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Thread: Quad ESC for 4 engined plane.
29/04/2020 06:48:24

I am all for keeping things simple as its generally more reliable (less links in the chain) although in this case (with 4 props) I would go for two pairs (both inners and both outers) as a balance between complexity vs reliability. If such items are not available then I would go for 4 ESC's

More of a consideration is where the ESC's are for cooling and complexity of wiring (overall weight of the model). I assume that a quad ESC will roughly produce the same heat as four individual ESC's, but in one concentrated place.

I think most quads that suffer single motor failure result in catastrophic loss of control, yet the owners accept the risk with £40k worth of camera on board. Having said that I have seen a video (on AI and self learning systems) where the presenter cut multiple blades off a quad and how it adapted in flight (lots of spinning, but still controlled!).

IMO BEC's are a separate consideration based on type of U/C used, number and type of servos and weight constraints of additional batteries + C of G consideration.

Thread: Good day to all
27/04/2020 20:47:01


I built a Can Doo for my better half to practice covering prior to her finishing her Ohmen as that has curves and open sections!

The Can Doo is a nice easy build, just make the fuselage large enough for your chosen battery (3S220 in my case) and if you want any further info just ask.

It flies very nicely once tamed although I would advocate being able to fly a trainer well before taking it on!


PS - I ended up with a prop saver after repeatedly bending and breaking the motor mount!

Thread: plastic sheet to cover plan?
26/04/2020 06:12:24

Solarfilm gone?

Strange the web site was working a few days ago, placed and order Phoned and added some solartrim and it turned up a couple of days later. Great service in my book, only problem is if they are out of stock..they are out of stock, but at least you know where you stand. wink

Thread: Scratch Build Twin
23/04/2020 10:26:46

IMO the batteries should be retained with Velcro straps, then the cover can be held on with magnets. If you don't want to rely on just magnets then a dowel/hole at one end is an option.

I like the idea Seagull use with a canopy - it drops inside the cowl then slides back with hooks and a magnet, extremely unlikely to jump off the magnet, overcome wind resistance and pop out, but needs no tools for easy access

Thread: Warning X8R RX - do not use with CDI on IC powered 'planes
21/04/2020 19:26:56

Stephen, IMHO the right decision. I don't know where you would stand from a legal position if you knowingly continued to operate a model with the knowledge that the RX could lock up. If you had a serious accident the insurer may take the view that you were partly or wholly responsible.

The view is normally as far as reasonably practicable and saying it passed it range check and fail safe, but you knew that there was a known issue would be a very uncomfortable justification in my book.

Thread: Source of connectors, 5 & 8 pin.
21/04/2020 15:19:22

IMHO and only from my experience I don't think the current carrying capacity of the D type connectors are suitable for servos. The wires are quite fiddley to solder on to the pins + if one wire was to come off it could take multiple servos down or brown the RX out - best fix I have see is to seal them with resin.

I though balance leads were a good alternative to the above and a club mentioned they had had problems, anyway I continued to use them for a few months in various models until I found one plug/socket combination that was intermittent power supply to the RX.

Best use MPX or similar, don't forget you can always use a male and female on each wing with a couple of coloured heat shrink bands to denote port/starboard.

Thread: Focke Wolf Ta 154 Laser
21/04/2020 06:37:21

With the upper wing sheeted I could not resist a spot of dry fitting just to see how things will look.


And the pilot and radar operator checking their rather empty office.




Edited By Chris Walby on 21/04/2020 06:40:41

Thread: Poorly OS40 repair
20/04/2020 19:14:00

Nice one Jon, overall the posts have been very interesting.

Thread: Extra Slim Twin
20/04/2020 16:34:33

Hi, Would be interested in knowing what the rational of dropping one of the other functions and having differential on the ailerons would be?

Plus what would you be doing with ailerons on different channels in the way of flight modes? Cheers

I did consider only one elevator servo, but the elevator is quite flexible so went for two and a flap servo in the middle.

20/04/2020 15:53:11

Wiring diagram as promised although there might be another mix or two in there to get my TX to do what I want

On with the hinges...

extra slim twin wiring diagram.jpg

20/04/2020 09:24:27


Looked even more fun that the Cougar and that was massive excitement every time I flew it. I just mentioned to a fellow cub member (who I had bought a spare wing off) that at some point I would sell it and after he bin linered his and ask if it was available so I sold him the complete model - engine for £5 (what he charged me for the wing).

When I saw Martin fly his I (EST) and thought wow that looks heaps of fun + I just love twins so win win!

Yes it has a spruce/balsa laminated spare front to back + the front to TE is a sandwich of ply and balsa, with balsa sheet from TE to tail

Are yes the central flap.

The original has the flap connected to the elevator servos and works in the reverse direction.

Discussions with Martin (who put almost every servo on its own RX channel) seemed a bit over the top....until I realised that half the servos are effectively reverse acting so by the time I had fitted reversers and found out some were not linear (e.g. elevator has 2 servos on one elevator) its was just easier to the same as Martin and mix it in the TX. I am sure Martin won't say I told you so, just smile that it took me that long to learn for myself (thanks Martin).

Martin also has some other mixes in for engine starting, STOL and rudder to throttle which I can't get my head around yet, but I have time later for that.


Edited By Chris Walby on 20/04/2020 09:35:34

19/04/2020 07:28:26

I have not tried translucent coverings before and unfortunately a couple of my weight blocks left marks on the balsa I can't rub out. I am more a function over form so I'll have to dig the other non runner OS LA 46 and see how that goes once was are out of lockdown.


I'll post regarding the wiring as I went around in circles and ended up where I started, but that's the way it goes sometimes.

19/04/2020 07:17:14

Having seen Martin's EST and been given a very tired Cougar with a OS LA46 that I thought might convert to electric at some point if the covering didn't fall off first. Alas with the oil contamination of the balsa it was not going to be easy

A quick discussion with Jon (non Laser related) on the do as little as possible with the engine resulted in the engine running well (thanks Jon). What can I say about the flight envelope apart form very nice and totally forgiving and with Dave's cross the rudder wires for that instant flick roll cheeky

All prior to the current situation Martin kindly loaned me his drawings and SLEC cut main rib and fuselage ply parts and them blow me a complete kit turned up on the BMFA classified.

Drawings are good and instructions are so so, but how difficult can it be.






Thread: Focke Wolf Ta 154 Laser
18/04/2020 22:36:26

Now where was I, oh yes nacelles and engines. Well after the self induced cock up with using the spare 80 only to find out almost every dimension was different to a 70 and Jon coming to the rescue with a dummy one for me. It was full speed (at a snails pace) with assembling the laser cut parts.

Its worth mentioning that the original was intended to have twin .40 2 strokes so increasing the wingspan to 80 inch and putting a couple of Laser 70's seemed like a good idea. The design used two beach bearers to support the vertically mounted engines and form the platform for the U/C and I thought it was the best way forwards to be retained. The bearers would finish in the ply bulkheads that the standard nylon engine mounts I use for my engines.

This gave me the flexibility to rotate the engine until the right tank to carb height was achieved. Just as well and mock up had the engine inverted, but once everything was in place side mounted was best.


The other advantage is that the beach bearers locate the two ply bulkheads that bolt to the wing. Wing and nacelles assembled separately and fitted together at a later date which I though was a great idea as it allowed be to get the washout and dihedral right without the nacelles getting in the way.

Been a bit demotivated with this recently as it seems to absorb hours for little visual gain, but now I have made progress with the EST I'll get back on this.

Thread: Forum members' new models: Let's see them.
17/04/2020 12:20:30

Very nice job Robert especially the instruments

PS - Don't tell your name (or OP0) Pike laugh

Thread: Anyone still using a balsa stripper?
17/04/2020 12:16:42

Another SLEC user.

If you don't have one it makes life way more difficult.

Thread: What Traders are still offering Mail Order? Services?
16/04/2020 12:57:59

Ordered from 4Max goods dispatched, but seems delayed within Parcel Force system

Phone ordered from Inwoods yesterday and they said they were busy + suppliers still shipping to them so no stock issues at this time.

Thread: Mounting servos between ribs
13/04/2020 08:15:19

Thanks for the link Cymaz.

I have heard the SLEC plastic ones can be a bit problematic getting the covering to adhere + it will look pants as the covering is translucent. Inwoods do ply ones of various sizes, but I don't have any that will fit the servos I have!

Having sleep on it and with Martin's photo of the same kit I know what the original design intent was.

I'll make some thin ply covers, then mount the servo on its bearers (the opposite way I would normally do it, but at least it gives the covering something to stick to.



Hope this makes sense and thanks again to everyone

Better press on only 7 to do!

PS - If I don't use the suggestions please bear in mind I'll no doubt be using the suggestions on other models

Thread: Focke Wolf Ta 154 Laser
13/04/2020 06:55:02

With a early morning drive up to SLEC, friendly chat with the office staff and then around to see Chris for the wood pack and drawings. While there I though a few other bits and tools would be in order and then back home - via Inwoods. (time to talk pilots).

Well I must say the dry fit of the wing with the additional removable sections was a real pleasure after a bit of giggling with the wing tube (my doing).


Next time

Nacelles and fuselage

okay quick taster...


Edited By Chris Walby on 13/04/2020 07:04:39

Thread: Mounting servos between ribs
12/04/2020 22:05:43

Thanks to all who have offered advice, much appreciated and I'll sleep on it.

The rib pitch is too small to get the servo in on its side + Martin enlighten me as to what the original design intended (vertical and stuck to the side of the thick rib, cover on top).

I might make a cover plate with a hole and see if gets the servo spindle to protrude far enough, if not a long arm on the servo and side mount it (the down side is if the servo needs to be changed I'll end up recovering most of the wing (bearing in mind it will be translucent film).

Well at least it stops me having to deal with the Focke.

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