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Thread: Any PC whizz`s out there?
22/07/2020 10:20:06
Posted by Gary Murphy 1 on 22/07/2020 09:10:09:

Alex, regards the mention mint Linux,sounds good but have no real idea of how you go about all that. I would more than likely mess that up and have not working laptop at all.

Which is why the suggestion, if you want to try, just use a USB stick, install an .iso file on it. The stick is the computer. If you can't get it to go, no loss. If it does go you can find out what it is like with no commitment.

It should, if it goes, point to where the problems are. No problem then it is Microsoft. If a problem it is the router/modem or internet supplier.

If it looks good there should be someone around who can help with the next step. There's a very good discussion forum about it.

22/07/2020 04:59:55

I'd really like to see what would happen with a Linux Mint USB stick, whether it would go straight away. I suspect Yes.

Trying it that way could sort out whether it is the hardware or software - at the cost of a USB stick.

I've had Windows kill too many things when Mint would simply run everything - and be as easy or easier to use than Windows..... However -

Browser - would it be worth trying Chrome? What version number of Firefox do you have? The latest is 78.

Clean install? You can run both systems on the same hard disk and boot the system you want - providing you have enough room i.e. about 70GB minimum. Linux can read the Windows partitions but not the other way. Alternative, buy a SSD and get a really fast laptop out of it, up to 10x faster opening things, especially with Linux Mint.

Thread: Webcams
03/05/2020 02:43:42

There is software that can be set to record only during motion. I'm involved with one setup, yes expensive-ish, where the box has a 1TB disk and up to 6 cameras. We have a computer linked into its internet wiring for checking and downloading what is wanted for later viewing.

Really cheap would be to use a Logitech USB camera with motion detecting software, probably using an old computer. An old laptop with an inbuilt camera is another option.

When it comes to USB cameras, don't use a Microsoft one as they over expose on Win10 and Linux. You might get one to work OK on Win7.

Security movies are often saved in .dav format and free VLC software can view them with a little bit of fiddling.

Thread: Lockdown Project - Guitalele
20/04/2020 22:57:55
Posted by Tim Hooper on 20/04/2020 21:36:42:

a) get a uke, and

b) join a club,

Bad Moon Rising


a) We went from guitar, classical for her, folk for me and we both have ukuleles. The thin ukulele is a Traveller and her one has circled the world including through Europe, England and Ireland.

One chap in this country quotes, "If you know how many you have you don't have enough." "How many do you have Paul?" "Oh about 85." he says. Obviously not enough. He does sell, fix and run weekend / training sessions.

I think my partner knows how many she has - I think she does ????

b) Join a club and they simply won't hear your mistakes so you can get the practise in without too much of a problem.

Bad Moon Rising - I often pick that one as it works so well. Note - have you ever thought it covers Global Warming very well?

12/04/2020 11:51:07

Ukuleles, ukulele festivals, weekly gigs, Men's Shed - it could all be the other side of the world, this side. At the Rolleston Shed we had one member make an electric guitar. There was a session run last year making solid body electric ukuleles (8 of us including one from Nova Scotia) run by someone from the other end of the country. The weekly ukulele sessions are now run on Zoom.

Weekend ukulele "festivals", usually 3 a year in the South Island plus a folk festival at Easter. All except the ukulele one we had at the beginning of February are cancelled this year.

Small world.

We're all locked-down though what I use as a flying field, the local park, is two doors away and still usable. My workshop, one part of our 3 car garage, is still "open for use".

10/04/2020 22:24:18

We've had a lad from our library join the Shed so he can fix his late father's draw knife, make / turn-up handles and fit them. A spoke shave, as I know them, are smaller and all metal with an adjustable blade much like that in a plane (non-aeronautical type plane).

10/04/2020 08:49:48

An interesting thread, ukuleles. We usually go out on Thursday nights to a group where we all play ukuleles and sing but last night went to the other bigger group. We went virtually using Zoom. The leader had his mic ON and all others OFF. If anything needed to be said, commented on, between songs, you switched your mic ON (bottom left corner of your screen), talked and switched OFF again. The only problem is the limit of 40 minutes a session with Zoom and reconnecting every 40 minutes. There is talk of the group going to a paid version during the lock-down period to give unlimited time per session.

So, computer use and no viruses encountered. We used a desktop (on the floor) connected to the TV for a big screen, USB camera, boom mounted mic. They have three books of songs and we haven't got the third new one so had a laptop handy to see the latest songs on the web.

My partner has done a few ukulele instrumental rehearsals with three others over the past weeks, mics ON for all three.

Now back to RC, flew a couple yesterday and today, reasonably calm and the park is two doors away and across the road - safe because of no cars to run me down...

Thread: Insanity seems to be setting in
22/03/2020 06:45:45
Posted by Don Fry on 22/03/2020 06:34:50:
Posted by Andrew Calcutt on 21/03/2020 22:03:02:

This will be the end of democracy,I don't believe the virus thing,what we have here is for more dangerous.

Lost me there. My brain cell must have gone dormant in the boredom of it all.

Quite simple, he's quoting medieval type thinking, before science took over. Doom, gloom and throw a pinch of salt over your shoulder. And obviously the sun goes round the earth and we'll hang you if you think otherwise.

Standard non-educated approach to it all. Those of us who have worked in scientific institutions have an advantage of knowing how things work, looked through the microscope or had to make and fix them for someone else to look.

18/03/2020 08:23:30
Posted by Peter Miller on 18/03/2020 08:17:49:
Posted by PatMc on 17/03/2020 21:17:05:
Posted by Peter Miller on 17/03/2020 21:08:32:

I can't help wondering what would have happened if the population had a similar mindset in 1939.

Was there a pandemic in 1939, Peter ?

Yes. IT was called World War 2

The actual virus caused pandemic was in 1919, not helped by all of the returning servicemen spreading it.

16/03/2020 21:27:06
Posted by Basil on 16/03/2020 14:51:51:

Just heard that a second MP has got the bug. There are 650 MP's plus all thier staff in the house this is more than 500 so does that mean they will close it???????????????


So that will sort out the Brexit problem? All of Europe shutdown and Britain isolated - which equals Brexit?

Thread: English language ?
13/03/2020 08:25:45

Try this -

"Strictly English : the correct way to write and why it matters" by Simon Heffer, pub Random House, 2010, 322 pages, ISBN: 9781847946300.

Like it is really good, like.....angry

Thread: Bargain
18/02/2020 00:43:03

I have a picture of 40 clamps holding the sheer clamps of a sea kayak under construction. Cost? Nil.

Make them yourself from plastic water pipes or down pipes, 2" to 3" diameter and 1" to 1-1/2" length.

Picture insertion instructions after hitting the camera symbol say Hit "Insert". OK, where is that instruction? Yes I did get a picture in the first time but then told I had 100,000 too many words. Most forums a simple drag and drop works.

Thread: Upgrading Windows7 to Win10 for free
04/02/2020 06:42:45
Posted by Dale Bradly on 04/02/2020 05:11:25:

...opportunity thus presented, installed Linux Mint after the suggestions in this thread. Very happy with it so far and not planning to change, so to those that suggested it, thanks for the tip.

This forum might be of interest, ranging from how to fix things to, well anything in the Chat section -

There are numerous comments from users who have a "never going back to Microsoft" attitude.

01/02/2020 20:45:44
Posted by kc on 01/02/2020 12:19:57:

I noticed that one of the Linux magazines in WH Smith yesterday had a disc on the front which seemed to suggest it could be used to try some version of Linux on a Windows machine. Any of the experts care to comment?

"Standard procedure" as one might say. Burn a DVD with the .iso (which is what the magazine has done) and make the DVD the first boot option in the BIOS. The computer will now run that system and you can see how it works, get the feel of it yet not change anything on the computer running it.

If it is a Linux Mint .iso the third icon down is usually "Install". Providing things are set up right going through that will give 3 options - wipe the disk and just install, install alongside the operating system there or "something else", what ever that might be.

Of all the various Linux "flavours" I prefer Mint with the Cinnamon desktop. MATE desktop looks about the same but with fewer options.

29/01/2020 06:17:30
Posted by fly-navy on 28/01/2020 23:47:26:

I hope that you computer techies forgive me, what started off as information for helping out a windows 7 problem seems to have ended up as a quantum physic's session to me, and perhaps a couple of others. I am now at a loss what to do, my W7 is performing as before, does what I ask, lets me fiddle about with my Phoenix, and do my emails. My concern was about the security after windows said it will not be supported

Microsoft wants your money so they say "End of Life" EOL. It is actually "End of Support" EOS a totally different thing. Your Win7 will keep going as long as the computer continues to work.

If you only read emails and minimal web browsing a free virus checker such as Avast should be all that is needed if needed at all and stay with Win7. Your computer does all you want it to? Then stay with it.

As for age, a suspect I might have been working on computers and such while you were "still in short pants" as they say.

Phoenix? Phoenix computer game, Phoenix RC planes supplier ???

As for copying files from computer to computer, I use a programme called Dukto. It works on everything (Windows, Apple, Linux, Android) and is very simple. Once installed and agreed to terms and conditions (what ever they are???)(click), with it booted up on both computers, each should see the other providing they are both connected to the same router, via wire or WiFi. You could use an old modem/router and not even connect to the outside world.

The computer the files are going from, click on the bottom box which should have the name of the computer files are to go to.

Drag files or folders across to the box and drop them in and wait. It might take some time, a few GB will definitely take time but a bar shows how progress is going.

With Windows they should appear on the desktop of the receiving computer. Then move them to where you actually want them.

Edited By Alex Ferguson 2 on 29/01/2020 06:18:51

28/01/2020 08:42:38
Posted by Jon - Laser Engines on 28/01/2020 08:33:16:They are not going to be running command line stuff and verifying download integrity.

Who runs command line stuff? Certainly none of the users I deal with.

A year of Win10 crashing, losing drivers every month. Why do you think I don't like it? It really depended where you were in the priority list for updates. If unfortunate and at the front of the queue you got trashed. This from a commercial outfit - just not professional. It never happens with our Linux installations.

27/01/2020 21:25:17
Posted by Gary Manuel on 27/01/2020 21:00:15:
Posted by Denis Watkins on 27/01/2020 20:38:44:
Posted by Alex Ferguson 2 on 27/01/2020 20:18:09:

Bixler, must take it flying again soon. I turned mine into a twin and convinced it flies better.

You are right about the Bixler Twin Alex

Instead of a single motor spiralling air along the fuz,

With a twin motor mod to the wings, you get two lots of air squish over the wings

A great help at low speed

Edited By Denis Watkins on 27/01/2020 20:39:20

This is the most helpful post in this thread so far devil

Should this, "Bixler twin", go in a new thread?

It might be an opposition forum but a few bits here -

The U/C is now much lower, more like a Hercules.

27/01/2020 20:18:09
Posted by Tony Harrison 2 on 27/01/2020 19:53:50:

Linux is very much for the minority. Windows works well for vast numbers of people - the great majority of whom will never experience security issues, especially if they apply common sense and/or use quality AV software - as opposed to free stuff. You get what you pay for, in software as with everything else.

Flying soon, getting out to the field? Today's little hailstorm was not encouraging, but it would be good to visit the field again. I have a Bixler ready to try out...

Best, Tony

I expect most of the forum readers are using Linux - via their Android smart phones. These have a totally different operating method from a laptop/desktop but how many say, "We can't learn that."

Yes I've been slack and not ever done a verification in the last 2 decades, simply downloaded and installed, possibly 3 dozen computers.

As for difficult to use, how can a long time Windows user sit down one day at a Linux Mint installation (Windows had destroyed itself totally) and simply carry on doing her computer work without instructions? How? Why? Because it looks so much like the Windows she had been using, browsers and other items as usual in the task bar and simply click and they go - as usual.

Questions? Yes. Often have questions and they are all related to jobs that would have raised the same questions Windows or Linux and with the same answers.

Get what you pay for? Nothing but problems with Windows 10. Nothing but problems with a commercial accounting programme too (another story there) and no problems with free software because if it gave problems no one would use it. If you pay money you struggle to use it (not all but too many) because you put out money. Have you paid for Firefox or Chrome? No. Did you paid for Windows Explorer and Edge. Yes. Do many use them? No.

Bixler, must take it flying again soon. I turned mine into a twin and convinced it flies better.

26/01/2020 19:56:10

The previous site suggestion from Gary Manuel has Etcher as the Linux version to use. I've not used it and suggest Mint with the Cinnamon desktop.

Go to -

Go to the download tab

Download Cinnamon 64 bit version -

This should download a 64 bit version of the Linux Mint .iso

From the previous site mentioned by Gary Manuel -

In Windows (DVD method) -

Right-click the ISO file and select Burn disk image.

To make sure the ISO was burned without any errors, select Verify disc after burning.

Note - to a DVD you are burning it, not copying it.

Otherwise follow the USB stick instructions.

I've only loaded / setup 10 computers from my latest stick during December so it does work, they all go OK.

25/01/2020 21:03:14

It seems some are lucky.

Note, this is a thread about the options of updating from Win7, Linux is one of them and so is buying an Apple.

The problem instance I'm using was a computer bought with Win7 installed and used without any problems for a few years. Win10 free update was available and recommended by Microsoft. This was followed by a year of every Microsoft auto update causing problems. I suspect if I hadn't been available to sort things there would have been hundreds of dollars of commercial IT support needed.

The final indignity of wiping everything and reverting to Win7 because of Microsoft's poor testing methods was the final straw.

How does an ordinary user know that they can't trust Microsoft? Why would they think that you shouldn't trust Microsoft's updates and never allow them?

Yes, Win XP worked and still works for those who still use it.

As for Linux Mint. Burnt as an .iso on a USB stick and the stick being first boot source you get a running system. We used this with a Netbook when travelling one year for security. On the stick will be a complete system, browser Firefox and LibreOffice plus a number of other programmes. Items can be saved to the computer's hard disk. One icon on the desktop says "Install". Going to that it takes you through a reasonably simple installation process usually allowing dual booting so you still have the original Windows available.

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