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Thread: The Ohmen
22/10/2019 10:16:11

Martin, at this rate yours will be finished for the Christmas dinner fly-in!

Will it have a floats/skis options?

Thread: Laser Appreciation Society
20/10/2019 15:09:06

Not really the season for troublesome Warbirds and I though 4 screws, 4 bolts and a throttle linkage was hardly good reason to have my Laser 180 doing nothing. Far better if find a nice airframe that can allow me to run the engine through the winter months and have some fun at the same time.

Along comes a Hyperion YAK 54, old, but in very good condition and just the job. Servos fitted with ease and the 180 located inverted + a couple of tanks linked together and hay presto!

Saturday was the maiden and a couple of flights today with no issues. Sounds lovely as it growls around the sky and will just about do unlimited vertical..... or very big stall turns.

That will do nicely sir!


Thread: Battery retention methods
20/10/2019 06:39:04

Why not make a battery cage on the fire wall that the battery slides into (with ventilation holes) that is retained by a ply cover (Nylon screw). Just make the cover slide and lock or secure in such a way the battery cannot be removed/fall out by accident.

Batteries can be dropped out for charging, you don't have mess around trying to get your finders into the cowl get the Velcro secure. Nothing wrong with Velcro straps as long as you can get some reliable tension and ensure the battery can't slide.

+1 comments about Velcro stuck to lipos damaging the battery covering.

Thread: Spektrum DX7
17/10/2019 11:20:01

What's wrong with DSM2?

Dave flies my Vulcan (flying manhole cover) way further than I ever would and its on DSM2 Rx with satellite, so no problem with range.

I though the only difference was DSM2 didn't dynamically channel hop compared to DSMX.

Please enlighten me, thanks

Thread: How to convert an ic to electric?
14/10/2019 15:14:24

One consideration is how oily it is as it will make modification more difficult/extensive to the wood work.

At some point it would be easier to move the model on and start with fresh balsa smiley

Thread: Forum members' new models: Let's see them.
13/10/2019 07:14:38

Top notch Manish, very impressive and thanks for sharing your photos. What motor are you running?

I'll get there one day with a moth, but it will be much smaller and nowhere as well detailed as yours.

Looks superb

Thread: Trouble contacting Laser engines
12/10/2019 06:08:42

Jon is holiday, I know they have had IT issues with there internet connection and Jon sorts these out.

PD - Patience is a virtue and venting your spleen won't make Jon build engines any faster.

  1. Have you messaged Jon with your request
  2. Have you selected the model
  3. Have you purchased the model
  4. Have you fitted all the gear into it
  5. Is it ready for the engine

Previously once I have got to stage 5 there is a Laser engine close to being purchased.

If you can't wait then go else where, if you can wait then join the Laser appreciation society and wait patiently with the rest of us.

Thread: The Ohmen
11/10/2019 07:35:43


I'll bring the drawing and build article up tomorrow afternoon to the flying field...discuss between flights or tea


Thread: Twin glow motors for warbirds?
10/10/2019 19:47:10

If I won the lottery I was thinking more of this


Thread: Servo power-up movement
10/10/2019 18:27:25

I am with C8 on this, had a few batteries fail and its normally under high load conditions when it becomes apparent.

Yes servos twitch on power up, some more than others but as long as there is full and free travel there should not be a problem.

PS I did have a UBEC and digital servos that would drop the voltage to the point the RX failed/rebooted, but it was found bench testing, The only time it did it was when all 3 servos were "stick bashed" at once, but if the model has been well flown then its a fault that has crept in.

Thread: Twin glow motors for warbirds?
10/10/2019 17:41:34


Seagull with a pair of Laser 70's IMHO what could be better....ok a lottery win a pair of moki's, but the SG goes in the car. Start off talking to Jon at Laser engines and sometimes the wait is worth it.

And it does get through the 82dB noise test smiley

Thread: RCM&E 2020 Mass Build
09/10/2019 11:34:49

Hi, Having enjoyed the 2019 MB does anyone know what will be the 2020 model?

Normally there is a lively discussion on options so I though I might start things off here and see what every one's views are before someone far better than me makes the final decision!

Does anyone have a list of prior MB's just for reference?

Thread: BMFA 'B' Test Video Available
09/10/2019 11:29:15


The stick tension helped as well as knowing what I was doing wrong...I thought it might have been the model until the instructor did 3 consecutive competition quality bunts and announced it flew quite well. Once landed he assisted with some finer points of trimming and then it was back to me!

Glad to be of help.

08/10/2019 21:51:35

Tim, do you fly mode 1 or 2? Mode 2 its quite easy to add a little aileron as you move the elevator. If you can get anyone to watch your TX stick movements as you do the bunt. I tweaked up my aileron stick spring pressure + knew what I was doing wrong (once pointed out). Hope that helps

08/10/2019 17:01:13

I passed my B 3 years ago and the emphasis was distinctly on controlled safe flight, it was stressed a number of times by the instructor prior to the test that I was not expected to fly competition level accuracy. I needed to demonstrate to the examiners that I was in control and could perform the required manoeuvres safely.

IMHO learning to fly on well mannered, robust low mass foam model is a two edged sword as it gets people flying and through the A test. The flip side is they then have much to learn about flying "less tolerant" higher wing loaded manhole covers. The B test should be encouraged as I learnt much from the different requirements, even if I still struggle with the bunt!.

Thread: When it's a bit too windy!
07/10/2019 07:13:52

Well done and top marks for will never be too windy, with the right model wink

Thread: Ailerons extending to wingtip
05/10/2019 07:52:04

Come on chaps no guessing and lets stick to the OP

Thanks for all the advice its been very helpful and on that basis plus there seems to be very few models with this configuration I will opt for solid wing tips. Its not so much avoiding damage as if I touch the wing tip on the ground I think the result will be very messy if not terminal.

A solid wingtip might just help a little bit with air flow over the tip and I though the aileron length was short compared to the adjacent flap. I'll move the aileron up to rib 26 which should compensate for the loss of aileron area. I don't think Kurt Tank would be too upset (have I let slip) as the mark went through a few variations in its development.

I'll do a build log in due course, but for the time being I have more questions than answers at the planning stage.

Thanks for everyone's input.

04/10/2019 21:58:15

Thanks guys


Should I stick as is or make the tip a complete block (LE to TE)?

04/10/2019 18:34:19

Thanks Tim, I was wondering more what happens as it approaches stall.

The ones I was looking at are only the last 1/3 of the wing although quite wide and as a warbird I would not expect to have much deflection. I was looking through other warbird models and can't see any with this configuration (standing ready to be corrected!).

Cheers for the reply.

04/10/2019 17:43:42

Looking at a set of plans and it got me thinking..

For warbirds and generally other models is there any specific reason for the ailerons not to extend to wing tip e.g. the aileron forms part of the wing tip?

How does a wing tip aileron type wing perform close to stall or is there no difference?

All views welcomed

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