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Thread: Can I or can I not fly?
24/03/2020 09:21:34

Up to 8.30pm last night before our excuse of a leader said only essential travel for food shopping, medical, etc. I was going to the field, first break in the weather with light winds. BUT, SO WHAT, STAY HOME, STAY SAFE, SLOW THE SPREAD OF THIS VIRUS TO HELP EACH OTHER. It amazes me how may selfish idiots there are out there, none of which are on this forum!


Edited By Keith Sharples on 24/03/2020 09:22:53

Thread: Your experience of Banggood delivery time?
06/03/2020 15:18:39

Mine up to recently 2-3 weeks. I've not ordered since this corona virus has raised it's head.

Thread: CAA ID number discussion
23/02/2020 10:18:02

It seriously saddens me that there are so may moaning, stupid, gretins in this hobby. The law is the law whether we like it or not. The BMFA have done a stirling job in holding back the reins of possible imposed legislation and getting us a better deal and all some can do is whine and winge. If the BMFA (and other model flying organisations) had not stepped in where would we be now.

The more that don't follow the law the more difficult it will be for all of us in the end.

Thread: BMFA
14/12/2019 15:09:35
Posted by Geoff Sleath on 14/12/2019 12:26:51:
Posted by Adrian Smith 1 on 14/12/2019 10:50:46:

Yes thumbs up to the BMFA yes I avoided all the long speculative threads (life's too short, for me anyway!) and just put my faith in the BMFA to do its stuff.

Yes, me too. I think they've done a great job. I renew through my model club but I did the CAA £9 'contribution' through the portal with no problems. I also made a small contribution to Buckminster partly because I enjoyed the RCME fly-in so much, so congrats all round from me.


Ditto from me. All those forum pages of grumpys going on and on, I put my trust in the BMFA to fight our corner and they have done a very admirable job trying to keep our hobby as near as possible as we like it. A very very big thumbs up to themyesyes

Thread: Beware using PayPal with HobbyKing (and maybe others)
11/12/2019 08:39:47

Paypal charge the seller a percentage of the sale for using their service. Some companies add this charge to the sale total which increases the final total. I used to use Paypal with my business for years. It made payment very easy for clients but I had to pay the sale percentage to Paypal, I just obsorbed it and didn't pass it on to the client. It looks like Hobby King do pass it on to the client. That is why usung your credit card as a direct payment didn't have the additional charges added as it was not a Paypal transaction.

Thread: The Gov't, CAA, BMFA & UAV legislation thread
22/11/2019 18:36:28
Posted by Pete B - Moderator on 22/11/2019 17:31:21:

Gents, it's sad to see that the subject has reached the stage where forumites are sniping and bitching at each other here, when modellers throughout Europe and further afield have been presented with a fait accompli, despite the best efforts of the various national bodies to make the 'best of a bad deal' for their members. I think we're really just collateral damage in a wave of populism in the political world.

Putting it into perspective, I suspect there's a lot more of consequence in our lives coming down the road towards us.....face 4


It also saddens me that a bunch of guys and ladies (I assume) who have a love of model making/flying are getting so wound up and using this forum to have a go at each other.

To me it's simple, you can't escape the fact that a law has been made. You either legally comply or you don't. If you do, you have a choice of either the CAA route or if a member of the BMFA go that route. And for (in the scheme of things with regard to the cost of doing the hobby in the first place) £9 and the test you can continue to fly legally. WE EACH MAKE OUR OWN MIND UP, there is no need to whine and have a go at each other about it at all. Being a BMFA member I have followed their suggestions and waited until updates on what is heppening and when it is happening are announced.

Thread: RCM&E Calendar
14/11/2019 22:45:34

Surely it should be a bloke in a boiler suit holding a very sexy curvy uncovered traditional build balsa plane, that would equally excite somecoolsurprisesmiley

Thread: Hobby King Again Rrrrrrrrrr
14/11/2019 18:16:32
Posted by PatMc on 14/11/2019 17:49:14:
Posted by Andrew Calcutt on 14/11/2019 16:13:33:

Because of hobbyking most of the models shops have closed,


Take a look at retail in general across the UK. The stores/shops that didn't adapt to modern retail trading trends have either disappeared or been taken over.
It's the traders who offer customers the most attractive overall packages who survive.

Agree with PatMc, so much is done online now the High street is suffering or it has to evolve. Saying that I recently order through their web site a GT power 4 X charger from Kings Lynn Models (an actual high street shop and the best price I could find!) Within 10mins of placing the order online they rang, it was out of stock but some were arriving with them 2 days later and I would have mine the next day would it be a problem? It wasn't. The day in question arrived and so did my chargersmiley Well done Kings Lynn Models. They sound like that have evolved to cope with national online sales perfectly.

Edited By Keith Sharples on 14/11/2019 18:17:19

Edited By Keith Sharples on 14/11/2019 18:17:56

13/11/2019 18:07:21

Never had a problem with Hobby King UK and EU warehouses all arrived perfect and on time inc Lipos. I'll continue to use them. As mentioned did Tigerman have one of those odd post codes that can be a problem?

Thread: BMFA numbers. Is this true, or a gross exaggeration?
12/11/2019 17:08:06

It is of concern the dwindling numbers in the hobby. I feel Its dwindling as the hobby is quite strongly related to those that are of a certain age! Young blood needs to be attracted into the hobby but how to do it is the problem. Perhaps clubs at (using a political saying) grass roots level should be more proactive in attracting young people into the hobby. Maybe open days for parents to bring along youngsters. Take flying demos along to summer fetes ( I know there would be insurance issues). Have club display stands at summer fetes and talk to people etc etc. I'm sure some of these have been done by some clubs with probably varying degrees of success. At the LMA Cosford show this year they ran 2 flight lines and had flight slots inviting anyone who had not flown before to have a go. It looked very successful and must of sparked off some to get involved in the hobby.

What I'm getting at really is, the hobby overall is slowly dwindling in numbers so it's up to those left to reinvent the hobby. Clubs and club members get togeather and try different ways of tempting young blood to join. Some will work some won't but keep plugging away at it. Just sitting and saying it's dwindling and not try something is not good.

Something a bit different I know but I joined my local camera club (photography, my other hobby) 3 years ago. That first year I went to the AGM, the treasurer advised how the club was doing and membership was dwindling (at the time 14) causing finance problems. They then proceeded to come up with, we need to cut this, cut that, not meet so often etc etc to save money. It was all doom and gloom. My thought was not cut anything but get more members. I suggested this but it fell on stoney ground as no one would move on the idea. Anyway my wife (also mad on photography) and I took the idea on board. We organised exhibitions, had a market stall displaying pictures from the club, ran classes open to non club members etc now 2 years later membership is 27 and last year we had a little surplus money left at the end of the season so it can be done. RC modeling is a different hobby but come on I'm sure there is some way to attract some young blood.

Thread: CAA model registration number details
05/11/2019 17:59:45

More info on the BMFA web site posted today. Link

Thread: 3 mags for 1 offer
01/11/2019 09:06:48

Hi Bluesky. It is 3 issues for a £1 only if you then subscribe at £10.99 a quarter. I had the same offer and had a think about it. Weighing it up I decided to go for it, overall it's a big saving on news agent price and it comes to your door! Link

Go for it!

Thread: FMS Kingfisher and Spektrum Help?
29/10/2019 20:01:11

I use mostly Lemon receivers with my spectrum DX9 and previously a DX8 gen2. Never had a problem.............yet!

Thread: Protecting a plan
21/10/2019 20:33:07

Household cling film works for me held down with masking tape.

Thread: How far do you travel to fly at your club?
20/10/2019 11:30:06

Hi Adrian

I think that is personal preference. My club is about 25mins away so not to bad. But I did choose the club specifically. I have a further 4 clubs I could join, the furthest is about 45mins away. My main thought was flying time restrictions against membership cost (value for money) The club I joined has morning to dusk 7 days a week so good value, small down side is small membership so although we meet up from time to time at the field. You quite often fly on your own (not a bad thing for me). One of the nearer clubs has only 3 flying times each week so if the weather is bad it restricts how may times you can fly, the up side is a good club gathering and fun on good flying days. Another club I didn't even visit, their web site hit you with rules and regulations on the front page. I am fully away of all the rules and safety aspects of flying and I'm all for it but if you want new members, help them into the club and point out the safety aspects and rules as you go along, as we do at the club I belong to. I am getting into slope soaring more and more and there are some amazing slopes that cover all wind directions in a small area in the Brecon Beacons. Travel time to that area for me is 1hr 15mins but I definately intend to go (not been yet) I intend to go regular but I would work it to stay all day. So as mentioned it's personal preference and circumstances. So I think 45mins is reasonable.


Edited By Keith Sharples on 20/10/2019 11:32:13

Thread: Latest CAA Update
01/09/2019 13:50:46

Paul Vincent 8

Paul you are missing the point, by the sound of it you are a commercial drone pilot with all the training, qualifications, insurance etc etc. Thats all well and good for what you do, .......good for you and no problem with that.

Now step into the world of club flying, BMFA, LMA events etc. its a very different ball game with it's own set of rules. First and foremost it's a hobby and FUN. 99.99% of safe, sensible model flyers belong to a recognised club and a member of a recognised organisation (BMFA etc). We have insurance and fly by the what ever organisation guidelines we are members of and also by the rules of which ever club we are members of. Now that is where the difference lies each club/event etc has it's own set of rules and permission to fly requirements, so to fly you have to conform to what ever it is, you may in your eyes already have more that the event requires commercially but for the event and their specific rules you don't. So you have to accept it and not fly or you get what ever certification is required usually a BMFA A certificate then enjoy!

Thread: Cutting holes in soft balsa
21/08/2019 22:12:39

I use a cutting compass, works very well. You can do a hole any size you want and it cuts decals as well bonus! it cost the staggering total of £3.39 inc postage!

Thread: John woodfield soarers
19/08/2019 18:57:59

Hi Fly Boy.

They are amazing gliders and so well flown, in fact I think they are beautiful, using see through film to see the amazing structure. Sorry I don't know the wing loading but I don't think most of them need to strong a wind to fly, if you look at the surrounding vegetation it's not moving to much.

I'm so impressed with them I'm about 3/4s the way through building the large size Super SInbad from a plan (it dates from about the 1940s) and loving every minute of the build as the structure takes shape and comes to life.

I'm really looking forward to getting to the slope with it.



Edited By Keith Sharples on 19/08/2019 18:58:24

Thread: Scale up Plans
26/07/2019 22:32:13

Thanks Malcolm, sound advise and a good plan. I intend starting it next week so I'll get the proxxon saw fired up cutting sheets down to size.

26/07/2019 16:18:54

Thanks Chris and Peter. I knew the answer would be on here. I'll follow what the plan says but up hardness as I feel it warrants it. Weight did concern me if I upped the wood size but I felt structural strength would be there under load. The model is a old time slope soarer for light winds so it's not going to be hammering around. Again thanks

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