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Thread: Custom wiring
27/01/2020 14:06:48

David Ashby's review of the P 47 prompts me to ask, where's there a good supplier of custom wiring harnesses/looms, e.g. to connect three servos per wing via a single connector? I don't trust myself to diy via MaxLocs/Multiplex as the trial run of crimping pliers didn't go well.

Any leads welcome. As it were.


Thread: Thumbs Up For Probuild UK
22/01/2020 20:08:31

Are they still listing a mythical PB Bullet?


Thread: First generation acrowot tail fin
22/01/2020 20:07:23

Anyone said, clean off all glued surfaces with solvent last thing before gluing up? Particularly if I/c powered.


Thread: Capacity checker accuracy?
22/01/2020 19:59:50


I’m about 70% electric, 1 to 6S, but no electrician. These generic multi battery checkers are so useful that I have about 6 of them, one permanently in the cargo pocket when flying. I have heard stories of inaccuracy but have not knowingly seen it. Generally, when checking for charge, they agree with the charger, both depleted and fully charged.

iI have just checked a storage charged new 6S LiPo against a digital multimeter and they were within 5% of each other.

One of my meters is a considerably dearer version ... Hyperion? ... but I suspect it runs the identical circuit/chip to the £5 Ebay versions as it has an identical screen and gives identical readings.

Where does that leave us?


Thread: Greetings from Wokingham
21/01/2020 19:51:36

PS Hitec or Savox.

21/01/2020 19:51:04

Go for the new plastic Jeti if you can stretch to it. Rolls Royce radio, no black holes of Spe**um, full redundancy, not too bad for programming. Expensive receivers. Half the price of the hewn-from-solid-aluminium version, still the same innards as far as I can tell from Frank Skilbeck’s excellent review in this month’s mag.

Best single investment I have made. Wish I had skipped the budget entry “most of the club uses it” predecessor.


Thread: elecrtic retracts
21/01/2020 19:40:54

Simpler to cant the whole unit to the side slightly so the up clearance is improved, assuming that’s the plan? If locked out on down with minor canting, presumably the locked down would still be suitably aligned to track adequately.

Just a thought.


Thread: First generation acrowot tail fin
21/01/2020 19:35:02

Keep it light.


Thread: Just Curious
21/01/2020 19:33:42

Round us they’re flat out chasing quads of the 4 wheeled variety, handy for any farm with stock but, as a shooting pal in S Yorkshire told me, wouldn’t have one on his farm because the local scrotes would keep trying until they stole it. Last Sunday, returning from the strip, I passed half of N Yorks Sunday shift and a farmer retrieving a quad (bike) from the neighbouring village. 2 marked vans, couldn’t count the plods.

We get a text about once a week reporting another quad bike stolen, plus there was a milk tanker not long ago. Don’t even mention Defenders!


Thread: Hello from a warm South Africa
10/01/2020 13:12:00


Firstly, apologies for the lack of an acute accent on this I-Thing.

Secondly, welcome to the Forum. Usually, the geeks form a queue to compete with each other in providing alternative solutions and as an electronics tinkerer I expect they’ll make more sense to you than to me. I have a similar issue with 2 LiFe batteries which I want in a P47 needing noseweight and with three servos per wing so I’ll bookmark this thread in expectation of replies and, hopefully, an actual diagram of an installation which is explicable to one with no electronics knowledge whatsoever. I thought diodes were soppy poems for funerals until recently.


Thread: Max Thrust Riot - Upgrades
07/01/2020 20:46:45


George at 4 Max is a top guy for anything electric. Good reliable mid-market kit, rarely out of stock, prompt delivery, a very good source of advice on setups and an informative website. He has been my go-to since I returned 4 years ago. His peers, small UK retailers, are fully worthy of support in my view because we’ll miss them if they go.

Modelfixings, Laser, Phoenix, Component Shop, Jettstream, T9, Just Engines and of course my LMS, Modelshop Leeds. And Deluxe Materials for any sort of glue. And SLEC. Why do we go offshore?


Thread: 2k aerosol laquers
07/01/2020 20:34:15

I asked Andrew Hardman of Solarfilm this and he advised a coat of Clearcoat. He still had some late last year, via new website. It leaves a glossier finish which is easier to clean. I believe there may be a way to matt it off if desired.


Thread: Max Thrust Riot - Upgrades
06/01/2020 19:24:04


Yes, George’s LiPos are branded Purple Power and whilst undoubtedly dearer than stuff from Hobbyking etc, are priced similarly to the perceived higher quality items such as Tattu. I haven’t had a single dodgy one.

Peter, that makes complete sense. There was a strong rumour 30 years ago that nylon monofilament fishing line, besides only being made by a relatively small number of producers worldwide, was often deliberately labelled and sold with a lower breaking strain so that many users would regard it as strong. A micrometer gave the game away.


Thread: Tufcote / Furniglass
05/01/2020 15:37:37

Admonition accepted.


Thread: Max Thrust Riot - Upgrades
04/01/2020 22:16:32

Gone off Overlander, agree with Thomas, too many puffed up. Default is George’s from 4Max, not had a single puffy one yet despite similar stated capacities and usage as equivalent Overloader. I have a theory, 4Max are slightly larger like for like and I wonder if they are deliberately labelled a little conservatively.


Thread: Tufcote / Furniglass
04/01/2020 22:08:35


ACP. I had only one, a Para Ordnance Canadian version which had a high capacity mag, 12 if I recall correctly. Tightly built and accurate.

Do Harrison still make blanks in the UK? Never used one but a local specialist retailer had a whole series of fly rods built on them. Maybe not 6’ casting rods.

Nostalgia’s not what it was.


03/01/2020 21:03:17


Pacer comes in small quantities, down to 2 fl ozs and is well stocked in many model shops, and I think I’ve seen it in tackle shops too. Zap by another name.

Don has a point. If hypothetically you mixed a batch (using the Redding scales, I trust), used half of it either thinned (I use meths but now I’m circumspect) or heated a little to make it runnier, you could soak it into the wraps, let it go off which it will a little quicker having been warmed, fridge the other half, warm it to room temp and use it full strength as the gloss coat. Worth a try?

My scales are PACT. Had them for maybe 25 yrs plus. The first set arrived completely inert. I spoke to their customer services who said, what the hell has your postal service done to my scales? but replaced them without quibble. Back in my club level competitive days I was loading 300 .38 wadcutters a week and came to rely on them absolutely. I did check calibration quite regularly but found a Dillon 4 stage press to be very accurate even at a rate of knots. When the state took my pistols away (but we’re all much safer ...) and I started rifle shooting, I weighed every charge which was hardly a chore with the PACT scales.

Back to the thread, as it were, Z Poxy (Pacer) finishing resin would do it, I’m sure. I assume you use an electric rotating device whilst applying and drying? At the Hardy Bros factory 30 years ago, when rods were still made in Alnwick including the blanks, we saw racks of 30 odd rods being coated up on one large rotating rack.

Anyway, good luck with it.

And finally, on a trip to my son in Los Angeles, I had a .45 and 100 reloads and was hitting a half size pig silhouette at 45 yards, once I worked out how far off the sights were. The sand bed backstop helped. Like riding a bike ....


Thread: Epoxy
02/01/2020 20:58:35

Funny how different glues grab different modellers. I tend to work on the basis that with several hundred pounds in the air, I try to pay attention to weak links and, e.g. epoxy joining wings together is one such link. Ditto for tail surfaces, motor boxes et al.

Pacer does have a finite life after which it turns cloudy but it’s my default epoxy.

Mixing; several years ago I bought expensive digital scales direct from the US, for use in reloading rifle ammunition. I always weigh epoxy or any two part substance. It takes all the guesswork and a lot of the wastage out of mixing. I believe they are now available for a tenth of what I paid, although mine owe me not a penny. They may be mass produced copying the original Western technology of a small strain gauge and a circuit board, but if the £10 kitchen scales I bought for weighing models and components accurately are anything to go by, the omnipresent respecters of patents and copyright have succeeded once again.

My expensive ones came with three reference check weights for calibration which are probably now also knocked off in the Far East. My scales rarely need calibrating but I did check the kitchen scales, which are pretty accurate and thinking about it probably use the same technology.

Never had a bad mix yet. I used some Araldite for knife scales but didn’t see any gain compared with Pacer.

And finally, wasn’t there an excellent article or two in the mag by the proprietor of Deluxe Materials about a year ago? I remember one thing from it, he said that there’s about 10% leeway before epoxy won’t cure properly.


Thread: Tufcote / Furniglass
02/01/2020 20:34:07

Long time. Freudian slop?

02/01/2020 20:33:26


Have you tried epoxy resin at an appropriate viscosity? Good quality, e.g. Pacer, accurately mixed with cheapo digital scales and probably diluted a little using alcohol? I recalled that traditionally, guide whippings were two-coated anyway, a thinner coat for the mechanical fixing/soaking the thread, then a second coat for gloss/cosmetics. Long tome since I had to do one however.


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