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Thread: Warbird inboard and outboard flaps
20/02/2020 11:22:28


Version same as mine as in Ta 154 that's all, I don't know what wing profile he used or even if it came from the same original plans as the one's I found I found were for 70 inch.

A pair of Laser 70's, what a good idea....wink

20/02/2020 10:38:58

Thanks guys

Plan A

  • Keep model on a diet as much as possible
  • Set flaps to all work together
  • Set ailerons with a few mm reflex with flaps
  • Reduce the rates of the ailerons with the flaps down

Electric version mine, sort of


20/02/2020 05:09:50

Advice from the collective please.

I have a plan built 80 inch wingspan ic powered twin on the building board and due to complications have resulted in inboard and outboard flaps on servos either side of the nacelles.

So in comparison with a DH Mosquito of the same wingspan this has 30% wing area and quite a thin wing section so I don't think it will be to slow on arrival. I have see video of the same model, but electric and I can only say the landings were brisk with a violent tip stall (experience flyer and inboard flaps at 30 degrees).

So as I am spoilt for choice do I

  • All flaps follow the same 1/2 and full flap positions
  • Extend the inboard more that the outboard
  • Extend the outboard more that the inboard

Assuming full flap is 40 degrees or if its very quick on arrival more that that to add drag, but want to avoid the tip stall scenario - views?

My gut feeling is 20 degrees at 1/2 and 40 degrees at full test the stall at height then full flap landing with a good dose of power all the way in.

PS I'll do a build blog if a/ I get to finish it and b/ the Focke flies ok.

Thread: Seagull Hurricane Laser
13/02/2020 14:30:33

I have been called many things, but not that before. I'll try and focus on the hurricane, but the last 15ft is the most lively.

My money is on making heavier, its just a case of how much more lead will it need.

Someone mentioned that Seagull mostly use the same 33cc engine for there various models, so on that basis I wonder what their AUW weight is when they did all their testing?

Perhaps if they were up in the 20lb area they didn't have a problem?

11/02/2020 18:10:48

Ash, I'll let Jon comment on your suggestion, but from the sideline all appears to be okay until the air speed reduces. The elevator then becomes significantly less effective as it approaches landing speed to a point of being uncontrollable.

It has a thick wing section and Jon did a couple of (to me) very slow passes at height with flaps and gear down which leads me to believe it has a quite slow stall. The issue is it won't sit down until rolling very slowly.

The plan is once the weather improves to have another session in less windy conditions + have some additional ballast that can be added on the C of G. Perhaps less flap might help. We need to get inside the heads of Seagull as what they were thinking when they designed it.

PS My SG Mosquito Laser has a thick wing section, needs very little flap to land at quite a slow speed....common theme?

Thread: Eflite Maule M7
08/02/2020 07:15:34

I had a trainee who had a Kingfisher and after his A test I bought it for my wife to learn as I had long sold my Riot. I really rate it for both ends of the flight envelope as its a nice trainer and does most things although bunts are a challenge. The big wheels really come in to their own on the rough ground at the moment and leave it fully assembled in the car for a grab and go approach.

Shame you can't make a bag that includes the wings and fuselage to carry/store the model as it would take up less space (although less damage proof) than a box.

All the best with your flying and just make sure you dial a bit of down in the elevator as full flap produces significant pitch up...great fun for STOL take offs.

What TX/RX brand are you using?

Thread: Low voltage lipo, how to charge.
07/02/2020 14:46:49

Had a few over the years go below 10% and a couple that needed rescuing, done what has been suggested and all of them have never performed very well for very long.

IMHO the higher the discharge the more likely they are to fail on a rescue battery + I had one vent on me so in my book its not worth the risk. Bit of a gutter when its a 6S4500 pack with only a few flights and the flight time for the edf was 3m20s as it wasn't cheap.

Less of a problem with glow fuel as its universal to all of the engines I use never gets a chance to go off

Thread: What do you use as a building board
04/02/2020 16:08:30


IMHO and speaking from my limited experience

  • Copy the drawings and keep the original for reference
  • Use a plaster board sheet and plastic covering as by the end of the build the copies will be in lots of bits!+ Plaster board can be turned over and used again.
  • Use a bench or in my case a off cut kitchen worktop as its the only thing that won't twist/warp.
  • Don't use ply or MDF even with 4 x 2 bracing as it will probably twist or move (don't ask how I know)

I tried a building board recently for the fuselage and all seemed to go okay until I was lining up the wing and noticed there is a twist in the fuselage. Having said that I would use it again and just double check that nothing moved between stages.

Thread: Forum members' new models: Let's see them.
03/02/2020 18:54:32


Edited By Chris Walby on 03/02/2020 18:55:27

03/02/2020 18:54:25

Very nice and different, GeeW, Do you have the vital stats for it + please post your flight report once flown laugh

Thread: Medium vs Hard Balsa
03/02/2020 12:43:29

Plenty of advice here or you could contact Peter Miller (the designer) if you have still not obtained the desired answer. IMHO I think the design is quite accommodating to the various grades of balsa that can be supplied.

SWMBO has just built one and although the wing is quite open it seems very ridge with the wood pack supplied.

PS, worth a visit to SLEC to see Chris selecting your wood for its various requirements at lightning speed from their stock.

Thread: DB Hurricane paint and finish.
03/02/2020 07:50:59

Looking really good there Jon, just a few more rainy weekends and you'll be on to painting stage. smiley

Thread: Seagull Hurricane Laser
29/01/2020 18:21:42

Tim, its a Hyperion YAK 54 and came with a spare cowl for a very good price. Someone said it could be 10 years old, but its been well looked after. Flies so nice on 2/3 throttle with nice big loops, rolls and stall turns.

As for the rad I can see your point as mine is completely blanked off so it must add a lot of drag. I don't know if that would effect low speed handling though, but if I can find some suitable mesh I'll make it more airtex.

Not knocking yours in any way, but as you strengthened things up it might be a bit heavier than mine and there could be some irony if I have to add more weight.


If yours is not Laser powered I would work out the AUW, take Jon's advice about control throws and join the hurricane club.

29/01/2020 12:50:09

The Laser is alive and being put to good use for the winter.


The Hurricane is sitting in the garage ready for better weather and additional ballast option.

Thread: Delta Wing Side Thrust
27/01/2020 20:49:14

I have a foam Yeti (Zagi look alike) + just finished a Can Doo (Canard Delta) and both have no side thrust. Both are pushers and Ollie is a tractor (not fitted in the photo) again with no side thrust although he flies a bit "Ruff"


Thread: Custom wiring
27/01/2020 20:41:01

Battery balance connectors seemed like a suitable solution a few years back and I used them on a couple of installations, however an experienced club member mentioned having issues with this type of connector.

Since then I have experience a number of minor issues (poor and intermittent connections on various pins) to a point where I will no longer use them for any but lighting/non flight surface use.

IMHO the quality varies too much and for flight controls one poor connection will probably the models last.

PS 9 and 15 pin din connectors seem to work although very fiddly to solder and are low current rating.

Thread: Real Model Pilots great first experience
25/01/2020 22:27:01

Hi, Any photos of pre and post painting please?

Thread: Motor wires extending current requirements.
25/01/2020 06:49:33

Just make the new wires the same or slightly larger cross sectional area (size) than existing. Not an issues over a short distance.

My Vulcan pusher ones are a couple of foot long with no noticeable loss of performance .. still flies like a manhole cover!

PS I would solder and heat shrink all connections to reduce any connection issues.

Thread: The Whipitteer
24/01/2020 07:10:48

Hi Rich, Only just come across this build thread and have always had an interest in autogiros and mosquitos, but that's another story.

What would you recommend for the first time giro jockey (previous balsa and Depron bashing skills present) Whippet or Whipitter? I fly indoor, have A & B certs + IC and just finished a Can Doo for a bit of fun.

I note your servo and motor recommendations for the Whipitter is there the same for the Whippet? Plus are plans available? No problem if they are electronic as I can print/resize if necessary.

Looks a lot of fun...can I join in?

Thread: DB Hurricane paint and finish.
19/01/2020 18:19:59

Still following so don't stop posting as its always handy to look back on some threads to see how they progressed. I was recently looking at a 2013 thread which was really handy as it had the info I needed.

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