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Thread: Advent Prize Draw - 2nd Dec (leave a post to enter)
01/12/2020 20:27:49

This is exciting!

Thread: Balsa Swells in Winter!
30/11/2020 20:03:24

I've just had to repair 2 uncovered wing at different stages of building that had the skins swell at detach from the ribs. Took a bit of manipulation to get glue in but within a couple of hours in the house they were back to normal


Thread: Advent Prize Draw - 1st Dec (now closed)
30/11/2020 19:53:58

I'm in

Thread: Gary's Brian Taylor P-47 build
29/11/2020 15:24:20

I've been meaning to mention for a while, got some pre thinned primer from these guys a while back and it goes straight into the spray gun and sprays great. Brilliant service and lots of good products for when it gets to the finishing stages. This is now my final primer coat of choice

Pre thinned primer


29/11/2020 14:29:59

That's one of the huge benefits of emulsion Danny, you can literally match any colour out there.

I used washer fluid and water Nick, the dulux stuff is pretty thick so took a fair bit of thinning. I hadn't thought about using it for clean ups but makes sense that it works well.

I'm heading to the garage now to tackle this retract. If I dont update within a few days then I've been sanctioned.


Thread: Warbirds Replicas P51 Mustang
29/11/2020 14:24:33

Coming along well Paul, interesting use of laminating film so looking forward to seeing that.

Saw this beaut online today and haven't seen this scheme before. Not the correct model for me but might be a good and unusual one for some of you


Thread: Gary's Brian Taylor P-47 build
28/11/2020 19:08:21

Its matt Danny but still wet in the photo hence the shine.

Also, it's only inside to speed up the drying process, my wife is understanding but not enough for me to paint inside!!


28/11/2020 18:15:42

It's just a dulux paint I think. Needed a fair bit of thinning but coverage was great. I reckon this whole 1/4 scale plane (and its 110" span) will use around 1/3rd of a tub of paint so it's incredibly economical. I'm going to fuel proof it with Rustins floor sealer which can be thinned and sprayed.


28/11/2020 16:43:01

TI just had my first experience spraying a model with emulsion and it went well! I've been curious about this for a while and after reading an excellent guide by Roy Vaillancourt (Vailly Aviation) it gave .e the confidence to give it a go


Moth minor looks good so will see how it is when it dries but definitely a cheap and easy way of painting. Incredibly easy to clean up after also.

I went into the garage to check on the P-47 wing and the modeling pixies have not come and sorted my retract so looks like I'm going to have to do it.


26/11/2020 16:30:16

Agreed Nick, very satisfying part of the build. Seeing yours reminds me of how much I love the shape of the razorback

Thread: Warbirds Replicas P51 Mustang
25/11/2020 18:08:59

There are different sizes and shapes of drop tanks Gilly but they are pretty easy to carve from foam by tracing the shape on the side and then top then just sand to shape. Can be glassed to prevent damage as well


Thread: Gary's Brian Taylor P-47 build
24/11/2020 08:17:58

Thanks guys.

That's the thing I dont like about fitting retracts Nick, the fact it always becomes trial and error and luck instead of finding a way that you can measure, cut, fit and expect to work! If anyone knows a good technique then please share!

You're correct Gary, I suppose fork is just a lazy name for them. I found that my Moth minor wing and my P-47 wing had winter damage from being outside this year. I think that getting them glassed or covered asap is the best solution if you can't get them in the house. Mine are just going to come in to let them dry out before I re-glue where the bulge has separated from the ribs. I did this with the moth minor wings and within an hour of being inside, they were back to normal and no warps. The are going to be glassed this week then can move back outside for final detailing.


Edited By Gary Clark 1 on 24/11/2020 08:18:31

Edited By Gary Clark 1 on 24/11/2020 08:19:07

23/11/2020 22:56:11

Thanks Danny, I think the oleo will be fine after a bit of work and quite enjoying using chemiwood.

The frustrating thing is that the other side was done by the guy who I got the kit from and it is perfect. Therefore I thought copying it would be easy but really struggling for some reason. I think I might start it again as I don't know where its went wrong and it's looking a bit untidy with all the adjusting. Might just make a mock up and see how that works.

Tomorrow is another day and will get the fuse out and do a bit of planking I think.

Its these little challenges that make this hobby fun........that's what I'm telling myself!


23/11/2020 21:43:52

So the P-47 almost received a swift boot in the proverbials tonight for a couple of reasons.

I noticed that there is a ridge appeared in the top skin of 1 wing due to the dampness in the garage angry once it spends a few days in the house then i am sure it will be able to get fixed.

The biggest issue is the retract in the left wing. I thought it was pretty much sorted when i left it last time but it is not and no matter what i seem to do, I can't get the thing to sit it the correct position. It seems to be in exactly the same position and angle as the other side but somehow it is either misaligned and hits the spar on retracting or is squint when extended. I don't enjoy fitting retracts at the best of times but this is brutal!!

If anyway wants to visit Norfolk after lockdown and sort it for me then that would be great as i want to put it on a shelf and ignore it until it fixes itself right now!!

Deep breath and don't let me start anything new!


Thread: Dom Smith F7F-3 Tigercat
23/11/2020 20:24:48

Hi Martian,

Really impressed with how the build is coming along. You don't see many of these being built so very pleasing to follow along.

Good job.


Thread: Banggood servos
22/11/2020 19:54:26

Strange one Eric. Mayne a digital v analog issue? Not sure though


Thread: Gary's Brian Taylor P-47 build
20/11/2020 21:34:46

So does everyone know that old saying "measure twice, cut once"?


Not a big deal, these are more of an experiment but will carve some more anyway and decide if they will be cast or stay as chemiwood.


19/11/2020 23:33:18

I decided to carry on with the chemiwood for a bit and I have the rough shape done, will give it a tidy up tomorrow but certainly look like oleo forks!


19/11/2020 21:47:07

That cylinder is a work of art Danny and very informative as always.

The reason I haven't made them from alloy is , like Nick, metalwork is the part of the hobby that I am neither experienced in or equipped for. I'd love a lathe and a mill but those are on the wish list just now.

I could get a cheap set from hobbyking but enjoy trying to make them. Unfortunately I may run out of skill at some point and concede.

I will have a quick go on fusion and see what I can produce


19/11/2020 19:46:23

I have no idea if it will be strong enough Danny! Brian recommends it so I am giving it a go. If not, I will probably design a set of forks on Fusion 360 and 3d print them.

It's all just an experiment really. Also, there shouldn't be much stress through them, just aesthetics really and will use a brass tube as a bushes so the hinge doesn't get worn.

The other option is make a silicon mould and cast a resin set? I do enjoy this experimental stuff.



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