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Thread: Problem with a Spektrum AR 620 receiver
08/05/2019 16:05:57

Well done Nigel ,yes that worked .I put the transmitter further away and used a fully charge lipo and yes it all works .Thanks for your help

08/05/2019 14:25:44

No I have bound it successfully and it is fine but every now and again when you plug the lipo in the receivers just continual bleeps but none of the controls work then if you just disconnect the lipo and turn off the tranny ,turn the tranny back on a connect the lipo every thing is fine ,I do not rebind the receiver again .weired

08/05/2019 14:03:19

Just brought one of those new Spektrum AR 620 receiver and I am not sure what is happening .I have bound it to my DX6 tranny and all is working fine ,then I disconnect the lipo and reconnect it and it just keeps bleeping and nothing will work ,then if I disconnect t the lipo again and reconnect it it is fine and it binds again and everything works .It keeps doing this which does not give me confidence to fly the model with this going on .When is working I have done a range check and it is all OK but not happy about the fact that sometimes it binds and works and then another time you plug the lipo in and all it does is keep bleeping and nothing works .Anyone know what could causing this or should I take it back and buy a futaba receiver and change the model back to my Futaba gear ?

Thread: Freewing 70mm F16 ????
02/04/2019 12:17:14

Anyone have an Freewing or FMS 70mm F16 .I fancy one but I have lived to regret buying an EDF before .We have a mowed grass strip with a part of and old runway to use .But my experience of some EDF has not been good , ie the retract are usually a bit weak and a big concern Also some EDF are a pain to land with the bouncing affect The Freewing 70mm F16 looks good on the promotion video but then they would ,I need someone who has first hand experience with the Freewing 70mm F16 and is not connected to Freewing to give me a run down on the how they fly

Thread: Laser Engines - Technical questions
01/04/2019 17:26:48

I am sure I am right but best make sure before I buy .I have a Laser 80 and want to buy the Seagull Junker CL1 ( the first World War monoplane ) If Jon is out there could you just put my mind at rest .I am sure the Laser 80 will fly this model OK .I think ?

Edited By tigerman on 01/04/2019 17:27:55

Thread: C rating on Lipo's
23/03/2019 14:58:02

I fly a lot of EDF and all my lipo are 35c but I am being told that I should be using at least 50c for flying my EDF but does the so called c rate mean that much ????

Thread: Spektrum Radio repairs ?
19/03/2019 23:28:56

Thinking about it like you said not worth repairing .So I have just order 2 of the new Spektrum 620 receivers The feed back on the new 620 receivers looks good .No problem with the aerials there

19/03/2019 16:47:54

Anyone know where to get Spektrum radio repairs done ? I have 2 Spektrum 610 receivers and on both of them the aerials have broken off and there for can not use them Does anyone know who could repair these receivers for me .Seems ashamed to have 2 good receivers u/s ,be great to get them back to working again

Thread: Am I the only one on the planet that can not land a Freewing Hawk ??
18/03/2019 20:25:08

Finally sorted out my problem landing the Freewing Hawk. Today I had 6 flights and all six landings where greasers ,no bouncing what so ever came in has straight has a die .Really pleased with my landings now .So what did I do to solve this problem ???? It was an easy fix in the end ,I brought a FMS Hawk ,fly brilliant so much more stable on the landings So in my case it was not me but the model .I now have no problem landing the Hawk now .Mined you it cost me £320 but worth it wink

Thread: Help need on the LED leads on the FMS Hawk
14/03/2019 22:14:05

All OK plug the led lead into channel 7 on the receiver and it all works

14/03/2019 16:19:25

Just brought the FMS Hawk and put it all together but where do you plug the 2 led leads that light up the light on the fuselage go?? Do they plug into the black box on the wing or somewhere in the receiver .There is no mention of where they go in the manual and I do not want to blow the led by putting them in the wrong place .The wing light are working I just have 2 leads from the fuselarge which are the fuselarge lights but where do plug them into ?? Help

Thread: Inrunner or outrunner EDF ?
10/03/2019 15:07:49

Better still just been on RC Castle and order a Freewing Hawk fuselage £76 including postage .Better then £340

10/03/2019 15:01:20

Very good point Daniel ,Doh !!! never thought of that Thanks

10/03/2019 13:40:00

Just look it up you are right they do a deluxe version of the Freewing Hawk that does have a inrunner motor .Never knew that

10/03/2019 13:34:11

You are correct or was correct the Freewing Hawk is no longer .To many bad landings took its toll on the poor Freewing Hawk .Because it flew so well I been meaning to replace it but I think the FMS Hawk is a better replacement then the Freewing Hawk .I am hoping it lands better then the Freewing Hawk .The FMS Hawk is dearer but I think it might be worth paying the extra Just wanted to find out what the difference was with a inrunner and an outrunner EDF .Daniel you say your Freewing Hawk came with an inrunner EDF .Have they upgraded the Freewing Hawk because mine came with an outrunner EDF ?

10/03/2019 11:27:08

Which is the best EDF ,an outrunner ED or a inrunner EDF or is it a case of roundabouts and swings .After months of dithering and with a birthday coming up I have decided to buy a Bae Hawk .I think the FMS Hawk is my preferred choice .That is why I have asked the question .FMS use an inrunner EDF and Freewing use an outrunner EDF

Thread: 6s lipo battery and shipment ?
08/03/2019 13:20:08

Are we on the verge of finding it hard to find someone who will ship large lipo batteries .ie 6s 5000 and above .I think you find that the UK HK warehouse will not ship any lipo bigger then 6s 4500 and it looks like a lot of retail model shop might go the same way It looks like if you want a 6s lipo in the future the only way you will be able to get a 6s lipo is to buy either 2 3 s or a 4s and a 2s and connect them !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thread: Am I the only one on the planet that can not land a Freewing Hawk ??
04/03/2019 16:30:26

I have now decided it is bad pilot skills it not the model .Enough said

04/03/2019 16:18:12

Tried that Jon ad some times it works then you think you have crack it and on the next landing ,bouncy ,bouncy .I can land all the other EDF OK ( the Freewing 80mm Sabre lands fine every time no bouncing there ) I know I am not the best pilot in the world and I suspect it is my flying skills that are the problem .Unless anyone out there can restore my confidence and be brave and admit they have the same problem with the Freewing Hawk .No Then it is me .Do not get me wrong I am not knocking the Freewing Hawk in fact it is the opposite I love it and would recommend it ,it looks great and fly great sounds great but I just can not land it on it's wheel .It is not a problem it bellies in fine no problems there .Just frustrating

03/03/2019 22:24:21

Our flying field was a field full off crops last year .We have leveled it off and the grass has been down a year now but it still shows signs of where it has been ploughed for year so I suppose that does not help You are right it fly great and sometime it has landed OK but if things are not right it can get into a terrible bouncing mode which on two occasion has broke the nose off .I have now started to belly it in I suppose there is no shame in belly the Hawk in if it is going to preserve the model .It seems to belly in with no damage ( I have glued on 4 servo protecters on the bottom of the wing 2 aileron 2 flaps servo ) not that I use the flaps when I belly it in Think that is the answer ,Belly it in yes

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