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Thread: How to convert an ic to electric?
14/10/2019 18:39:31

+1 for asking George at 4 max. Fast and in my experience usually spot on.

i also have and use Ecalc which also seems pretty accurate . Just google and download. There is a free version but the full job is not that expensive .


Thread: Servo power-up movement
11/10/2019 09:32:51

Similar happened to me earlier this year. Flying straight and level , tried to throttle up, nothing. Then a significant twitch feeling like a flick. Followed by normal service. Landed all ok. Checked the Tm and saw significant Rx voltage drops (sbec) . Reasoned the ESC was faulty so replaced it. 2 flights ok then it happened again. This time not so lucky as I was close to the ground. Only bit I had not replaced was the arming plug & wiring. Perhaps significantly I could not find the plug at the scene of the accident (an external xt60). So I Again checked the TM . I could see no drop outs prior to the crash. Starting experimenting with momentary breaks in Rx power. Clearly a simple make/break was easily seen in the Tm, however if this was done sufficiently fast then the Tm showed nothing but you did get the servos doing the full movement associated with startup.

While not conclusive I decided the cause was with my arming plug and wiring having an intermittent contact. Possibly the missing xt60 indicating it was not in properly. Sounds unlikely, especially as I had been using it without incident for a couple of years.

However on the principle it is just another potential source of failure I have dispensed with arming plugs .
on reassembling everything (minus plug) all has been trouble free ever since.

So I highlight my experience not to denigrate arming plugs but to provide an example of how very short Rx voltage drops howsoever caused can both be difficult to find and , in the right circumstances, cause a crash.


Thread: Hitec Aurora 9 Scan mode
08/10/2019 12:23:16

It’s a year or so since I owned a Hitec but I remember trying the scan and seeing no great benefit when back to normal mode. As I remember it only required resetting the Transmit mode followed by having to re-bind each and every Rx as though starting afresh. Sounds like you may have already tried this but it worked for me.


Thread: Take off problems
30/09/2019 17:27:43

Pretty much agree with everything that has been suggested but one piece of rotational mechanics which exacerbates everything is down to gyroscopic precision. I seem to remember it was explained in an RCME article on taking off a while ago. Basically if the axis of a rotating mass (= engine thrust line) is rotated at an angle to the direction of travel you induce both yaw and roll. The bigger the angular difference the worse and the more pronounced the effect. Essentially that is why we have to release the up elevator gradually, let the tail rise and allow the model to fly itself off the ground. Thrust and flight path are nearly aligned and adverse effects are minimised. Gradual application of throttle makes all that a whole lot easier. If I remember correctly the article had diagrams to explain all of that.

knowing it and doing it are different things of course especially if you are trying hard not to let the model nose over during the initial acceleration.

Analysing the mechanics helps me remember but my thumbs do not always obey !


Thread: Cambrian Spitfire
20/09/2019 09:14:04

.and on the strip prior to the maiden. Flies really nicely, a dream realised ! I’ll perhaps add some flying shots when the sun is not so bright as to blind the camera as it was yesterday.



11/09/2019 12:22:36

My first ( and probably only) low, inverted pass !

4S 4500 lipo gives correct balance without extra ballast. Flying weight 6lb 8oz.


Edited By Tim Ballinger on 11/09/2019 12:23:29

Thread: Horus X10 transmitter voltage low warning level
09/09/2019 11:44:22

I have a switch set which gives a speech readout of tx (pos 1) and Rx volts (pos 2) from the Telemetry data. It is also in the parameters displayed if I cared to page through or set it at a higher priority so that it comes on the main screen.

In reality I rarely check while flying and rely on the voice alarms. Only ones that ever go off are for the lipo if I use full power after my timer has gone off ! All are set very conservatively so as to give me time to circuit and land.

i got concerned the other week when the ESC temp alarm went off but when I checked on the ground I had the value set to 45 Reg which in reallity is not very high so I reset it too 65 Deg which I think is ok but if anyone knows better then please shout.


09/09/2019 08:41:50

Mine is set at 6.5V , as the default setting when I received it. Never had it alarm and not sure I have ever let it go below 2 bars. Seems to last for ages but I don’t actually keep a log.


Thread: Grumpy tiger cub plans?
08/09/2019 09:16:28

I went up to 60 inch span with my electric version which had flaps and retracts. I did make the nose longer still so the battery would compartment would give me the correct cg.

Build blog is in Peter Miller plan builders/Tim’s grumpy Tigercub if it is of any help. I also started from Peter kindly sending me a pdf of his plans. I did up the motor spec from my original but the details are in the blog if I remember correctly.



Thread: Cambrian Spitfire
04/09/2019 16:57:38

Thanks, I’ll rest easy again.


04/09/2019 13:22:27

Thanks Jon,

Hoping that might be a perspective issue as I had been trying to get them as far forward as I could.

i guess there is always a bit more that can be achieved . This is the current side on perspective .


04/09/2019 10:49:52

240c9f34-161d-49a6-86ee-a6d1963a5ee6.jpegFirst assembly . I am not the best at painting so was really apprehensive at how the camouflage would turn out but I am pleasantly surprised. I read up on all sorts of techniques and I always screw up when loads of masking is involved ( lack of patience I suspect) so I went for the free hand approach and let the edges sort themselves out. I used the small Tamya spray cans which seemed to work well. Only issue I have noticed is that the vinyl rounders do not seem to adhere to the Matt finish very well. Time will tell whether I need to take some action although I am not sure what apart from what’s sounds a potentially messy glue the edges solution.

anyway next step is to remove my matchsticks and put proper hinges in place then install the servos.




02/09/2019 18:20:27


02/09/2019 18:07:45

About to finish my first spitfire. Built from the Cambrian kit which I found to have good wood selection and detailed plan . Foam core wings already veneered certainly made life easy. I used retracts and a few extras from the flightline spit spares at motion RC.

More pictures of the pilot than anything else as it is my first attempt at a full paint job. I used Peter Millers hints and tips from his magazine article. Long way from perfect but I’m pleased.

still the final fitting out to do so a few more pics in due course.








Thread: Forum members' new models: Let's see them.
09/08/2019 19:21:56


I decided the Flightline 1200 spitfire retracts would be about right so ordered the retracts/legs ( along with steerable tail wheel) and doors from the Motor RC spares shop. all seemed to drop in nicely.


Edited By Tim Ballinger on 09/08/2019 19:22:24

09/08/2019 16:47:23

16cd5f38-3420-43cc-b50c-46e2ef088657.jpegLong way till it’s finished but it is my first Spitfire and I wanted to show it off ! No build log as it all been done before.

It’s the Cambrian 55 inch converted to electric. Got the last one off the stand at the Weston show.


Thread: S bus
08/08/2019 19:54:46

Richard ,

if you search the forum for Sbus you will find at least 3 threads discussing this. I used The one ‘How do Sbus servos work ‘ as my tutorial.

There are many nuances which you will find discussed in the above threads, however in simple terms the Serial Bus sends all the channel control data along one servo lead in series and each channel in the data stream has a unique address. This generally allows you to use up to 16 channels if you need them. The Sbus can be decoded to analogue and split into analogue channels and can therefore use standard servos or you can use digital servos which are programmed to do the decoding themselves. You can mix and match standard analogue channels with the digital Sbus channels as you see fit. There are some devils in the detail with the Sbus decoders and if the frame rate is incorrect you can fry a an analogue servo .

That detail is in the threads noted above and is worth reading through. However if you want to use fewer leads in your setup or need more than 8 channels then Sbus cab be very useful.

Ther are many who know more detail but that’s the way I look at it.


Thread: FrSky Neuron ESC
31/07/2019 09:08:35

I had been considering using the neuron 80 on my latest project but discounted it without checking the details as I just sort of assumed it would be quite large. I have just had a closer look and it is actually smaller than my standard 60 A ESC.

how can they cram all that kit into the same space envelope as an ESC only device. Is something being sacrificed ?


Thread: 4-Max- Excellent service
23/07/2019 16:21:44

Echo that Stuart,

i have been using George at 4Max for a couple of years now. Service is always fast and efficient . Most of all George is always happy to advise on electric setups by phone or email. Sometimes it’s just reassurance and sometimes he comes up with solutions to problems you have not thought have. I asked for advice on motor/ESC etc for the Cambrian spitfire I am building on Friday afternoon and all sorted by Saturday afternoon. Ordered Monday and arrived Tuesday.


Thread: Phil G's Frame Divider for S-Bus
17/07/2019 09:22:28

.... and as discussed on the Sbus thread there are other decoders which output on the lower frame rate eg Bangood.

I have used the bangood 8 ch decoder and had no problems using analogue servos from the S bus port.


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