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Thread: Laser Engines development.
06/07/2020 15:16:05


  1. Petrol 30cc
  2. Glow Multi cylinder 25-30cc
  3. Glow Multi Cylinder 50-60cc

I have my Yak with a 180 in it from the Hurricane so the airframe was cheap, its easy to fit different engines if needed and it glides a bit better than a manhole cover!

If you want a petrol thrashed I can do that, but I'll give it back at the end.

A multi 25-30cc... bring it on and I'll give it a go

Multi 50-60cc would like to but don't have anything that big to stick it in...crying…...unless it was a pair!

Thread: The State of Play
06/07/2020 09:55:01

Richard and the boys

Please add me to the list of anything I can fit a Laser into from 70 size upwards into, cheers Chris

Thread: Hospitalised, my own fault - but ?
05/07/2020 07:27:49

Dave, having been through the launch options with the Vulcan, (over weight and under powered) and various experiments with my funfighter I hopefully can add some useful information.

Bungee - pain in the bum setting it up and nailing it to the runway, prevents others using the strip. Advantage is it can impart massive acceleration in a very short distance and time (the Vulcan is 0 to flying in about 10 yards from a 60lbs bungee!). I don't think you need that sort of assistance. There is consideration of where you put the hook and if the airframe can take the forces applied. Getting the bungee to drop away without becoming entangled in the rear prop is an issue. Nothing worse than seeing it climb out only to realise that its still tethered and following an arc that will not end well.

A ramp will be more faff to store, assemble, nail to the flying field and the model has to be well above flying speed at the end of the ramp to avoid prop strikes.


Dolly tests with the funfighter that has more than enough power to self launch displayed very aggressive swing to the left and uncontrollable unless a steering wheel was used. I tried 2 wheels at the front and one at the back as it stopped the "Reliant Robin" roll over effect. I also ended up with the aircraft as low as possible on the dolly to lower the over all C of G and resist it rolling over. Once the model is up to speed and accelerating then it lifts off promptly..

IMHO you have plenty of power and should not have too many issues with the left swing/roll problems so a dolly is the way to go. Bungies and lunch ramps just add faff and complexity with the ultimate issue of non release being the end of a very nice looking model.

Good luck and please keep us posted on progress.

PS - Good launches and not so successfully ones, but overall its been worth rebuilding it 4 times to be able to launch it in a reliable way. smiley

cal_0191.jpg _njt2130.jpg

PPS - I ended up with a peg between model and dolly with the Vulcan as the funfighters have a tendency to lift one wing and then induce massive yaw as one wing has the drag of the dolly and the other doesn't.

Edited By Chris Walby on 05/07/2020 07:36:52

Thread: Receivers
03/07/2020 21:55:01

I have a DX8 gen 1 (using both DSM2 and DSMX) plus a DX8 gen 2 (DSMX only) with a mix of old and new DSMX RX's.

Only issue I have had is with a AR620 in a 180 FS Yak where everything checked out and never had an issue flying it, but got a lot of fades (on the high end of the Spektrum guidance). The RX sat on the carbon wing tube and had a aluminium engine up front so no real surprise really. I swapped it for a DSMX RX with satellite and its not been a problem.

IMHO the cost of an RX compared with crashing you model or worse causing an injury does not warrant saving a few pounds.

Thread: Carbon Fibre Tubes
03/07/2020 21:36:28

Back to the OP

They are 14mm ID out tubes with a 14mm OD tube inside both outer tubes. If I manage to shear a 14mm OD carbon tube in normal flight I would be amazed as I won't be pulling high G or going that fast as its only a Focke.

I headed out to the garage and went low tech as suggested with a bit of aluminium tube, emery cloth and lots of elbow grease. The result is that I am within an inch of where I want to be, the only problem of doing it this way is its very easy to taper the first part of the outer tube which is not what I wanted or needed.

Thanks to everyone who posted.

PS - Teach me for not having a one piece wing. wink

Edited By Chris Walby on 03/07/2020 21:37:23

03/07/2020 17:48:25

Off topic again, and I can see your point about load points on the tubes RC2, but IMHO why do E-flight, Seagull, Black Horse, Chris Foss, Motion RC and Century all use wing tubes (either ali or carbon fibre)? These are models I know have wing tubes, in fact I can't think of any 6Kg models that use solid wing joiners.

I shall don the appropriate PPE and carefully remove the seam inside the wing tube (not using WD40) and try either candle wax or Teflon spray.

03/07/2020 12:46:43


The outer tube ID is 14mm and I have a cunning plan, more cunning than Baldrick's plan.....Just noticed that Perma-Grit do a 14mm round tube file, I can then turn a plug and Loctite it in the handle. Screw a bit of bar into the plug and get the battery drill out!

Oorrr I feel a Perma-Grit order coming on!

03/07/2020 08:41:58

Off topic, but if I use phenolic tube it comes out heavier.

Carbon spars


Card/ali spars




OK its 118g on a 6Kg model, but its already heading over 36oz/sq ft wing loading and it does not need to be any heavier for no reason!

Thanks Ron/Flyer, I'll male some rod reamers and give it a go, its just the seam that needs to be removed

03/07/2020 06:53:18


I want to use some carbon fibre tube inside another carbon fibre tube (wing tubes) as they are convenient sizes for the model.

The problem I have is that there is a seam on the inside of the outer (must be part of the extruding process) which causes the tubes to bind.

The inner tube needs to slide at least a foot into the outer and probably longer, so normal drill bits are too short. I have tried tipped masonry bits and they don't work. Looked at reams, but there is no easy way of making an extension for a ream.

Any suggestions as to how I can ream the seam out and what works well to lubricate carbon against carbon?

Thanks in advance

Thread: Laser Engines now closed on Friday's
01/07/2020 19:37:30


You are right, since 2014 its 5.5% better flying weather on a Friday compared with either a Saturday or Sunday.

Note, based on our flying field and where other flying fields are available with different weather conditions.

If you include Friday as well as the weekend then the likelihood of a good flying day does improve the chances. wink


Edited By Chris Walby on 01/07/2020 19:39:44

Thread: DB Hurricane paint and finish.
01/07/2020 06:19:57

Looking really good there Jon, what are you going to use as fuel proofer over the excellent paint job?

PS, I assume it will be straight on to the low oil content fuel when it comes to running the engine?

Thread: Forum members' new models: Let's see them.
30/06/2020 22:18:03

WOOHOO and as the name suggests this is a hole lot of fun to fly smiley

Bit of RX sorting and a few clicks of trim (my rubbish building skills) and it was tearing around the sky, yet I could back it off to 1/4 throttle for a couple of low passes. Then back to business with what its best at!


Thanks go to Iain at IAD for ultra prompt service, great support and a kit that was a real pleasure to whiz together.

Other thanks to George at 4-Max for the electric set up, spot on.

Thread: Warbirds Replicas P51 Mustang
30/06/2020 12:37:36

The British approach was far more minimal for Mosquito passengers, no window, no inflight entertainment or toilet. Good news they did get oxygen!

mosquito passenger.jpg

A passenger travelling in the bomb bay of a De Havilland Mosquito of BOAC, on the fast freight service between Leuchars, Fife and Stockholm, Sweden.

PS - Never complain to the pilot "are we there yet?"...Bombay doors open is only a switch away....

Thread: 20kg
30/06/2020 09:21:33

My understanding is the rules will change to AUW including fuel/batteries of 25Kg at some point.

IMHO its an agreement between the CAA and LMA, if you don't go the LMA route then you would have to comply with the CAA individually so that you can fly a model.

If it was ARTF then as long as the manufacturer has gone through the CAA build inspection process I can see an issue and has all the documentation. I think if you built a model or bought one (all be it ARTF) and it didn't have the paperwork it would be very difficult to retrospectively get it passed (would you sign off a 30kg 150MPH turbine just looking at the visible airframe?).

Thread: How Windy is Too Windy
27/06/2020 07:31:20

Its as simple or complicated as you want to make it! As the pilot in control you make the decision to fly based on your ability to fly safely. Once you have met that criteria then the financial loss of the model if you do get it all wrong is the next consideration. I have found flying in challenging conditions very beneficial (up to 46..gusting higher).

I have a foam delta (packing tape covering), its hand lunch, pusher motor and almost indestructible, although I have not crashed it that much there is no much to it.

Depends on the wind speed, gusting speed and direction, type of model and cost plus pilots skill are all factors on the decision to fly.

I punch Met office speed and gusting into a spreadsheet, do a simple calculation and come up with a number. It just proportions more bias on the gust than just air speed. So the constant wind can be higher and gust less will produce a lower "factor" than less constant with a higher gust.

Wind, Gust, Factor

5 20 80
15 20 27

If its less than 40, get the (time/cost expensive models that don't take prisoners.


As a taster here this week, just focus on the upper purple line as the others are just base data.



weather 27jun2020.jpg


Edited By Chris Walby on 27/06/2020 07:35:31

Thread: Laser Engines - Technical questions
25/06/2020 12:53:03

Ron, I have to disagree as I can’t see new people jumping from foam ARTF’s to +80 size (up to 360) as being either successful or sustainable. As the Warbirds Replicas thread demonstrated once positively and secondly negatively there are far more people interested in buying smaller kits than larger ones. Manufactures need to sell volume to make the R&D worth while. You might have noticed that some of the ARTF kits now built are specifically for electric as opposed to historically for IC with an electric option, this in my opinion results in models that will not withstand the riggers of IC power plants. If people are going to the effort of building a WR model then its not difficult to build additional (if needed) strength in for the engine.

Low oil content fuel helps the justification, low noise more so and I’ll leave the what’s cheaper debate to those that just like to argue.

25/06/2020 08:50:48


Very good point and I would just like to say put me down for one or twin. There are other threads running with a kit builder asking what people what, the general conclusion was for faster build kits of a size that suits the more cost effective electric set up. Perhaps this is the way in for IC. Learn with a foam ARTF, fly a few larger foam models (electric) and branch out in to building (easier to build ones) with either electric or IC.

The primary reason I dropped out of that was there was no suitable Laser engine available, yes I know others are available and I run a coupe of 2 stroke OS's but for me I would rather stick with what I know and like.

The hobby will come under increasing pressure in the future to limit noise be it the perceived screaming 2 stroke or more pleasant sounding 4 stroke, but pressure non the less. The increasing cost of ARTF's will make owing a small ic more attractive if there are models that they can have IC fitted. This has the added advantage of allowing he newer modeller to progress onto larger and more complex IC powered models.

Then of course it would be nice to reach for the pinnacle of multi cylinders engines. wink

24/06/2020 15:09:52

Martin, while the smell of the Laser 5 is not that unpleasant, its only for the duration of the warm up and I haven't noticed any in flight smell, the benefits of not using caster are clearly recommended by the manufacturer (Jon) and noticeable in use with low oil content fuel.

What's the rational for using 1% castor (why not less or more?) or why bother?

PS - I have 2 or 3 gallons of castor from the racings days if you fancy disposing of them (no warranty given).

Thread: la.40 in an Acrowot artf?
20/06/2020 19:04:07

The age of ic is dead, (smallish 2 stroke), proof?

While building my Extra Slim Twin from a Cougar 2000 that was given to me with a OS LA 46 in it (sold the airframe on), was given another LA 46 of rather tired appearance. Found a worst state one in the back of the clubhouse shed.

While flying above model club member offered a FOC near brand new one (Thanks Dave).

To cap that an ex modellers estate was dropped off at the clubhouse, no price and just put the models to good use. Foam gliders all gone, even the twin brushed thing went....just the two ic models untaken (ones a wot 4).

Moral of the story, just ask about they are either dead cheap or given away.

Thread: Seagull Hurricane Laser
19/06/2020 15:35:10

All the best ARC and please keep us informed as to how you get with the build and flying. Any questions please post as we all want to help if we can, wink

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