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Thread: Warbirds Replicas P51 Mustang
22/05/2020 11:49:38

White wall tyres on a warbird, well it does allow extensive artistic licence to be applied I suppose. Having said that there were a few captured aircraft with alternative colour schemes and markings.

Thread: Oleo's on larger models
21/05/2020 11:47:36

Hoping for good things from my Focke UC (RC car dampers) in it mock up display. The trailing link should reduce the bend back force.



I was not implying that there was any more energy, just the unrestrained whip effect once the wheel is released from the ground.

Thread: Laser Engines - Technical questions
21/05/2020 11:35:52

Like the idea there Tim...Nice and simple so less to go wrong and so off to the shed to find an ammeter!

Thread: Oleo's on larger models
21/05/2020 09:50:50

Someone mentioned to me that with wire only UC (even with the coiled loop) if you land hard and then bounce the compressed wire leg rebounds with the mass of the wheel, but has nothing to damp the action and its this energy that does the damage. Clearly if you just keep bending the UC back until it rips out of the mounting is the more short term effect, but wire legs (with or without a loop) can add to the bounce energy.

Oleo with rebound damping is the way to go...or a nice flat runway

Thread: Laser Engines - Technical questions
21/05/2020 07:52:41

Depends on the current/power rating of the flight box glow unit, if it can handle the current draw of two glow plugs at the same time then its possible to wire both glow plug connectors in parallel. Not too sure what happens to the current flow once the engine is running and if it would effect the other glow plug, but worth a try (as log as the flight box unit can handle the increased current.

The alternative is to run the glow plugs in series, but you would need to double the voltage of the flight box output which is possible, but you might find the running glow resistance drops which would then lower the current in the one you actually want to glow!

Details of your flight box controller and I an sure we can all assist?

PS - I don't have a flight box, but three glow sticks.....can normally get one to work !

Thread: What does Homer Simpson say?
21/05/2020 06:45:12

Sorry to hear about the damage to your WOT4 and you have unfortunately experienced the differences in manufacturers arm specifications.

Could be a tricky one to detect when swapping parts over and I was told (and can see the logic) of not forcing servo arms back and forth with your finger/thumb. The rational is that the servo motor is massively geared down and resists being forced to rotate so the gears can be damaged. I do wince when people get their model out and waggle the control surface forcing the servo back on forth.

Food for though as I collect all my spare servo arms in one big container! I think in future I'll keep them separate and marked up from which make/model servo they are spares for.

Hope the rebuild does not take too long and thanks for the information.

Thread: Map of RC UK suppliers
18/05/2020 05:54:10


Thanks for reminding me of its existence.

I can't see Rc model store, **LINK** No professional or commercial connection, just popped in a couple of times and bought stuff.


Thread: Forum members' new models: Let's see them.
17/05/2020 20:29:40

SWMBO's Ohmen maiden today.

Couple of clicks of down and rather lively roll had it gently flying around. Flies in a very stable manner with a very comfortable bleed off of speed for landing. Squeezed a loop and a couple of rolls with good predicable characteristics.


Thanks to Peter Miller for a design.

As the club is not noise testing I spent an hour or so getting my Extra Slim Twin engines set up. Nearly ready to go!


Edited By Chris Walby on 17/05/2020 20:31:11

Thread: Electric Vulcan setup help please!
17/05/2020 20:16:48

Hi, Can only speak for Spektrum which has a standard mix (two actually) for Elevron type models. So I just select that mode and the TX sorts out the elevator and aileron mix all in one go.

How big is the Vulcan and is it tractor, pusher or EDF?

I was given a very overweight Vulcan which is quite underpowered hence it takes a very powerful bungee to get it of the ground. Dave one of the club instructors flies it and it takes a lot of sky up because if you turn tight it just washes speed off, but it looks and flies super scale!


Mine has Elevrons and flaps, but Dave prefers to operate them all as Elverons .

If you can keep the weight down then it should be quite easy to fly.

Good luck and keep us all posted on your progress..

Thread: Wots Wot pilots electric power?
17/05/2020 14:21:18

Mine is

  • Battery 5S 3200 to 5000mAh (Rec), bought Dynamic 4500mAh 5S
  • Prop 13 x 6.5, tested & fitted 14 x 8.5 at 68A (85% of max)

IMHO make one of these...

ww battery plug.jpg

Simple and stops the battery falling out when doing a stall turn, don't ask how I know!

Thread: Best translucent wing covering
17/05/2020 06:24:07

Covering from Solarfilm, vey nice while its still available.

Bought and covered last month.


Edited By Chris Walby on 17/05/2020 06:24:43

Thread: The State of Play
16/05/2020 07:18:11

Graeme, I previously mentioned the Hornet, but like the Spitful/Spitfang I think they are too obscure as is evident with the P51 decision.

If I really want a Hornet I'll just have to make one off a set of plans and hope it doesn't fly like a dog. Part of the appeal of the WR designs are easy build (compared with just plans) and known nice flier.

I will live to regret my decision, but an electric warbird is not going to do it for me and I'll live in hope something Laser powered comes along. crying

Thread: The Lockdown Restrictions Have Been Relaxed. Who's Been Flying?
15/05/2020 20:48:12

Great weather so it was IC day for me.

6 flights with no major problems...apart from

  • Standing on the Dual Ace prop at home where the wing slammed into my shin and tore the aileron off + broke the servo horn - half hour and all fixed
  • Found a broken wire on the Dual Ace fuselage dual battery supply
  • Found the Acrowot tank bund screw was so loose it nearly fell out - tighten that up
  • Thought I had left the Dual Ace wing tube at home, until I found it in the car from last year


Thread: Laser Engines - Technical questions
15/05/2020 20:35:04

20200515_095542.jpgNew Laser fuel report from todays flying, no problems with social distancing as most of the time it was just me and then the single person turned up for a bit.


First up was the trusty 70 in the Acrowot, lovely combination of minimal weight and enough power. Minor problem with the tank bung, but after that started no trouble and warmed up. Once up to temperature WOT needed a tweak (1/4 turn in) and it was maxing out no problem. bottom end and tick over seemed a bit rough, but pick up was no issue. Had a nice flight and seems to pull and pick up very well. It was still a bit rough at the bottom end even at the end of the flight so next time out I'll have the cowl off and set everything back up. Minimal cleaning required smiley


Next up was the 180 Yak, fuelled and started no problem and was running just okay as was. Now this beast presents a problem to me as the engine is inverted, exhaust points slightly towards the main needle. I have to tie the tail to the bench, kneel under/to one side and adjust form there, I'll adjust things when I change the cowl for easier adjustments. Once warm it was adjusted with a small turn in the main needle. Taxied out and flew the usual routine of big aerobatics. I normally fly it half to 3/4 throttle, but today it seemed happy to do that or WOT for the nice big verticals and loops. Hardly any cleaning required

Last but not least as I ended up having 4 flights with the pair of 70's in the dual Ace. Start, warm up and adjustment of main needle only to both. Taxi out and a very clean pick up to 3/4 throttle for take of with a nice climb out. Took a couple of circuits to get my thumbs trimmed back in. Slow low passes, fast drop in passes, rolls and loops with not a hint of a problem, Bit of cleaning because the exhaust rubber deflectors had rotated to face the fuselage!


  • No problems just swap over fuel
  • Minor adjustment on the main if its set up correctly, if not it might benefit from a standard tune up
  • Tick over, pick up and WOT all seem very good and it might even rev out a bit higher or it could be because it seems a bit cleaner between 3/4 and WOT

Right that's me converted and I am actually looking forward to getting the Mossie out (pair of 70's) and seeing how that goes, I think with a bit more pull out of the Lasers it will really suit the more draggy airframe.

As ever, big thanks to Jon for all of his hard work in building, testing and putting up with my questions.




Edited By Chris Walby on 15/05/2020 20:39:35

Thread: The Lockdown Restrictions Have Been Relaxed. Who's Been Flying?
15/05/2020 06:16:01


Up at the same club as Dick, but don't have the luxury to be able to fly anytime so it was evening flying with one other.

Still as windy as before, but that didn't prevent one flight with an electric trainer and two with a old, tired OS powered Ripmax Nova 40. The Nova was loads and loads of fun on extra high rates despite the blustery conditions and I am really impressed at how well it coped with the conditions. Now engine testing is complete it is destined to go electric and we will see how trainees get on with it in the very distant future (too much other stuff on the building board).

Thread: Who is building what?
14/05/2020 21:16:11

I am still slogging my way through my Focke, helped the wife to build an Ohmen and built a Extra slim Twin to act as a distraction.

As a key worker lock down meant being more busy than normal so even less time to do anything else.

Good news SLEC contacted me today and said my kit should be posted out in a couple of weeks, that can go with the ARTF (oh no it isn't) and the electric twin build that has stalled. I said I was going to fit a rudder to the Vulcan which is just another job to do.

I think I'll jus go flying instead

Thread: Warbirds Replicas P51 Mustang
14/05/2020 13:22:07

Can someone suggest as to what I should do?


  1. Buy one
  2. Buy two and make a P82 (but it will be electric) and I already have a electric P38
  3. Hold out for a Laser powered option of something
  4. Hold out and make a twin Laser powered version

Please list options in you preferred order, thanks


Edited By Chris Walby on 14/05/2020 13:22:34

Thread: Flying over private land
14/05/2020 12:51:13

Not sure about models or quads, but helped out with a full size glider that "landed out" in a farmers field.

Firstly the pilot of said glider went to the farmer and informed him of the situation. He asked the farmer if he may recover the glider and raised the subject of suitable compensation for access for three vehicles and a very large trailer. At this point its worth noting that the farmer can refuse access however he becomes liable for any damage to the glider.

Hours later we turned up and dragged the glider out of the crop, removed the wings and put it all in the trailer and just before leaving as if by magic the farmer arrive to see us off. The pilot exchanged suitable compensation, I don't think it was a small amount of cash, but then again it was £150k worth of glider.

My point is if you are flying low then you could be seen as a nuisance without permission and if you land out you will be on a major back foot in trying to recover said model.

Best ask first for the reasons mentioned in the above posts.

Thread: The State of Play
12/05/2020 19:15:28

I still maintain if Richard picked a subject that he wanted to build and then posted a "who wants one of these?" with a deposit, then after a couple of weeks it would be a go or no go to proceed.

The understanding is that its likely to be a short run and most likely one off so if you want something for the stock shelf or build then its likely to be your only chance.

I sort of missed making the point with motion rc, the effort they have gone to make a F82 and realistically how many are they going to sell world wide to recover their development and manufacturing costs, yet its an obscure subject (didn't see anyone else vote for it!).

The best thing is to keep the boys busy or they will only get into more trouble and you can only bale them out so many times. wink

12/05/2020 07:56:50

Also from motion RC is the F82...built in 6 hours (really), but no mention of IC, the industry is going electric in a big way. Although 4S5000 packs are not that expensive so still in the affordable category.

Back to the question

1 - P-51B, well I could be tempted

2 - B17, big multi electric do nothing for me

3 - B-P Defiant, sorry, does absolutely nothing for me

My problem is that Motion RC are hitting the target, bought a P38 last year, heavy + runs on a one 4S5000 and flies really scale...but no sound! For quality and features are top notch in my book and RC Motion support very good.

I am in a minority within the model fraternity as I like IC and twins at that, but look around the flying filed..not much IC about. Far east manufactures are producing electric models with the option for ic or like motion RC no ic option.

Richard who is your target audience? ARTF flyer who fancies a home build that they can personalise, but quite quick from start to finish, oh and a real nice flyer. If that's the case the P51 or B-P Defiant are the logical choices.

I still think opening a "show your interest with a deposit" is the way to go for the less mainstream kit...not like you will do a runner with our deposits and send a postcard from a South American tax haven.

Sorry not much help from me.

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