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Thread: New scam alert!
13/11/2020 11:50:34

Just another one for the Norton renewal scam , I must have deleted dozens across several accounts lately . Nearly had me until I remembered I was with Macfee !

Thread: OS 46 Rear Carb
22/10/2020 09:03:42

Also you might need the above and different length screws .

Thread: NGH GT17cc petrol engine starting issues
27/09/2020 10:42:07

Won't help with the tightness but I replaced my sparkplug with the OS G5 glow plug in my NGH17cc because my CDI units got burned in a fire . Starts and runs lovely on test bench but the NGH is still a bit noisy for our field and I don't have anything suitable to put it in at moment . Really can't see any difference between CDI or glow plug running and for £7.50 it's worth a try , one less battery and CDI unit to fit . Some people say it has problems in tuning but they are modding a glow to petrol but the NGH is already petrol all your doing is replacing the ignition !

Thread: Spektrum Tx and Rx compatability, or binding trouble
19/09/2020 10:06:06

AR410 at £25 excellent receiver .

Thread: New limit on groups in England from Monday?
19/09/2020 10:01:33

I have read the above and can only think that last year we were arguing the toss about the CAA registration and it got heated , wonder in a year's time what the topic will be ? Just remember in some countries free speech isn't allowed and seen as dissent . Do you ever wonder if the people drafting the law have a clear idea what they mean ? We can't work it out easily bet they couldn't either .

Thread: Wire bending jig
08/09/2020 13:49:09

Thanks Earlybird that's the one , looks dead easy now !

08/09/2020 12:50:42

Having a senior moment here , there was a thread the other day about some topic that showed a link to video on bending nosewheel legs , smart ones have already guessed ! Got one now can't find the video and need to know how it goes together as there is nothing in the kit . Specifically bending a spring into it I can't work out , bet it's dead easy but don't see it . Anyone know where to find it ?

Thread: Farm vehicle interference on 2.4?
04/09/2020 09:52:43

Also any high powered WiFi repeaters ( illegal) in the area maybe , guess what frequency they are on yep ! 2.4Ghz .

04/09/2020 09:40:59

Not sure but the vehicles may have been communicating on Bluetooth which is on 2.45Ghz ? Maybe just enough to desense the receiver as it flew over .

Thread: NGH 17cc petrol what to put it in
29/08/2020 09:43:57

As the NGH 17cc is already a petrol engine if you put in the G5 plug and ignite it voila it runs no differently from using the CDI pack . As my CDI packs all got burned in a fire but the engines were elsewhere £7 for a G5 plug or £50+ for a CDI was a no brainer ! This setup is no different to the smallest petrol OS 2 stroke but is only applicable to petrol engines with same size thread as a glow plug . No extra battery and CDI weight to worry about , the only real downside is the bark of the engine despite buying a "quiet" exhaust from JE . It is a little loud at WOT and the noise a gruff bark but that's nothing really to do with ignition swop but the exhaust design . Look up OS GGT10 petrol engine that's the same setup and OS don't usually get it wrong !

28/08/2020 22:46:42

Some good ideas and no gloop to clean off after every flight , plenty of choices in that range . Anything 60 size sounds just right then thanks for replies Harvard or Acrowot sound nice .

28/08/2020 19:57:01

I have a surplus NGH 17cc petrol engine and cannot decide what to put it in plane wise . I know that a 9cc NGH is 46-50 ish but not sure what the petrol 17cc equates too . Anyone put the NGH 17cc in anything interesting and what size was it ? It looks a big lump when it's your hand but I'm using a G5 plug so no battery and cdi ( got toasted in a fire) so weighs little less. Any successful marriages using NGH 17cc out there ? Or should I sell it and buy a Zenoah .

Thread: Long pushrods
19/08/2020 10:15:45

The rudder is already a push pull using pushrods but the elevator halves are two pushrods into a connector and one metal geared servo . It worked ok on the original pushrods but I don't trust nearly 20 year-old nylon clevis and couldn't find any metal ones to fit the thread . I'll see how M3 threaded rod works when I get it all back together.

18/08/2020 23:45:07

I found a length of M3 threaded rod that is long enough and fits into the plastic pushrod tube , I cut this to length and fitted M3 clevis on both ends , this seems a perfect fit and operates perfectly . All I need now is a 3 more threaded rods as the rudder is push/pull and the elevator is in two halves and that may be way forward . The ARTF is a Magic Funfly 90 with recommended 60-90 two stroke so my Saito FA82b should be a good fit .

18/08/2020 23:45:05

I found a length of M3 threaded rod that is long enough and fits into the plastic pushrod tube , I cut this to length and fitted M3 clevis on both ends , this seems a perfect fit and operates perfectly . All I need now is a 3 more threaded rods as the rudder is push/pull and the elevator is in two halves and that may be way forward . The ARTF is a Magic Funfly 90 with recommended 60-90 two stroke so my Saito FA82b should be a good fit .

Thread: Foaming tank
18/08/2020 23:34:20

Just to clarify its running on 12% Optifuel I don't use anything else . I will go with a loose fit so the tank can't escape but isn't rigid with foam to keep it roughly in place . Thanks for suggestions everyone better fixed in the workshop than deadstick above the Mersey where we fly !

Thread: Long pushrods
18/08/2020 10:19:33

I have an old Funfly kit I recently put together and being 20 years old some of the hardware is a little brittle looking especially the nylon clevis on the pushrods . I measured the pushrod as being just under 2mm and got out the M2 clevis but the thread is wrong . I cannot find any partial threaded M2 pushrod anywhere longer than 300mm and I want about 500mm long. Anyone know of any supplier , I could go to M3 if necessary . I can't use the modern plastic inner/outer job because it's all boxed in without a major rebuild job so stuck with M2 or M3 .

Thread: Foaming tank
18/08/2020 10:00:35

I wonder if anyone can offer a solution to a problem with the tank in a Funfly. The Funfly was a old ARTF kit I picked up at Weston Park ( missing it this year) and decided to put it together after totalling my Spacewalker due to dumb thumbs. I have fitted a Saito 82 and used the tank supplied and all seemed well on the ground but we could not get full power consistently it seemed to hunt . It was landed and we could see air at WOT in the fuel pipe so it was taken to workshop and stripped down . The clunk had fallen off but nothing else found with the tank so it was replaced with a new tankatank tested again with the same result air in the fuel feed from tank . Standing over it with the wing removed showed that the tank was frothing like mad at WOT , I loosened the ply plate and foam that held it in place and voila the air stopped . The tank is fitted with neck through the bulkhead with a foam buffer around it and the ply plate has foam around where it holds the tank but this seems too rigid . Should I wrap it in foam and and wedge it in or something else ? The clunk is a straight brass one should I change it to felt clunk , would that help ? Any ideas as I'm a bit restricted as to what tank I can fit easily and the Seagull oval ones fit really well . Just to be sure I balanced the prop because of the vibration but it didn't help . Over to the more experienced types !

Thread: M2 pitch
15/08/2020 09:52:14

Does anyone know the M2 clevis(s) available from model shops pitch I.e. are they M2x0.4 or M2x0.45 it never states on the packet . I want to replace some nylon rubbish that came with an old ARTF Funfly and the pushrods are longer than the normal 300mm size.

Thanks in anticipation

Thread: QX7 firmware update
07/06/2020 16:13:44

Thanks for replies , as I have no known glitches "if in doubt do nowt" is the way forward .

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