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Thread: Litter
10/09/2020 19:22:10

Don't pick litter up but my run around work car passenger side foot well is like a skip

Thread: Eflite Apprentice SAFE and DX5E glitch
10/09/2020 19:17:35

Sorry for your misfortune but unfortunately that's what now seems to be the norm for horizon hobby products, I stopped buying anything they do years ago after the appaling dx8

Thread: Accident waiting to happen?
03/09/2020 18:36:24

I store and carry my lips like the ones in the picture, nothing wrong with living dangerously once in a while, keeps the mind active

Thread: Wanted. Hitec Aurora9
01/09/2020 20:03:28

I have a 9x if your interested great condition in genuine hitec case.

Thread: where to buy
28/08/2020 19:06:27

There's a few on thingyverse, there must be someone in you club with a printer, pick the one you want and get them to scale it in the slicer then print it, you may not understand but anyone with a printer will

Thread: How much have you spent on modeling in 2020?
07/08/2020 10:38:01

Modeling is relatively cheap compares with many things.

My son raced motor bikes for 10 years right up to golden era superbikes, need minimum of 7 rear tyres and 4 front tyres per weekend plus entries, fuel, travel accident damage and 4 people having 2 days of work, and if we did the practice on a Friday it was another 6 or 7 rears and 3 or 4 fronts plus all the other costs and another day off work,

Do this 12 plus times a year and its getting expensive.

06/08/2020 12:26:29

To much but only about 2 grand this year but the previous 2 years about 5 grand each

Thread: Acro Wot XL Engine Choice
30/07/2020 19:55:22

My AWXL has ample power with its DLE40 twin

Thread: Watch out for online retailers in EU, China & the USA
28/07/2020 19:12:19

Posted by Christopher Morris 2 on 28/07/2020 08:47:50:

Hobbyking are by far the worst on P&P charges & even worse, they want to charge 3 lots of P&P because they are sending from three areas of the world.

What a shock, what did you expect?

Thread: How bad can things get
28/07/2020 18:59:28

Ripmax, another 5 or 6 months at least.

Thread: AR620 Loses Connection on Lower Power Range Check
24/07/2020 18:13:47
Posted by Chris Walby on 24/07/2020 17:22:47:

Back to Spektrum bashing again, how disappointing.

Since 2014 I have had one all Spektrum equipment failure in 2100 flights. So how good is yours?

Ever figured out why people bash spektrum, I'll let you work it out.

In 39 years of rc flying the only radio failure I have had is with spektrum so apart from that I suppose my radio gear has been good

24/07/2020 14:36:53
Posted by Andy Stephenson on 24/07/2020 11:39:01:

Four members out a club of around 20 had reliability problems with Spek causing loss of models and changed brands, guess what, surprise, they had no more troubles after the change. 4 of out of 20 is a shockingly high proportion. It has been said that the reason for these reliability problems is because they didn't understand the proper use and installation of said gear but these members didn't know any more as a result of the change.

Those of us who have been on the scene for several decades tend to use R/C gear from the longest established manufacturer even if it doesn't have all the latest bells and whistles. Reliability trumps features and price every time.


I was a spektrum user when 2.4 first came out and owed one of the very early DX7s which where manafactured by JR still have it now and never a problem, I then bought a DX8 which was the first spektrum transmitter which horizon hobby manafactured or had manafactured by a third party but not JR, it was a nightmare was replaced several times and in the end I had no option but to bin a brand new transmitter that came back as I had zero confidence and felt selling it was wrong.

I have since used two other brands of radio and not once have I had radio failure or any issue relating to the radio, I was often told it was my install that was wrong but no one could tell me or show me what was wrong and I still do it the same now.

Our club has about 25 members and I think we are now down to one spektrum user and he had a radio problem in a heli a couple of weeks ago and is now talking of changing as he has had to many radio failures in the last couple of years.

I often wonder what would happen if you hit and killed someone whilst using spektrum gear as you are responsiable for the safety of the flight, so what happens when your in court and the barrister says there are hundreds of reports of faliure of this radio brand on the internet but you choice to fly with it anyway, what would be your defence?

Thread: FCC proposes $2.8m fine against Hobbyking for marketing non-compliant drone transmitters
24/07/2020 14:21:26
Posted by Barrie Lever on 24/07/2020 13:26:10:
Posted by Stephen Smith 14 on 24/07/2020 13:00:49:,to%20potential%20problems%20in%20February.&text=VW%20was%20found%20to%20have%20used%20software%20that%20could%20cheat%20emissions%20tests.


The link says that a criminal investigation is taking place, would you agree with the general Anglo Saxon premise of 'innocent until proved guilty' ?

Google searches said plenty about criminal investigation but nothing that I could see about a guilty verdict.


I agree innocent till proven quiilty, but also no smoke without fire. I mot cars and a car is always tested as presented but do know a way that makes just about any common rail diesel fail the emissions test, this is by doing something we all do every time we drive the car, no tricks or tools required.

24/07/2020 13:04:20

Or google ford emissions scandal, there all at it

24/07/2020 13:00:49,to%20potential%20problems%20in%20February.&text=VW%20was%20found%20to%20have%20used%20software%20that%20could%20cheat%20emissions%20tests.
Thread: AR620 Loses Connection on Lower Power Range Check
23/07/2020 18:00:18
Posted by Nigel R on 22/07/2020 23:40:47:

Because it is reliable and reasonably priced.


Thread: 4 MAX Servos
23/07/2020 17:45:21

There just Chinese servos with a sticker on them, may be good may be bad, suppose it depends on Chinese quality control.

Thread: AR620 Loses Connection on Lower Power Range Check
22/07/2020 16:53:19

Spektrum, why do people still bother with it, obviously they don't check there new products properly, preferring to let the customer do it. Just take a look on the Internet it's full of spektrum horror stories.

Thread: Propeller safety
20/07/2020 19:06:43

I always launch pushers by holding the wing tip of the right wing with my right hand and the transmitter in my left. I hold the plane out in front of me open the throttle and toss it with my right hand, never lost any body parts and never had a failed launch. Simples

Thread: Taranis problem
17/07/2020 20:52:25
Posted by Phil Lockwood on 17/07/2020 16:05:08:


I don't understand "Bump"


Bring up my post

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