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Thread: Solar powered shed
21/11/2019 00:25:01

I’m glad I don’t have to consider heating issues down here in Oz. My biggest issue is keeping the work area cool. Lol.

Piers makes a good point with regards to insulating though and is spot on regarding lighting. I use LED strip lighting around my workspace and it is brilliant as well as dirt cheap to run. I have even started fitting my house out with LED lighting because of the running cost and zero maintenance (no more blown globes or tubes). If you want to help out your lights though (you definitely don’t have to with LED) consider reflective or white ceiling surfaces and walls.

sunshine is not an issue down here so solar works brilliantly. My parents have been running solar power for several years and have not had an electric power bill since installing their system. All the surplus power they generate feeds back on to the main supply grid and this offsets their power usage bill. End result - no bill. Of course we are talking about a much bigger system than a garden shed though.

Dont be put off Amy. Do your research, weigh up the pros and cons, work out your budget and see where you’re at. I’m not a greenie power saver type of guy believe me but I do think solar power is worth the effort. I am looking at getting a solar system for my house this year (6.5kW which is really big) but I’m sure you could get a suitably sized unit for your requirements.

Let us know how you go.


20/11/2019 00:18:35

Great idea Amy. Not sure where you live but here in Australia, solar power is becoming very popular. There are many variations depending on your requirements.

Simple 12volt supply from a couple of panels running some 12volt lights, maybe trickle charging a deep cycle battery so you have night time power. This would possibly be the cheapest and if you have a little bit of electrical knowledge you could probably install it yourself.

More complex systems might include a couple of panels connected to an inverter that could potentially supply nearly all of your AC power needs for a shed but, you would most likely have to invest in a more substantial storage battery that could keep the power on at night and even the load out. You would also have to get someone who knows what they’re doing to install it.

Have a look at the Tesla power wall as an example. It is a VERY good system but a little expensive. They even make roof tiles that are photovoltaic cells so no big square panels on your roof. Once again a little pricey but if you are building a shed from scratch it could be a viable option depending on your needs.

so many choices and things to consider but I think it’s a brilliant idea. Good luck.


Thread: Model vs Trees
17/07/2019 11:36:20

Stall on downwind leg. Grumman Mallard. January 2017.

unfortunately 2 people tragically lost their lives. This happened in front of thousands of people setting up for our “Australia Day” celebrations.


Thread: Soldering station.
02/06/2019 15:17:33

Then there’s one of these. **LINK**

Too expensive for my wallet though.

02/06/2019 15:09:42

I know exactly the type you mean Chris. The new stands do look a bit not right but, yes I’m pretty sure that’s how it’s used. The little tin acts the same way as the wick type desoldering tape.

02/06/2019 15:00:15

Chris I’m pretty sure it’s supposed to be like that when in use. The tip sits in a tin of curly fine copper that’s supposed to clean the tip between use. At least that’s my understanding of them.

02/06/2019 14:46:37

When I finished my apprenticeship many years ago, butane powered soldering irons had just come out. Being an elevator tech, some times power outlets were not always close at hand to just plug a soldering iron in to so these little gems were perfect. Lightweight, portable and heat at the flick of a piezo igniter, brilliant. They also come with a selection of tips that include a little blowtorch attachment and the heat is adjustable by turning the flame down or up as required. I have used it to solder delicate little pc boards with the little pointy bit, through to heavy gauge wire using the blowtorch. Don’t think I would ever buy anything else now.

As for the cleaning, I use a little damp sponge and it works just fine. I think frequent cleaning is the best way to maintain the tip but in particular don’t leave the iron hot doing nothing with solder/flux on it. The combination of heat with the flux definitely shortens it’s life. Also always clean your iron before you put it away. Long term exposure to flux will also eat at it.

Just my two penneth worth but I reckon if you ask 5 people you’ll get 7 different answers.

Thread: Red Eagle
03/03/2019 15:49:01

Thanks Piers, I did torment a little over wether to fit ailerons or not.

I decided ailerons but to be fair they will actually be flaperons, I have also removed the dihedral from the centre wing section so it is only the outer wing section that has the dihedral.

Totally agree with you re the extra weight from a larger battery. A bit of experimentation and a few tentative test flights I think.

Thats what I like about this forum, lots of different ideas and really good advice, plus I love seeing everyone’s twist on a design.

03/03/2019 04:59:30

What size battery Michael? I was going to use 3s 2200 but could go up to 3200 I guess for extra useful weight.

I wonder if the addition of the ailerons will affect the CG. Time will tell I guess.

02/03/2019 07:44:37

I decided to try making my aileron more “scale” like with a scalloped section on the wing and rounded leading edge on the aileron. Once I work out how to fit the control horn I’ll finish shaping the wing section, fit the wing bolt support panel and maybe do what someone else has and make up a little bit of fairing for the upper centre section of the wing panel where it meets the fuselage just to tidy it up a little.

Then it’s on to the outer wing panel followed by the right hand side wing, give it all a final smooth over with a little filler for the small blemishes and then on to covering. Probably transperant blue and yellow.

have you tried any inverted flying yet? If so how does it handle and do you have any problems with seeing orientation?

02/03/2019 07:34:16


02/03/2019 07:31:43

Still lots of shaping and sanding to do.

02/03/2019 07:31:09

Hatch.jpegFuzz rear.jpegTail.jpegLhs under.jpegLhs inner.jpeg

02/03/2019 07:27:38


Mine is all cut from balsa plank. No kit. Hence the slow build. Here’s hoping mine balances as well.

pics following.

02/03/2019 06:44:03

Nice work Michael.

Im still working on mine. VERY slow build. I’m fitting ailerons and it has taken me a while to nut it all out but I’m getting there. So far fuzz, tail feathers and almost one wing panel done.

I hope mine will fly as well as yours.

I’ll put up a couple of progress pics.


Thread: Christmas bush
21/12/2018 09:31:14

Hi Kooka and Ace.

I’ve not seen the Christmas bush you have Kooka but it looks great. Might have to enquire at my local nursery. I’m in the west as well Ace and like you I’m guessing those beautiful yellow flowers always signify Christmas to me.

Merry Christmas guys.


Thread: Gatwick drone incident
21/12/2018 09:18:37

I think this issue (and I’m sure we all agree it is a global issue) may be best addressed with compulsory registration. I think it’s probably the easiest way but the problem, as has been previously stated is policing/enforcement as well as administration.

Possibly one way to assist with administration is point of sale registration. It appears that this could be done even with the internet sales given that taxes can be imposed on overseas sales. Currently almost any retailer can sell “drones” and most 10 year old kids buying or receiving these “toys” have no idea of their legal obligations and the retailers don’t care.

I know this won’t stop those intent on breaking the law, after all with a little bit of know how, a handful of spare parts and/or a 3D printer you could make your own. You will never stop those intent on breaking any law.

Of course there are always far smarter people than I who will have far smarter ideas. Maybe one is the registration of ALL transmitters? Someone with some tech smarts may also be able to come up with some way of putting an electronic “fingerprint” in all transmitters so that smart detection devices can track down “illegal” use?

As is always the case those operating responsibly and legally will have nothing to fear but we will be the ones to bear the brunt of enforcement and registration costs.

Here’s hoping we catch these clowns and somehow stop future such behaviour. I hope and pray we never have a catastrophic accident caused by these activities.

Stay safe and have a very merry Christmas.


Thread: flight manoeuvre descriptions
08/12/2018 20:14:36

Thank you gents, I will follow up on your recommended reading.

Danny I am probably what you would call a progressing flyer. I love getting my sleeker out and tearing a hole in the sky with loops and rolls etc. But I have no idea what the difference is between Aeros and scale and would love to learn.

I remember a little while ago reading in RCM&E a really good article on perfecting landings and it was brilliant. I thought if I could read similar articles like that on other flight techniques, I could take my flying to a whole new level.

Anyway you have armed me with lots of reading sources so I will read and learn.

Many thanks again gents and a merry Christmas to you all


08/12/2018 13:33:16

Hi all,

I have a request/suggestion maybe for the editors of this forum and RCM&E magazine.

Is it possible to put a column together that describes in words and diagrams different Aerial Manoeuvres? maybe one movement per month?

I hear different terms used like Cuban 8's and many others but trying to find out what they are and how they look or are performed is a whole different ball game.

What do others think? Is it possible gentlemen?

Keep up the good work.


Thread: Australia’s Royal Flying Doctor Service
03/12/2018 10:16:45

Bit of a game changer Peter.

Flight times halved, room for 2 medical teams and 3 stretchers so they can deal with multiple casualties and they can still land and take off on remote dirt landing strips. Awesome setup.

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