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Thread: Help mounting a motor
18/10/2016 22:23:03

Sorry Mike don't know what DYS is? The model is Turnigy D3548/4, shaft is 5mm

Edited By Liam Ryan on 18/10/2016 22:23:24

Thread: Novice Chapter One build
18/10/2016 20:16:13

Thanks guys I really appreciate all the help.

I'm wondering if I should also add another bit of 3/16 to one of the formers to reduce the lengthwise gap between them and have the wing sitting on both?

Leaving this option aside the plan is to do the following in order -

Balance the wing with a bit of lead shot

Pop the wing onto the fuselage and straighten it out per Donald's instructions

Sand down the formers and doublers a bit to try seat the wing better

Once I've gotten as close as I can with the sanding fill the remaining distance to meet the wing

I do plan on using the Tee nuts for the motor Steve, I got some good advice on that over in the beginners electric forum but I appreciate you catching it too

18/10/2016 17:37:58

Thanks again Steve. Pictures below with replies

"How does the fuselage compare with the plan"? Pretty ok, I'm about 1/2" over as you can see from these two photos



"you mean the distance BETWEEN F2 & F3 is too great" - The wing also has a pretty sizeable vertical gap. Here's a few pictures -(wing not balanced in these )

Rear of the wing


Rear from above


Front of the wing frontfaceon.jpg

Front from above


"With regard to wing balance then can you sand a bit more off the heavy tip perhaps?"

It seems to be an awful lot of a difference, here's the nails I added to balance it. Hopefully there's enough room in my wing tip to fit them all!


Thread: Help mounting a motor
18/10/2016 15:47:28

Thanks guys, I had already epoxied the firewall in but if I need to re-do the fuselage I'll do X it for the next firewall ( My wing isn't sitting very well, updated the build blog asking for advice)

Edited By Liam Ryan on 18/10/2016 15:47:47

Edited By Liam Ryan on 18/10/2016 15:48:01

Thread: Novice Chapter One build
18/10/2016 15:45:32

I've finished the fuselage frame and seem to have mucked it up, I'm wondering if I can recover or need to start again? As you can see from the photos below there's a pretty big gap between F2 and the wing if I place it so that it fits between F2 and F3. One wing also appears to be heavier than the other, probably due to a mismatched balsa sheet.

I think the issue is that F3 appears to be off slightly which you can see from the top-down picture. Even if it were straight I think I could be an inch too long between the formers

Any advice on bodging a fix or do I need to redo the wing or fuselage?




Thread: Help mounting a motor
18/10/2016 12:41:05

Thanks Geoff,

Following the advice of yourself and Tom I went ahead and drilled out the holes for the bolts and the wires. I also coated the wire cavity with a thin layer of pva after sanding it to hopefully prevent some wear on the wires from the plywood


18/10/2016 11:01:50

Thanks for the reply Tom,

I received this collet with the motor. From reading your post it should be mounted inside the firewall with the shaft coming through or can I just mount outside and screw on this collet ? I've also attached a picture of the plane showing the mounting point of the firewall.

If it's a case where I should buy an adapter or mounting kit that's not a problem




17/10/2016 21:07:40

I'm missing something very obvious here so apologies in advance. I did search this forum for "mount" but didn't find anything basic enough for me to understand blush

I have the motor pictured below and I'm at the point of needing to drill the mounting and cable holes in the firewall before I glue it in. I assume there's more to it than drilling 4 holes and using m3 bolts to stick the thing to the plywood?

It feels like it should be easier to fit and remove the engine later on. I'm guessing the 4 screws at the back have something to do with it? Have I got it back to front and the cruciform goes inside the firewall?

I also have no idea what the three tiny threaded holes are for at the front of the motor around the shaft and the little hole on the shaft (well I guess the one on the shaft is for a locking grub screw but I didn't get one with the motor )



Thread: Novice Chapter One build
15/10/2016 16:04:22

56mmf1.jpg56mmplan.jpgThanks for the advice, I've measured the angle on the plans and I'm keeping to that when I do decide where F1 is going, I assume that should take care of the downthrust .

56mm is another small bit back from the second picture, I've included some pictures below. I'll go with this assuming I don't hear any conflicting advice. Thanks for taking the time to help out, very much appreciated


14/10/2016 16:59:31

I'm probably going to go with the layout on the bottom, it's easier to trim off the nose than to add some later smiley

12/10/2016 18:02:39

Life got in the way for a while but I'm back on the building train and I need a bit of help with motor placement. I have no prop so can't judge the 1/4" to the prop suggested so I'm hoping someone can give me some feedback as to which is better or if both are wrong



07/08/2016 19:25:12

I decided to just go ahead and figured since you need to move the front former anyway to accommodate the motor then I should take the extra from there. I cut off the front of the plane and then aligned it about an inch further back and used a protractor to join up to the straight lines


After that I just treated the fuselage as a giant wing rib. I used pritt stick to attach it to the balsa sheet, cut it out and then peeled off the paper.


I traced around the first side onto a second sheet and cut that one out too then got them as near to flush as I could and secured together with masking tape at the centre, nose and tail


I gave everything not masked a rub with an 80 grit sanding block then wrapped 3 more bits of masking tape around the fuselage and removed the initial 3, sanding each flush as I went


07/08/2016 13:29:14

Here's the fuselage cut out and placed over the 3/16" I have. You can see the extra bit of length I was talking about. Where's the best place to cut the extra inch from the fuse? My motor is about an inch longer than the one take from the plan if that makes any difference.

My reasoning is it's all bad since the front brings the motor closer to the centre of gravity, the middle reduces the length between wing and tail and the rear cuts the tailplane slot ( as well as reducing the length between wing and tail )



06/08/2016 18:10:49

Thanks guys, I've stuck it on to match the top and re-drawn the bottom line with pencil. The plan is still a bit longer than the sheet of balsa so I'll cut the bit of length off the back rather than the front.

As an aside I managed to pick up some nice stuff in the back to school sales today - large set squares and protractors were €4 for the lot and a few metres of clear book covering ( flipped upside down and used as a build grid ) for €3


05/08/2016 23:52:34

Thanks Percy I'll definitely do that I'm planning on covering a piece of scrap first as well just to get the feel of the covering.

Has anyone encountered the plan pieces not matching up precisely before? I suppose I could just cut the bottom slightly and push it up but I don't know how important the exact outline of the fuselage is.

For the undercarriage sheeting would I get away with laminating 3 x 1/16" birch ply or would I need to get the actual 3/16" for strength?

05/08/2016 22:08:30

I cut out the fuselage and tail section to stick together and they seem to not fit exactly together unfortunately.

I cut along the bisecting solid line on the plan copy thinking this would match up exactly with the bisecting line on the main piece but they don't seem to mesh perfectly on the line. Both pieces were cut from the same plan so even if it were copied to an incorrect size they should still match. I tried walking it up a bit towards the nose to see if it ever seemed to fit exactly but it just gets worse

Here's the pieces put line to line ( Apologies they're inverted, I moved around the other side to get the shadow off of the plan and never thought to flip the plan)


And here's the tail piece pulled back an inch or so to show the cut.


05/08/2016 19:28:51

Excellent point I completely forgot about the gussets, they're even on the plan! Thanks a million

05/08/2016 17:51:55

Finished off the wing this evening, I had laminated 3 x 3/16" offcuts last night and glued into place on each tip and then I sort of free-handed the tips using the sandpaper pull as with the leading edge after putting a bit of a curve on the front. I'm a bit busy over the weekend but might get a start into the fuselage hopefully

The top of the wing is a sort of dirty grey since I used permanent marker to mark the leading edge blush Should come out with the final sanding though and even if it doesn't it's certainly not the end of the world

Any tips on filling in the dings before covering are welcome, I'm going to wait until I have the whole thing done before covering so there's no rush on that advice.

img_20160805_173710065_hdr.jpg img_20160805_173956218.jpg

Thread: Making Tools for building models.
04/08/2016 22:35:42

Thanks for posting Mark, I've only started building myself recently and I'd love to see more of these kind of posts on stuff like home-made jigs and general tips and tricks.. Keep up the good work!

Edited By Liam Ryan on 04/08/2016 22:47:40

Thread: Novice Chapter One build
04/08/2016 12:36:48

Oh I'm well past Percy's advice, I can just say I was going for a weathered look wink

In all seriousness though I've only given it a rub with 80 grit to get everything flush so far, I'll give it a good rub with 240 grit when I'm ready to cover.

Any recommendations for filling in bigger dings like the patchwork left where I dropped the pliers or a few odd pin holes? Stuff you don't want to sand down to the level of in particular. My instinct is to slap in some polyfilla but it might be too heavy. I've used pva for small gaps until now but it does tend to flow into them rather than cap off a hole. I assume aliphatic would have the same properties?

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