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Thread: Throttle Drop Out
21/12/2016 19:57:49

I've not had time to check much but I have noticed that when the throttle shuts down the steady rx light changes to rapid flashing. Also when I went through binding procedure the indicator beep changed to a rapid sequence and the bind failed. Are any of these clues of use?

Thanks Barrie.

20/12/2016 08:21:31

Many thanks chaps, all valuable suggestions . I'll work through them to see what emerges and I'll report back.Meanwhile I've been informed it's got to be shopping first. Uuurrrrghhh!,,,,'.

Happy Christmas


19/12/2016 19:33:36

Im using a DX5e tx with a Art Tech brushless system. The motor is an out runner C2408-1750KV 11.1v and the ESC 20amp EESCH120AD03. The Rx is an AR400 and is only a few weeks old .The battery is also a few weeks old and the whole system has been reliable. Recently the system arms OK at switch on and the servos check out OK. However very low throttle openings are fine but anything more and the throttle dies I did coax it up by very small increments but it was the only time.Rebind hasn't improved anything. Any ideas please.


Thread: 3 or 4 channel
28/09/2016 09:50:59

PS .In answer to John (Davies). Yes all my past gliders were elevator/ rudder only. Most were High Stsrt and were fitted with dethermalisers. B,

28/09/2016 09:29:02

OK I've soaked up all of the advice and comments for which I appreciate. The bottom line seems to be, leave is as it is and that is what I will do. It's just that as I'm making changes to get around my problem. I'm looking at all alternatives . Regards, Barrie

27/09/2016 09:59:37

As always thanks for your interest in my question. It was a "what if" question and is an extension of my quest to start flying again but with a problem with my right hand. My recent posting "Dicky Right Hand" prompted a wealth of info which resulted in changes to my Dx5e and other seriously useful advice. I'm flying an Art Tech. Diamond 1100 which is now has a disabled rudder so that the right stick just operates the throttle and left for elevator and ailerons. I was qurious to know if I could fly on just. elevator and rudder but I'm not too sure now due to hardly any dihedral. Many thanks. Barrie

26/09/2016 18:34:00

Can I fly a 4 channel powered glider with the ailerons disabled (Fixed). So control would be Throttle , Elevator and Rudder . What do you think?.

Thread: Dicky right hand
24/08/2016 08:15:18

I had a chat with Mike (thanks for the info Percy V) and he soon explained how to change my DX5e to suit my needs. So I now have elevator and aileron on left stick and just throttle on the right. This was achieved by the internal mode switch ,swapping the rudder to aileron on th rx, and rearranging the mechanical bits. Initial checks look good but now I have to learn to fly this new mode. It does in fact look like a mode 3 sort of thing without rudder. Anyway thanks to Mike and all for your contribution, This looks like a winner . Cheers Barrie.

20/08/2016 18:37:47

My thanks to everyone for your interest, there is some interesting info to be going on with. Some I had thought of trying before but the more tech info re modes is something new to me. I will certainly have a chat to Mike Ridley to see what is possible but my biggest concern is the aspect raised by kc ,that is after many years of the same set up how will my brain (I know it's hard to believe) take to a completely new way of operating. I guess I am reluctant to do anything radical while I can fly a slow glider , I just think that I going to have make changes if I want to fly anything more demanding. However your input gives me a better base on which to decide. Grateful thanks . Barrie

20/08/2016 12:01:11

Here's a puzzle for you! I'm venturing back into flying after some years out. I am flying a powered glider using a DX5e. My problem is that my right hand function is well below par. Using mode 2 I find aileron control a bit hit and miss. With my left hand in good order, what about changing the essentials to the left stick (elevator and aileron). RH would only need to operate the throttle which is less precise and rudder which I don't use much. Or how about the 5th channel switch to on off the power in view that it is a glider foremost . Anyone with similar experience ,please advise me or any comment will be most welcome . What do you think? Regards Barrie

Thread: RX Aerial
18/08/2016 17:33:44

Wow! It's amazing what you can find out throu this forum. Ive never given the sighting of the aerial very much importance in the past, it looks like it needs to be considered more carefully. My thanks to all who gave advice or comment , Regards Barrie

17/08/2016 13:01:49

I have my 2.4 rx mounted on its end so that the short aerial points aft in the fuzz and the long one points upwards out of the cockpit. At the moment I have this one hanging free outside the fuzz so it can be any angle during flight. Is this OK or should I fasten it in some sort of orientation . It is a powered glider by the way. Regards Barrie.

Thread: What Batteries
04/08/2016 08:12:34

Thanks to TWS , it's a valid point. I've been using dry cells in my DX5e for boats , cars and my glider without any mishap. I change them every other flying session and carry a set in my box. I began to think along the lines of using rechargeable cells to save cash but I got caught up in 1.2v versus 1.5v, discharge rates and characteristics, packs or individual cells, charge rates and. chargers etc etc. SO I put it open for discussion and I've been delighted with the response . I'm a firm believer of "If it ain't broke don't fix it" however I also like to move on . Many thanks to all, Barrie

03/08/2016 08:16:21

Most grateful for the valuable info, I now know more about safer alternatives. Thanks again, Barrie

Thread: Wobbly out runner.
30/07/2016 09:12:14

Many thanks for coming to my aid, it is very much appreciated. The outcome was interesting !!. As the aeroplane is new I assumed that the up and down movement was as it should be but when you talk about a bit of end float etc I guess all was not well. When dismantled I discovered that the spigot on the back of the motor fits into a base plate and is retained by 3 equally spaced grub screws which locate into an annular groove in the spigot. Only they were all loose to the point of coming adrift , hence the engineering term "wobbly". The cure was obvious and now all is well. Thanks for your interest , I add the experience to my "learning curve" Barrie

Thread: What Batteries
29/07/2016 16:55:35

I've always used dry cell batteries in my DX5e Tx , what batteries would be better suited and the pro's and con,s please. Thanks, Barrie

Thread: Wobbly out runner.
29/07/2016 16:35:18

With my return to aero modelling I'm finding that I've got left behind tech wise!!!. For example , I have bought a powered glider which has a brushless outrunner to drive the prop. I notice that the outer revolving casing which is attached to the prop is wobbly when the motor is stationary but appears to be rigid when running ..I assume that the motor produces a magnetic cushion. I would be grateful for any advice. Barrie

Thread: What's flying over your house
22/07/2016 08:16:37

We are situated west of Stanstead and with an easterly blowing the flight path turning point for the approach is right above us. I can sit in my lounge with my Flightradar24 App and watch them coming in about every 2 mins. We also live about 1/2 mile from the main A10 Viaduct near Hertford which seems be used as ref point by all sorts like the military, red arrows, memorial flight and numerous helicopters. We appreciate the show but our neighbour hate it, what can you say ! Barrie.

Thread: Set a status?
16/07/2016 07:17:19

Thanks Boys for your input, I 'sorta get the general idea of setting one's status! BEB I'm happy to draw a line under this one , but I'll leave the decision to you . Regards Barrie

15/07/2016 10:00:26

Under my name at the top right of the screen there is in brackets "set a status". What is this please..?? Thanks Barrie

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