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Thread: VOLANTEX asw 28
01/07/2020 20:44:27

Plug the throttle into the channel which responds to the throttle stick, that is if I'm reading the question right

Thread: Aurora 9x
30/06/2020 20:53:29

I have a 9x which I may be interested in perting with, we'll looked after has lipo fitted and comes with a genuine hitec carry case. Let me know if your interested

Thread: How long have you been waitng for an order from HK Global?
02/06/2020 21:01:38

Why do you bother just go to paypal

Thread: Angular Contact bearings
20/05/2020 21:12:53
Posted by Jason Channing on 20/05/2020 06:34:27:

Sorry stephen The question was where can I buy the bearings not whether you approve and as you you cant read im not letting you near my engines thanks heart

Wouldn't want to go near your engines thanks, and you you can't right

Thread: Personal Injuries.
19/05/2020 23:54:37

Lots of no win no fee solicitors out there, in fact most solicitors that do personal injury offer this. Most take out an insurance policy to cover them if they should loss, but won't take it on unless there's a strong chance of a win.

If you win they take there fee and costs from your award up to a max of 25% if they loss providing you haven't made a fraudulent claim and have acted on there advise you pay nothing, you can instruct them out of your own pocket but final cost will be similar but if you loss it's your bill.

Just Google no win no fee solicitor Doncaster

Thread: Angular Contact bearings
19/05/2020 23:33:25

Just been looking at ys engine bearing and the only site I can find that stock ys parts and show pictures is Amain hobbies and the pictures certainly aren't angular bearings

Thread: UK resin supplier
19/05/2020 19:15:13

I've used easy composites but only in small amount so never been hit with extra charges.

How do you recycle epoxy to sell in poundland or anywhere else for that matter

Thread: Angular Contact bearings
19/05/2020 19:07:50

Not sure why you would think angular contact bearings would be better for a rear bearing as it's the front bearing that takes the axial load

Thread: Ebay sellers...
15/05/2020 22:50:28
Posted by Paul Marsh on 15/05/2020 10:39:06:

A dreamer here, thinks he can £100 plus £10 post for a Futaba Challenger TX, said it was worth several hundreds of pounds new...


Dream on with the Cloud Cookoo Land...

Edited By Paul Marsh on 15/05/2020 10:40:23

Same seller has trex feathering shaft for sale in original packaging comes with 2 in packet for only £20 same packet with 2 in from midland heli £5.25. Midland obviously need to look at there pricing or sell them secondhand on ebay

Thread: Bike Maintenance Stand to Model Stand?
15/05/2020 22:22:47

I use one of these great £70 secondhand purchase

Thread: 28% ultimate from bowman plans.
12/05/2020 21:19:01
Posted by Bigflyer88 on 12/05/2020 21:12:05:

At first glance it seems as though it's 300g heavier for 0.7hp increase according to the comparison on macgregors website although I'm sure there are other factors to think about.

240g the diffrence from 35

Edited By Stephen Smith 14 on 12/05/2020 21:20:24

12/05/2020 21:14:37

It's a twin so heavier than a single but not sure why you think more cylinders equates to less power per cc, roughly same power to weight ratio as a dle 35 but so much sweeter.

12/05/2020 20:47:25
Posted by Bigflyer88 on 12/05/2020 16:32:44:

Thanks, in my head I was estimating that a dle 40 would be ok not a million miles out from the 35.

If your club has noise limits the dle 40 is very noisy, we have no limits but I have put perper pots in the exhaust and propped it up and it still howls, but it's a sweet engine and pulls the acro wot xl round the sky well, I'm sure it climbs vertically nearly as fast as it dives.

Thread: Toying with selling up
12/05/2020 20:40:07
Posted by Kim Taylor on 12/05/2020 16:45:28:

As a car driver and fair weather biker (now) although I used to commute 80 miles a day all year round on a bike, don't get carried away with the idea that a bike is cheaper to run!!

My 750 Moto Guzzi has better fuel consumption than most at around 60mpg but my Honda CBR600 doesn't do more than 40 - 45mpg. They both need rear tyres around every 4 - 5000 miles, with fronts every 6 - 8000. The rear chain and sprockets on the Honda circa 10K miles and oil changes every 3000. The only reason I commuted on the bike was to save time, which on the commute into S London from West Sussex could amount to an hour a day (probably more now).

Your choice obviously but do the sums properly, not the 'man maths' to justify it to yourself.


Agreed that bikes are dearer than cars to run. 4-5000 miles from a rear tyre you obviously don't push very hard, last road bike I had lucky to get a 1000 and about double that out of a front and chain and sprocket, had an RGV about 1995 and only got about 2000 miles from a tyre on that and it's not exactly the most powerful thing

Thread: New gas engine break in
07/05/2020 18:31:10

A good low Ash 2 stroke is Millers KR2T

07/05/2020 18:26:46

Also modern castrol r is only suitable as a 4 stroke oil if your looking for a modern castor 2 stroke oil take a look at castrol 747

07/05/2020 18:23:02

Back in the 70s castrol r was a mineral based oil with castor adatives if you looking at modern castrol r you will see its an entirely different oil. This info came to us via a sponser that was and still is a major oil blending company so I'm sure they know whats what.

Thread: Ebay sellers...
06/05/2020 19:03:22

Was going to make an offer for this but £20 postage means I could only make an offer of minus £18.

Thread: New gas engine break in
06/05/2020 18:55:22

I would never use mineral oil things have moved on. Back in the dim and distant past (late 70s early 80s) I was involved with racing tz250s and 350s which we ran with mineral oils manly castrol R.

Move forward many years and my son followed my lead and went racing, now I know how my perant felt. He raced post classics for 3 years of his racing career this was on a tz350, this was capable of higher reves than the original bikes due to advances in ignition, expansion chambers, porting and combustion chamber. We ran purely synthetic oils in much smaller amounts as little as 50-1 as apposed to 20-1we ran when using minaral but at least doubled ring piston liner and crank life, admitted we ran nicasiled bores as apposed to early hard chrome but the increased life was about the same on all components.

Thread: New boiler installation
05/05/2020 22:20:45
Posted by Wingman on 05/05/2020 10:35:15:

As an aside, I've tried all those Fernox type cleaners and preservatives but the best by far is ethylene glycol car antifreeze (Bluecol etc.) dozed at 1 litre per radiator (regardless of radiator size). Car antifreeze is good for much higher temperatures than a central heating system can get to and is good for steel, iron, aluminium, copper, brass and magnesium so any metal in a central heating system won't react with it. I find that after 2 years the water is still clear and I now leave it for 5 years before draining and refilling. My system, including the boiler, is 25 years old, one of the radiators and the hot water tank are original and the system is still silent in operation (and it's an 'open system).

Some of what you say is incorrect blue antifreeze losses its ability to prevent corrosion quickly this is why it's changed every 2 years it will quickly start to degrade aluminium, red antifreeze corrodes iron and steel, modern cast iron engine blocks are coated internally, but red won't attack aluminium, it also has a longer service life of 5 years.

I'm not a plumber but do understand what automotive antifreeze does what and when it should be used 5 years seems a little risky to leave it in for and as central heating specific antifreeze is available I would always recommend using that instead of one not specific to requirements

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