12:40:23

dscf6803.jpgMust have a break from covering, changed the servo mounting method to inside the wing rather than the dreadful method that looks like a barnacle hanging underneath the wing of the original way. My this is a hard slog ! why did I ever start !? ( cheers Derek for the kind words xx) laugh

30/03/2019 15:38:24

dscf6798.jpgdscf6797.jpgHi Rich too, Just got back to this thread of mine, thanks for the kind words have made myself carry on with the project after thinking Why?frown as I am lacking enthusiasm and then why not I guess !!, so the saga of covering is making progress still think this pro film is not for me. Saving some weight by reshaping the outer struts as the wings now are so strong I think I could do away with them but then again!!. Must learn how to put these pics in correct order. blush dscf6795.jpg

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