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Thread: Acrowot xl
19/09/2020 17:05:23


Thread: Servos
17/09/2020 11:21:21


Edited By Richard Wills 2 on 17/09/2020 11:22:28

Thread: New limit on groups in England from Monday?
10/09/2020 12:39:01

depends if the exemption term is 'competing in' or 'participating in' I suppose.

09/09/2020 09:22:01

If the definition of a gathering is the same as last time, then just like you can have more than one group (table) of 6 in a restaurant, you can have several groups of 6 at the field as long as long as there is no social interaction between the groups.

Thread: To stabilise or not to stabilise - the gyro question
08/09/2020 23:55:45

Gyros are not cheating, I certainly wouldn't fly my heli without one!

Situation 1, yes it would help, it wouldn't keep it totally level (rate mode stabiliser anyway) but it would resist the gust immediately certainly a lot quicker then your thumbs can react.

Situation 2 is a little more of a question. A fast balsa model being a stiff airframe, and high airspeed combined with what I assume will be a decent wing loading will already be pretty stable and gust resistant I would think. Add to that you still need to fly the model so that you can adjust the gains to get the gyro working right and it may actually give you more to worry about on a maiden. It may be of benefit but I would think better to add after the initial flights once it is trimmed and other fine tuning is done.

Thread: Wing damage repair advice wanted!
06/09/2020 23:10:18

Cut out all the damaged area, glue in new foam and sand to profile. Remember veneered foam is a stressed skin construction so when you replace the veneer you will need to replace more than just the damaged area. You can have joins along the span of the wing (with the grain), but not across the chord.

Thread: OS Max 15LA Won't Run Upside Down
06/09/2020 15:51:43
Posted by PeterF on 06/09/2020 15:34:37:
Posted by Richard Wills 2 on 06/09/2020 14:15:04:

cold plugs are for 'cold'engines, thicker wire keeps heat better and more platuinum surface area for the catalytic reaction with the methanol, and keeps the fire burning. Hot plugs are for 'hot' engines normally smaller ones which don't need the help. They mainly alter the ignition timing depending on where they lie in the heat range.

My expanation leaves a lot to be desired, just read it back. Makes sense to me but does not translate well in words! Ignore.

06/09/2020 14:15:04

cold plugs are for 'cold'engines, thicker wire keeps heat better and more platuinum surface area for the catalytic reaction with the methanol, and keeps the fire burning. Hot plugs are for 'hot' engines normally smaller ones which don't need the help. They mainly alter the ignition timing depending on where they lie in the heat range.

05/09/2020 23:19:40

yep the gunge from formula irvine should only be a nice bright red. If it is black that is a sign of something not right, probably the silencer not tight as Martin points out but rectify it before going any further.

05/09/2020 20:51:51

The general concensus on our field is that it shouldn't be that critical, after all we all do a 'nose up' full power check before at least the first flight of the day (don't we?), where the carb is well above the tank. And engines should be happy to blow/suck enough fuel up to continue running OK then, and during prop hanging manoeuvres etc..


05/09/2020 19:06:36

Sounds very much like a tank height issue. The centre of the tank should be level with the carb spraybar, not the needle valve it may or may not be the same as it is remote.. Also once the needle is set for full max rpm at full throttle leave it alone. Transition can be tuned by slightly adjusting the air bleed to give either a richer or leaner idle.

Edited By Richard Wills 2 on 05/09/2020 19:09:56

Thread: Farm vehicle interference on 2.4?
04/09/2020 10:54:09

I have no idea on the radio interference at your site, we do have a microwave tower on the next hill from us which from time to time does cause problems in a specific small part of the circuit, mostly momentary failsafes for most brands of radio, total lockouts for one in particular.just something you can't do much about.

I would be seeing this as a safety warning about something else though. Surely the practice of overflying vehicles not under your direct control has just been demonstrated to be a potential risk which needs to be mitigated at your site?

Thread: Lipo charging - which leads ?
03/09/2020 23:47:08
Posted by Norman Seal on 03/09/2020 23:01:26:

I know with Nicads/ NiMh batteries it’s better for them to be slow charged, does it improve the life of Lipos to do it this way as well ?

I don't think charge rate has much impact on life as long as you don't go crazy, much more important to not over discharge them and not to leave them fully charged for long periods.

Thread: Please Help With Removing and Re Fitting Valve Collets
03/09/2020 18:21:41

I use the ring spanner to compress the springs and then put the retainers into the valve groove with a watchmakers screwdriver with a dab of grease on the end

Thread: NGH 17cc petrol what to put it in
28/08/2020 20:30:16

lad at our club had one in a wot 4 xl, 68" and 10ish lbs. Flew fine but not exactly powerful. A decent 91 glow would embarass it.

Thread: Refridgeration expert needed
25/08/2020 20:54:44

Check the door seal.

Thread: What ESC for damped starting and stopping?
24/08/2020 17:21:57

I can recommend the YEP ESC's, excellent esc for the money, well just excellent regardless.

Thread: Irvine 46 piston/cylinder damage
20/08/2020 09:26:17
Posted by Martin Harris on 20/08/2020 00:47:31: engines any more but there may be bits around although I doubt, oddly, that you'd find them any cheaper than the OS bits...although they might last longer!

Edited By Martin Harris on 20/08/2020 00:50:00

I have not compared directly side by side the Irvine mk4 and OS parts, unfortunately when the asp parts dry up there goes the cheap way of improving the FX engines too as you say.

19/08/2020 23:26:06

Everything is different on the mk4, it is basically a red OS.

19/08/2020 22:27:12

part number IRV46-4120 can be had new from ebay vendor make it build it for £27, well worth repairing.  Be quick only one left now I have just bought one for a spare.


R6 front bearing and 6902 rear shouldn't set you back more than a fiver for the pair if you search by the bearing sizes.

Edited By Richard Wills 2 on 19/08/2020 22:30:05

Edited By Richard Wills 2 on 19/08/2020 22:32:42

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