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Thread: Is there a new breed of servo ?
09/03/2020 10:24:17


An interesting observation. If such a phenomenon exists I guess the nature of the beast is that any evidence for such failures would be difficult to come by. If a subsequent failure in the drive train did occur it would it not be the same as a plastic gear failure anyway so perhaps no greater a risk ?

So from the replies I have had I think I see support for the 9- 17 g class of servos for electric flight with no failure trends noted. I see the digital versions in this class producing higher torques (3-3.5 than previous at wider voltage ranges (4.8 - 6) being typical.

Corona and Emax servos have been called out as good as of course as Hitec.

Best value in the class I am looking at is another question but there has been a suggestion that some folks are having no problems with the cheaper offerings on the market.

Following one link to Airtek ( a shop I have not really visited before) I have also started looking quite favourably at K-Power servos.

Thanks for all the input I shall definitely be going with sub £10 mini ( 9-17g) digital ; just not sure what make yet.


Thread: Geoff's Jet Provost - Build Log
09/03/2020 09:47:36


you are in the same weight bracket as Steve Nash’s JP and he has now got his to fly away so with max cheat intake size you should be ok. Fingers crossed 🤞 for your maiden.


Thread: Hobbyking Film
09/03/2020 09:34:57


Good shout as they say on question of sport. The Rapid Rc film does look the same. Stock levels seem good and delivery sensible prices. Perhaps they have done a deal with HK’s supplier.
I shall be giving that a try.


08/03/2020 20:24:58


not picked up on this thread before. I have so far only used the Easycote light. It was fine but the colour a little anaemic. Possibly because it was the ‘light’ option. Other than seemed ok albeit not so comfortable as HK.

However with HK never in stock I shall try the ‘full’ easycote and see.


Thread: Is there a new breed of servo ?
08/03/2020 17:37:30

Yes HiTec were my go to servos but beginning to wonder if I am just paying for the name. Perhaps it’s because I just fly electric now and as has been mentioned the vibration environment is so much more benign that failures are rare.

I also take Erfolg’s point about hangar damage but I have to be honest and even though I know you shouldn’t I will often push back a control surface following a knock rather than wait for power up to recenter the servo. Still not had any problems though........



Edited By Tim Ballinger on 08/03/2020 17:38:46

Thread: Hobbyking Film
08/03/2020 17:28:19

Real shame the way HK is going. I really like HK film although I always waited for the UK or EU warehouse to stock what I needed for the reason you quote. Now I have given up hope and am using Easikote seconds.


Thread: Is there a new breed of servo ?
08/03/2020 17:18:51

Interesting you mention Emax servos Andy, I was looking at those on one web Site ( one I consider reputable) and see they have replaced the mini (17g) Analogue Emax with one of their own branded Mini digitals .

Not sure whether that implies equality or superiority but thanks for the Emax endorsement.


08/03/2020 15:33:46

Ron ,

interesting comment re centering. I get the feeling that the new cheaper digital servos would be better at precision centering and holding than a similarly priced or even more expensive analogue.


Edited By Tim Ballinger on 08/03/2020 15:34:04

08/03/2020 13:33:03

Choosing servos is something I always seem to agonise over and it never seems to get any easier. Last discussion on which servo I can find was started by Tim Macky some 10 years ago but we now seem to have a new breed of micro/ mini digital servos on the market at very competitive prices ie under £10.
They claim to offer 3 - 3 torque which puts them right in the pocket for the 3-4 lb sport model. Current draw never seems to be quoted but difficult to believe at this size that they are in the area of troubling our power supplies.

Durability? Well they come with metal gears and I am yet to see anything negative written.

In the 5 years I have been back in modelling I have only had 1 servo actually fail , a 17g cheap (analogue) Chinese version that came with model.
The rest are still going strong. Despite this, for my builds, I still tended to opt for standard size and or better known makes where space/budget permitted.

I recently tried the cheap micro digital variety in a Mini jet. Too early to tell if they will last but makes me think seriously about the mini versions for my next model.

I guess what I am seeking opinions on is ; is it still valid to pay 2- 3 times the price for what was once seen as a quality servo when these new cheap, mini digitals are on the market.


Thread: New EDF Mini Jets- Jet Provost & Folland Gnat
08/03/2020 11:07:39


You are absolutely correct I got my pole pairs confused with poles. I guess i managed to count 6 magnets and never divided by 2 before entering the data. Should have done the kv check sum like yourself. So all my rpm numbers needed multiplying by 2 which i think would give me a peak of 49,000 rpm.


08/03/2020 08:34:32


I set up med rate with the deflections Tony suggested in his build notes and a bit less and a bit more either side. I have 10 % expo on all settings. I felt no need to change from the med rate settings on my first 2 flights and had no dramas and twinkle rolls certainly seemed to twinkle.
if you do not have the article I can dig it out but can not remember the actual numbers other than they are very small !


07/03/2020 17:23:28


Very smart and you have done well on the weight. It’s going to go like a rocket 🚀.


Thread: Forum members' new models: Let's see them.
06/03/2020 15:37:53


Glad it went well. You lost me with the half crown reference . Turns on a sixpence I can do and I certainly remember half crowns but together in one expression ?


Thread: New EDF Mini Jets- Jet Provost & Folland Gnat
06/03/2020 15:27:44

Geoff, wire extensions from the ESC to the motor should be ok. It’s from battery to ESc where you need to take care. I have large extensions from the two ESC’s on my twin and have had no problems.

Shame about the 🐇 hole. My u/c will be my first attempt at a homemade carbon fibre set. Secured through 1/8 lite ply into a 1/4 ply plate underneath. I even kept Peters ply side reinforcement pieces to spread any load . 🤞


See Martin beat me to it !

Edited By Tim Ballinger on 06/03/2020 15:28:50

06/03/2020 14:09:45


In that case sounds like your fan survived and you will be good to go with a new ESC. Wrong thread I know but have you flown your oodalally yet. (Just completed the fuselage on mine )


06/03/2020 13:22:42


Sounding much better but if that is max amps it sounds a little low compared to my results and you will be needing the maximum thrust you can get if other folks JP’s are anything to go by.


05/03/2020 12:41:01


That sounds bad. My same setup was max 42A . Results a couple of pages back on this thread. Your choices are going to be limited, bad esc or bad motor or possibly both if the motor really took that much current.

No ideas just commiserations .


Thread: FrSky Major Update for most TX and RX
01/03/2020 08:49:34


Many thanks for the update Mike.


29/02/2020 15:24:05


Thats pretty much as I was thinking/expecting. Thanks for the info on new Rx purchases.


29/02/2020 12:56:23

Does anyone know if the D16 access firmware update story has progressed at all. I see no new firmware listed since this all started on 16 Jan. Nothing new on the FrSky site . Nothing new on RC group chat either that I can see.

I have still not implemented the upgrade but am about to buy a new Rx and was just wandering what firmware they will be sold with. Perhaps I’ll drop a line to T9 if no one on here knows the status.


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