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Thread: Best Heating Option For Your Hobby Shed
18/11/2019 12:43:48

Just suppose you direct your exhaust gas via a heater matrix and forget to turn you heater off or run it against a high heat load (very cold outside), just how hot will the matrix get?

Not as per manufacturers instructions, no over temperature protection and your shed burns down....I think it will be a very one way conversation with the house insurers.

Anyone considered why the exhaust gas gets that hot? I would expect its for a reason of the manufacturer would be using that heat to improve the efficiency of the unit.

Thread: voltage/brown out capacitors
16/11/2019 21:46:59

IMO, of no benefit and possibly making your set up less reliable by increasing the number of components that could develop a fault.

On the subject of RX supplies I took some advice from a UK manufacturer of batteries, ESC's UBEC's and motors and used 3S2200 lipo and 20A UBEC on the basis of keeping it simple (using lipos I already had) and it was suggested that if a servo developed a fault/stalled then the UBEC would provide sufficient current to "burn it out" without dropping the voltage to the RX.

I have a couple dual battery switches, but of course the switch is a common point of failure + both batteries' discharge at the same rate. Only advantage is if one battery cell goes open circuit, then the RX will be supported by the other battery.

From experience cheap switches have caused the biggest issue and not ventilating ESC's sufficiently, oh and UBEC's that don't supply their rated current without "browning out" the RX

Thread: Flair Bristol F2B Fighter Biplane
16/11/2019 06:49:49

Hi guys,

How about Roger takes photos of the sheets and puts them on here or email/whatapp? Could even be done with a mobile phone if the camera quality is okay.

Handy having a library of the images and then if you need a specific drawing just pay for that one to be copied, The other advantage is you can view the images on a pc zooming in to see detail when you need to.

Hope this helps the build along.

Thread: Laser Engines - Technical questions
15/11/2019 07:30:46

Best get Jon's opinion on a "heavy" prop nuts as my mosquito (70's) has them and within reason, well machined (balanced) and not too heavy were considered ok. My Hurricane also has a brass prop nut most likely same as Ron's and is not an issue. The 180 is in the Yak for winter as it did not need the big nut and boy at tick over does the 180 shakes the Yak airframe!

Thread: Autumn is been flying ?
10/11/2019 15:53:12

Saturday was okay flying in the morningimg-20191109-wa0000.jpeg

But today was great as the wind was in the other direction and kept dropping to nearly dead still.

Couple of fights with the Carbon Yak, three flights with the Motion RC P38 L and four training flights with a new chap and were ready to head home when one club member returned and another with his "bird of prey" and glider turned up to carry on.

All in all 8 club members over the 5 hours I was there.

Just got to include the P38 photo laugh It just gets more and more fun to fly


Thread: How many on-going projects and unstarted kits do you have?
10/11/2019 07:55:41

Glad to know I am heading towards normality being a late starter in the hobby! Although I did get a negative comment from Sue about the number of models in the dining room (6 models and 2 kits)!

Unfinished or on the building board

  1. Top secret Focke-Wulf project
  2. TN DC3
  3. BH Mosquito needing new wings and nacelles due to my slow flying stupidity
  4. Fun Fighter ME109 rebuild, all bits in one carried carrier bag
  5. TN Ta 154 after vertical entry in to the ground (I have a mostly undamaged wing & a carrier bag of bits)

Kits and ARTF to build

  1. Extra Slim Twin
  2. Tiger Moth ARTF with Laser 80
  3. Warbirds replica hurricane needs Laser 80 from the above
  4. Grumpy Tiger Cub (electric)

As for installed engines

6 engines in 4 models and a pair of engines waiting to go into another I have a problem?

Thread: Benedini Sound modul
06/11/2019 18:11:02

Thanks and well done.

Wishing you many hours flying and listening to your model.

Thread: Laser Engines - Technical questions
06/11/2019 17:42:18


My understanding from the manual, Jon and his Youtube video is:

  1. Make sure everything else is correct (tank height, plumbing, throttle linkage etc)
  2. Set engine low and top end needles to start off position (in manual), see PS at end of post
  3. Start engine and warm up
  4. Hold at full throttle and adjust for max top end revs
  5. At tick over keep snapping the throttle open and adjust so pick up does not hesitate (lean side then back a bit)
  6. Hold at full throttle and adjust for max top end revs
  7. Go fly

You can repeat steps 4 to 6 as many times as you want, but I have been told I am wasting my time, fuel and wearing the engine out...

Next time you fly you might need to adjust the main needle (between summer/winter) but that is all. if it goes off song by a fair way, then something else is wrong!

Hope this helps

Base setting for an 80, main 2.5 turn out, slow needle 7 turns out as a starting point

Edited By Chris Walby on 06/11/2019 17:53:01

Thread: How many flyable aircraft do you have ?
05/11/2019 19:09:43

Oh, having counted up I have 28 and the better half 2, but in my defence 6 are under 250g as the scouts use them or they are indoor.

Storage is an issue as they are such an irregular shape making them difficult squeeze into one single garage which is the workshop as well.

I wonder if I could try for the spare room...electrics only of course wink

Thread: Wattmeter Quandry?
02/11/2019 06:13:24


I eluded to this in your other post, if you are expecting accurate results then you need to spend serious money on test equipment and conduct the tests in a very controlled environment. If any of the parameters change it will change the results.

Air temperature, motor temperature, ESC temperature, prop balance and probably most likely battery temperature will all impact on final results.

I am sure Dick can provide far more accurate data regarding battery performance, but for competitions people take great care and time as they push closer and closer to gain ultimate performance.


Try this, but don't change anything just do each test over a 5 minute period

Three tests of 20 seconds at full throttle with 2 minutes between each test. Record the results at the end of each 20 second run.

IMHO my money is the results will not be repeatable, but feel free to prove me wrong. At least it will give you a bench mark of repeatability.

PS - as for the watt meter, measuring dc it may be accurate but the waveform generated from the ESC will be very unlike smooth DC. Instruments can be very non linear with high frequency noise imposed on the DC.







Edited By Chris Walby on 02/11/2019 06:18:46

Thread: An offer I can't refuse?
31/10/2019 11:30:23

Steve, Might not be what the F5J seller will want to hear, but take your remaining cash and let them know that's all you have....if you are not desperate to buy the seller will either have a queue of prospective buyers or he might just want to shift it for a quick sale.

Good luck and if all else fails you should come out of the weekend with one new model!

Thread: Am I getting to complicated?
31/10/2019 07:19:54

Am I surprised, not really IMHO.

I would expect a manufacturer to use test equipment that was calibrated and of high accuracy in a controlled environment.

For example I don't think they would use a battery, more likely a power supply with as far as reasonably practicable of very low internal resistance, hence no voltage sag and maximum power transfer.

Is your test facility temperature, humidity controlled and wind free? Outside as I would not advocate doing this sort of thing indoors. I had a 70mm edf fan shed its blades at full power and I am glad I had a sheet of 3/4 ply between as the bits went everywhere.

Using "indication only" test kit will produce very variable results especially if they are non linear in their scale

I have the same prop size from three different manufacturers which all give different results both in input and output power.

You might just be unlucky and have compounded all of the errors in one direction to end up with a large discrepancy. This is probably why allowing a bit of head room on each component ensures no magic smoke and a reliable set up.

See if you can borrow a couple of power meters and compare results, but whatever you do please do it as safely as possible. Regards Chris

Thread: An offer I can't refuse?
30/10/2019 22:29:57

How often do Beasts with this spec and price come up for sale?

How often to F5J powered gliders come up for sale?

The beast looks like a good deal and in 6 months time (or when every you have the funds) and quite hard to find a good one with a known history. If there are plenty F5J's about then once you have funds you can go looking.

Did that help?

Thread: Laser Appreciation Society
30/10/2019 07:39:31

Yesterday was light wind, bright and sometime sunny!

It would be a shame not to tale little and large (for me) out for a bit of fun.


The Acrowot with a 70 in it is just bags of fun, easy to fly and throw around highly recommended combination - Thanks Jon.

The YAK is taking a bit more learning and it seems quite vice less, but I don't want to find out too low. Anyway the 180 is great fun at 1/2 throttle with an occasional poke up to full throttle for those unlimited climbs.

Five flights and that was me worn out for the morning....back to the hanger for the next Laser powered build wink

Thread: The Ohmen
22/10/2019 10:16:11

Martin, at this rate yours will be finished for the Christmas dinner fly-in!

Will it have a floats/skis options?

Thread: Laser Appreciation Society
20/10/2019 15:09:06

Not really the season for troublesome Warbirds and I though 4 screws, 4 bolts and a throttle linkage was hardly good reason to have my Laser 180 doing nothing. Far better if find a nice airframe that can allow me to run the engine through the winter months and have some fun at the same time.

Along comes a Hyperion YAK 54, old, but in very good condition and just the job. Servos fitted with ease and the 180 located inverted + a couple of tanks linked together and hay presto!

Saturday was the maiden and a couple of flights today with no issues. Sounds lovely as it growls around the sky and will just about do unlimited vertical..... or very big stall turns.

That will do nicely sir!


Thread: Battery retention methods
20/10/2019 06:39:04

Why not make a battery cage on the fire wall that the battery slides into (with ventilation holes) that is retained by a ply cover (Nylon screw). Just make the cover slide and lock or secure in such a way the battery cannot be removed/fall out by accident.

Batteries can be dropped out for charging, you don't have mess around trying to get your finders into the cowl get the Velcro secure. Nothing wrong with Velcro straps as long as you can get some reliable tension and ensure the battery can't slide.

+1 comments about Velcro stuck to lipos damaging the battery covering.

Thread: Spektrum DX7
17/10/2019 11:20:01

What's wrong with DSM2?

Dave flies my Vulcan (flying manhole cover) way further than I ever would and its on DSM2 Rx with satellite, so no problem with range.

I though the only difference was DSM2 didn't dynamically channel hop compared to DSMX.

Please enlighten me, thanks

Thread: How to convert an ic to electric?
14/10/2019 15:14:24

One consideration is how oily it is as it will make modification more difficult/extensive to the wood work.

At some point it would be easier to move the model on and start with fresh balsa smiley

Thread: Forum members' new models: Let's see them.
13/10/2019 07:14:38

Top notch Manish, very impressive and thanks for sharing your photos. What motor are you running?

I'll get there one day with a moth, but it will be much smaller and nowhere as well detailed as yours.

Looks superb

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