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Thread: Best Heating Option For Your Hobby Shed
23/09/2019 21:44:33


Edited By Chris Walby on 23/09/2019 21:47:36

Thread: Thank You SLEC great service!
21/09/2019 07:20:12

I would like to relate my recent experiences with sorting out a wood pack, canopy and materials.

  • Email correspondence was excellent with fast and knowledgeable replies
  • Very useful discussions with Chris regarding drawings, rescaling and wood selection
  • Having never made a canopy plug, supply of wood, advice and phone help. Finishing touches by Roy

Its worth the hour and twenty minute drive to see them and get things sorted. For example my canopy plug was dropped off last Friday, the first canopy for approval arrived Monday. A couple of additions by me and the finished article arrived on Thursday. Wow

And Inwoods is on the way back...

Thread: Ageing lipos!
18/09/2019 16:27:13

I pensioned off an old and slightly puffy lipo for starter duty, only problem was when I came to recharge it (not balance, but C1) the lipo puffed up and then vented!

I would be inclined to dispose of them at end of life and be very careful of using and especially recharging lipos that no longer perform well.

Thread: Repair of a Hanger 9 P-51 Mustang.
17/09/2019 07:07:23


Please keep posting as this sort of thing is always helpful to others that don't nail that landing every time...or hardly ever!

Thread: Laser Appreciation Society
09/09/2019 08:53:07

Club open day yesterday, wing was bumpy in the morning, but ended up dead still late afternoon.

Three flights with the Acrowot & Dual Ace and one with the Mosquito, all Laser 70 and not a beat missed.

5 lasers.jpg

PS apologies for the electric A10 for sneaking into the photo!

Thread: Thinking aloud about Spits...
08/09/2019 07:47:31

Slightly off topic to the Spit, but I think its relevant. IMHO There are manufacturers that produce smallish foam park flying models that have wing profiles designed to be very well behaved and not exhibit the normal tendencies.

These are great models as it allows people with less experience to fly them more than once and move on from the "trainer". The problem is that as Martin has pointed out if you revert to poor landing technique with a less forgiving version it will bit hard.

Its a bit like the driving test, so much of learning is geared towards passing the test. Once you pass your test then the learning really begins. My advise is to fly as many different models as you can (+ different manufactures) some will fly well and some not, but you will be learning all the time.

Sometimes the challenge of flying a poorer behaved model is more rewarding than one that is very long as its not in the repair shop after every landing! I do have one current model that is proving very tricky and just wish we could crack the landing set up.

Did exactly as Martin described with a model which I can no longer obtain spare wings, so I contacted a chap that could make wings and he asked which wing profile I wanted as he had 5 different variants (from different designers) for the same aircraft type.

Thread: YT International anyone had recent experiance
08/09/2019 07:12:23

Thanks guys and response from YT plus the Bigplanes web site looks very nice.....too nice, but not quite what I wanted.

Dear Customer,

YT International is no longer trading due to the current climate, we are now solely concentrating on our pilot business,

My apologies for any inconvenience, we are having problems removing the YT website at the moment so will take it down as soon as possible. If you require any model spares then you contact the factory directly, talk to Herlin at

Kind Regards,


Thread: Low pass Petes Mass Build thread - Renaissance
07/09/2019 20:24:15


Looks really good and glad you have finished it off in time for next week.

If it flies anything like mine and I am sure it will be as its better built you will be impressed.

PS - at least your pilot isn't looking as ruff-alo as mine!

Thread: YT International anyone had recent experiance
07/09/2019 20:15:05

Are they still supplying kits?

what's the build and flying qualities like?

Thanks in advance.

Thread: Best/Safe practice or wiring electricmotor - ESC- On off switch - Reciever
05/09/2019 14:52:06

Best and most safe way is to never be in front of a live prop/electric motor/ESC

I have been pulled (and rightly so) by our safety officer for plugging a battery in through the prop arc.

I have used throttle cut and there are mechanical means available (plugs in battery/motor wires), but IMHO a good safe working practice is less likely to be skipped/forgotten about.

I have a number of models that have quirky start up methods (RX powered first, ESC's second etc) and thinking about it if I am not in a position to get hurt then its the best mitigation, rather than hoping this plug is in/out or that switch is off/on.

Just my view, others will have there's which are equally valid.

Thread: Laser Appreciation Society
27/08/2019 14:54:09

Thanks Jon,

I'll let him know about the tank and pitot tube. plus I'll introduce him to the rates switch.....his last model had high rates and no much fun I had with that "Extra" I would rather not repeat!

PS the CofG is just behind the LE...might need some lead as well wink

27/08/2019 12:59:00


A club member presented his model for a test run (with a Laser 90 in it) and after a little tinkering (not me!) it started and ran up for the first time in about 4 years. It sits inverted in the model with a full cowl, but with a fair amount of ventilation.

Couple of questions?

  • Had a quick look on the web site but could not find the recommended prop for a 90, would the 80 recommendations be close enough (we were getting just short or 9k on the prop we had)
  • Should the tank vent be left loose to dangle vertically down or better to fit on to a forward facing "pitot" tube?
  • I noticed fuel dripping from the main needle once stopped, does the owner need to obtain some o rings or is there another fix. I didn't fancy taking the cowl off in yesterdays 30+ heat too look at the carb
  • A bit late now, but Is there anything else we need to check before committing to aviation?

Thanks for your time

Thread: Forum members' new models: Let's see them.
23/08/2019 21:41:13

In a moment of weakness I went a bit electric!

Anyway it turned up promptly from Motion RC EU including the heavy duty U/C which fitted a treat.


Maiden was a complete non event with loads of power to get off the deck, couple of clicks on right aileron and it felt very stable.

1/2 flaps and only used 1/2 of our short runway to land. Decals to finish

Summary, despite its war bird wing loading (funny that!) it flies well and landed no trouble, but might bite if allowed to run out of airspeed.

Well done Motion RC for the P38L Lightning

Thread: Twin ic throttle mixing
18/08/2019 17:04:42

....Depends what you want to do? And with what sort of model

With a Gen 1 you could mix the second throttle on to aux 1, then a couple of mixes on the flap switch (centre no effect, other positions throttles low).

Gain height (four mistakes high) and flick the switch, one engine will drop to idle and if you are quick with enough speed and rudder authority you should be able to hold it. If not it will spin...assuming both engines are running or you have enough height you might miss the ground.

Waste of a good model IMHO.

If you have a simulator set it up for random engine loss and see how you get on....

Only personal experience with three engine induced spins, one not recovered/write off, one more luck than anything and the other...mostly luck and a lot of height just pulled it off with a couple of good engines (I don't think I could have recovered it with one quit engine).

Having said that there are some good models that fly very well on one engine, perhaps practice with one of those?

18/08/2019 13:37:58

DX8 gen 1, I don't think so

DX8 gen 2, I would have thought so....and you intending on using for starting or flying?

Thread: How many mass build Renaissance
15/08/2019 14:21:05


Missed the post (bump) and yes I'll be there with Mr G-RUFF

Thread: Take off dolly for a Funfighter, anyone used one?
14/08/2019 06:02:07

I had an ME108 electric, with very fierce take off roll.

Best hand launched (under arm) with the throttle at 2/3 and the throttle cut employed. So model in left hand, thumb on right stick (elevator /aileron, mode 2) and finger on throttle cut switch. Advance throttle, flick switch and WAIT

Wait 2 or 3 seconds until the motor has stopped accelerating...then with a little swinging action and the wings at 30degrees roll to the right let go!

Did try a dolly (kit version with steering servo) but I am on Spektrum with model match so I have to keep rebinding between models (bit of a faff) and without the rudder (do fit a controlled rudder to the model) the massive P effect makes it very hard to launch + you are really low to the ground so easy to touch a wing tip and spin in...

Bungee if you have to, but that's a faff as hand launch it is normally easiest,,, and into wind makes a difference even on low wind days!

Hope that helps

Thread: Hospitalised, my own fault - but ?
10/08/2019 22:01:28

Colin, The sleeves look like a good idea especially in hot weather when wearing short sleeve shirts + with the ability to roll them down when not needed.

I think I'll order a set and see how I get on with them...although I seem to be running out of electric hand chuck models crying its leaning around (the model, not the prop) on the IC ones where its hard to see the prop tip that concerns 70 will hurt, but the 180 is not worth thinking about the damage it could cause.

As for neck straps, I leave mine off until the model is running and ready to go to the flight line, if its electric then throttle hold on and thumb over the throttle stick when carrying it out.

Thread: Methanol versus Petrol?
09/08/2019 21:19:41

In the big scheme of things the cost of glow fuel is very small compared with the cost of the model, necessary electrical bits (RX, servos etc) and time/effort.

I have had good quality expensive lipos fail in just a few flight risking the model and costing me money. The glow engine (4 stroke) is simple and reliable, follow the manufacturers advice they will probably out live me. And best of all they sound great (even to me when limited to 82dB).

I probably spend more on fuel getting to the flying field than I do flying IC all day.

In the past I raced off road methanol burning motorcycles which included travelling anywhere between Swindon, Midlands to East Anglia and by far the biggest fuel bill was getting there and back!

Electric has its place, but IMHO for a warbird it has to be a 4 stroke IC glow....

Thread: Hospitalised, my own fault - but ?
09/08/2019 20:58:09


Firstly get well soon and thanks for the reminder even though unfortunately it has caused you much pain.

Personally I think the sleeve idea has some merit and earlier in the year in the warmer weather I traded my sweatshirt for a T shirt. In starting one of the IC models I reached around a little too close to the rotting prop and it gave m a bit of a nick on my forearm (drew blood, but nothing like your accident). My lesson learnt was to avoid bare arms as the prop would have snagged of clothing of some sort + the always where possible walk around the model to take the glow lead off.

As for the HK Mig foame, I have one and its best launched underhand as it has more than enough power to climb away. I hold the model in my left hand, flick throttle hold on, advance throttle to full and then with neck strap to steady the TX hold the TX in my right. Then when ready with my thumb on the stick (Elv/Ail) flick the throttle hold switch off the finger. Just remembering to lift my left hand forward and up so the prop does not get a chance.

This suits the Mig as the centre fuselage is on the top as apposed to the flat underside with little to grip. Its a load of fun on high rate, but do tape the hinges as sooner or later one will part company!

Lastly if you would like my setting PM me as there is a knack to getting a clean launch

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