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Thread: Does anyone remember...
28/06/2020 10:38:22


I was trying to remember the Walsall shop when I saw David’s post. Graingers indeed. I used to go over specially to admire the Macgregor Single channel sets they stocked. Eventually bought a Futaba Codematc single channel set.

My go to shop was Models & Hobbies in Wolverhampton town centre.



28/06/2020 09:14:46


the only model shop I remember in the area was called Penn models. It was run by the late Pete Littley who was a member of Kinver Aeronauts Radio Control Society as was I. Grand names in those days. The shop started life as an iron mongers and rapidly became a fully fledged model shop . I believe it moved to Kingswinford where it is still run by his son. As Penn and Tipton are not far apart it may be this shop you are remembering. Can’t remember any more in the immediate vicinity. If it’s not the right one drop an email to the shop , the son is sure to know if there were any more.


Thread: New EDF Mini Jets- Jet Provost & Folland Gnat
16/06/2020 07:56:39


I can not remember if the motors in the Edf unit were stamped with the KV rating or not. Since you have deconstructed yours Can you see any numbers on the motor body ?


Thread: Oodalally - Build Log
15/06/2020 18:25:45


You did ! There are some flying shots on the lockdown flying thread if you scroll back a bit.


Thread: New EDF Mini Jets- Jet Provost & Folland Gnat
15/06/2020 18:02:16


that thrust is way too low . There is a table on page 9 which lists my test results for a 3S set up using various size intake sizes. Although fully charged my lipo was only a 25C zippy. The 600 g thrust I finally achieved was With a peak current of 42A and an rpm of 49000. ( rpm was a factor of 2 out in my table as I used poles rather than pole pairs in my pre test setup!)

4max lipos are usually top notch and are my usual go to lipo. The zippy just provided a better physical size for this model.

Not sure what the problem is with your set up but a current measurement would sure help the analysis. Probably worth buying yourself a cheap watt meter. You just connect it in the battery lead and read the values.


Thread: Oodalally - Build Log
15/06/2020 16:01:05


have you flown yours yet ?
Mine headed for the sky’s last week for the first time, it was certainly very slippy well actually it was very very fast.

Take off with very little breeze was at only 1/2 - 3/4 throttle. Only had 3 flights so far but it really seams to be a very crisp performing aeroplane. Very pleased.


Thread: New EDF Mini Jets- Jet Provost & Folland Gnat
15/06/2020 13:24:31

Ken has a good point and we have had one person who actually had a duff fan!

Definitely best to measure before you try to fly.


15/06/2020 13:21:32


Apologies I misread your post as about a Gnat not the Provost! Have not built that one but I think the same is true only more so. You need max thrust and lightest airframe you can. Maximising ( and I mean as big as you can possibly make it) the cheat inlet right next to the fan entry I think should be your next step. Up the battery c rating and measure the thrust before you try to fly.


15/06/2020 08:57:08

Eddie , mine certainly flew and there must be half a dozen more successful gnats on the forum (there is another mini jet thread ). You can see u tube video of my first flights at the bottom of page 11 on this thread.

your weight does not seem excessive but I would measure your thrust on a set of kitchen scales. It is crucial you get somewhere near the rated thrust value (600g).
Launch is the critical phase but it sounds like you have that bit under control so I am guessing low thrust is your real problem.


Thread: Horus RTC battery
14/06/2020 08:56:36

Similar question from me. What does it power ? I did not even know I had one. I can not remember it being mentioned in the manual.


Thread: Max Thrust Riot versus Wot4
10/06/2020 10:31:07

This does not really contribute to comparisons between the standard size riot and wot but I have owned a Riot XL since I came back into modelling in 2016. It survived being bounced around as I got back in the groove and I took my B test with it. I still take it our for a regular thrash. You might gather I rather like it. It does everything , flicks, spins, bunts the lot. Knife edge is a challenge but that’s me rather than the plane. Sadly they are not in production anymore, something to do with the Jig ownerShip when the factory making them went out of business.


Thread: The Lockdown Restrictions Have Been Relaxed. Who's Been Flying?
10/06/2020 09:27:34

Thanks Nigel, major credit to to the designer .


09/06/2020 17:46:43

Had my maiden Of Peter Millers Oodalallay today. Almost no wind. Peter said it would be quick , at full power it was blindingly fast ! Glad I started with some reserve and only used 3/4 throttle for take off. Flying was a delight, it is probably the most precise sport model I have ever built. Might manage a complete circuit at full throttle one day. Here's a few pics from todays 3 flights.


screenshot 2020-06-09 at 17.20.33.jpg

screenshot 2020-06-09 at 17.24.27.jpg

screenshot 2020-06-09 at 17.25.41.jpg

Thread: FrSky Major Update for most TX and RX
27/05/2020 14:12:56



Can’t help much I’ afraid but I do remember the stabilised Rx were causing a few issues for the testers reporting on Github . While I can not remember the detail I had thought it was all about missing frames and how they were handled which was getting a little esoteric. You can always ask a simple question of the beta testers on github, like is it safe to fly ?. With luck you will get a simple answer!

Regarding Sport access , I see your Rx has an Sport pin and I suspect a wiring harness that connects to it, possibly the wire is not terminated in a plug. Anyways ignoring other parameters, your key parameter is RSSI which will come back from the Rx to the Tx.
Assuming you see RSSI displayed on your Tx then all you have to do is make sure data logging is turned on and you can review the data for its session by downloading the log file , possibly easiest with companion if you use that.


27/05/2020 11:21:10


In short I do not know enough about ACCES. I have not gone out of my way to research anomalies that have been flagged other than one user on RCG who was having problems with QX7 and a G-RX8. FOR WHAT IT'S WORTH my thoughts on that are 7 posts above this one.

Personally I feel there have been sufficient issues over this upgrade that whatever setup I was using I would want to check the telemetry logs, particularly RSSI levels before and after the upgrade. So if you did not feel the need to test fly each of the upgraded rxrs on a relatively benign model as I did then at the very least I would run them each for 10 mins, including reduced power range tests. Make sure the results are logged and then carefully check through the data for any anomalies.

Long answer i know but I am an ex flight test engineer and caution in a minefield is innate !


27/05/2020 09:00:42


All I can say is that if I had an Access Radio I would want to proceed through my own logical test sequence before flying.

26/05/2020 18:59:43

I said I would fly the RX8R pro and provide the comparison plot before and after the upgrade to V2.01. Here it is.

rx8rpro.jpgAs with the other Rxr's the before and after RSSI is pretty much the same . The post update flight is again a 20 min soaring flight while the pre update comparison is only a 10 min flight in a sports power model. (never had the RX8Rpro in a glider before today !) Altitude range is however pretty similar ( this time measured with a GPS Rx).

Again there are no RSSI drop outs or failsafes noted for the entire flight.

That wraps it up for me . I am happy with the upgrade.


24/05/2020 11:13:33


My solution to the noisy vario is not much different to yours. I do not use OpenTx so any filtering is done within the confines of the Horus OS.

This is what I do.

1. Set a logic SW for Vert Speed outputs > 2.0 ft/s. Set the duration of this LSW to 1.0s . ( If my interpretation is correct this means the test must be true for all samples in a 1 second window for the LSW to be set true. The manual does not make the description terribly clear !)

2. set a special function to play the vario if the LSW is true and the Flight mode is thermal.

3. I use a flight mode switch to turn on a 'thermaling' mode, principally to give me an automatic trim change. However when coupled with the LSW above I only have to listen to beeps when I need them.

As I say, a long way from perfect and there is obviously a lag between the beep and the model entering the lift so you just learn to compensate. Clearly if your Mk1 eyeball is A1 then you will see the model react anyway !


24/05/2020 10:56:36


I isolated the user testing in RCG you highlighted. I note the following:-

Not surprisingly all testing in FCC not LBT as we use in Europe. This could be very significant depending on RF environment. It certainly represents a significantly different test scenario.

All testing done with the latest Taranis QX7 which is delivered as access protocol and was used in ACCST mode . Again a significantly different test scenario. 

The user may have tested other Rxrs but not in the thread I viewed. They were all G-RX8. So not clear whether he has highlighting a Rx/Tx or RF issue.

I have had none of the telemetry loss or failsafe warnings this user has experienced with any of my Rxrs but my testing was with the HORUS X10 using EU/LBT ACCST D16 V 2.1 . The telemetry plots I showed bear witness to this as drop outs would be easily seen even if missed real time during the 20 min flight .

I am not qualified to comment on the real significances of the different test hardware perhaps others that are will do so.

I am still happy to go fly with the V2.1.



Edited By Tim Ballinger on 24/05/2020 10:57:31

Thread: The Norwegian Gnat Squad
24/05/2020 09:19:16


Sorry to hear about the mishap, hopefully you can repair it . I also needed a significant amount of up trim but still had sufficient control authority. I decided I had probably been too conservative with the cg and marked it up to move the battery slightly rearwards for subsequent outings. Not got chance to see if there is any difference because the field has been in lockdown ever since and my ‘ home ‘ flying field is too small for such a missile !

Good luck for the next trip.


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