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Thread: Blackhorse Hurricane 46
21/04/2019 06:44:56

All the best B, VC. With a bit of luck I'll get mine up the field today, just make sure you have the elevator on a rate switch as I find mine very pitchy with the BH settings (common theme with Hurricanes) that way you can tame it down if necessary.

Let us know how you get on

Thread: Seagull Hurricane Laser
20/04/2019 06:56:13

Looking at your photo most of the repair will be around the TE area on the fuselage which won't affect the COG too much and looks quite a clean break.

Apologies for prying but I noticed both elevators were detached, was that due to the impact and that they wrap around the horizontal stab?

20/04/2019 06:34:54

Tim, Very sorry to see your Hurricane, like the others have said put it to one side and have a look at it a bit later on. As long as the repair does not add a significant amount of weight I think you will be okay.

Remember during the war a full size was flown with a fabric wing on one side and a longer ali skinned due to lack of available partswink. My understanding is they are quite stable if not a bit of a handful to get set up right.

Thanks for your detailed summary of what happened as it will be valuable for other SG Hurricane owners and general flyers.

I hope you can get her back together again.

17/04/2019 10:22:30


Update, due to poor weather, pilot availability and a couple other projects that have distracted me + I want more practice with a less costly model regarding full flap landing approach it has not been out of the hanger.

My COG is 130mm and AUG is around the 18 lbs (need to reweigh it as I can't find my previous note) so you are very close to mine and others.

Good luck with yours and double check your elevator is inline with the tail plane & Loctite all the U/C screws

Thread: Servo rotation
14/04/2019 21:07:34

Al's Hobbies, **LINK**

Used them a couple of weeks ago, fast and cost effective service.

Thread: 104 inch B-17 Identification
13/04/2019 22:03:45

Not ready for "Forum Members new models "let see them" as we managed C of G measurement and engine testing today between the rain, sun, wind and hale!

Good news is it goes through the clubhouse door to keep the rain off, bad news you can't turn it over as the wingspan is greater than the ceiling height!


Interesting the only prop interaction is between No3 and the side of the fuselage as its closest.

Rather long list of things to sort, but only to be expected as Dave and myself didn't build it

  • Three blade props as 11 ii the max diameter that can be fitted
  • RX battery bay cut door and wire back to bomb bay
  • Find and fix air leak
  • Relocate retract valve and replace servo
  • Replace throttle servo with stripped gears
  • Reset all the throttle end points
  • Tidy up wiring in bomb bay
  • Re-pin the elevators with an additional hinge
  • Paint cowls

Overall a good day and hopefully nothing too major to do before more engine tuning and some taxi tests.

Then we just need either a southerly or easterly and Dave said he'll go for it !

Thread: 2019 Mass Build
05/04/2019 06:20:39

Peter, I am no expert but now have a couple of experiences with this build

Firstly yes build flat or with the washout block (don't think it makes a massive difference.

Secondly yes use the washout packing block when to sheet the wing.

Now here is my problem! I couldn't see how you can sheet the wings individually and then join them + the instructions say sheet the underside first! Tried that and its rather complicated.

So I have joined the wings together and will sheet the top with packing blocks under the wing tips + additional washout blocks and do it all in one go. Once dry I'll turn it over and sheet the underside hopefully without the dihedral or washout changing too much

Wing tips, I left the LE protruding and glued supplied wing tip (Don't try to use the existing stringers as the only introduce me!). Then cut triangular blocks (or square and sand down!). There are some better photos than mine in the other posts so take a look until I get to the workshop and take a couple photos later.


Thread: Don't just stand there, get one up!
04/04/2019 17:36:15

Sorry to hear about your accident and I hope you can make good to the damage areas with out too much trouble.

Hornets...had one in the wife's greenhouse....One look and we left it alone until it departed on its own accord (don't pick a fight unless it think you have a chance of winning or the consequence of loosing is going to be really unpleasant!).

Thread: Steerable nose wheel set up
03/04/2019 15:06:53

I could understand if the ball joints protruded out of the ends of the oleo arm. Okay it would give limited steering movement, but it would allow the retract to rake back and the ball joint link to rotate.

Thanks to all contributions

03/04/2019 12:22:03

Apologies Dennis, my comment was not directed at you, but JVM's post that has since been modified as it showed a very nice tail wheel modification.

The interesting thing with your post is the use of two servos to get sufficient clearance with the wire and the retract. Certainly better that my attempts with the HK single arm type where it either had lots of play or would bind between retract operations.

Thanks for your time its appreciated.

03/04/2019 10:22:21

Dennis, no need to be upset, yours has been the most useful post yet smiley

03/04/2019 10:15:40

Weirdest nose wheel I have seen, is this part of the backwards flying group?

If not its off topic I think wink

03/04/2019 06:31:33

Thanks Mike, Its intended to be fitted with the retract leg travelling up and back.

I didn't know the only option was wire and how they connect to the ball joints. I was thinking of rods and stops through a steering arm on the once the retract is down there is little play.

Come on...someone must have a photo or two laugh

Thread: Spektrum Radio repairs ?
03/04/2019 06:20:25

Gary has been busy! dropped my two DX8 g1's off last week (usual aerial issues + one display back light not working).

Parts ordered and fitted Monday followed with a call from Gary to arrange delivery and parcel arrived yesterday with a couple AR410's to save me picking them up else where. Result!

Plus he doubled checked the software versions and product recalls were up to date.

Good product support has returned wink

Thread: Steerable nose wheel set up
02/04/2019 12:35:34


I have previously used some HK nose wheel retracts with a slotted plate with not a great deal of success and was looking at this. Okay it a much larger version, but it’s the principle of two ball joints that interests me.

nose retract.jpg

That was until I tried to work out how you configure a ball and rod to rotate 90 degrees with the minimum of play, or do you just use wire?

If anyone has set these up successfully could they post a couple of photos or explain. Cheers Chris

Thread: Seagull Mosquito weight
30/03/2019 06:07:17

Danny, Don't worry nothing wrong with mine, just thinking about another model I have that has mechanical retracts with loads of slop...Thanks for the advice.

With all this nice weather I should dust her down and do the preseason checks smiley

Edited By Chris Walby on 30/03/2019 06:15:51

Thread: Forum members' new models: Let's see them.
29/03/2019 22:03:53

Lucky enough to see Martin conduct a master class of maiden flying (not much he didn't do from the book!).

I think its available on prescription if you have a note from your doctor....If not it might be too much fun!

Hopefully the video will be available soon laugh

Thread: Cyanoacrylate safety
29/03/2019 20:41:13

yes for super phatic, very handy for ARTF's where they have not used much glue! A good going over in the hard to reach places (with the handy long applicator) as the capillary action works well.

PS have been using CA recently and am quite disappointed with the bond especially as its quite brittle....migt be okay for electric, but IC would shake it apart in no time!

Thread: Is this a genuine HOBBYWING 60 Amp, or a knock off ?
29/03/2019 20:34:19

Hi, for £13 does it really matter? If it works then give it a go. If you are really concerned put it on a test rig and hammer it at 60A a few time until warm.

If really concerned fly with a separate RX battery in case of a dead stick if it fails.

PS Looking at on line photos yours seems to have some odd worn text, but it looks okay as the heat shrink is the right length + wires have similar markings etc.

Thread: Seagull Mosquito weight
29/03/2019 06:49:25

I agree Chris as my BH mossie needs nearly 1/2 throttle with full flap and gear down to keep a constant speed. Chop the throttle and the drag increases off the three blade props and it will bite big style (crying).

Its one of the reasons I like my Seagull Laser as some unfounded paranoia + I like the sound means I keep the revs up a bit. On one of the Jon from Lasers describes a very good technique for landing warbirds with full flap by using a steep approach, made a lot of sense to me as it reduces the risk of depth perception issues with flatter approaches (I just need to practice them more!).

IMHO with electric warbirds its very tempting to chop the throttle and not fully appreciate the high drag and less forgiving stall characteristics.

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