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Thread: Warbird Replicas Spitfire LF mk IXc
11/02/2017 21:09:42

hope these shed a little 'light'



11/02/2017 21:01:24
Posted by gillyg1 on 11/02/2017 19:43:36:

Paul your a lucky man to be able to visit " the man" could you elaborate on your/ Richards panel lining technique, please. As it looks very authentic. Thankyou in advance Graham.

Hi Graham

I visited Richard and saw his Spit and mine had no panel lines and at first thought wow how do you do that? But he kindly explained and I also experimented and boy does it come to life for some really easy work, and yes it is easy!
if you fancy a go you only need 1 black permanent marker and a white gel pen. I got mine from Tesco's !
low tack Masking tape and matt black paint that's well watered down.
Get some spitfire drawings of the panel lines and copy first with the black marker then on the same side of each black line draw a white line on the lines running from nose to tail, on the sides I drew the white underneath, then a white line behind each of the vertical black lines and wow what a difference it makes.
for the weathering on the panels place low tack masking tape on the front edge of the panel and put a very little black watered down paint on the tape and with your finger brush it in the direction of the airflow.
I used a humbrol oil stain paint which is gloss so looks 'wet' too to give the impression of an oil leak.

It's not compulsory to try this but I did and am really pleased with the results.

be brave have a gosmiley

Thread: Kit builders, what would you like???
10/02/2017 16:07:12
Posted by Daren Graham - Cambria Funfighters on 10/02/2017 15:29:21:

Looks lovely, another way to achieve this effect very cheaply is to buy a carpenters pencil, strip back the wood and shave the graphite in to powder. Then get your finger dirty and with masking tape in place, gently wipe the dirty finger in the direction of airflow, away from the edge of the tape.

Nice one.

Come-on guys spill all the beans I got a 110 in the pipeline and this noob is ready to learn.

Just excuse me while I take another look at my handy work..... again wink

10/02/2017 12:48:37
Posted by Colin Leighfield on 10/02/2017 12:28:46:

I've never done anything as good as that. I have to think about this when I get started on mine!

Hi Colin

Trust me it is a lot easier than you think...... in fact I think that's why I keep looking at it as if I never thought I would ever achieve something like it.

10/02/2017 12:18:16
Posted by Pete H on 10/02/2017 11:30:29:
That looks great.
There is a lot of satisfaction from turning a pile of balsa and parts into a plane that looks good and flies well.


you are Sooo true.

Still can't stop grinning...... I did that smiley

10/02/2017 12:16:03
Posted by David P Williams on 10/02/2017 11:26:09:

That's great Paul. I'm just at the glass cloth covering stage with mine, hope I can finish it as well as yours.


I hope you try the panelling it's easier than you think!

(says me )

It just takes nerve to draw the first line....

After that you can always paint over any mistakes.

10/02/2017 11:08:31

Please and no purists telling me the underside camo paint doesn't match the environment...

10/02/2017 11:05:28

Hi Guys,

This is something new to me but I wanted to share it with all the people who have been following this thread but not committing to comment or feel that building a kit is for the magicians who hide in the garden shed... ( P.S. I'd Love a shed but I'm in a flat)

I have opted in on the 110 build. This will be my second, yes second balsa build.

I have just completed Richards Spitfire and with some head scratching and how the *&%% am I gonna do that have now a model which every time I walk past the 'hangar' stop to look and think... I built that.

I still am in awe that I actually did!

So I wanted to share my last finishing pictures to show that a Novice can build and can have a great looking model that isn't "plastic", suffers from touching any surface other than air,.... even that bends it cheeky.

With using a simple white gel pen and black permanent marker along with some masking tape and black paint thinned to a create a 'wash' what can be achieved by the beginner.

If I can do it I hope some who are reading but not 'had a go' yet will try.



The "oil" streaks is humbrol's oil stain and is a gloss so dry's shinny making it look wet.

the underside took me 1 week a couple of hrs an evening.

Be brave and have a go...!

Did I really just make that model????




Edited By Paul Johnson 4 on 10/02/2017 11:06:59

Thread: Warbird Replicas Spitfire LF mk IXc
08/02/2017 06:58:19

Followed by a little weathering...20170207_203945.jpg

06/02/2017 20:07:53

Hi Guys

Opinion's please..

After visiting Richard and getting his master class on panelling. Using black on light and white on dark I made a mistake and know make lots of mistakes... I accidently put white under black and the panels now come alive.

I use black first then on the horizontals put white underneath then behind on the verticals.

the results..



and after


Well I like it cheeky

Thread: Kit builders, what would you like???
03/02/2017 20:55:37

I don't know about lead the charge but I'll sure follow up the rear...cheeky

No rude comments either..!

24/01/2017 17:27:45

Mmm sorry my passports run out

24/01/2017 10:16:05
Posted by Daren Graham - Cambria Funfighters on 24/01/2017 South Wales sounds like a long way but Its only Cardiff way. Near the BWLCH I've done the sat nav thing and it's 3 hrs from Luton, That's just a nats longer than Weston park so easy really.

Long way!.....

That's on a different continent!

23/01/2017 20:56:55
Posted by RICHARD WILLS on 23/01/2017 20:48:45:

Cassandra ?

Wasn't that Rodney's girlfriend ?

Now.... when I was in the war.........!

23/01/2017 20:10:34

Darren ....... did you used to sell cars?

Leg pulling aside. I know what you mean Since my discovery of Richards models I have been enthusing about them to some of my club members and they always say... who? where?

Well I'm doing my best to promote as I would hate to see the end of good kits. especially as I am relatively new to the hobby and just discovered them.

23/01/2017 19:10:40

I think I know what the solution is..!

I realized it after visiting Richard..!

You just have to see his models to realize how good they are......

I mean due to that visit I signed up to a 110.

Sooooooo........ we just need to get all these prospective builders to.......

Visit Richard!!!

Problem solved devil

23/01/2017 07:03:46
Blimey that last round of discussions seems to have worn you all out......
Thread: Warbird Replicas Spitfire LF mk IXc
18/01/2017 20:57:57

Hi Adrian

Thanks not too long. Just getting the balance right. Had a weight machined to fit onto the prop and needs adjustment, more machining yet.

I spent Tuesday Morning at Richards for coffee and a chat.

Had a look at his prototype Spitfire and he gave me a lot of tips on finishing line detailing etc. A very clever guy.

He asked me to post on the battery cover as he was impressed on how well it held and fitted.

Had to post under those circumstances!

I will keep you informed when I do.

Needs to be soonish as I have been bewitched by the BF110 so I'm in the list for that release.

He told me of your delight with the JU88 so just had to jump on board.



17/01/2017 18:07:26

Hi Guys

rather than post twice here's a link to how I did my battery cover. I hope someone may find it useful.


Thread: Kit builders, what would you like???
17/01/2017 17:05:37

Well what an informative day... A BIG thanks to Richard for his time sharing his knowhow..... and coffee.

Looks like the BF110 count just went up by one!


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