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Thread: Hobby King Again Rrrrrrrrrr
13/11/2019 20:23:49

You try ordering 6s 6200 batteries from Hobby King .Do not know where you got between £10 and £15 from ,they cost me £129 .Parcel Force will not deliver them so Hobby King do not know what to do about the delivery so why advertise them At the same time I order these from Hobby King I also order some lipo from Motion R C Europe came within 3 days from Holland no problem Hobby King are a complete joke They do give a monkeys about there customers .Because they are cheap and nasty they do not care if there customers desert them because they are cheap they will always get someone to use them .Well you are welcome to them .I have cancel my order with Hobby King and gone with a supplier that care about there customers .IE Motion RC they now have my order and I bet you the Lipo will be here in a couple of days time OK I might have paid a bit more but at least I am treated like a customer.Hobby King sucks

13/11/2019 16:01:26

Why do Hobby King make every thing difficult .About a year ago I tried to order some 6s lipo from Hobby King but they never arrived and I had to go through Pay Pal to get my money back .I need some 6s lipo so I got in contact with Hobby King who assure me that problem was solved and if I order these 6s lipo they would be deliver within the week .What a fool I was to believe them ,I order the 6s lipo from Hobby King .and again nothing .Just got in contact with Hobby King a to find out what has happen to my order and have been told they can find courier to deliver them ,exactly what happened a year ago .What a fool I was to believe them .Now it is in the hands of Pay Pal to refund the money Just a warning if you are thinking of using Hobby King ,they will promise every thing then once they have your money God help you .My advise is stay well of clear of Hobby King I would rather pay more to a supplier who want to do business with you then Hobby King angry 2angry 2angry 2

Thread: Charge rate ???
10/11/2019 19:38:55

Thanks it all makes sense now .Looks like I am in the market for a better charger then

10/11/2019 18:25:31

Mmmm I am even more confused now ( that not surprising ) I have a Overlander RC 6-VSP charger and I tried to charge a 6s 4200 Lipo on 4 .0 A and when I turn the charger on it will only go up to 3.4 A .I suspect it is set that way to stop you over charging the lipo ,so 3.4 must be the limit this will charge a 6s 4200 lipo

10/11/2019 14:58:20

Know dout this has been ask before so my apologies if it has . I have just got into EDF . I am using 6s 6000 lipo and have been told to charge these battery at 2.00 on the lipo charger which I think is only 2 amps and it takes for ages .I am told if I charge these batteries any higher I will damages the lipos but I thought I could charge these 6s 6000 lipo at 6.0 on the charger which is 6 amps ,Could someone tell me what is the safest rate I can charge these lipo without damaging them is .I take a 12 v Leisure battry down the flying field with me and at 2.0 (2 amps ) it takes all afternoon to charge up one battery .Some of the members are charging there 6s 6000 lipos at 6 .0 ( 6amps ) but I have been told overtime charging them at 6 amps will do damage to the lipo ,is this correct ???

Thread: The Gov't, CAA, BMFA & UAV legislation thread
08/11/2019 20:06:04

If you are worried about putting your reg number on the outside of the model ( I am not going to bother ,who is going to go around and check )Do what my mates do in the USA and put your number on the back of the prop !!!!!!

Thread: Sabre F86
07/11/2019 15:38:05

If you want a good F 86 Sabre take a look at Motion RC and go for the new upgraded high power 80mm EDF ( Freewing ).It is brilliant

Edited By tigerman on 07/11/2019 15:47:11

Thread: Laser Engines - Technical questions
07/11/2019 15:09:47

Thanks Jon ,that would be the reason why this Laser 80 was fine in my Wots Wot with a 14x7 prop and then I put in this model with a 15x 8 and it has given me problems .I have put a 14x7 prop back on the Laser 80 and had it is much better , It running a treat now ,Thanks Jon and everyone who help me 

Edited By tigerman on 07/11/2019 15:35:57

07/11/2019 09:49:34

Yes thanks everyone .I think between you I have found the problem .My main needle valve was over 3 turns out and my low running needle valve was only 5 1/2 turns out . I will make sure the carb is all clean out and reset it to what you have all said ie main needle valve 21/2 turns out and the slow running needle valve 7 turns out and once this rain has stop I go out and tweak it out like you have explained yes

06/11/2019 20:51:11

I believe Jon has done a video on how to set up the tick over on a Laser Engine, anyone know where I can find it ???

Edited By tigerman on 06/11/2019 20:51:44

06/11/2019 16:19:43

Simple answer to that is I have not touch the low speed needle .Looks like that is where the problem is .So if it runs OK at full throttle and seems to me to run a bit rich at half throttle does that mean I need to turn the slow running needle clockwise to get it to run at half throttle ?

06/11/2019 15:43:22

Need some hand help setting up my Laser 80 .I have a First World War model with a Laser 80 fitted and I like to fly it on half throttle ,here is my problem .I have tuned the needle valve to run at full throttle and it runs OK ,when I point the model up it is fine but when I fly it on half throttle in the air it splutters .So I tuned the Laser to run at half throttle and it fly OK untill you try to loop ,it will cut out when traveling upwards .When I landed the Laser was it was fine on half throttle but has soon has I point the nose up it cuts !!! It seems I can either run it on half throttle and not try to loop it or tune it to run on full throttle and at half throttle it will run rough If I tune the main needle to run at full throttle it will not run great at half throttle and if I tune it to run on half throttle it will not run with the nose point upwards HELP a first world war flying at full throttle looks terrible .I am running a 15/8 prop

Thread: Captain Mike & Pilot Ryan ????
02/11/2019 15:49:34

Just out of interest does anyone know if Captain Mike and Pilot Ryan are still with Motion RC or have they move on ,do not see them anymore on the new videos from Motion RC ?

Thread: Laser Engines - Technical questions
20/10/2019 19:04:28

Yes I think a 6 kilo model for a Laser 80 is asking to much for the poor Laser .Has I said I had the Laser in a Wots Wot and I like flying the Wots Wot with the Laser 80 .It had more then enough power ,flew slow ,flew fast ,very acrobatic and a real pleasure to fly but I thought Ripmax had stop stocking them .I now see that a lot of the popular Model shop have them back in stock . So I might stick with the Wots Wot .

20/10/2019 14:40:06

Hi Piers ,thanks for your reply but you really do not want to see a model I have built ,I get more glue on the workshop then I do on the model ,my wife has banned me from bring any model into the Kitchen .I have a mate who will only build from plans and he keep getting me to build a real model ,I really wish I had the skills to build models .Has I said my mate builds from plan ,at the moment he is building a Hurricane and I can only drool over he's skill at building .I afraid it is ARTF for me Sorry but thanks for your reply .Looks like I will have to revert to plan B ,One Wots Wot coming up

20/10/2019 12:32:18

I have a Laser 80 spare now, just lost the top wing on my old Wots wot in flight and it is really old now and needs replacing ,not worth trying to repair it . Seagull Models have just brought out a 90 inch L-4 Grasshopper .It's flying weight is meant to be 6 Kilos and it is for a 15cc to 20cc petrol engine (horrible things these petrol engines ) Going by my calculation if it is for a 15cc/20cc petrol engine a Laser 80 should be OK but I I find sometimes the manafactures recommendation are not that great .I find it is best to check .Anyone help me out on this combination a Laser 80 in a Seagull 6 Kilo L-4 Grasshopper .I do not want to fork out £350 only to find the Laser 80 is not the right engine for this model Failing that I do not really want to buy another Wots Wot but that will be my second choice .

Thread: KV Upgrade ????
14/10/2019 20:40:15

That makes sense .I have been told to try 60c rating Lipo for EDF but I have always believed that most c rating are wildly exarate and most 60c rated are normal around 30/40 c . Anyhow I have order the upgrade ,I let you know what the difference is when I get it

14/10/2019 15:15:45

I am flying a Freewing F 86 which has a 3530-1680 KV 12 blade outrunner with a 80amp speed controller EDF fitted .It fly OK but a little bit under powered in my opinion ,it only just get airborne and then you have to fly it on full throttle to keep it flying .Freewing have just brought out an upgraded version with a upgraded motor a 3658-1857 kv motor with a 100 amp speed controller .These number means nothing to my small brain .So in layman terms will the upgrade 3658-1857 inrunner motor with a 100 amp esc have more power then the old 3550-1680 with a 80 amp esc and make my take off and flying a lot better ????

Edited By tigerman on 14/10/2019 15:17:17

Thread: Seagull Harvard 75 cowl
23/09/2019 16:15:42

Thanks everyone ,between you I think I can come up with something to fit .Great

23/09/2019 13:42:05

I have a Top Flight Texan with a Laser 80 and need a new cowl for it .This model is discontinued and so the cowl for this model is unattainable .Just wonder if the cowl for the Seagull Harvard 75 ( The one for a 80/90 4 stroke ) would fit ? Anybody have a Seagull Harvard 75 that could give me the diameter of the Seagull cowl and maybe I could get one of those to fit

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