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Thread: New Battery for 14sg
17/02/2019 20:15:29

Ripmax part number P-14SG/BC is what you need.

Thread: Priory Models Silhouette
13/02/2019 21:23:59

I have a super nova bought it at the nats must have been late 90s sat in the loft till end of 2016 when I had pneumonia. Had nothing to do sat about for 8 weeks so built it.

Flies really nicely with a 2 stroke sc108 have taken it to a ukcaa meeting but never flew it at one, but even though no one knew the model they where happy to let me fly it if I wanted to.

Not flown it for about a year now, might get it out Saturday and give it a go.

Thread: Which was the best decade for the hobby?
07/02/2019 21:26:20

Been flying nearly 50 years and it just gets better things like large petrol jets and the radio we have now was just a dream, but hoping to fly more control line this year.

Thread: Favourite Non Scale Sport Bipe?
07/02/2019 21:22:16

Have a hobbyking meliso not available any more but similar to a sebart miss wind think they just copied it very smooth and accurate, also have a hobbyking hyperbibe great flying chuck about plane will do all the 3D moves search hobbyKing 3D - Michael Wargo flies the Durafly HyperBipe

My favorite is scale a Goldberg Ultimate with a 20cc petrol in fact it's my favorite plane of all time, my second favorite was a Goldberg Ultimate with a SC108 sadly no longer with us.

Thread: Bang Good.
07/02/2019 21:11:54

Try rapidrc the film they sell is hobbyking just more expensive but still loads cheaper than ora cover, and fast delivery also nice to deal with

Thread: Catastrophe!
04/02/2019 21:06:00
Posted by SONNY MONKS on 04/02/2019 14:34:44:

mmm well,hows about seeing how many faulty txs Als hobbie receives a i correct in saying they are the only repair centre for spectrum in the uk,or is it fake news im hearing again,in which the poor customer service provider spektrum is,and i will vouch for that,when my DX6 was sent to germany,then the US,because the germans could not repair it for some strange reason,then back to germany,then back to my local model shop in leeds,so what does that tell you gents,lol,rubbish customer service,and just remember,the customer is always right.have a nice day lol.

Sonny your wasting you time, this comes up time after time but still it doesn't sink in, maybe just maybe one day it will click in the mean time best I suppose we leave them to it and just have a little chuckle ever time it happens.

Thread: Fuel Tubing
04/02/2019 20:48:40

It will be Festo available from most of the jet shops

Thread: Catastrophe!
02/02/2019 19:23:44
Posted by Nigel R on 31/01/2019 21:13:16:

"Hate to say told you so, but told you so. See my post sixth down on first page. Wonder how long it will be before people realise"

You on Hitecs payroll? Plenty folk use Spektrum with zero problems attributable to it.

Not on anyone's payroll used spekrum when we first got 2.4 with the original DX7 was faultless but built by JR using spectrum software, never missed a beat. When JR and spektrum split I bought a DX8, worst modelling purchase ever, went back 5 times in 3 months including 3 new ones always told nothing wrong but here's a new one anyway. Finally hit with a hammer and dropped in it the wheely bin.

Then bought a hitec never missed a beat and have both the 9 and the 9X, don't use either much now as I have another make as I needed more channels and am buying receivers for this system as I convert my fleet, my son currently uses the 9 and he has never experienced a problem.

I know of at least half a dozon spektrum users at our club all have had some kind of issue with them their are 5 hitec users and not one has had a problem neither, there are 25 members (caped) and I know every one and not one user of other systems others then spektrum has experienced a problem.

Have google about and its common knowledge that there are problems with spektrum but for some strange reason they are defended on this forum, about time people woke up and admitted they are poorly made cheap and nasty tat.

31/01/2019 18:55:47

Hate to say told you so, but told you so. See my post sixth down on first page. Wonder how long it will be before people realise.

Edited By Stephen Smith 14 on 31/01/2019 18:56:08

Edited By Stephen Smith 14 on 31/01/2019 18:56:45

Thread: Welded aluminium switchbox
29/01/2019 20:59:41

Why not just tig it? If your doing fabrication I don't know how you manage without one.

Thread: Catastrophe!
24/01/2019 20:37:33
Posted by Paul C. on 24/01/2019 20:08:27:

No doubt you will be on the receiving end of the anti Spektrum brigade posters wink


Makes me laugh, there's no anti Futaba Hitec Jr Jeti Frsky or any other anti brand brigade not obvious where the problem lies, I strongly believe one day people will work it out.

Thread: JR DSX9
22/01/2019 19:09:24
Posted by jrman on 20/01/2019 23:22:12:

JR are still trading but MacGregor don't seem to be interested in stocking anything in the UK other than a few receivers.

Not sure where you got this from or when they started trading again, they went bust and passed all the IP to Jr America but as far as I am aware they have been unable to start trading again due to law suits. Please let's be knowing when they started again

Thread: Controls reversed when copying.
16/01/2019 20:12:15

Did you put the SD card in upside down?

Thread: DSM Smart Move or similar Pattern ship - circa 80s/90s
06/01/2019 20:51:35
Posted by cymaz on 06/01/2019 08:58:27:

DD, try Carbon copy. They usual have a good range and stock sizes.

Lol admirer your optimism. Make sure you pay with PayPal, at least you can get your money back.

Thread: Boomerang didn't come back
27/12/2018 21:18:18

Don't mess with all that, just put the broken bits roughly where they came from and secure with cable ties and gaffer tape, sorted.

Edited By Stephen Smith 14 on 27/12/2018 21:18:36

Thread: What is a reasonable time to wait for contact after a purchase?
23/12/2018 13:36:12

Why pay with PayPal if your collecting? Paying on collection prevents this issue and helps focus the seller as he doesn't get his money till collect, also saves him a couple of quid.

Thread: Triflow Pronatur Grease
19/12/2018 22:56:41

Look at the price and make your own decision

18/12/2018 19:57:54

Loads of other places I find google is my friend

18/12/2018 19:57:09

Thread: EBay Ads by Forum Members
15/12/2018 19:12:16

Did use eBay a lot as seller and buyer but unfortunately to many people use it without thought for others either not paying for what they have bought or sellers changing there mind. By the way an auction is not legally binding on ether party which is why the big car auctions now insist on a deposit if you want to bid, obviously returned to you if you do not buy.

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