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Thread: Warbirds replicas Tempest
20/06/2020 11:25:11

I thought the whole WR Tempest thing was dead in the water! Great to see that is potentially not the case - count me in Richard if this becomes a reality...

17/06/2020 00:17:46

Can only repeat what Bob said, is this happening?

Thread: Does anybody know how to fix this?
28/05/2020 09:27:10

What a legend, thanks so much for this Martin.
I don’t think there are many forums where you can ask a question and before you know, it somebody has offered to repair the item for you and then carried out such a great job.
Huge thanks to Martian of course but also to everybody else who commented and helped with this, it restores one’s faith in humanity!
Stay safe and happy landings.

Thread: The State of Play
23/05/2020 20:43:25

I would have a 70-80 size Tempest MkII in a heartbeat.

Favourite plane and I have a spare engine!

Thread: Does anybody know how to fix this?
18/05/2020 18:21:49

Trevor - you are right, this kept me awake at night for a while; I did manage to find the pin in the end and removed it from the back of the TX before promptly losing it.

Kc - it's a good idea but without checking I imagine our excess would be at least £250 and given the amount it seems to go up every year without claiming I think I will keep my powder dry until something more serious happens (lipo fire etc...).

Martian, that is an incredibly kind offer, if you are serious i will drop you a pm tomorrow, I would have to pay at least something for your time though. No offence will be taken if you realise you may have too much on after all btw...

Again, thanks all for your thoughts on this issue, I must say my old Challenger suffered many knocks and I never had anything like this but I guess the old adage that they don't make 'em like they used to has once again been proved to be correct!

18/05/2020 15:33:46

I think the spring return kit that Ripmax sell is a mod - something to do with drone flyers wanting the throttle to centre instead of stay put. I can't seem to find a stick assembly available either which is a shame. I think that new with a receiver or two then this would be around £250 at the moment, I will try and get one on ebay for less than that - annoying all for the sake of a very small bit of plastic!

18/05/2020 12:53:38

Interesting KC, I do have an old Challenger 35Mhz, not even thought of looking to see if there are similarities...

18/05/2020 12:52:09

So, the red circle shows a metal pin which braces against the sprung rocker , the blue circle shows where there should be another pin. The plastic assembly here has broken, God knows where the pin has gone...

18/05/2020 12:50:42


18/05/2020 11:28:33

Sorry Martian, hadn’t read your post properly, issue with Ripmax remains though...

18/05/2020 11:27:53

Hi Martian, thanks for the advice, unfortunately part of the plastic gimbal (I did know the proper name for it but can’t remember now), has snapped. This means that the spring that should centre the stick has nothing to brace against so it is a new part followed by re-calibration. I’ve just got off the phone to Mike and as Ripmax are not making/selling parts at the moment due to the virus I could be a bit stuffed! Think my best course of action is a new receiver followed by a repair and sale of the old one when the time is right in order to recoup some of the cost. sad

18/05/2020 10:55:32

Many thanks Guys, Dick, I'm 99% sure that was the one.

Thanks for your replies and stay safe.


18/05/2020 10:24:36

Morning all, just resurrecting this as I believe Percy provided a link to somebody who can repair issues like the one mentioned - unfortunately his posts are not visible any more and I didn't have the foresight to save it at the time! Does anybody know somebody who can repair Futaba transmitters?


Thread: Warbird Replica Spitfire MKix
17/04/2020 19:45:38

Just want to second what Graham said. Mine has been languishing for a year, primed but unpainted but given the recent circumstances it may finally get finished off.
Goes together beautifully, a real pleasure to build.

Thread: Prostate Cancer
07/04/2019 22:09:14

Martian, all the best with your treatment, thanks for sharing this and raising awareness of this (easily curable!) issue.


Thread: Does anybody know how to fix this?
10/03/2019 23:47:35

Thanks again for the help chaps.

I have many items that have magically broken themselves - all in the handful of years since the children were born coincidentally...

10/03/2019 10:25:12

Thanks for the additional throughts guys,

Percy - just what I need, I’ll give him a call.

My primary concern is that the small metal pin I mentioned has disappeared. Logic dictates that it must still be in there unless it fell out when I took the back off therefore I may have small metal object loose inside my transmitter which is not a great scenario!

The kids swear blind it wasn’t them - I think it will be one of those little mysteries that never gets resolved.

09/03/2019 18:54:46

Thanks for that Chris, I have taken the back off now and it looks like there is a rocker behind the stick with two metal studs that brace against the spring. One of these studs has come out as the plastic housing has failed. Now to see if I can find a spare part!

09/03/2019 17:37:30

Sorry, not sure why the text got sandwiched between the pictures there. The pictures show the two extremes of the 'slack' zone for the stick.

09/03/2019 17:36:25

qnjhqxmbrkcvddva9nvyhw.jpgAfternoon All,

Any help on the following would be most appreciated:

I got my Futaba T8J down from the shelf it normally resides on to find that the right-hand stick was completely out of alignment.

Basically, the stick is slack from the extreme left to just left of the centre at which points it hits resistance. The stick can be pulled over to the right but then 'centres' back to the left aligned position when released.

No idea what has happened but I do have small children and cats so there are a number of potential culprits.

Any help/ideas would be gratefully received.



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