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Thread: Wings & Wheels at North Weald Essex
22/06/2018 16:15:32

I'm going Saturday. First time at this show. Have done the Southern the last couple of years and West Malling when I was a kid. Dragging the family along this Saturday kicking and screaming but said they have to try just once and then happy they never go again, although the youngest daughter has shown a little interest and already wants to have a go on my now redundant trainer. Maybe I will still yet have another excuse to buy more planes!

Thread: Quicker build using Cyano?
20/06/2018 20:29:18

I have built my last couple of kits using mainly aliphatic glue. However, I am still not sure how long I need to leave the glue to go off, so end up doing a very small amount and then leaving until the next day before doing a little more. About 30 years ago when I was originally introduced as a kid to RC by a neighbour, I remember he used to use finger nail glue from boots I assume mainly for speed. I was therefore curious to know how much of my next kit (Slow Poke Sport 40) could be put together using cyano instead of the aliphatic in order to keep the pace up and interest alive?


Thread: New ASP .25 or second hand OS engine
15/03/2018 21:26:43

Glad you said that. I ordered the last one in stock at Hobbyking this week. Just waiting for it to be dispatched.

12/03/2018 21:34:22

Box says .19 to .25. I guess going bigger to a .32 wont do any harm?

12/03/2018 18:39:56

My flying to date has all been electric (trainer, WOT 4 foame and mini, mini spirit), but I now have a number of IC planes I will be flying later this summer and would therefore like to get some IC confidence. I am currently building a trainer similar to a WOT4 with an IC engine of .19 to .25 size to keep me busy when not flying.

Having looked online I can buy a new ASP .25 2 stroke for relatively little money, or perhaps find a second hand OS and take my chances on its condition. What would people recommend? And does anyone have one to sell?


Thread: Kavalier Kits Alpha 2
08/03/2018 08:12:31

No, sorry guys. Not a Kamco......

07/03/2018 17:42:02

Anyone ever owned one or know anything about them?. Just got an unbuilt one that has been sitting in a friend's loft for many years just for something to quickly build. Nothing appears on the internet so assuming its very old and not high production. Think the company were based in Hastings.

Thread: Slowpoke Sport 40
25/02/2018 12:34:28

I have been offered the opportunity to purchase an un-built slowpoke sport 40 kit and wondered if there is any current experience with them on here please. It will probably be one of a few third planes that I intend to fly after I have spent time with the WOT 4 foamE. A google search has thrown up a wide range thoughts, although there seems to be a consistent thread that it needs a perfect CofG which requires a lot of nose weight but I do like the looks of it and think it will be great wit a 4 Stroke up front.


Thread: Electric Cars.
18/02/2018 18:59:21

This thread is making me laugh quite a lot. Its the same as the IC or electric planes. Its not about what is happening now, this year or even next. And ask yourself "Where is all the money being invested?" Oh, and let me point out Ikura, it is a LOT of money. Its in electric, be that the car manufacturers, storage equipment manufacturers, power plant manufacturers, governments (yes, they are paying for R&D and test beds etc).

(I don't have an electric vehicle the way) One petrol and one Diesel.

Thread: Re: Death of IC
01/02/2018 09:14:15

My point is not about what we want, its about what will happen. The original thread was questioning the death of IC with many arguments about technology and comparisons. But they were based on the whole upon the here and now. I personally love a 4 stroke, but going forward whether we like it or not, simple economics and environment pressures will take over and electrics will be cheaper, easier, even more available, and safer. What we should be doing is embracing these advances in technology to help grow the hobby.

01/02/2018 08:53:39

My view is that most of you are looking at this the wrong way basing it purely on the here and now. Dave Hopkin has got it exactly right. For the future you have to consider where the investment is going. The 2 greatest examples are mobile phones and cars. How much of their R&D budgets are being spent on developing combustion engines of one sort or another. Now wonder how much is being spent on electric motors and storage equipment. The reason we are able to buy electric drones and planes now is because of the growth of the phone industry investing in development. And now car manufacturers are following suit. The former due to demand, the latter due to environmental and legal reasons.

Thread: Heater for my shed
20/01/2018 10:56:44

I have both oil filled and an electric blow heater in my shed. Generally only ever use the blow heater as it is more instant heat, especially on really cold days / evenings.

Thread: The Mini WOT 4 thread
09/12/2017 16:37:47

Flown mine a couple of more times and been really happy. However,this afternoon it didn't feel as comfortable as previous and I ended up nosing it in. Managed to snap the motor shaft. Is the shaft itself replaceable or is now the time to upgrade the motor? I want to keep the same 10Amp ESC and 2S batteries though.

Thread: New ESC - Which one?
26/11/2017 20:52:39

I need a new ESC for my E-Pioneer Trainer and need help choosing one please. The one I have to replace witch it came with is a HiModel Professional 60A Brushless. With so many different brands and sources to choose from I haven't a clue where to go for it so please help.


Thread: WOT 4 repairs - What adhesive and how?
26/11/2017 17:13:00

Thanks all for the information so far. Must admit though having just checked, the motor is not running true as well. Hopefully I'll be able to get it straight enough otherwise not sure fixing the fuselage will be worth it! I may as well end up buying a new one!.

26/11/2017 14:34:52

I managed to land my WOT 4 a little too early yesterday and as a result took the nose and the undercarriage off. I was going to simply buy a new fuselage, or even new model, but have been encouraged by those at my club to have a go at fixing it all back together. BUT, the more I read about adhesives, the more I am not sure what to use, so would like some simply advise about it please? Also, should i be looking to put some longitudinal strengtheners along the front of the fuzz or is the old saying the glue is stronger than the foam actually enough?

Thanks all.

Thread: I'm thinking of getting a compressor
31/10/2017 20:27:54

Well, had the opportunity to get the Aldi 2.5hp 24l model for £55 last night. However, decided against it as am going to buy a HVLP paint station instead for my larger DIY work, and a small modelling compressor and airbrush for the hobbies.

Just now need to decide whether to get the AS186 or AS196, with what air brushes and from where. Happy to hear further recommendations from recent purchase experiences.


30/10/2017 19:44:04

Some great discussions, ideas and thoughts, so thank you all. My thoughts so far:

1. I definitely don't want to go home made on this. Not saying it wont work, but would like a purpose built, reliable and good looking piece of kit that has taken little of my time to acquire. I would rather spend the time building planes or other models.

2. I like the idea of having a larger spray gun to be able to handle sheds, decking and fences. My impression is that as long as I can thin it down I'll be able to run any product through it and not just the water based mainstream products which I don't like (I prefer a good oil based wood preserver - nicer look and longer lasting).

3. However, a larger compressor seems like a lot of overkill to run a small airbrush for small static models and the stuff my daughters are likely to use it for (cake making, nail art, school projects etc).

4. It is also not particularly portable to move around so will be less inclined to take into house.

So, in conclusion, current view is that I need a smaller AS196 type compressor for craft and hobby stuff, and a larger 25ltr HVLP set up for the other stuff including larger war birds etc. Now I have to decide oil or non oil, but would end up a sub £100 piece of kit I expect. Seems the only issue with oil based is a few kilos heavier and the need to change some oil every so often. They do run quieter though.

And of course this could all change again between now and the weekend!

29/10/2017 12:49:11

Thanks O. I did consider those, but I thought they were a lot larger and noisier than the AS models Tim referred to. If that is the case, I am happy to amend my requirements to not worry about tools, and simply use it for painting.

29/10/2017 12:35:51

Thanks Tim. Just been looking at the AS186 and AS196. How large a job can you do with the 196? Will it take a gun capable of spraying a 60" warbird for example?


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