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Thread: Petrol or Glow?
17/09/2020 13:10:13

Personal experience; much more frugal, much cleaner. Nasty smell. Walbro carbs seem to come in two disparate versions; those which take and hold tune, and the others. Zenoahs fairly docile and not too loud but heavy. Slight extra complexity with ignition, kill switches and tank plumbing in an aerobat, to maintain air flow into the tank without emptying it. Tygon a bit dearer.

Observationally; I've watched clubmates spend far longer sorting petrols than glows, and whatever the noise meter says, even if you find a way of getting below 82dB it will still sound loud because they all seem to have a particular frequency which is intrusive.

I gave up with a DLE and put a Saito in.


Thread: Small self tappers
15/09/2020 13:45:56

Ian Shaw does say on his site that if it's not listed, ask. It does work. I needed a particularly obscure component and one of his wholesalers stocked it, so job done. As has been written on this forum before, one of the bedrock suppliers to modellers who deserves our support; a really good reason to see if he has it before supporting the PRC by buying from well-known international auction sites.


14/09/2020 13:39:51

Second that.


Thread: switching of main lipo battery
11/09/2020 22:08:09


i wasn’t doubting the veracity of what you wrote in any way. I don’t do electronics but remain bemused that nobody puts these together commercially, short of a Jeti.


11/09/2020 13:47:42


10/09/2020 13:52:09


If £15 buys a component which can switch hundreds of amps, can be controlled from a simple small low current switch and presumably is small and light enough for a model, then it begs two obvious questions to me:

  • firstly, why has nobody gone into production with a model-ready setup
  • secondly, this topic has been aired repeatedly here and I'm certan in pit lanes across the world where all electric modellers have the identical dilemma, i.e. when to arm the plane and how to be safe after you have done so. Why did no-one mention this device?

As a returnee with mainly leccy upto 6S I would pay quite well for a robust ready-to-fit set with say choice of XT 60 or 90 as it would provide exactly what I would like, ability to disconnect flight batteries via an external switch. It could have bare wires as even I can solder XTs.

George Worley, you reading this?


Thread: Litter
10/09/2020 13:27:43

I've never been but understand that Singapore hs no litter. Beats me why not ....

Thread: Warbirds Replicas P51 Mustang
05/09/2020 12:20:08


Don't want to be alarmist but you appear to have a severe infestation of large wood boring insects in your bench, probably anobium punctatum giganticus, commonly known as fat woodworm.

At least the bench won’t weigh as much if it gets stuck to the plane!


Thread: Laser Engines - Technical questions
01/09/2020 14:04:45

It's a fair cop.


Thread: Warbirds Replicas P51 Mustang
01/09/2020 14:02:57

Michael Portillo.


Thread: Laser Engines - Technical questions
01/09/2020 13:37:03

That's interesting. In my formative stage with 4 strokes I tried inadvertantly to take off with my Laser 80 oil pipe still bunged and it cut out twice just before takeoff.

Apologies for the split infinitive.


Thread: Learning to fly on a large trainer
27/08/2020 20:35:25

I learnt on a fairly large trainer, c. 6’ span with a 90 4 stroke and it was very satisfactory. In a fit of nostalgia I then bought a Maxford Mentor, 84” span with a 26cc petrol and it needs a lot of space to land. I don’t think it would have been as good as a primary trainer. Flies nicely though, but not for some time now.


Thread: "Bonding" stainless steel
14/08/2020 14:45:08

Would getting a clever engineer to turn down some suitable bar to M3 than heat treat it be overkill? If as I suspect your assembly needs to operate in compression as well as tension, this might be a better solution. Also, will the strength of such an assembly exceed, considerably, that of the M3 fittings to which it will attach?

Intriguing! Let us know your solution in due course.


Thread: Seagull Maxi Lift 33cc SEA-209
07/08/2020 16:37:46


Wouldn't you rather have a Maxford Mentor, one careful owner? Zenoah 25 would have to come out. Looks like a similar size.


Thread: Laser Engines development.
05/08/2020 20:45:29

Can’t wait to read all about it!


Thread: Battery connectors
31/07/2020 21:17:01

Having set off 4 yrs ago with Deans, I switched the whole fleet to XT 60 a year ago after getting fed up trying to solder Deans. Also, it seemed to me there were a lot of inferior Deans copies about. Since acquiring some 6S planes I have stuck to XT 90s but always try to specify Amass anti spark, with shrouds. They are so much easier to solder, even for me.

The major problem I have with the 90s especially is getting them apart. I have a serious aversion to pulling on the cables. I have tried graphite as a lubricant and also polishing the male sockets but feel sure I’ve missed something. Ideas?


Thread: Best modern fillers.
22/07/2020 13:38:20

Which reminds me, did you know that the Geordie Dating Agency (*) now stocks polyurethane adhesive in cartridges? From memory c. £10, not hugely more than a bottle of GG but with the prospect of it not going off in a nanosecond as the air is automatically expelled. Also a neat, accurate dispensing method, as long as you can get the nozzle in.


(* Screwfix).

Thread: Control rods
22/07/2020 13:29:18


Will depend heavily on the unsupported length and the elevator load. I've gone off these, although they are handy for awkward narrow fuselages. Maybe dry mount it and see how floppy it is?

End fittings usually involve a clevis, aka quicklink. The snakes I've used, SLEC and Sullivan, have hollow inner cables to thread studding, M2 probably, giving lots of adjustment.


Thread: Best modern fillers.
22/07/2020 07:08:51

Polyfilla Advanced, comes in tubes, light, fast drying, good adhesion, smooths easily, sands readily. Significantly superior to “specialist” modelling fillers which I’ve tried.

By no means all retailers stock it. Worth tracking down.


Thread: Advice - A steady hack
11/07/2020 15:20:40


Wot is it?


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