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Thread: Lost radio contact - Spectrum DXe + Spektrum AR410
15/02/2020 22:16:59

Can't believe people still persist with Spektrum with dozens if not hundreds of reports of rf board failure along with failure of other parts. Hopefully no one was injured and no damage done where it came down.

Thread: Receiver mounts/clips
07/02/2020 18:19:41

There's some on yeggi, and stlfinder as well

07/02/2020 18:14:09

If you find what your looking for I can print them, done loads for my receivers wouldn't use any other method now

Thread: Good Service - Flying Tech. Bad Service - Banggood.
01/02/2020 20:28:36

PayPal claim. Always do it after about 30 days from order as I think you only have 60 so might be to late for you. If it turns up after claim is paid its there bad luck should have dispatched it on time with reliable couriers

Thread: Horizon Hobby not Responding
28/01/2020 18:14:09

HH are a disgusting company, learned this with one of the very first DX8. There still today selling radios with poor quality rf boards and pots, they really don't care.

Will never buy anything from them again, won't even buy secondhand

Thread: Synthetic instead of caster oil?
15/01/2020 20:54:08

Only problems you will have are better running, cleaner engine, better starting, and less wear, other than that pretty much the same

Thread: Do you remove your lipo from your transmitter every time?.
10/01/2020 21:19:03
Posted by Don Fry on 09/01/2020 21:22:25:

Keith, the point of my warning, your last sentence, I did follow the manufacturers advice. I left the transmitter on the manufacturers setting. It was too low. Plane crashed. They messed up. Warnings are not superfluous gimmicks. They warn.

Set the voltage higher.

Plane eventually hits ground for a reason not Spektrum related.

So how is that not Spektrum related? If they sold the transmitter with the battery but the lvc was wrong it's there fault

Thread: Dog harassment while flying!
10/01/2020 21:09:59
Posted by Adrian Smith 1 on 10/01/2020 19:44:18:

I have had this type of situation before too. I tend to shout, when flying, to owners with uncontrollable dogs coming my way that if my plane (60cc) hits the animal it will sadly kill it. That usually provokes the right reaction.

Why are you flying a 60cc size plane where there are dog walkers?

Thread: Max Thrust Riot versus Wot4
09/01/2020 21:54:54

Riot is just the wrong name for it reminds me of the Hooligan which was exactly as its name, should have been called the sedate or the leisurely the unhurried anything but Riot because it isn't.

Almost false advertising the name and advertising give the wrong impression. Straight from Century UKs websit. “Increase those throws and the Riot more than lives up to its name thrilling the most ambitious aerobatic pilot" don't think so

Thread: 2k aerosol laquers
09/01/2020 21:41:05

Never used aerosol 2K but mix it as needed and use it from gun, never use anything else. First used it 25 years ago and did some experiments left painted bits in both straight and high nitro for days and it didn't effect it, in all the years with different fuels with different oils and nitro content and more recently petrol have never had any fuel damage not even a slight mark, but it is used on cars which get fuel spilled around the filler cap and you wouldn't worry about that.

Thread: I hope to assemble a laser cutter/engraver
07/01/2020 22:02:30

Not really powerful enough for cutting only intended for engraving will take multiple passes to cut would be better off buying a CO2 laser

Thread: Which Laser cutter
15/12/2019 22:54:03

As said you need a CO2 laser really for cutting half a mm per pass on balsa and 30 passes for 3mm ply would be quicker on a band saw

15/12/2019 19:37:26

Would give the led Eleksmaker type a miss I know some have menaged with them but being on few laser forums and Facebook groups they aren't really suitable for cutting only light engraving. You would be much better with a C02 laser.

I have a K40 which is 40 Watts C02 these are readily avaliable on ebay and amazon just search K40 laser on these sites, just be careful where you buy from make sure it's the UK not China, there are some in Europe as well which should OK. Look to pay around £300

Cutting area is small at 200mm by 300mm but will cut most bits apart from fusalarge sides top and bottom but they are straight forward to cut by hand. The problem with C02 lasers the price goes up disproportionately to the Increase in size the next price point being around £1200 but you only get 300 by 400 something big enough to cut metre long material is into about £5000.

The K40 can be striped of it's component parts and made into something bigger if you are inclined and have the ability there are loads of examples on the Internet.

The biggist problem with the K40 is setting up the mirrors and focus expext to spend a couple of days getting it perfect, it also benefits  from an air feed to make cleaner cuts but thingyverse is full of them if you have a 3d printer then you only need a aquarium air pump around 100 litres a minute for about £15.

The K40 is a proper cutter but only buy one if you a patient and don't mind plenty of messing to get it up and running properly

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Thread: Returning to the hobby
20/11/2019 08:15:10

Own 2 Aurora's a 9 and a 9x my son uses the 9 and the 9x is now raerly used as I have swooped to another brand. I also bought a taranis when they first came out.

The taranis I gave up on after a couple of weeks and sold it, on the other hand very rarely used the instructions for the Aurora and my son has never had the instructions. Previously I have used a jr388 a jr3810 and an origanal DX7 all of which where simple to use, unlike tha taranis.

A new member joined about 3 years ago never flown before and in his 60s he bought a Aurora and had no problems using it once he understood what things like rates end point subtrim etc where.

The only thing on the 9 which needed improving with the flashing light which needed to be red or blue depending on receiver type when binding this was improved to be much easier on the 9x

My currently used radio is very capable and relatively simple to program but have never seen any radio as easy as the Aurora

Thread: Let down by FMS again
17/11/2019 14:56:18

Doing it once is unfortunate but the second you deserve all you get, previous experience but went back for seconds

Thread: voltage/brown out capacitors
17/11/2019 14:30:19
Posted by Chris Walby on 16/11/2019 21:46:59:

On the subject of RX supplies I took some advice from a UK manufacturer of batteries, ESC's UBEC's and motors

Really? Who's that, or are they a UK labellers?

Thread: IX20
31/10/2019 19:24:31

More plastic fantastic cheaply made chinese rubbish, and €1500 so will be £1500 in the UK, why would you. Jeti Ds16 money.

Thread: Buying cheap new or (slightly) cheaper s/h?
27/09/2019 21:20:43
Posted by Paul Marsh on 27/09/2019 10:50:47:

Why don't you buy this? Remortgage the house, only sub £3k...

You said overpriced Futaba...? Nice radio, but only would sell a few.


And still not a patch on Jeti

Thread: Glue for PLA and PET-G
21/08/2019 19:03:38

HobbyKing super glue and HobbyKing activator, stronger than the print.

Don't waste your time with free slicers get simplyfy3d and you will get perfect prints from day one in any material

Thread: Model Recommendation
30/07/2019 11:01:48

Easy to build nice steady Sunday should have it built

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