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Thread: Methanol versus Petrol?
09/08/2019 21:19:41

In the big scheme of things the cost of glow fuel is very small compared with the cost of the model, necessary electrical bits (RX, servos etc) and time/effort.

I have had good quality expensive lipos fail in just a few flight risking the model and costing me money. The glow engine (4 stroke) is simple and reliable, follow the manufacturers advice they will probably out live me. And best of all they sound great (even to me when limited to 82dB).

I probably spend more on fuel getting to the flying field than I do flying IC all day.

In the past I raced off road methanol burning motorcycles which included travelling anywhere between Swindon, Midlands to East Anglia and by far the biggest fuel bill was getting there and back!

Electric has its place, but IMHO for a warbird it has to be a 4 stroke IC glow....

Thread: Hospitalised, my own fault - but ?
09/08/2019 20:58:09


Firstly get well soon and thanks for the reminder even though unfortunately it has caused you much pain.

Personally I think the sleeve idea has some merit and earlier in the year in the warmer weather I traded my sweatshirt for a T shirt. In starting one of the IC models I reached around a little too close to the rotting prop and it gave m a bit of a nick on my forearm (drew blood, but nothing like your accident). My lesson learnt was to avoid bare arms as the prop would have snagged of clothing of some sort + the always where possible walk around the model to take the glow lead off.

As for the HK Mig foame, I have one and its best launched underhand as it has more than enough power to climb away. I hold the model in my left hand, flick throttle hold on, advance throttle to full and then with neck strap to steady the TX hold the TX in my right. Then when ready with my thumb on the stick (Elv/Ail) flick the throttle hold switch off the finger. Just remembering to lift my left hand forward and up so the prop does not get a chance.

This suits the Mig as the centre fuselage is on the top as apposed to the flat underside with little to grip. Its a load of fun on high rate, but do tape the hinges as sooner or later one will part company!

Lastly if you would like my setting PM me as there is a knack to getting a clean launch

Thread: Forum members' new models: Let's see them.
01/08/2019 21:24:40

My mass build offering (minor finishing still required). Maiden was uneventful with some down and left trim needed but compared to my dogs dinner ailerons I am not surprised it did not need more!

Take off is pleasant and responds well to rudder, flight envelope is nice and steady which is what I wanted and landing needs to be brought in (no cut and glide here!). Second flight squeezed a roll and loop in with no drama.

I'll be using on my next victim trainee to see how they get on...its that or the Cougar 2000 (on ultra low rates), but its IC so limited when we can fly.


Thread: Chris Mass Build thread - Renaissance
31/07/2019 20:32:09

Update time laugh as I needed some fresh air and certain things are easier at the field!

My set up is 4S5000 and that gets me very close to C of G so looking good as my other option was 4S3300 which I have spare lipos although it would have given me shorter flight times.

Weight came out at just over 2.5 Kg and running a 12 x 6 prop pulls 45A and 665W. Power to weight looks like 266 W/Kg or 121 W/lb so I should be pottering around at half throttle with luck.

Thanks Tony for the screen advice, worked a treat although my sheet seems very thin so it might not last too long. I'll just keep a lookout for something more suitable.

I think many people won't like it, but if it flies well and the Scouts get a laugh, I'll be happy + I need the practice (and a lot more needed) to try out different techniques all be it rather poorly executed


PS - Photo pre screen and battery cover

Just need to sort throws, do failsafe, range check, get it checked over and it will be ready to go!

Thread: Servo Torque guide - Sport Flying (electric)
28/07/2019 20:30:56

A bit left field, but do try moving all servos to their extremes at once. I was bench testing some servos, RX and SBEC when I found if you moved all at once it would brown the RX out.

The RX would auto recover but it took it a few seconds, of course notice by it flashing (but you would not have seen that as your battery was u/s).

Best bit was the servos were under no physical load, just trying to go from end stop to end stop and it would only do it if all three were moved at once. So it would not be picked up pre-flight (unless you bang all three at once) and even worse most of the time it would not happen, just when you do some thing with all three controls at once.

Of course if he's done loads of spins with that model it could be something else.

Thread: Spektrum DX7
28/07/2019 20:14:42


I have a DX8 gen 1 and it works okay + Al's Models can service it and make sure its okay and will probably include a firmware update as part of the service (did for me).

I bought a DX8 gen 2 as my gen one did not like lemon 6 channel RX's and it seems better, but I only trust it with very small foam models. Now the price of RX is back down to normal its not an issue.

DX8 gen one can do DSM2 and DSMX RX's, but all new TX will only do DSMX RX's

Just have to be careful with the second hand market as there are very poor copies out there (if the deal seems to good to be true, then it probably is!).

Main thing with the new TX's and RX's is that telemetry is built in..if you need it.

Thread: Chris Mass Build thread - Renaissance
28/07/2019 19:02:56

My pilot is requesting control throws, while I get on with the finishing touches?

gruffalo control checks.jpg

Have I missed something as I can't see them on the plans,

He has the option of low medium and high rates and doesn't mind expo.

Plus any ideas as to how to make the wind screen for him (material & how to fit it) cheers

Thread: Where to get Good RX switches from?
28/07/2019 07:02:31

I have used this from 4-Max


or HK do a dual supply version, only problem is which warehouse it comes from (import tax adds a lump).

Others are available but seem more expensive...until your model goes into failsafe and you collect it with a bin liner crying

Little or no soldering required!

PS - If you are running petrol or more complicated setup, George at 4-Max can give phone advice of other products in his range.

Thread: Do you have one this big!
27/07/2019 06:57:17

Only 91Kg/cm...might have to go in one of your smaller models....crying


But which one?

Edited By Chris Walby on 27/07/2019 06:58:04

Thread: Differential thrust mix.
26/07/2019 08:10:44

I used a Y lead on my Laser Dual Ace as I could easily get to the throttle clevis, works a treat

I tried and ended up with a few mixes to get my Seagull Laser Mosquito working (no differential, just to use different servo end points and throttle hold etc) And very nearly buried it in the ground as I had not realised that in all of the mixes I had left a knob (pot) active that messed around with the port engine throttle curve! just because its difficult to access the servo/throttle linkage.

I tried throttle differential on a TN Ta154 as it had no rubber control and it worked after a lot of messing to get the throttle cut to work. Bad news for this model is that although it works in flight it produces a very un-scale like yaw/roll in flight so a bit pointless for a war bird.

If you have the time, memory and will then give it a go, but I am with Jon on keep it simple (Y lead). When things go pear shaped I don't have time to check the TX switches, remember what's selected, think of the best mode to put it in etc... I am just looking at the safest place to put the model.

PS I am guilty and I have seen plenty of other modellers incorrectly set their TX switches for take off al be it control surface rates or mixes they didn't want at that stage of flight.

Hope this helps

Thread: Seagull Hurricane Laser
21/07/2019 21:37:58

Well all I have to say is a massive thank you to Jon as I would have been using a bin liner by now!

It looks good and sounds great, seems to taxi and take off with no trouble. I had a very short stick wiggle and it flies very nice.

The problem is it seems to take no prisoners when landing.

No flaps and its quite quick and coupled with the mushing/delayed elevator ends in a resonating dolphin

Half flap, it seemed slower (no much) and on high rates on the elevator seemed ok, but still mushes and delay elevator response! No wonder Jon had his work cut out!

Full flap and it will fly slow, but the loss of elevator authority + a nasty pitch down if you try and add any power - almost impossible to do a go-around! and a fierce tip stall...

I am still using the OEM U/C and its very poor which might not be helping, plus I might reduce the full flap position (1/2 way between 1/2 and full).

We will just wait for a calmer day and test some more....

Edited By Chris Walby on 21/07/2019 22:08:01

Thread: Stockpiling
20/07/2019 22:07:05

How many of us are guilty (yes me as well) of having an engine that is not in a model? Just sitting in a draw waiting for the right plane.

Jon's point is spot on...If I was not hanging on to it, then he could have sold it to someone who was really was going to use it....

As for spare parts, if looked after what is the "major" service interval for a Laser engine...or don't I really need to know. wink

PS Can someone recommend an ARTF scale biplane that an 80 will fit nicely, I need to remove my guilt!

Thread: ESC only works when increasing the throttle very slowly
15/07/2019 09:30:03

....I had a twin that very occasionally one prop would kick back 1/4 turn and then pick up just like the other...only did it 1 in 10 times. Checked everything out and all looked okay so pressed on with the maiden.

Take off and all checks completed no problem so though I would try a fast medium low pass to finish off with so with 3 or so seconds at full power there was a short noise and the port motor stopped. Emergency dead stick landing and a lot of luck and it was okay !

Found under the manufactures heat shrink sleeving a very poorly soldered joint on the motor lead to ESC...Might be worth cutting all the manufactures sleeving off and inspection to double check (re apply post inspection!).

Failing that it could be something to do with the timing setting in the ESC

PS I have the same issue but no where near as bad with a ESC if I snap the throttle open (not yet sorted so interested what you find).

Thread: Seagull Hurricane Laser
14/07/2019 07:03:07

New U/C pins made and fitted + additional RX remote in air scoop/repositioned others so she is ready to go!

Jon, Tim,

Weather is looking ropy (S/E) at the moment, but do either of you have a preference as to flying field and time/day?

Thread: Wots Wot Deluxe Kit
13/07/2019 06:53:40

IMHO if getting into the building I would go for the Acrowot deluxe form Leeds model shop (4 left!)(other suppliers may have them!). Its less wings to build, less faff assembly at the field and more forgiving flight envelope than the Wotswot.

My ARTF Acrowot with a Laser 70 is an absolute cracker to fly in most weather conditions where the electric Wotswot (ARTF) is harder work (just when you don't need it - landing!).

The built up may come out a bit heavier so a Laser 80 might be better so worth posting a question on the Laser tread or give Jon at Laser Engines a call and he'll help out.

PS the Laser sounds nice and are known for their reliability which can be reassuring for the newer person to hobby.

Thread: Seagull Hurricane Laser
07/07/2019 06:37:34

I have a couple of U/C pins to make (nice to have a few spares!) and change the RX out for the one from the Mossie (known good RX) and I am ready to go.

No major commitments for the next 2 to 3 weeks so just need the right weather conditions and Jon's availability.

Just need a time and place wink

Edited By Chris Walby on 07/07/2019 07:18:46

06/07/2019 07:45:39

Maiden time!

Jon, myself and the Hurricane met up yesterday late afternoon and after a spot of TX setting adjustments we were ready. No mixes on control surfaces at this point, but three rates on separate switches.

The 180 sprung into life if minimum effort and I wheeled it to the end of the runway.

Roll out looked good with minimum swing and gentle climb out. Needed aileron elevator trim and she settled in to circuit. Jon performed the usual maiden tests and noted the pitch down effects of the gear and flaps. Landing approach looked uneventful until close to the ground where it ran out of elevator travel. Jon add some throttle but the hurricane was having none of it. Bounce and nose over with minor bend in an oleo pin.

Mixes were added to gear/elevator and flap/elevator, the tank topped up and off we went again.

Again the roll out and climb out look good, gear up causes it balloon up momentarily (no issue) and the gear down full flap stall test occurs after a lot of elevator mushing. Final stall phase results in typical abrupt roll/dive towards the ground.

Then on one of the turns Jon lost TX control (signified by the engine revs dropping to idle (I think it was luck the engine didn't stop as the plane was in a low level dive). With control regained Jon brought her around for an immediate landing (more pressure!).

Jon brought her in and she really slowed up (really surprised me), became very mushy on the elevator and landed (with minor nose over).

Summary, Sounds great, looks good and major flying improvements with Jon's trimming and setting changes. Just needs a few more tweaks on the mixes and perhaps less flap and the RX issue resolved.

Thanks to Jon...another Hurricane survived its maiden smiley

Thread: Chris Mass Build thread - Renaissance
02/07/2019 07:46:10

Any advice...

01/07/2019 22:08:02

Advice please as this covering thing is driving me a bit nuts! Watched the Solarfilm video and have had three more goes without success!


So looks like I need to add say three more ribs or should I just make a TE & LE block?

Or shall I just make the tip out of solid!

What's the best way of getting the old HK film glue off the balsa as everything is just getting too sticky!

PS am I right in covering the wing tip first and then the wing after that...

PPS and advice on the fuselage apart from bottom then sides and finish with top (as such)?

Thread: Seagull Mosquito weight
01/07/2019 08:02:37


Good to hear your investigations have been fruitful, should be no issue getting the air in as there will be plenty of prop wash.

Will the air not work its way out of the U/C "hole" or failing that a slot towards the TE of the wing?

I made a couple internal scoops for the Vulcan so as to keep the underside total flat and allow the air passing over the surface to help pull the air from within out. Works and does not spoil the look.

PS if the rads look nice and scale I might be tempted to fit them to minewink

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