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Thread: Good Service!
27/01/2021 19:51:07

Hyperflight. Ordered online, arrived next day.


Thread: Sign of the times - funnies
21/01/2021 19:52:05

So is “it’s nothing to do with the jeans “ not the correct answer then?

Thread: The pure joy of model flying
21/01/2021 13:29:52

JD 8, some days I still am, with some planes ....

Thread: If you ask ten different aeromodellers...
21/01/2021 13:20:37

Ditto what Chris W writes, adequate power, no ballast and can run on very low oil. Subject of course to what Jon says when he gets here.

Either way, you're spoilt for choice.


Thread: Seagull Chipmunk engine
21/01/2021 13:16:12

Glow ...Laser ...MSL couriered fuel ... Laser low oil mix ...; petrol; NOISE. No idea how much space there is in a Chippie cowl but my direct and observational experience of a 20cc petrol is that by the time you've got anywhere near 82dB, a decent glow 4 stroke wouldn't have cost much more. I remain to be convinced that you can lose the irritating "bark" from a 2 stroke petrol without either strangling it, or hanging a pound of cobbled together muffler from the outside of the plane. Smell.

Very frugal though.


Thread: The pure joy of model flying
20/01/2021 13:48:58

Opposite end of the scale, first power r/c landing, 4 yrs ago, Apprentice allowed to descend with minimal input, touched down about 100 yards upwind of the strip but it was the seminal moment, bitten again, but still happy every time anything lands straight and square on the strip.


Thread: Answer Smash
19/01/2021 19:44:45

There was said to have been a train crash caused by a Southerner creating a warning sign about wait while the light is red, misread by a Northerner!

In my youth, some of my elders and betters were wont to use the short “a” as in grass and bath, rhymes with gas, yet say plaster and master to rhyme with “rather”. Well not an exact rhyme but you get the drift. Being neither a Northerner nor a Southerner, I use the short a , especially in plastic and transport.

Language evolves, innit?

Thread: Sign of the times - funnies
19/01/2021 13:22:11

Blimey MH I'd forgotten that one!

You probably know the one to which the punchline is, "a hod's as good as a sink to a blind Norse"!


Thread: Flying with Spectacles
10/01/2021 19:49:59

A good independent optometrist is essential (my latter one, prior to retirement, did locum work for one of the big brand multiples) and careful fitting of the lens and frame combination is crucial. Function over style is likely to be more satisfactory. Mine have been absolutely fine for work, a computer screen, driving (where the lower section gives the instruments in focus) and flying, although I habitually wear amber over glasses to increase contrast and aid orientation in all but very bright light.

oddly, I tried grey and brown for sunlight but still find the amber best in 95% of conditions.

As well as the points made above re brain adjustment, I think what happens if you persist with varifocals is that you subconsciously position the head to optimise focus. I recall it feeling odd for a week then never noticed it again. The present wife couldn’t get on with them at all.

Remaldi Nightsight overglasses from The Optical Shop, Yeadon, Leeds ,0113 2391400, were £15-odd or two for £25-ish although I notice that my firm has a “to let” board nearby so not sure they’re still open. They’re known as Joe 90s but do afford some protection from side winds.

If they cost £300, as I recall my current varis did, they only need to save a long range episode of disorientation or numb thumbs and you’re probably in front.


Thread: Laser Engines - Technical questions
09/01/2021 11:31:03

Sorry haven’t checked which Thunderclap yours is but mine has the vent just protruding between the back of the cowl and the fus, facing forward for tank pressurisation, formed from brass tube. It has the additional advantage that when filling, I put a short length of silicone fuel tube over it and drain to the small Fuelspout priming bottle. As well as avoiding spilling fuel over the cowl, it accords with the Puritanical thrift principles of my adoptive county (God’s own).

The vent thereby faces straight into the propwash, although the Seagull version has a particularly good tank geometry if it is strapped under the major shelf immediately behind the firewall.


Thread: All things model flying except for raising a smile.
08/01/2021 13:49:05

As a forumite who recently suffered from the blue pen of the mods, I can write with some experience, if not authority.

Democracy, an expensive luxury, has spoken and I agree entirely with the reversal of the decision. Ken Anderson NE1 comedy open mike thread was always a favourite. All we need to do is make the mods' lives easier by keeping sane and sensible. In an ideal world they would be redundant, we would self-police it. The more we keep reasonable, the less censorship we will suffer.

Perhaps we could take our model (as it were) from certain "social media" sites, or as I think of and refer to them, anti-social. I avoid them like the plague as I have too many first-hand accounts of shaming, cancelling, trolling, archaeology and idiocy by people who suffer the disability of believing everything they think. Do the opposite. As my late senior partner used to instruct staff, never commit to print anything which you would prefer not to be read out by a High Court judge.

Only if the last vestiges of risque, double entendre, silly humour disappear will I kick off.

My crime? Thinly disguised expletives using asterixes, against which there is a condition, which I had not read, so mea culpa. i'm certainly not bailing out.


Thread: What's your favourite fuel proofer
01/01/2021 18:40:17

Apparently a little of it goes a long way so perhaps not as dear as it seems. MS Leeds also stock it.


01/01/2021 11:52:48


I'm no chemist but there seems to be a recurring pattern with anything other than two pack; it may well hold back low nitro glow fuel if cleaned off promptly, but is unlikely to resist higher nitro exhaust for long. There's quite a selection of spray lacquers in Halfords (I only know because the primers are usually hiding from me) and I've only used a gloss lacquer for balancing wooden props.

If a single pack acrylic did work, it would be excellent; nobody on the thread has flagged it, as far as I recall; if you try it, let us know.

My latest (Anderson's Rocket .. think Stevenson's with fewer wheels .. ) will have Oracolour two pack over white Halfords primer, if it ever warms up enough to spray in the garage.


Thread: Sign of the times - funnies
24/12/2020 19:29:04

Yes, glad you spotted it.

I bought a fancy German Christmas cake. It's disappeared.

Perhaps it was stol(l)en?


22/12/2020 20:00:50

Cricket news. The Indian Test team has been exempted from Corvid tests. Apparently they’re incapable of catching anything off a bat.


Thread: SKYPE.
22/12/2020 19:58:33

Can’t you find a 14 year old?
Did I read somewhere you’d been promoted to Obersturmannfuhrer Mod?


Thread: Article 16 Authorisation is here
16/12/2020 13:14:29

Well done to all involved. Having recently had the pleasure of having to engage with Government and then Homes England about flat cladding safety, I am full of admiration for anybody who can engage with this sort of bureaucracy for five years, let alone come away with a sensible outcome.


Thread: Drone completes first freight flight to Isles of Scilly
11/12/2020 20:16:03

Oops, so it has. Ta JD.

Thread: Good service Award
11/12/2020 13:53:07

The problem with RCW is that I find what I'm looking for, assuming the LMS hasn't got it, then something else winks, then the carriage trips in and I end up with loads of things which had never previously been must-haves or can't live withouts.


Thread: Drone completes first freight flight to Isles of Scilly
11/12/2020 13:37:47

30 miles on a 3.35A 4S? Don't think my Wot 4 would do that, even without a payload ... did they swap LiPos and if so how did the spare get there? Just saying ...

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