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Thread: Weston Park 2019
16/06/2019 17:56:59

I went today (Sunday), had a great day some excellent flying skills in a 20 knot x wind. Few showers, some sunshine ground been worked hard ( or is that soft) butter better than I anticipated. Full size grob duo were magnificent . full size spit replaced the hurricane for a little cameo. Oh and never forget the LMA Lancaster’s .they were awesome. Trade looked good if not crowded out and I bought the last Cambrian 55 inch Spit on their stand so I am set fair.


Edited By Tim Ballinger on 16/06/2019 17:57:54

Thread: FrSky Freelink
14/05/2019 10:55:37

Sounds like a mix of issues that cause this problem then. I have actually deleted the FrSky link from my iPad anyway as apart from the novelty I could not find real use for it except for motor set up/testing and I can alwAys download it again next time I set up a model & motor.


14/05/2019 08:42:36

Hi Mark.

I believe Bluetooth pairing problems are not uncommon especially after OS upgrades. I had problems with my iOS devices and followed the help which was reset network settings to default. Hey presto everything worked again. I think on Android the equivalent is refresh Bluetooth cache files. But google Bluetooth connection issues and you will find more definitive advice. As for the free FrSky app, not had any problems.


Thread: CAA registration consulation
02/05/2019 09:35:18

I see that the BMFA has now written to all its members setting out their position and is asking every individual to write to their MP, CAA/DfT and others. This in addition to responding to the fee consultation charade. They are also continuing to engage as our sports national body.

The fee is undoubtedly important to some but for me and I suspect many others it is the principles involved that create the ire. Ie duplicity, waste of public money etc I learned a long time ago not to cut my nose of to spite my face and in this instance I love my sport sufficiently to keep going and to stay within the law whatever that turns out to be.

I will however write personal letters to those persons and bodies suggested by the BMFA......


Thread: Forum members' new models: Let's see them.
24/04/2019 08:20:40

Finally got a couple of flight photos of my new (6 flights now) CAP 21.



Thread: Spring is here. Who is flying?
20/04/2019 08:39:02

Nearly missed the chance for a pun - A GOOD  Friday

Couldn’t find any more reasons for not giving the CAP 21 its maiden flight.......

Flew straight off the board as they say. Well chuffed . Landing shot is a bit blurred but the best I could get from the video.

Think I relaxed too much on the second flight, landed slightly short and nosed over in the rough. Didn’t do the prop any good but mainly bruised ego.

Thanks again to the designer Peter Miller.




Edited By Tim Ballinger on 20/04/2019 09:01:23

Thread: for fast electic is supreme
18/04/2019 09:34:11

Noise can be irritating but that is just spine tingling; awesome. Thanks for sharing.


Thread: FrSky ACCESS - New improved protocol
25/03/2019 18:34:15


Thread: FrSky Freelink
20/03/2019 19:39:39

So here are the plots for todays flight...




The first plot shows the whole 10 minute flight. The height as measured by the gps and the vario in the GRx8R are in pretty good agreement but as I would expect the gps altitude lags the pressure altitude by a small amount. The vereticle speed derived from the vario is incredibly noisy which is a problem because this is what drives the vario beeps.

The second graph shows a blown up segment with the thin blue line showing the vertical speed averaged over 20 data points. Still noisey but would be more useful when soaring.

The last graph shows the moving average line across the whole flight.

This is comparison is with the high precision variometer ( 0.1m) so I suppose it would be informative to also compare the low precision sensor which is only available as a standalone sensor.

Bottom line for me is the altitude as measured by the Rx8R vario is pretty spot on but the algorithm for the vert velocity is way too crude.


19/03/2019 12:29:49


interesting about the vario, the GRX8//6 are both meant to have the high precision +/- .1 m variant viz the 1m of the Var N. Ie the same as the Var H. Are you using another standalone vario entirely? High precision might well equal high noise but a bit of a design flaw if that is the case.

i might fly the gps unit along with the GRX8 tomorrow and compare the tele log outputs afterwards just to check.


18/03/2019 19:25:52


I see in the S6R/S8R manual that it says the free link only works With IOS version. Is that what you were trying with ?


17/03/2019 17:23:54

Interesting. I just tried the vario output from my GRX8 on the dashboard. I had noticed the scale read in m viz m/s but had not really thought about it too much . So no surprise that despite being labels a variometer it actually displays altitude ( above sea level it seems) in my case 211m.

if you change to the sensor monitor it displays both vertical speed and altitude albeit the former exhibits the same high noise level discussed earlier. I suppose as as an analogue altitude display it serves a purpose but not much use for soaring.


17/03/2019 15:49:55


i guess that’s because the dashboard is sensor orientated rather than derived quantities. Perhaps some coordinated feedback to the developers might give us a configurable menu system.


i had a similar issue withe the vario bit linked the output to a logic switch only activated at above 2ft/s. When I say output I mean the ‘play vario’ beep viz just displaying or playing the vertical speed ( the latter really overworked the OS and the latency was measured in 10s of seconds. The beeps seem to work quite well once the noise is gated out. A long way from perfect but useable. I only glance at the integrated velocity (ie altitude) occasionally during flight and that is fine for me as the mark one eyeball filters out the noise at the low sample rate !

i will try it on the dashboard though and see if they have built in any sampling/ integration or damping before they display on that quite large linear display.


17/03/2019 12:56:50


They simply auto configured as soon as you touch the start button, because ,I assume , the senors are all S port. Actually had the temp sensors on as well ( they come bundled with the rpm sensor). Not tried the vario yet as that is part of a Rx which is buried in my glider somewhere but I will now that I think of it.

In the motor test scenario I described the advantage is all the parameters are on one page and (at least on a tablet) at a size which can be viewed from a distance ie out of the way of model and Tx.

In real flight, apart from a spotter, I guess it would be very useful for large complex models where the pilot has a luxury of a ‘flight engineer’ to monitor the models vitals. (Something I have always assumed the LMA guys use but I don’t know). Apart from that ,perhaps some fun for friends & family ?


17/03/2019 11:44:18

I found that a couple of weeks ago but did not realise it was new!

i used it when testing out the motor setup on my recently finished cap 21. I had rpm, voltage, current from FrSky sensors all connected via Bluetooth from my Horus to the free link app on my iPad. I had the gps sensor on as well just for the hell of it.

Makes for my ideal motor test rig set with the data also being available in the telemetry log for post test/flight analysis. Non of it strictly necessary of course but I love working with the techy stuff.

Pity the app does not have a map display for the gps read out and a facility to read the tele log directly. Companion does the latter of course but although logging the gps output, is not able to display on the Horus 10. (The Horus 12 seems to be more capable ).

haven’t got a flight controller so not been able to test that part of the app which does the setup for you.

Provides a bit of fun while waiting for the better weather .


Thread: Forum members' new models: Let's see them.
08/03/2019 16:48:10

Sure I will Peter. Certainly another satisfying build so thanks again for the design.


08/03/2019 15:09:19

Thanks Ron, Just need the sun and blue sky back like in your Fox pics.


08/03/2019 15:00:26

Finished my winter build - Peter Miller's CAP21 design.

As soon as the weathers good enough for the strip to get its first cut of the spring (don't want to loose the spats on its first flight !) I m ready to go.

Powered by a 3548-900 on a 3S using a 14x7 prop. Added a graph of the rpm/power/current for those ( like me ) that enjoy the tech data !

cap21 graph - 1.jpg

cap21 - 4.jpg

cap21 - 2.jpg

cap21 - 3.jpg

cap21 - 1.jpg

Thread: Best electric motor brand?
20/02/2019 10:54:07

Accepting a largely common source for the motors namely a few Chinese manufactures my technique is to scrutinise the detail specifications . If I can not find them I do not buy. If I get several matches then I compare price. Next comes the retailer and after market support. My experience when I tick all those boxes is the the price starts to level out. This is my take on ‘you get what you pay for. ‘

The same approach works for ESC . If you match the sbec output in terms of current and voltage as well as the obvious max/ cont current draw you need , again the price margins shrink.

eg A 60A Turnigy dlux with 6V 6A Sbec comes out only slightly cheaper than an equivalent spec from my favourite UK supplier.

The difference I see is that the UK supplier chooses not to stock the lower spec versions and does not therefore have the range that HK does.

Personally ,as others have said, I will choose the best spec ESC I can afford as I consider this the critical item.


Thread: Easter Eagle Senior
05/02/2019 18:26:17

Spent many hours flying from Nympsfield GC which is about 1/2 mile along the road. You really can not mistake the river Severn in the background from those aerial shots.


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