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Thread: Mirus Build Blog
17/12/2017 17:09:26
Its a plane with great prescence howling through the sky. How did it go with that set up?
19/05/2017 18:59:11

Thanks Alan. Repairs are in progress and hopefully (if my mate pulls his finger out and gets on with repairing the tank) I should be back on the road in a few weeks. Sorting this out has stopped me finding some time to get the planes aloft; hopefully that will get back on track soon too.

The motor is an S&S 84" performance motor. Rare as hen's teeth.

19/05/2017 13:57:44

This is my build project before it slid down the road. Sorry, its blocking the shot of the Mirus, behind.

2015-05-09 17.34.16.jpg

19/05/2017 13:53:31

Heeeey Tony, a nice stable of machines you have there. That trident takes me back. mine had same tank colours, best colours IMO.

Thread: Forum members' new models: Let's see them.
19/05/2017 00:21:53

Wow Martin, that looks pretty cool. Is that the model in the free plan the other month (or is it this month)?

Retracts are a nice touch. How does it fly?

Thread: Mirus Build Blog
19/05/2017 00:17:46

Mark, I will i'm sure, but gently gently at first methinks, hee hee.

Tony, had one of those Tridents back in 79. A Hyde conversion. Nice. Love the Trident.

Not flown my Mirus yet as I'm busy sorting out damage to my custom bobber (Indian Larry Grease Monkey replica), after dumping it down the road on a left hander last month (on a test run after taking over two years to build it!!). But I'll get both of them flown within the next two weeks and will update this thread with how it goes.

18/05/2017 18:03:46

Hi Tony,

Thanks for your comments, much appreciated. I wasn't aware about optimum prop sizing to achieve 70% kv; I always assumed one chose a prop that allowed the motor to achieve 100% kv rpm or thereabouts, so the info is useful. Thanks. Out of interest why 70%? I would have thought this suggests the prop is oversize and likely to over-draw on amps. not so clearly.

I've read some guys with the same motor are running 11 x 6 props and bigger so maybe my 10 x 6 will rev too quickly. Might need to source a 10 x 7 or 8 to 'push' the motor.

But yeas, will check it out with my watt meter and tacho and see what I get.

18/05/2017 16:54:43

Might have a go tomorrow, as tides don't cover the beach at the moment.

Thread: Forum members' new models: Let's see them.
18/05/2017 16:52:25

Just finished my electric version Mirus build. hard to keep hold of the fuselage at half throttle. reckon it will go pretty quick.

Wing fits the IC fuselage in the background. not flown either yet. last photo is a pic of my Mirus 'squadron'. The older plane is 8 years old now, needs a recover.

petrol & ic complete 2.jpg

mirus squadron.jpg

Thread: Mirus Build Blog
18/05/2017 16:38:36

Hi Alan,

Just weighed it. It has come out at 2000g (4lb 6oz) dead, 400g more. The battery adds a lot of weight. Don't know enough about electric flight to know what capacity I can get away with for a 6-8 minute flight, especially given that you can only use 80% battery. The 5s 5000mah lipo is not far off 1.5lb!!

Some of the changes I made to the electric version added weight too, like adding 3mm ply for the fus bottom, with some small spruce strip around the battery hatch for strength during landings, given most of the bit that scrapes along the floor is hatch. Also there is a sizeable 3mm ply battery tray to carry the battery on bumpy landings, it being a brick.

Still, I was very surprised at the thrust it seems to generate, so it'll move fast enough to carry that extra weight; just wonder how fast its going to come in on landing. gulp.

18/05/2017 14:36:17

Hi Guys,

Well, been busy sorting out bikes and cars and stuff but eventually managed to find a bit of time to have a go at the electric version of the Mirus. I'm quite pleased with how it has come out, though i found myself making a number of changes to get it all sorted.

Below is the finished plane, alongside the fuselage of the IC Mirus I built in the blog. The wing is transferrable between fuselages, which might be good as it allows me to swap over to IC whilst the batteries for the electric version recharge. Well, thats the theory at least. Also put in a pic of my full squadron of mirus' too.

petrol & ic complete 2.jpg

mirus squadron.jpg

nose complete.jpg

batt hatch complete.jpg

I managed to get a couple of vents up front by the 'firewall' which means i'll get some good cooling air right alongside the motor body, hopefully. was intending not to have these as i thought they might look a bit naff sticking out of the side, but I thought the motor might get a bit warm, batting along on full chat. I was going to use one of those vented spinners but, from what I've read, evidence would suggest they have marginal if any real cooling ability. so vents it was. Stuck a tail vent in to allow the air out. Will let you know how it performs after testing.

Just need to check the CG now, before testing.  I calculated the battery position, offsetting for the loss of the IC engine, tank, throttle servo & RX battery, against the substitute gear (elctric motor, esc & battery).  The calcs placed the battery pretty much central to the desired CG so that will be beneficial should I opt for alternative battery makes, with different weights, as the battery is the chief factor in the calc, being 620g!!

If anyone wants any photos showing the main changes made, let me know and i'll post up pics. I was working from a revised version of the IC plan but found I still needed to tweek that here and there; will now update my plan to reflect the changes.

Setup as installed is the HK SK3 4240 740kv motor (which if I recall will give me 870watts on a 5s lipo), 60 amp HK Plush esc, 5s 5000mah Lipo. I'll see how it performs with a 10x6 APC-E prop up front (haven't put the watt meter on it yet to see what it draws static). Will say this though, I don't fly much electric, being an IC man, but boy when I nudged the stick to half throttle the plane nearly pulled my arm off! Am well impressed so far; reckon it'll be quick, though having the 5s 5000 battery is causing a weight gain I'd rather not have.

One thing I'd like to ask you electric buffs: I've read a few articles/threads on lipo discharging in flight and it seems I shouldn't discharge below 80% of battery capacity, i.e 4000mah. Is this correct? I've always believed that the esc's low voltage cut-off prevented over discharging, hence it cutting power to the motor before battery over-discharge. Is this not correct? If it is, them why do I need to worry if the esc will handle this aspect for me? As I say, I've not dabbled much into electric, the Cartoon Cutlass and my Gonzales being the only two electrics I've flown. help on this welcomed please.

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17/04/2017 20:31:28

No, don't race them, just sports/leisure riding. Been building a custom bobber and that's consumed a fair amount of my time, but it's finiahed now, so have time to get back to flying/building stuff.

I'd love to video the flight of the Mirus but I'm not really well up on this stuff. I don't have a video camera and certainly nothing with enough zoom capability to show the Mirus in any other form than a dot in the sky. Will do my best though, when the time comes

Thread: Irresponsible ' drone' retailers
17/04/2017 19:26:01

I agree re the 'carrying a camera' thinking. If it wasn't for the cameras I doubt the drones would appeal to many. I was quite surprised the other day when i popped into Currys/PCWorld, looking for a small digital camera and saw a row of drones from a small £70 drone right up to a DJI. And they were being sold simply as aerial cameras. I was pretty shocked that there appeared to be no warnings or information about the responsibility an owner must take on board regarding flying these things. It borders on the criminal inmmy opinion.

Thread: Why 3s or 4s, Lipo for a particular power output.
17/04/2017 19:11:08

Ha! Cheers for that info kc, I recall reading something but thought it was further back and couldn't find it. I'm going down the electric route with a Mirus I'm building and am not over-sure if my thinking / purchases is good. Might take a look at that Motocalc software too, but I'm not really that techno-minded so it will probs just go over my head.

Thread: Mirus Build Blog
17/04/2017 19:02:53

Hi Alan,


No, not had much opportunity yet with hols and sorting out motorcycles for this season. Also, tides and weather haven't been pulling together for me to get down to the beach to maiden it. Might get a chance in two weeks when we are on neaps.  TBH I expect it to fly pretty much as well as the Mirus I already have and fly, but we shall see.

Finished the re-work of the fuselage plan for the electric conversion so am going to get cracking with an electric fus this week hopefully. If my calcs are right the battery will end up centred right at the CG point which is perfect. Will put a pic or two up on the forum when i've completed it, which might be just as the neaps arrive, so could have both versions ready to maiden.

Edited By Mannyroad on 17/04/2017 19:04:37

Thread: Has something been changed on web site?
16/04/2017 11:11:16

Hi ,

For a few weeks now I've noticed that every time I try to Login to the web site I keep getting a warning come up on my computer suggesting that loggin in to this website is insecure and may expose me to threats. I've also found that I can no longer click on photos in threads to view them at an enlarged size.

Has some settings been changed on the site that are causing this, and if so, is there anything I can do at my endto correct it?

Thread: Mirus Build Blog
13/03/2017 21:28:04

Excellent, I'll get the motor and batteries ordered up. Once I get going it won't take long but I've a couple of bikes too that need some attention for the Spring, and all the dreaded house jobs sad

Yep, will post a couple of pics but to be honest, apart from a lump of ally not sticking out of the front it won't look any different because I'm using the same livery scheme so i can just swap the wing over. Looking forward to trying the electric version though as I've not flown much electric stuff at all.

13/03/2017 19:28:40

Thanks for your comments Tony. Are you suggesting that maybe I'm over-cooking it?

By the way, yes, I've built in 2 degrees of down and right thrust and that works very well on my older Mirus.

Thread: Fixing wheels to the undercarraige plate
12/03/2017 22:35:15

I would personally put the washer between the wheel and the nut adjacent to the wheel David, to stop the nut corners rubbing the wheel hub away. the roundness of the bolt head has less effect re wear.

Thread: Mirus Build Blog
12/03/2017 22:28:49

Only tweeks really. Kept the wing seating/retention the same.

Am hoping someone can help me with my electric setup query above. tweeked the plan for the HK Aerodrive motor and also did an option for the HK Donkey ST4010-820 too. But I need advice.

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