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Thread: Mr 4Max
24/05/2019 13:31:16

and his LiPos are less puffy.


Thread: In The Newsagents ...
23/05/2019 14:39:41

Can't resist, although this seems like interrupting a long conversation between old friends.

Re anti-social media, the problem seems to me that it is becoming the domain of two groups of idiots; firstly the ones who put "stuff" out there, then secondly the bigger idiots who believe it.

As for staring at i-Screens, walking into lamp-posts, under buses etc, we might encourage it in accordance with Charles Darwin's principles.


Thread: Infinity 90 Build
20/05/2019 10:44:28


That's a great shame although I suspect you have escaped relatively lightly and best of luck with the parts. I never found Probuild to be very responsive, although as I recall observing, I didn't buy mine new from them in the first place. It will be very interesting to learn how you fare with the manufacturer.

It's a lovely plane and mine needs more power. Thinking hard about the laser 120. 140 mm it is.


Thread: CAA registration consulation
16/05/2019 13:11:03

Forgive me if anyone has made this point, but I don't have time to read 39 pages of this.

It occurred to me as I wrote to my MP to invite him flying. He's unlikely to accept, but the offer is there and if he did accept, we would orchestrate a meeting of highly responsible, trained, regulated and insured aeromodellers, a.k.a. BMFA members.


Thread: Infinity 90 Build
14/05/2019 09:42:28

Yes, saw that. Petrol 2 strokes; little girls; when good, v. v. good, when bad, awful etc. Somebody's 100 twin something ... begins with a D ... doesn't help, does it? ... Sunday, not quite on song, cowl off, much huffing, one head loose. An hour later it was back together.

I will gladly wait, as preliminary foray into the outside mancave last night did not clear enough footprint for the Valerie rig but did disturb a couple of arachnids whose footsteps were clearly audible and which might require the weed gun on full heat to evict; plus I suspect there's either Lord Lucan and Shergar, or a Japanese sniper, under the bench. And the weather is very flyable!

Do it when you can, I'll be grateful.


13/05/2019 18:26:19

For Pakistan International Airlines, am I reading “pig” correctly? Unnecessarily tight, isnt it?

been meaning to ask, have you settled on a c of g which is reliable? Measured from the root le would be very welcome. I’m halfway through making space for Veronica to do the Infinity and my big Yak.


13/05/2019 08:47:57

Interesting, good progress. Thanks for the update.

Mine is "stalled" pending A Certificate attempt in a fortnight, new oval tank fitted, c of g still to do. Flies really nicely but underpowered, toying with a Laser 120 after I've tinkered with props. Have a 155 but strongly suspect it won't fit.

Happy landings!


Thread: Fuel Soaked ply
10/05/2019 08:34:25

No, I believe laser cut edges need to be cleaned back to naked timber where glued. Wasn't aware that release agent, the waxy surface, needed the full solvent job, I always abrade it off as it kills both birds with one piece of wet and dry.


Thread: Paid-for flying lessons
08/05/2019 18:57:03

The answers are missing the point, apart from the venerable Miller P.

. I fell on my feet three ... or was it four? Years ago when I strolled up to Dales MFC with an Apprentice and a month later was buddied to an infinitely patient man called Nigel who refurbed a 90 high wing trainer of totally unknown origin and had me solo by the end of the first season. He and I have become really quite good friends as well as flying pals.

Dales’ successors in title, North Leeds, never turn anyone away as long as they can regulate the differential between ears and mouth. In my 2 (?) years there several beginners have arrived but equally, some have gone on and two in particular spring to mind, both had a lot of attention but just didn’t get it, both are flying elsewhere, both the tutors are close enough to me to admit that there were issues, both students would if pressed say that they had inadequate attention paid to them.

What lessons do we learn?

Never turn away any applicant or learner. Try to match the temperament of the tutor and student. Impress on the student that he or she will get further, faster by listening more and giving the tutor a bit of slack periodically to fly his own plane, uninterrupted. A club trainer is probably helpful but there’s another imposition on the club hierarchy, someone has to take custody of it and find room for it in the car unless it’s safe to store on site. Set some ground rules at the outset.

i strongly suspect the OP is in the wrong clubs but if any senior members of either recognise the points or people, I hope this gives food for thought.


Thread: CAA registration consulation
08/05/2019 13:52:43

Whilst it won't change anything in this debate, technically freeholders do own airspace, in the same way that in theory they own the soil down to the centre of the earth. Imagine a cone with the point at said centre.

Below ground, the ownership is constrained by numerous factors including seperation of the mineral rights and statutory provisions for, e.g., the Coal Authority but in principle if a third party excavates under your property, it's trespass.

So is aerial incursion, e.g. by crane jibs which are frequent bones of contention and oversailing licenses in cities often involve large sums of money. Your neighbour may not build over your land, even an overhanging eaves gutter is a technical trespass, but the ultimate and practical constraint is the Civil Aviation Acts whereby the CAA has sanction for aerial activity, although not for trees I suspect although at 400' they'd almost certainly be deemed to be a navigation hazard and thus brought back to the CAA.

The imaginary cone extends to wherever in the universe your philosophy/religion runs out of space, but it's a fat lot of good,as is the soil below say 25' unless there's oil or you live in the West End and can't live without a swimming pool, cinema, 10 car garage etc, all subterranean. Per Robbie Williams. Jimmy Page had a right good go at frustrating it, unsuccessfully.


Thread: Wots with chris foss?
07/05/2019 13:37:16

Did find an Acrowot ARTF on about the 58th page of Google in the nick of time for a significant birthday pressie (well strictly a clubmate found it) and it was probably the last one in the UK. Word was, Ripmax are expecting a container in the next few weeks but with no idea what's in it.

Whilst I and doubtless lots of us have had issues with Ripmax, we'd be worse off without them. Even a clean merger/takeover would be further disruptive.


Thread: Prostate Cancer
06/05/2019 13:16:45

Been flying this morning, manic dummy A Certificates being flown in anticipation of the formal testing early June. Chat on the pit line, a well advised 65-ish yr old reckons that advanced investigation now progresses fairly quickly to MRI rather than a biopsy, which I gather is quite unreliable and very painful. Bigger pain in the whatever than CAA over-regulation.

Interesting, pal of mine at a smaller hospital went a year ago and was biopsied. Seems a bit random. I suppose in theory this is an area where there is choice of hospital and therefore type of investigation but in practice, given long waiting times even for reasonably significant conditions (passim), you’d be brave to wait long for the preferred choice.

We've gone from, no we don’t recommend a blood test for PSA to let’s do an MRI in a flash.


Thread: Hex Drivers
02/05/2019 15:17:34

Spooky. Big Brother must now be hacking my Amazon thingy too. What popped onto my screen but an invitation to buy a set of the aforementioned Wera hex keys, £22 delivered tomorrow. Having already endorsed these so thoroughly I couldn't resist them. One will now be permanently in the flight box instead of always in the wrong place.


Thread: Exponential for beginners?
01/05/2019 20:33:22

As do some not-so-new cars; 911s of c. 2006 vintage had subtly exponential steering, also speed sensitive if I recall. The effects were like the expo on all my planes, very direct and light at slow speed, gradually but imperceptibly weighting up and becoming less sensitive at speed.

Actually the inverse of my tx....



Thread: Hex Drivers
01/05/2019 20:22:20

+ 1 for Wera. Like OP, I’ve found slight wear arising in the driver, ball ended type in smaller sizes and I suppose I’ll replace them, like for like. However Wera also do a set of more conventional L-shaped Allen keys with a ball end on the long leg and a hi-tec key on the short end, looks like a Torx but isn’t. They have been beyond price and come out for anything serious. You get the best of both worlds.

I also have some Bondhaus drivers and prefer Wera. Ditto for screwdrivers.


Thread: Warning X8R RX - do not use with CDI on IC powered 'planes
30/04/2019 21:49:47


I switched to Yeti when it occurred to me that in 3 years I had progressed from having £200-odd in the air to the thick end of a grand, Laser engine, £300 airframe, several Savox servos etc. We seem to have a “Black Hole” within range of our strip which has a particular appetite for a specific mass market Chinese radio, the one 95% of my club mates were using when I joined and which I naturally bought.

At the new club (strip lost, shirty farmer ... tautology) there were frame and fade issues, charted by a very old hand who understands these things. There are several jet jockeys, whose asset base when airborne dwarfs mine.

They all use Yeti. So does my tutor. So do I, now. It does seem very resilient against sensitive aerial location and orientation, unlike the aforementioned Chinese radio. My entirely novice, amateur theory is that this make is especially sensitive to signal loss where aerial installation is concerned. My Yak started life with a DLE 20 and four antennae, well spaced about the fus as far from the petrolly, sparky bits as possible, yet it had glitches from the off even quite close in, say 100-150 yds and my elders and betters moved the satellite aerial into the wing. It improved things although the DLE was practically impossible to get down to 82 dB and has been replaced.

it is a big investment. Deals are available. As I said to a colleague, it doesn’t make a better pilot but it engenders confidence and serious ownership pleasures. To be fair, we don’t seem to get issues with Futaba or Frisky although they are both in a small minority.

Yer pays yer money ....


30/04/2019 19:25:07


this is dreadful.

Dont take this the wrong way but you’d need an awful lot of Yeti rxs to cover the £2,000 you’re approaching and I am including the tx in that.


Thread: Prostate Cancer
29/04/2019 13:50:53

Martian, good luck with it. Change consultants, you don't need that sort of numb passiveness when you've got a condition like this.

Went back in this morning, another blood sample as despite everything I said they had evidently taken less than an armful (cf Hancock). PSA ok, but "these tests aren't really very helpful". Odd how most GPs seem to think they are. Have I missed the point; if you're free from other symptoms (see Flynavy above for clues) and have low PSA count, then it's unlikely that you have a defined problem? Vice versa, if you have raised PSA then regardless of symptoms they are on alert? Where therefore are the unhelpful aspects of routine blood tests?

GP friend once told me most men die with prostate cancer, few die of it.

Tests say I'm going to get a real lecture upon my lifestyle choices in a fortnight as my liver is threatening to emigrate and I'm borderline for the diabetes that's your own stupid fault. Reminds me of what they said at my last annual review, three years ago. Need a drink.

Prostrate problems ... don't take them lying down ...


Thread: Where's all the stock?
29/04/2019 13:30:28

Heron, good plane. 3 or 4 at my club.

Good ply, SLEC surely? Scroll right!


Thread: Prymol
26/04/2019 16:23:25

News. Andrew Hardman tells me he has Clearcoat and Balsaloc, can’t post Clearcoat, will be at Weston and hasn’t yet divulged the source of Prymol.


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