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Thread: DX6 problem
15/04/2020 22:07:38

Hi have a 4 year old DX6 recently replaced Li Ion battery. Its now decided to not power up, Logo flashes, LCD screen flashes has anyone had same problem?.... is it repairable or am i looking at a new transmitter.

Thread: hobbyking web site
26/06/2019 23:44:25

Any idea why i get the perpetual circle of orange death on the hobbyking web site?

Thread: Broken Rudder
13/02/2019 17:53:30

Thanks Geoff and Keith, Tape on order, does it bond well or would you suggest touch of glue


13/02/2019 16:27:24

Hi Guys ive managed to break the rudder off on my foamy Tundra.

What is the best way to repair, Ive tried tagging with glue but it is either too fragile or too well bonded and not free movement.


Thread: How hot is hot
01/02/2019 16:24:35

Hi Martin i of course ran prop without spinner and the vibration was the same .. thank you Peter i will look into you suggestion

01/02/2019 15:33:09

Thanks Geoff

I suspected the prop was unbalanced and i will invest in a watt meter, this is where aero models gets beyond the 'novice' and into a lot more 'stuff' !

01/02/2019 14:35:30

Thank you for your advice, Century also advised me to reduce prop to 10x6, which will reduce load on esc. I understand it will reduce power/thrust, I got a lot of vibration on this prop, i suspect its a not well made prop and is unbalanced. I guess you get what you pay for... i think i should maybe get more into prop balancing!!

I still ask if i can upgrade to a higher Amp esc so keep my lovely balanced prop and power should i ever need it

01/02/2019 13:06:31

Been flying couple of years and still consider myself as a novice. I have a 40A esc running on 4s battery with 11x5.5 prop. (Ruckus) they say it will run happily on 4s with either 11x5.5 or 10x6 prop. ( I only running 4s because i crashed the Riot XL and have 4s batteries spare)

I have not maiden flight yet, so running out of flight is proberbly not a true reflection on how hot or how much current the esc is drawing, as no true air flow for cooling. It does seem to get quite hot, cannot easily hold esc in hand after 5 mins at 50% throttle.

I guess the only thing is to see what esc is drawing in current... im not sure how to do this.

If i discover the esc is drawing close to 40A would changing to 50A esc be better?


Edited By David Soper on 01/02/2019 13:19:07

Thread: Phoenix 5.5
22/01/2019 23:28:13

Does anyone know why we getting Master Server not found ?

Thread: Ruckus
19/01/2019 16:16:16

Thanks all for help, your right why need 4s if it flies well enough on 3s

18/01/2019 19:22:43

Have just taken delivery of the Ruckus, bench testing it as one does, Intend to fly with 4s battery .. the ESC after a few mins running is really hot, that worries me!

Its branded as able to run on either 3 or 4 s battery, also strugging to work out how to fit battery, esc, rx and all the wires into such a small compartment

Thread: Sukhoi SU29MM
11/09/2018 16:19:19

None of this is helpfull lol.. Its a Horizon Hobby model, using spectrum radio DX6 and Rx AR636. Its a bind and fly so everything pre installed. The servos should not 'step' so something is amiss

10/09/2018 20:57:51

I have disconnected push rods so there is no load and they still seem to step, on all my other models servos are smooth, just cant work out why on this model they are not.

10/09/2018 20:48:53

The servos on my model are what i describe as 'stepping' not 100% proportional to stick movement, does anyone know why and what i can do about it?

Thread: E Flight Apprentice
11/08/2018 15:53:03

Thanks... That was my other option to ditch the Rx I will google Lemon Rx as ive not heard of them

11/08/2018 15:14:09

My E Flight Apprentice has served me well, Its a shame to abandon it, Ive maxed all the throws so I can just have a play around in the sky, If i bin it so be it.

Only thing that naffs me is the Gyros. They are constantly twitching. Is there a way of disabling them?. I know it is built into the E Flight Rx software

Dave Soper

Thread: WOT 4 Foam E
08/08/2018 22:45:59

Thank you Denis... I gave the model to our 'flight engineer' he builds gyro copters from his own plans, there is not much he does not know about flight controls lol... he just messaged me to say he has freed the elevator. I will only know what the issue was when i speak to him.

Always grateful for you advice


07/08/2018 23:07:16

I/We have noticed the the Elevator is very tight.. it struggles to return to center, i can see the tail trying to pull with the elevator. Have released control rod from servo, and pulling control rod by hand it does feel overly tight.

we only talking about 1 to 2 mill from off center but its making a difference.

Just wondered if ive done anything wrong

29/07/2018 15:55:20

Thanks Denis will ensure its set up to the manual

29/07/2018 15:04:58

I agree that they all are important, but ive flown with minimal rudder control, and a club member crashed and broke half his elevator off... i dared him to fly it again and he did and it flew ok lol, So i would rather have ailerons working correctly

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