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Thread: Build versus flying time
04/11/2018 13:31:46

I can spend all day building and not notice. Sometimes I even get annoyed if the weather is good enough to fly and I am in the middle of something interesting.


Thread: Detrum-IStone-A2 6 axis gyro.
02/11/2018 17:34:53

Good question Alex, I’m as confused as you; 3 axis gyro gives you roll,pitch and yaw. Autopilots add 3 accelerometers which could be construed as 6 , if this item has them. I see it has 6 output channels for eg flaps, gear. I assume that just means it works as a 6 channel Rx but not really sure. Perhaps we should read the article in the magazine !


Thread: FrSky X6R EU LBT 6/16CH Receiver
31/10/2018 18:59:38

Chris, I guess you might be right for anyone in the know with regard to what ratio value to enter in the Sensor setup. If I read the exchange with Sonny correctly , It was not a default setting , it was left as zero . My point was that with the RX8R at least the correct value appeared to be automatically entered on the Sensor set up , I presume as a result of the Rx bind as I certainly never filled it in. Since none of the manuals give a clue as to the correct value of ratio a new user is left out in the cold. (When using the Horus OS viz OpenTx)

Since the new Rxs claim 40% more range and need no jumpers or extra actions to set up Rx volts then that is the way I would go but then I have no existing Rx to influence me otherwise.


31/10/2018 16:57:18

Glad to hear all is well.

Think I would suggest getting the later series Rx next time you buy one though and avoid any more voyages of discovery!


30/10/2018 19:59:56

Thanks Chris

Sounds like a pretty good guess to me !

30/10/2018 19:30:43


interesting. I checked my Rxbattery parameters in Telsetup and it has 4.0 for the ratio. I certainly never put in a value so I guess the RX8Rpro is clever enough to load it for you whereas the x6R is not/does not.

Sounds almost like a bottom of range value no idea why it is called ratio, perhaps Chris knows.however it seems like you are now up and running which is great.


30/10/2018 18:05:53


Now you have someth8ng to work with.

29/10/2018 08:29:09

Problem here is that as far as I can see there is nothing in the Horus 10 manual to cover this issue . The bind process discussed above is the only point at which the Horus OS gives the option to turn TM on or off. Sonny had this set as on when he bound the Rx and the Rx jumpers were set as in the Rx manual.

So yes we helped out in pointing him through the manual but to no avail. The Rx bind should not require an IT expert.

Not personally looked for a utube video for this combination so it might be out there. I certainly had no issues when setting up the RX8R.

If Chris Bot achieved the Horus/X6R pairing then perhaps he can help when he comes on line.


29/10/2018 07:20:32


With the RX8R pro I did not have to do anything other than the initial bind and telemetry was availible. I have not even seen anything resembling a discover sensors option in the telemetry menus of which there are 2, one for calibration of each sensor (min/max, warnings) and the other just manipulates the display settings.

I will check the TM cal pages again.

CardPerfect, not sure the Taranis set will help here as the Horus is somewhat different and the issue is no Tm at all , not even RSSI.


28/10/2018 17:20:43


One last thought . Since you get no RSSI and the jumper on A1 only controls the Rx voltage monitoring then the only control I see over the Tm is that in Tx bind menu. So when you checked the bind menu setting for the TM tic box did you actually redo the bind because it is possible it might just hold that as the default and not what you actually used.

Clutching at straws but might be worth redoing the bind from scratch once more.

Failing that I really am stumped. Apart from swapping your X series for an RX series which incidentally has 40% more range!


28/10/2018 16:58:50


Agreed ,

It’s just odd that the Manual for the RX6R and RX8R are identicle in terms of set up with no Tm control by jumpers a d the rx8R works as advertised. Asyou noted the Horus 10 controls the Tm link in the Tx settings. If Sony has double checked by re binding with both Tm setting and jumper setting on Rx I see no where to go other than checking with the supplier or sending a pm to Chris to double check his setup.


28/10/2018 15:50:35

I am very much wandering if the X6R is not totally compatible and you need an R series ie RX6R or RX8R. Might be worth checking with the guys at T9 ( or whoever you bought the Horus from) with regards to compatibility. The lack of RSSI just indicates that the TM downlink is not working. SWR will because its measured/computed in the TX.


28/10/2018 15:35:19

I have been checking Rx manuals .The X6R says.....

Compatibility: FrSky DFT/DJT/DHT/DHT-U in D_mode

FrSky Taranis X9D Plus/XJT in D8 mode
FrSky Taranis X9D Plus/XJT in D16 mode

X6R-EU version only works with FrSky Taranis X9D Plus-EU version/XJT-EU version in D16-EU mode.

It does not mention Horus.

The RX6R does say Horus in its setup instruction.

Could you have the wrong Rx. ? for the Horus.?

28/10/2018 15:24:33

Just another question/thought. I assume you Rx is connected and working. If so and you are on internal antennas do you have an RSSI value indicated on your display. ? Surely that is not controlled by a jumper is it Pat.


28/10/2018 15:16:13

Then Pat has to be right it must be something specific to the x6r jumper setup with which I have no experience . All my rxrs are RX8R pro.


28/10/2018 15:11:10


I should say that with that menu where you select TM on or off if you accidentally scroll while selecting it will change value and you may not notice so recommend you move slowly before hitting select !

..and as far as I can see that specific menu as part of the bind process is not covered in the x10 manual or the quick start leaflet that comes with the Horus.


28/10/2018 14:16:25

So I have the RF menu on my Horus open in front of me. When you change the state to BIND it comes up with another menu where you select with or without TM. The default is with TM for ch1-8.

Is that what you had selected Sonny?


28/10/2018 14:02:43


Sure you are are right but on the Horus with FrSky Os when you bind there is the Temetry check box to tic right where it I thought confirms D16 mode . You can choose ch 1-8 for Tm or ch-8-16 , the former being the norm. Did not think that menu was Rx specific.

I would have to check to be sure.....


28/10/2018 13:33:23

I thought the the x6R was the same as the x8r and the jumper was only required for fs mode and with Horus all you needed was to select D16 mode and Check the Telemetry box for Channels 1 - 8 when you bound the Rx.

Pat would likely know more than me though.


28/10/2018 09:47:13


Is that an openTx screen you are showing ? Sonny is using the FrSky OS and will not see this if it is.

Answer is the same though you get Rx volts, RSSI (received signal strength) and SWR (transmitter antenna efficiency - if using the ext antenna) without you having to add any sensors.


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