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Thread: How to convert an ic to electric?
14/10/2019 16:24:54

Simon I am mainly IC, so the easiest way I have found for me is to calculate the approx rpm from the motors KV and cell count of the pack to be similar to the IC engine it is replacing and then start with the same prop. the 430kv on 6 cells under load in practice gives about 8500rpm, so about the same as your 120 fs if you were running say a 15x8. What prop have you got on the 120 now?

14/10/2019 15:39:09

I have converted a p-47 that had an asp 120 on it, and used the following which gave an approx equivalent power

5055 430KV

6s 5000 mah Pack

16x10 prop. The 17x10 gives way more thrust than the ASP ever could, the 16x10 is more similar, 15x10 was not very much less power than the glow flight time obviously increased as the prop size goes down.

Nigel had it pretty much spot on

Thread: Repair of a Hanger 9 P-51 Mustang.
17/09/2019 20:50:15

I have the OS 120 SIII on mine with a 15x8 prop. Perfect, balances without any lead as well.

Thread: Bixler 2/3
04/09/2019 23:20:02

I have a BIx 3, but fitted with larger wheels fine for average fields, use mine for messing about with FPV which it does well. The rudder isn't very powerful, but then it is not a 'sports' plane, and if you feel the need for more response i'd say it probably isn't the correct model for the job anyway. I didn't hook up the flaps, didn't see the need.

04/09/2019 16:50:27

Lipos do not perform as well in the winter, lack the same punch when cold. However the Bixlers are not exactly current hungry so should not be an issue.

Thread: Repair of a Hanger 9 P-51 Mustang.
02/09/2019 23:05:52

Great model once sorted out, really do fly well. I have repaired 2 of these with exactly the same damage on the maiden, seems the blocks were glued in on both with what looks like hot glue. I would check the spars as much as you can, on both of them the shear webs had gone just outboard of the retract bay and the lower spar was cracked

Thread: Single servo ailerons
16/08/2019 19:43:59
Posted by PatMc on 16/08/2019 19:24:35:

When using flaperons, or any other mix involving dual tasking of the servos, the servo torque is reduced & slop increased.

excuse my ignorance, but can you please explain?

Thread: ASP 1.80 fs vs DLE 30 2s
09/08/2019 13:12:31

Having flown my Acrowot XL with the asp180 at the same time as a clubmates Acrowot XL powered by the DLE 30, John is spot on in every respect. The DLE slaughters the ASP for power, but is noisy and crude.

Thread: Servo Torque guide - Sport Flying (electric)
28/07/2019 22:23:55

I have an ARTF Acrowot, it recovers from a spin by just by releasing the controls pretty much instantly

Thread: Where to get Good RX switches from?
27/07/2019 21:36:53

Futaba genuine HD switches used to be my favourite, but alas now no longer made. I am now using the Hitec HD switch which seems to be doing the job well.

Thread: Ball joint tips?
18/07/2019 23:33:00

Heli ball link pliers is the only real way to get them off without damaging them. They should be dry, lube will just attract dirt and accelerate wear. If they are too tight and not free moving then sizing tools are available also.

Thread: Black Horse Pitts S2
10/07/2019 23:26:59

I have the Blackhorse Pitts, and the manual position is too far forward. I added weight to the tail gradually and ended up happy at 130mm. At 70mm landings were like a freight train and flares were impossible.

Thread: What to use on a Cub
09/07/2019 21:42:22

If it was me i'd put the 35 in it. Not for the power, it's a cub it probably would fly just fine on the smaller engine, but as it would fly nicely puttering round on lower throttle less strained with the 35

Thread: The demise of. ASP/SC
05/07/2019 18:23:32
Posted by Doc Marten on 05/07/2019 17:35:28:
Posted by Richard Wills 2 on 05/07/2019 17:08:10:
Posted by Doc Marten on 05/07/2019 16:39:56:
Posted by kc on 05/07/2019 14:43:58:

If there is a market for cheap glow engines maybe we will see Russian engines again.........

Hmm...….the choice of MDS or electric? I guess that'll be the turning point for me. 😁

i'll take the MDS myself I think!

……...that's just bloody minded to the point of needing help......😁

Probably, if anyone can help me actually enjoy flying electric I would appreciate it. I just don't.

I actually like the MDS engines. Had a 38. 40, 68 heli and still have a 48 maybe not as refined as some, but all gave good service.

05/07/2019 17:08:10
Posted by Doc Marten on 05/07/2019 16:39:56:
Posted by kc on 05/07/2019 14:43:58:

If there is a market for cheap glow engines maybe we will see Russian engines again.........

Hmm...….the choice of MDS or electric? I guess that'll be the turning point for me. 😁

i'll take the MDS myself I think!

Thread: Glitches and crashes
21/05/2019 22:55:34
Posted by cymaz on 21/05/2019 21:17:56:

Do you have any telecommunications masts nearby??

At Davidstow we must not fly about 3pm in winter and 4pm BST.

Edited By cymaz on 21/05/2019 21:19:38

We have a mast about 1/2 mile from our field, dishes pointed directly at us. It has been blamed for many losses over the past few years when turning across that end of the field. Every one of these has happened to one and only one brand of radio which will remain nameless, all others have had zero problems.

Thread: New Drone/Aerodrome Regulations - Is your club at risk?
21/01/2019 22:42:49

Our club strip is going to be right in the extended box just outside the ATZ radius. It looks like we will be doing the same with ATC.

Thread: AcroWot XL Build
03/12/2018 01:29:38

Hobbyking Jayacinth Orange is a pretty good match.

Mine is about 2 years old now, still going strong, I love it. I have a Moki 210 glow on the front, and rear mounted elevator servo. With that heavy piece of Iron on the front still got loads of lead on the tail.

Only weak spot I have found it the ply undercarriage plate. it's not crazy weak, but doesn't like bad landings.

Thread: Servo for AcroWot XL
26/11/2018 03:25:14

Savox 0352's all round in my Brothers Wots Wot XL, absolutely fine, OS BGX for power.

Thread: Servo choice
13/11/2018 13:08:55

Clubmate has futaba s3001 all round on his, been faultless for the last 5+years. Can't see why it would need anything beefier.

My preference for a 6kg digi would be Savox 0352's.

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