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Thread: AR636a rates
10/02/2020 17:54:27

I have picked up a Eflite P51 fitted with a AR636a and being the inquisitive type looked at the settings of the beast and was surprised at the results

FM1 rates 90% ABS

FM2 rates 80% ABS

FM3 rates 39% ABS

As it has flaps and retracts on a six channel Rx it shares it's flight mode selection switch with the flaps on AUX1 .

That seems a lot of stabilisation on the rates , not sure whether the FM change as it's the flaps as well on the switch .

Anyone throw any light on it ? Not flown it yet but it flew well enough down our field by another club member ( but he has no idea what AS3X is ) .

Thread: Apprentice Tail Question?
25/01/2020 09:28:27

Roger Bostik or contact adhesive will be fine . Keep the horizontal tailplane as well because if you break the fin you can half the tailplane and use that as a fin . It works a treat and gets you flying again without the £25 cost of the new one . Just watch on the fin over time that it has not creased just above the slot as this is a weak point . I don't know if your a beginner but once you get the basics on an Apprentice ditch the ASX it's much nicer on a normal receiver as the settings are a bit nannyish.

24/01/2020 17:24:24

It needs glueing in , ask me how I know !

I didn't and it came loose in the air , I used UHU POR just a smear . It does look secure when pushed into the slot but it isn't .

Thread: AR636a on flying wing
16/01/2020 17:49:56

Thank you Denis that makes sense otherwise you would never be able to trim it properly.

16/01/2020 15:45:11

I have a AR636a rescued from a burnt out Radian XL that I have reprogrammed for use on a cheap Chinese flying wing . The setups gone ok everything moves the correct way even the stabilisation . The 2 questions I have relate to the stabilisation part

I have no idea what to set the rate gains on a flying wing , I have it on a 3 position switch with up being off and then choice of 2 settings . I don't want heading hold just looking for a starting setting on rates and priority ?

Second as you have no effective yaw control what do set the yaw rates as ? I would have thought zero as I'm only using elevons . Anyone been here and got any pointers as to a good setup ?

Just for information I did it all wrong initially , the transmitter is not set up for Elevons just normal fixed wing and everything is set on the receiver including trims . So how do set trims if it's wildly out on maiden flight ?

Thread: Hobbyking site development.
16/01/2020 09:26:36

Back up but still clunky as though it was hosted on some old laptop . Still need to address the issue when you try and select UK only it still gives you global and euro after a long delay . The programmer who wrote this pony and trap would have been fired at my company and found himself working at MacDonalds .

Thread: HobbyKing Bixler v2 setup
23/12/2019 09:44:24


For info only all electric planes should have the ESC /motor calibrated against the TX so they both know where max and min are , I once looked at a down on power motor thinking of changing it when bingo I calibrated the ESC and got the power back .

As for the flaps on a Bix 2 they are hinged but you need to cut the foam to free them if you want to use them and there are cutouts in the foam for 9g servos with blanks in . As said they are not needed if I can't land mine within 6 feet of myself without flaps then I think I'm getting old. Hope this helps .

22/12/2019 13:44:36

Sorry Tony forgot to mention it DOES NOT NEED FLAPS , don't know why they put provision for them not needed. If you want you can join the flaps to the ailerons for more authority but not really necessary.

Go enjoy it , always take mine even on windy days.

22/12/2019 13:41:26

Hi Tony

I would do some basic checking i.e. swap over aileron and say elevator and see whether the ailerons then work with the elevator stick . You should be able to isolate the problem , as for the throttle take the prop off and do the throttle calibrate , full throttle on TX power up Rx and when it beeps drop to zero . Also check your TX servo direction isn't reversed .

The Bixler 2 is a great machine on my second ( fire in garage ate number 1) the first had its wings glued on and the nose reglued back on twice and still flew great . Launch left handed and just flies out of your hand keep a little elevator in and it's away , love flying it into wind then reducing throttle until it just sits there in the same place then see how many circuits you can do on the field without power , magic for the price .

Thread: RX8R Pro Signal Swamping??
15/11/2019 19:53:12

I can confirm the above it does the same with QX7 and S6R bit of a worry as I'm just launching my Bixler by hand but it's back on instantly , just swamping its great once it's away .

Thread: Plane that can have lots of modifications.
16/10/2019 09:10:27

If you want balsa and space Seagulls Boomerang is a good choice either electric or IC , bags of room and a nice gentle flyer that doesn't bite but still aerobatic with the rates up . Same for Seagull E-Pioneer but thats electric only . FYI bit of a Seagull fan but bin those plastic clevises -ugh !

Thread: Bixler 2/3
04/09/2019 22:41:34

I think the Bix2 flies better than the Bix3 just seems easier to chuck around . Bought the Bix3 to replace the earlier 2 thinking it would die soon but it's still going but is a collection of UHU Por/Cyano/hot glue held together with foam. Wing fitting better on the 3 but glued the 2s wing in permently. On a 3S 2200 with a bit of gliding will stay aloft way past my boredom threshold.

Thread: RCM&E September Issue.
29/07/2019 22:53:13

Glad someone else noticed page 42 before and after pictures I was doubting my sanity thinking what's the difference . We' ll blame it on the handover , is the new editor from one of the defunct titles from last year the name and face looked familiar .

Thread: Peter Miller asks what next?
23/07/2019 23:58:14

I like the look at the Czech Aero 145 and no one else would have one down the field ! Go on admit it we all like " one upmanship " or call it originality if you like . As a relative beginner (2 years) I remember way back everything looked the same to me i.e. high wing monoplanes all looking similar and didn't grab me enough to take it up , I thought a few years ago such diversity I'll give it go and now we all seem to go for the same types over and over again . Is it function over form or do we just like what flies well ? I like the idea of modelling something out of the box ( don't mean ARTF ) even if it's not a great flyer at least we are not stagnating with designs . I admire the guys who take pictures and measurements and turn out a plan for a model of something out of the ordinary , wish I had the ability !

Hey you designers keep it up give all a bit of diversity .

Thread: S8R stabilisation problemsanyone
11/07/2019 23:03:56

Yes if you mean simple mode but will go in and out using the LUA script .

11/07/2019 22:40:06

Sorry forgot to mention when I do the calibration I can't get it go from toggling the switch 3 times which is strange but the switches are set up correctly .

11/07/2019 22:37:12

Thanks for reply Denis , not pre-owned but I thought I might bite the bullet and make myself familiar with fiddly setup procedure and tried it using 4 servos on a piece of balsa rather than a plane . It setup after watching the Painless360 video for the nth time as a standard fixed wing , switched on and off and changed the gain on a pot ok and corrected the right way . It occured to me that I had a 28% bigger Delta built from RCME plan last year that I don't fly because I'm a little intimidated by it so thought the stabilization function may help , it all seemed to go wrong after this . Strange the way it works fine without stabilization but as soon as you enable it goes belly up . Used the same procedure on S6R and worked fine , bit sad now because I have some X6Rs which because of the close price difference I wish I'd bought S6Rs ! It's not the end of the world if I can't fix it might just use it unstabalized in my Bixler which is mainly UHU Por and Cyano held together with foam and doesn't owe me anything .

11/07/2019 20:39:08

Wonder if anyone can help ? I have s8r that I can program as a normal non stab. plane and it works fine all servos work ok . When I run the lua script as soon as I enable stab. one servo jitters and when I try the controls only one of the servos work . I have flashed the receiver with the latest firmware and the QX7 with latest . All the other bits are correct I.e. Ch 9/10/12 setup correctly , I have an S6R which works perfectly so I know how it should work. As soon as I enable simple or complex stab. mode I lose all but the elevator servo . I did have it working once with stabalisation but I changed it to Delta and the above happened , changed it back to normal but it does not respond . Anyone got any good ideas or should I just use it as 8 channel or bin it ?

Thread: Seagull E-Pioneer
30/05/2019 18:54:06

Side thrust not required flies like a dream but I did put a lid on battery compartment , made a lip using ply to push one end under and a couple of self tappers with a bit of brass soldered into the slot to make thumb screws ?. Came down once unscrewed the lid and the velcro had let go but the battery stayed put . It's had a battery fall out hence the lid , and a mid air crash and was repaired easily both times . Only other mod was to lock the steered wheel straight ahead and junk the servo , just use the rudder once you have speed up on ground . Trained on it and passed my A test with it and still get it out when I can't be bothered getting the glow fuel out ! Would recommend to anyone as a trainer over any foamy , only bettered by a Seagull Boomerang with a 4 stroke but that's another story .


Edited By Brian Dorricott 1 on 30/05/2019 18:55:32

Thread: Modeltech Fun Fly 90
06/04/2019 17:35:34

Anyone any info on this ARTF I know it's 61in wingspan for 60-90 glow and takes 5 servos but after that not much to go on . What size petrol engine would it take ? any ideas on CG and throws what servos to buy ? Too much to hope someone has a manual to copy? Anyone remember flying one and what were they like to fly . You have probably guessed it's a swap meet purchase less manual .

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