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Thread: Apprentice receiver and new esc
14/05/2017 21:35:44

Thanks Dave but I don't get the tones when I try the calibrate routine I will see if does it on the orange Rx tomorrow . Maybe Kim put his finger on it and maybe the safe Rx does not like the unbranded ESC I am using but the Orange Rx does ! Don't you just love standardised gear built to a common spec which all works great together or not in this case .


14/05/2017 11:50:54

Hope I am under the correct heading ?

I have swapped out an Apprentice as3x safe receiver for a 6 channel orange Rx and all appears well . I thought I would test a 4max motor that is a little noisy so hooked up the safe Rx to battery and esc and bound it to a spektrum 6e everything ok up till now , stuck a couple of old servos on just to make sure and it did its little routine of rudder/elevator/aileron checks all well . The throttle however will not arm no matter what I check and this Rx was not faulty when I removed it , so I put the esc/motor/battery combo on the new orange Rx and it worked ok. Therefore esc/motor/battery all ok but not on the eflite safe Rx , I think the tx 6e setup is ok for the Rx because I flew Wednesday with it only thing that is different is the esc . Anybody out there point me towards something I may have missed ? I have done the usual re-bind etc but no joy and popped the Rx back on the Apprentice and it's ok no problem . Does the safe Rx need a specific Esc maybe ? As usual any help even mild abuse appreciated especially if I missed the blo...y obvious

Thread: Aeromodellers or model flyers?
05/05/2017 09:39:14

This builders versus users isn't confined to this hobby , amateur radio has the same problems cheap radios from China and a 3 tier licence the lowest of which I think a 5 year old could pass with a little coaching. Yes I am a dinosaur when I passed the exam in the 70s you had to do a Morse test to get all the bands and now they basically get them anyway with restrictions . The old way was listening for years then going for the exam to be able to transmit , now it seems the newer generation get the lot straight away and don't work for it and certainly do not build anything they could use on air akin to our flyers only . As an aside I am a newbie beginner and have Apprentice to take instruction on but am building "The Answer" featured in the mag recently and I couldn't just turn up and only fly because I would be missing the best part of the hobby .

Thread: Apprentice 15e
04/05/2017 20:21:40

Hi all

I had an unfortunate accident on my newly repaired Apprentice when the fin came off due to not enough glue and it came down several fields away across the Mersey. As I had a problem last week with a elevator hinge giving way the fin snapped clean off but I cut the bottom 20 mm off and glued it back and re drilled the fin. The question is will a 20mm smaller fin make much difference to the flight characteristics ? as a beginner I don't know if i should wait for the ordered replacement or give it a try , probably let the instructor check it out first . I will check the cg but I don't think it will have altered much as I used reinforced tape to strengthen the fin and added back a bit of weight. Will it make the plane unstable or not any ideas anyone.

Thread: The Answer kit
24/04/2017 17:25:25

Hi guys

just an update , put on strip flooded with aliphatic and smoothed it down and left to dry overnight , next day success but the tape is about 5 mm off centre as it dried , can I move it ? not likely its there for the duration , in fact if I crash it (and I will) I suspect the wing will disintegrate but the join will still be intact ! I will cover in Solite and hope for the best.

Thanks again for help and if I am really stuck I bet that nice Tim Hooper will help.

21/04/2017 09:26:42

Thanks for all the replies , aliphatic it is then . I only epoxied the wings together and aliphatic everywhere else . It a bit of a steep re-learning curve after about 45+ years and then it all balsa glue and control lines for me. I did a double take when reading about throwing it in the bath before pinning it on the jig but it worked a treat . The fuselage looks a little complicated on the plan but I expect it will come together when I start it but for now i will just admire the wings for a while and wait for nice days to go for flying lessons at the club .

Cheers all

20/04/2017 20:22:05

hope I am in the right forum , I purchased a kit The Answer from Haydock and as a newbie have a question . The wing is in two halves and is glued with a dihedral of 3.5 in either side , the plan shows fibreglass tape on both sides of wing as re-in forcement I am not sure what to stick it on with. I glued the wing with epoxy and wondered if I should do the same tape and do you epoxy both sides of the tape or use another type of glue ?

Brian (first time builder)

Thread: Dx6e and phoenix simulator
17/03/2017 18:23:23

Sorry Denis I meant more than 30 mins at one session seems to about right anymore and diminishing returns

17/03/2017 18:04:07

Thanks Denis but for the time being everything but the rudder at least gets my fingers used to using the tx because out on lessons still very clumsy and over correcting and not very smooth but i hope that comes with time . Am also aware that anymore than 30 minutes on sim is wasted . Ta

17/03/2017 18:04:06

Thanks Denis but for the time being everything but the rudder at least gets my fingers used to using the tx because out on lessons still very clumsy and over correcting and not very smooth but i hope that comes with time . Am also aware that anymore than 30 minutes on sim is wasted . Ta

Thread: Orange R620x and telemetry
17/03/2017 17:57:05

Hi, probably already been pointed out but if not , the orange r620x is quite easy to get going on voltage and temperature . The 3 pin connector on the side (sorry dont know the name) is centre common ground the other side is volts so connect to your lipo and the temperature side i attached a 10 kiloohm thermistor available on ebay for pennies and bobs your uncle . I fired up the rx into a DX6e and it found the temperature and lipo voltage straight away and temperature agrees with my house thermometer. A lot better than 5 or 6 pounds plus huge postage from Hobbyking , when I do my A certificate and swap out the eflite rx on my Apprentice 15e i will have lipo voltage and ESC temp for pennies. Hope this helps or if its common knowledge tell me shut up.

Brian in Manchester

Thread: Dx6e and phoenix simulator
17/03/2017 17:32:56

Hi, I have an Apprentice 15e with a supplied DXeA which failed the range check quite spectacularly (5 feet) so it went back to Horizon , in the meantime being a newby and impatient i treated myself to a DX6e which is great with the Apprentice . However as my instructor at the club has kindly not pointed out i am a complete klutz on the sticks clumsy isnt the word so i thought how do i get back on the Phoenix simulator when the DX6e has no connector only wireless ? I have an Orange R620x for future use so i put a scope on the bind signal output and could see data proportional to the sticks being waggled on the tx , so i connected that to the Phoenix 3.5mm jack and i got something. It was a little odd because the sticks were all about face , aileron where throttle should be etc only the rudder was where it was expected . I built a new transmitter profile in Phoenix with what i had but i only get 3 working controls and the 4th which was originally throttle was all or nothing so swopped it for the rudder and centred it (because i dont use rudder much as a newby) and behold i can fly again , the long winded question is there anything else i can do to do to get all the channels or am i stuck with that ? or should i quit while ahead ?

Brian Manchester

Thread: Apprentice and tones
09/01/2017 14:45:30

Thanks guys , i tried binding it and has the same beeps so reasonably happy its ok . Clevis on order from Wheelspin Models by post.

07/01/2017 17:21:41

Hi guys silly question time again

I have an Apprentice and put it together for the first time and it all seems to work ok but i cannot work out the tone sequence/meaning , after initial setup i get the servos running and a solid orange led on the rx but the tone comes and goes with operation of the controls but if left for 30secs goes quiet with the occasional beep. Is this correct or do i need to bind or something the manual is a much use as ladies appendages on a bull. Also the nose wheel clevis has no pin to go through servo horn are these common items or all different threads ? Sorry if i used the wrong names just finding my way round the hobby .

Cheers Brian

Thread: Newbie and foam question
22/12/2016 18:24:44

Thanks for replies i will try the hot water trick first and then tape , what adheres best to foam ? Gaffa tapes a bit heavy isnt it ? Use to repair rally cars with it years ago maybe a clear tape ?

Brian D

21/12/2016 10:22:50

Hi names Brian in Manchester

I have bought an apprentice 15e as a complete beginner but have already got a small jagged dent in the foam wing , quick look around the net suggests " light weight speckling filler " never heard of this will it fill a little dent in the foam ? Am i better putting a small patch over ?

Looking to join a local club and get some tution in the New Year and fly it then so any pointers appreciated

Brian D

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