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Thread: System hook ups
12/09/2019 13:40:52


You're where I was 3 years ago. Lessons:

4 Max, excellent site and advice

Any EC connector is easier to solder than a Deans

LiPo discharge rates (C numbers) seem to be exaggerated, though not likely to trouble you with park fliers

switches; forget it, there does not seem to be anything weighing less than too much but Hobbyking have a harness for you to build an isolator which utilises a Deans plug to isolate the motor from the esc. Lots of references on this forum. Most of us rely on the basic safety parameters, plug the battery in on the strip not in the pits, treat any armed plane as though the engine is flat out. Disconnect before returning to pits. A bit of a pain.

Hope this helps. Good luck!


Thread: Hangar 9 Ultra Stik 10cc
04/09/2019 19:14:01

It would be misleading of me to claim expertise but it sounds like there’s a spark but no fuel. My two petrols, a Zenoah and a DLE, pulled fuel from miles back so the finger points at the carb and Chinese knock-off Walbros seem to be temperamental.

We have a decent lawnmower man nearby who supplies service kits for Walbros and will fit them too. Just a thought.


Thread: Broken servo arm screw
28/08/2019 13:23:42

Jrman is right, I believe all my assorted Savox and Hitecs have JIS heads, as have `lots of hardware on ARTFs. You can get away with Pozi in PHS and vice versa in the larger sizes but I'm far happier having acquired a set of 4 JIS. It's generally the second largest which fits servos, probably No.1, if I can visualise them I think they go 00,0,1 and 2.

ian Shaw/Modelfixings sells replacement servo arm screws which don't smell of Wensleydale.


Thread: What WOT 4 (ARTF electric)?
27/08/2019 14:40:03


If I'm guilty of not reading backwards to the start of the thread then please forgive me; I can only plead full-time (self) employment in mitigation. My dim recollection was a requirement for an all-round hack.

Never having had the smaller Wotty, but on my third ARTF with the 4th awaiting reaching the top of the must-do list, hopefully before the third needs the hangar again, having had 2.5 foam versions (Wot Frankensteins), my initial thought was that the standard size ARTF is a far better overall option than either the smaller one or the foamie. Whilst they all have an undoubted place, the foamies fly worse with age, each time the Foamtac has to be applied, and I can't see the smaller one handling autumn and winter weather and grass strips.

I think everyone has kits, as I believe Chris Foss wholesales those, not Ripmax. I thought a decent batch of ARTFs from Ripmax landed about two or three weeks ago and that MS Leeds still had some, allegedly with some discolouration to the outer box as a presumed result of sitting on some Far Eastern quayside for too long (didn't do the full size Mosquito any good either). Certainly Just Kits in Hull had one on their stand at Winterton a week ago and as they have minimal web presence it's probably still there.

George Worley at 4 Max will spec the entire powertrain but the largest of his LiPos I can squeeze in mine (Wotty that is) is 4.5A, whereas an Overlander 5A will fit but is less tolerant of full-chat hooning as my firm belief is that George's C ratings are deliberately cautious. Still does 7 minutes of semi hooning all the same.

On my second Acrowot, there's a gulf of difference between the two and I suspect the Bullet and the Ruckus are closer to the Acrowot. I try to summarise the difference as being three seconds; that's the difference between how long either needs a positive control input to avoid gravity, terra firma etc. Wotty far more tolerant, high wing.

Hope you come to the right decision. Of course if you have the time and skills, both of which are in short supply here, you can do much worse than build one of Cross Fish's kits with lots of scope for beefing up the u/c plate, adding gratuitous GRP skinning etc.

Do keep us posted!


27/08/2019 09:01:05


Can you really not find a Wot 4? Modelshop Leeds had them in about a fortnight ago.

ProBuild, PB Crescent Bullet, almost certainly not in stock. I ordered one online about 15m ago and the order was refunded. My understanding at the time was that it's a smallish classic patternship, some way removed from a Wot 4 or indeed a Ruckus/Riot from what I've seen of those.


24/08/2019 09:45:36

There are no ARTF Acrowots either. Apart from the one I bought from Just Kits at last weekends Winterton open day (flying the flag for the UKCAA). They had one at the shop and went back for it.

They had a Wot 4 too. Very nice helpful people, in Hull.


22/08/2019 07:30:31

The larger version will surely make the better hack as it will deal with breeze and indifferent ground conditions better, especially when the wheels are upgraded. Mine (third!) flies similarly to Geoff's, 4S and it is possible to smuggle a 5A LiPo in there.

Reinforce the u/c fixing plate, change the wing bolts to metric, think about extra ventilation holes upstream of the ESC, bin the plastic clevises, Dubro low-bounce wheels and find your own solution to the awful supplied elevator pushrod.

My go-to plane, the nerve and rust settler, don't think I'll ever be without one. They were in short supply although they were back in stock 2-3 weeks ago.

Report back!


Thread: 3 wired switch, etc....
21/08/2019 13:32:27


Then check the other horns too as they mage have become brittle. They're cheap enough.


Thread: CRRC 26cc - Plane suggestions
12/08/2019 10:39:40


Check out Gary Manuel's lengthy build notes under "The seagull has landed" which i found very helpful with mine, as you'll see if you trawl far enough. Mine is still a work in progress because its intended DLE 20 would not get below 82dB and still pull adequately. The replacement Saito 125 has gone off tune now I've eventually got the cowl on it = can't get at the low needle!

Tips: tank mounting; beware the forward wing bolts, tank may obstruct them; see my notes re Modelfixings hex head bolts and a short extension bar and UJ in the Proxxon set; forget about the alleged hard points for the cowl screws, use ply/hardwood blocks on the front of the firewall but cut the cowl for the silencer and carb first so you don't put them in the wrong place; read the c of g info carefully, c. 135mm backwards of the ROOT le is a consensus and NB Seagull's dimensions are at the TIP.

U/C on mine was very soft and has been replaced with Alpha Composites one piece.

Flies well once airborne! Good luck (with the noise) and keep us posted.


Thread: Methanol versus Petrol?
09/08/2019 08:26:09

Ditto that, DLE 20 almost impossible to get down to a genuine 82dB without strangling it. Saito 125 gone in.

Re the OP, to me this is a bit like eating tofu and driving a noddy car with a battery. When the Brazilians stop cutting down the rain forest, I'll think about it. The size of the carbon footprint caused by petrol model engines is a drop in the ocean. Also, methanol might be all of the green things alluded to, but I suspect nitromethane is far from it.


Thread: Hospitalised, my own fault - but ?
08/08/2019 19:42:21

Echoing Ken Anderson’s sage advice on location, check out the app called. What3words. Even I can use it. Location specific to 3sq m grid across the UK and allegedly built for the emergency services. Also useful for new visitors and slightly remote rural sites .. is there any other sort?


Thread: Silicon fuel tube rotting?
08/08/2019 08:42:14


Is it the pigment?

On a practical level, the PS has lots of clear and pale blue and I have to pass within half a mile of it tomorrow. Last orders?

Ty Trygon?


Thread: Hitec servo.
07/08/2019 20:49:58

Ian Shaw at Modelfixings will provide them, I’m certain. Excellent supplier.


Thread: programmable tx virgin !
01/08/2019 19:23:03

Varifocals with a polarised tint?


Thread: Carbon Copy
29/07/2019 21:04:38

The CLA Gamefair went that way. Twenty years ago its core was Fisherman’s and Gunmakers Rows and they were rammed. There were top end retailers and makers, high volume retailers, bargain and end of season stalls; the peripheral non-core vendors of rugs, wine patio sets etc were indeed at the peripheries (collectively referred to as the hand-knitted donkeys) and it was always a great place to spend cash.

Inexorably, possibly partly due to online throat-cutting, this core began to miss fairs. One is well known to me and he says that the margins are sufficiently tight and the stall rents sufficiently high to make most fairs a waste of time and money. At the time it seemed to me that the CLA were missing a trick by not offering a two tier rent structure. My contact agreed.

Anyway, it folded three odd years ago having lost money for the previous three years. It’s been floated again by another organisation but I dont know anyone from my fishing and shooting pals who’s been back.

When I started flying again three years ago we went to Weston and Elvington and the former in particular was a great opportunity for retail therapy. It would be a great shame if these shows go the same way. Long rows of big tents stuffed with boxes and bits are surely still a draw, especially in a climate where LMSs are in decline and some modellers don’t have realistic access to one (which is why I support mine wherever practical). Nor do I treat them as mutually exclusive as the show purchases tend to be either bargains or specialist.

show organisers, make your pitch prices sensible for genuine modelling suppliers.


Thread: Finding Models
29/07/2019 20:45:54

At my former clubs field, the topography was weird, with a lane then a river, both with an S bend just downwind and behind the pilot line. A large-ish model stalled some way out on finals, disappeared behind the trees bordering the river and was witnessed and marked by several of us.

it eventually turned up about a quarter of a mile further back and a good 3-400 yds to the side of the consensus opinion of where it went in.

Intrigued, and miffed at losing half a day’s flying, I got the OS copied and compared it with an aerial image. The final approach line was significantly different to our assumption, because the S bend threw out the line of sight on the ground when viewed from the strip. I learned two lessons.

First, if a model lands out, out of sight, a copy of the OS is very useful to at least get an accurate line.

Second, they’re always further away than you think. Unfortunately, I have tested and established the latter principle a couple of times recently.


Thread: Hello from Holmfirth
29/07/2019 20:18:51

Sundeala has some advocates, as do cork tiles. Plasterboard could get messy if there’s no suitable man cave though it’s undoubtedly the cheapest option.


Thread: Servo Torque guide - Sport Flying (electric)
29/07/2019 20:12:44


Was Steve D there for the post- mortem? He has a knack, often helpful, sometimes demoralising when he proves pilot error, of isolating the defective component, assuming there was one. I assume it was Dave B’s?


Thread: Where to get Good RX switches from?
29/07/2019 13:28:07

+ 1 for Cymaz. Lots at NLMFC. 3 second ones are falling out of favour. They are local to us.


Thread: Old Fuel
29/07/2019 11:53:47

Jon's latter reflects my recent experience with both a Laser 100 and a Saito 125, neither of which was happy with relatively fresh - 18m max? - Laser 5, but part used and when referenced against newer identical fuel it was noticeably darkened.

It killed some weeds.

Personally, with a gallon at £20 versus the sort of in-the-air cost of anything using a 100/125 up front, I won't risk it any more. UV appears to be unhelpful. Hypothetically, with a Saito or ASP, exhaust pressure could deposit something in the tank which then gets emptied back into the fuel bottle ... not with a Laser, no exhaust pressurisation ...just a thought.


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