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Thread: Most power i can get from a 6" prop
02/06/2020 12:18:17

How about 12 blade edf type, then the limit will be how fast you can rotate it and its pitch. Might be a limit to the tip speed on the fan (prop).

PS I think a 2 bladed EDF will be very noisy and not very efficient.

Thread: Focke Wolf Ta 154 Laser
02/06/2020 10:27:38

Still not a lot of progress over the last few weeks as its been as busy as ever, no break from normal work + all the COVID stuff to deal with and now some flying available.

Looking at the wings I managed to pin the ailerons okay and so my attention turned to the outboard (of nacelle) flaps.

The original design shows an in wing push rod at the top of the wing and is hinged by the covering on the underside. I fancied something a bit more aerodynamic in the flaps down position and have come up with this.


The flap deflects 42 degrees which although is not barn door (high drag) was thinking should be enough. To put this in context its quite high wing loading and what I have seen have a feisty tip stall. Of course its easy at this time to relieve the wood and allow the flap to extend more thus more drag, but will it really benefit me having say 60+ degrees of flap?

Edited By Chris Walby on 02/06/2020 10:31:47

Thread: Where in the final circuit to lower flaps?
31/05/2020 20:59:58

What's the problem with lowing flaps too early... unless you don't compensate for the additional drag?

I find that lowing gear tends to cause a pitch down and 1/2 flap a pitch up so as I come past the flight line for the last time its gear down and flaps 1/2 at the same time That way I can see all the gear is down plus it gives me the down wind leg a bit of time to get the feel of the change in how it flies.

I set the flaps to deploy at the same speed as the gear going down.

Another model that has fixed gear has a mix of flap to elevator as there is quite a pitch change, but that's for mid throttle position as it pitch changes a bit with throttle (climbs on full throttle).

IMHO its best to keep your workload down in the down wind lead and final turn + it means I am not tempted to fly an extended down wind leg and do everything on approach with its being harder to judge air speed being a long distance away.

Others might have better ways wink

PS practice flap deployment at 3 mistakes high and get a really good feeling on how each model behaves with the various flap settings.

Thread: TN Concorde
31/05/2020 20:09:55

No shame in not flying today, at our patch is was very blustery plus when I saw Tony N fly his to took up quite a lot of sky.

It flew quite quick even on part throttle and I got the impression the model preferred nice big scale turns and great looking fly-bys.

Do you have a anything fast and about the same size, just to get your eye in and thumbs/fingers at the ready?

Thread: Different shades of white, Oracover (Profilm)
29/05/2020 07:55:33

Sorry to hear of your problem and I have never really thought about it, but guess that's why people say always buy wall paper with the same batch number as things do vary. I buy film in one go as it might not be available in the future...

Unfortunate that you covered with the old film before obtaining the new covering, certainly has me thinking of checking all the rolls before starting covering just in case an odd roll has slipped in (I have some rolls of green that is the same manufacturer and colour, but from different outlets and years apart).

Most people would not even notice although its no consolation as you know its different and every time you look at it there will be a reminder.

Thread: Sign of the times - funnies
28/05/2020 14:12:23

Just placed an order and with all this talk about delivery drones I am now slightly concerned with the delivery method if their dispatch note is anything to go by!


Thread: Peter Miller asks what next?
28/05/2020 12:35:08

Nice choice there Peter, keep us all posted on developments as you never know there might be a mass build brewing wink

Thread: Very few wooden ARTF models
28/05/2020 12:25:14

Perhaps not as good as the "Glory" days, but then I have only been in the hobby 5 years and there appears to be Seagull, VQ and Blackhorse still making balsa ARTF's to choose from so plenty to work through until having to build your own wink

Thread: Does anybody know how to fix this?
27/05/2020 21:30:21

Well done that man, top notch.

Thread: Forum members' new models: Let's see them.
25/05/2020 21:52:06

est.jpgChecked, noise tested and maiden, hardly any trim needed.Flies nice and I'll work slowly up to full rates and beyond!

Running two OS LA 46's


Edited By Chris Walby on 25/05/2020 21:52:48

Thread: The State of Play
24/05/2020 21:39:13

David, No need to be sorry, there are others that keep taking the tread off topic. I'll say no more as IMHO its run it course anyway.

24/05/2020 21:21:43


Firstly only one is in stock, secondly we are talking 70 to 120 size (As Richard has pointed out previously there are plenty of plans for the bigger sizes). Thirdly I don't share your optimism for a 70 or 80 or 100 or 120 dragging an 88 inch warbird around the sky. Forth there's no foam in the DB kit!

I think everyone compromised (size to suit 6S electric, 80 to 120 IC and ease of construction), plus good flier, but there are not enough people wanting something that size.

I though the point was to discuss the possibility of getting Richard and the boys to build a kit, not find alternative suppliers.

Still flogging a dead horse, me thinks.

24/05/2020 15:34:14

I think things have changed in the market place, there is a opportunity for manufacturers to in effect pre-sell a model based on their reputation.

People will show their willingness by putting their names forward (some willing to front it with cash deposit) to ensure the kit goes ahead.

The problem is there is just not enough IC or electric people out there who want a 64 inch Tempest, but there is enough for a 55 inch P51.

I don't find any pleasure trying to unpick old drawings with "the way we used to do it" poor or no instructions and no idea if it will fly well or like a brick.

We need to find another 10 who want a Tempest or stop kidding ourselves there is a chance.

Can some one enlighten me as to who actually sells (as in stock right now) a Tempest for 80 to 100 4 stroke size?

and :

Dear Customer,

 YT International is no longer trading due to the current climate, we are now solely concentrating on our pilot business,


My apologies for any inconvenience, we are having problems removing the YT website at the moment so will take it down as soon as possible. If you require any model spares then you contact the factory directly, talk to Herlin at


Kind Regards,


Edited By Chris Walby on 24/05/2020 15:36:40

Edited By Chris Walby on 24/05/2020 15:37:13

Thread: I said goodbye to an old friend last Wednesday...
24/05/2020 08:28:37

Good news the combine spat out all the bits, bad news it found it before we did!


Mind you the one I lost in the woods did not fair much better.


Best look in the last place you would think...a lot further than you think .

Thread: The State of Play
24/05/2020 07:21:23

Thanks Richard for your comment and the LAS do allow other infernal combustion engines into the fold.

The optimist in me thought, Lets see who wants what in the larger size be it a larger P51 or something else?

The pessimist in me says lets just put the wounded animal out of its misery (IC is on its way out its just a matter of time like the rest of the hobby). Call the bluff, see who is interested then draw the conclusion and move on. The IC guys still can’t settle on size or even model if you take the ½ empty view.

The reality if we boil this down to hard opinion (mine)?

Die hard IC would like a Tempest, there are 10 likely orders and we need 20+

Not much pick up from the electric guys who might have wanted discussed a bigger electric (for all the reasons you stated Richard).

IMHO we will end up just where we started, but with 40 kits of a existing design that are electric and as you say there are plenty on old plans of larger models if you want to put an IC in there.

We could open the debate about a bigger P51, but more people might drop out as they have already committed to the smaller P51 kit and don’t want another P51.

I was hoping for a kit (sort of don’t care what it is within reason) that could be IC or electric, bit bigger than 55 inch and of a modern design and easy construction to perhaps entice the newer builder to either electric or IC. Perhaps I am 10 years too late.

23/05/2020 19:53:41

Scores on the doors from 6 votes are:

Tempest 70/80 leading with 18 points

Tempest 100/120 second with 11 points

Tempest 155/180 and other in joint third with 7 points

I guess it would be good to get Richards view on feasibility with the numbers we have and the possible size of model + Jon's opinion as to which engine is most/least suitable foe the Tempest?

23/05/2020 16:21:12

Yes but how much does it cost in comparison? laugh

Back on topic...Are you up for one then?


Edited By Chris Walby on 23/05/2020 16:24:37

23/05/2020 16:03:15


A Laser 70 is £230, how much is a motor, ESC and sound system assuming the latter will last as long as a Laser?

Or are you just bashing Lasers.

23/05/2020 07:33:25

Having reread Richards previous post I think the options are a bit clearer. Although the LAS need to be the driver there needs to be the appeal to others which are not just IC, but electric modellers wanting a larger model.

I don't mind too much and would not be adverse to a Tempest or Sea Fury as a Hornet just won't appeal to a wide enough audience.

Perhaps a smaller warbird of 70-80 size will interest the LAS group, electric modellers and those that want something to build, but not ultra complex/time consuming.


  1. Tempest or Sea Fury to suit a 70 or 80 size
  2. Tempest or Sea Fury to suit a 100 or 120 size
  3. Tempest or Sea Fury to suit a 155 or 180 size
  4. Something other than a Tempest or Sea Fury

Would 64 inch wingspan work for easy to transport, not to expensive to build, look good in flight and the same reasons that make the P51 appeal to people...just emit a better sound.

Comments, suggestion or is everyone flying or in the shed?

PS - I did write a much longer post and it didn't save it...

22/05/2020 20:53:45

Right ho, for the Laser Appreciation Society the questions are who's in and what do you want?

Pick your top 4 and lets see where we get to

Only my opinion:

70 too small for a warbird unless its a twin

80. 100 good balance between engine size and model size

155 possible but does the engine suit a warbird?

180 is the model getting too big for most people to build?

Who wants what?

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