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Thread: SC Carb bore size?
28/05/2019 22:45:43

Probably mass manufacturing. One carb for 61-108 maybe. 16.8mm is that the effective choke area ?

Thread: Best cleaning method?
23/05/2019 15:21:39

I use an ultra sonic cleaner with Surf biological soap powder don't use Daz it reacts with the castings for some reason putting white marks on it. But just using a small amount in a bowl or cup with boiling water and a toothbrush will bring it right up. For me it's the cheapest easiest and most convenient way I have found without buying anything special or getting it sandblasted. And if I clean it and it's badly corroded /mottled I have just started painting them satin black then put them in a cheap toaster oven for an hour.

Thread: YouTube Video you like
18/05/2019 00:02:30
This lot are a laugh and do a lot of traditional building.
Thread: Old O.S FS 1.20 cam timing
09/05/2019 23:03:20





Just wondering if by any chance anyone knows what way round this cam goes in this old 1.20 engine.

I stripped the engine and found internally the only thing wrong with it was castor. I was stripping it and before I took the cam out I set it to the dots in the Pic and then drew where the cam lobe was in relation to the dots. Then stupidly tipped the engine over and it fell out I thought it was stuck in there its the only part that wasn't. In the Pic it shows the 2 sides of the cam one the centre of the shaft is hollowed out and one it is solid. The one that is hollowed out I noticed after cleaning there is a dot is that to face the case or the small cover?

Would really appreciate it if anyone could help. I have the manual but there is no mention of timing and could not find anything on the net.

Thread: Prostate Cancer
21/04/2019 00:47:46

I though I would put this vid up. I think for any one that may be concerned enough to get a regular check up may be interested to know about this study that was carried out. The basics are they found with around 4,500iu of Viamin D3 in prostate cancer patients there was a reduction in size of the prostate that was inlarged. This was a 10 million dollar study. When your at the doctor might be a good idea to get your D3 levels checked there are different tests in the vid it mentions what one gives the best reading. Also your vitamin K2 levels to keep you calcium levels good for absorbtion of the D3.

Thread: AcroWot XL Build
17/02/2019 14:44:20

That engine sounds great Jon. It looks a great fit in the cowl too. I take it the Grey part on the cowl intakes are to deflect the air off the front 2 cylinders to keep all cylinders as close a temp to each other as possible?

Looking at that crank you really must have worked some magic. I'm really curious how you dealt with the crank pins they look really bad. Also is that crank 2 pieces as I see there is ball bearings in the centre. Does the bearing hold it together?

Very cool project that thing will be great fun in the air 👍👍

Thread: Mini/micro lathe
13/02/2019 02:02:23

This is what I'm looking at getting. The supplier is getting restocked in March. The spec looks good I've been watching Steve Jordan on YT he was in the aerospace industry for around 15 years from memory and he has modded his Chinese mini lathe for more accuracy and also shows how to do milling with it with an L bracket.
Thread: What Sports Aerobatic for an ASP 70 Four Stroke?
02/02/2019 17:40:54

I've been looking at a DB Barnstormer and noticed the Gringo on there it seems to fit your engine size. But there is no mention of weight for the Barnstormer or the Gringo. I don't have either of these planes so don't know how good they are the Gringo doesn't seem to have much written about it worth a mention I thought as it's under the DB name.

Thread: OS 25 FSR- Equivalent
15/01/2019 09:52:26

I should probably mention there were 2 versions of the Irvine 36 the abc had 2 Phillips screws holding the carb in that is the one you want. Not the ringed version that had a pinch bolt holding the carb in. The ringed one has much less power. I only mention as I see some ringed 36 engines are available and don't want people to buy that by mistake.

14/01/2019 17:20:43
Weston UK 25 with its pipe is awesome
9x4 @ 17,600 rpm = 5.97lbs of thrust @ 66.6mph.
It doesn't have a ported type of running either very refined 2 stroke and very little vibration hand starts also without flipping it over compression too.
In the video my throttle linkage was not good and the plug was a touch hot. So it has a touch lean mix. It will idle down to 1,600 rpm. Best 25 in the world in my opinion.
What's weird is the main needle is only out 1/4 turn.
Had a norvel 25 leaked and not as good throttling with less power my O.S sf was good but not as crisp as the West and not as powerful.
Had an O.S 35AX was not impressed did not like to idle below 3,000 rpm and had a blip half way through the revs no matter what plug or prop.
You can get an Irvine 39 for £67 from sussex. That's a pretty serious engine though the last one I had, had a bigger exhaust than my new one and turned an 8x8 16,000 rpm. A bit peaky though when throttling onto 8,000 rpm. Better than a 35AX though chrome liner plastic cage bearings for high rpm and a machined head from billet aluminium I think and a great carb.
If you could get an aero Irvine 36 second hand that is a great engine bit lighter than the 39 and more power than a 46LA by around 600-800 rpm on any prop from my memory testing both. The Heli version has a different crank more duration on the intake port so it's Smokey throttling up compared to the aero version. There is not much choice out there really bit of shame I really like the 25 and 36 size engines they are a great size I have a bunch in that bracket.
Thread: Ever seen the like?
29/12/2018 01:56:18

Dunno if it's clear I had a similar bit of damage to my Saito 60T. Got it second hand it had been run on castor but it was still soft when I stripped it. There was no valve clearance and think the follower gauged the cam lobe pricey for a new cam.

You need to zoom it right up to see it. Not as bad as everybody else's but not sure if the follower will get caught in it.

saito cam.jpg

Thread: IC and Electric
19/12/2018 10:03:37

I agree with Don and Peter. My Dad had an electric Kyosho trainer I took it up to test fly for him. It was very nice to fly very smooth easy to fly. He had a battery go flat and did not make it back. The firewall was damaged and that was the first and last of his electric experience mine too. He then put an O.S 35FP in it (I told him a 25 would be enough) and it was a pig to fly the engine was much heavier than the motor and it needed tail weight. It used to drop a wing easy on landing. You had to fly right onto the ground if you know what I mean. In the turns it just felt weird and it did seem like the prop had more authority like Peter said it made it difficult to turn especially on an 11" diameter prop. My dad always looks on the bright side of things and told me that it will teach him more. It didn't he smashed it loads of times until he killed it and the engines carb. And he still can't fly worth a damn. I bought him a true 40 size nitro trainer for Christmas hopefully he can just get on with learning the basics and be consistent.

I should say that his trainer was not a hybrid type where you can use both it was strictly electric.

In that short experience I would say weight distribution and authority from the prop are the main things that I experienced that changed the way that plane would fly.

Thread: Home made fuel
08/11/2018 10:27:10

I was going to make my own fuel but after testing a lot of my smaller 2 strokes it seems they are designed around 10% nitro as they run way better on it and my bigger 60-90 2 strokes run great on 5%.

I thought it, just is not worth saving a few quid and creating work for my self to have an engine not run at its best. So I just buy Laser 5% and I use goglo for my 10% nitro it has 15% ml70 oil in it.

I also have a gallon of castor I've never used and also a litre of ml70. So if I can't get the fuel I want I can get something with less oil and just add in what I need. I get my fuel from wheelspin models.

Thread: 20 cc V-twin two stroke
08/11/2018 06:02:55
Just wondering Jeff if you did any calculations for how much fin area you put on the cylinders?
I've never turned any Ling down or milled anything how long does it take to get your case where it's at right now it looks a lot of work.
Thread: Saito FA40 Performance Increase
04/11/2018 07:28:06

I have my dad's Saito FA 40. It is an old one but turns a Graupner Super nylon 11x6 (which from my tests is the same load as APC) @ 10,000 rpm on 16% nitro.

Thread: Used SC46 Glowplugs
28/10/2018 20:06:03

What prop is it turning ? And what rpm do you get. Also does it turn freely without the plug in it ? Or does it feel a little stiff turning round. Had an engine hydraulic, bent the rod. It ran but over heated and put out a lot of black oil.

Thread: Saito 60T Twin carb size.
28/10/2018 18:29:26

Recently I got a Saito 60T for a good price and watching videos of them and looking at the fuel system I decided to take a risk and buy some carbs to try and fit. Unfortunately I think they are too big.

Was just wondering if anyone had the inner throat diameter of a 30 four stroke carb ?

Thread: SC36 dims
28/10/2018 18:15:23

21mm on my ASP 36 and my SC 32.

Thread: Engine projects
13/10/2018 06:32:30
👍 Looks the business Jeff well done. W
ill be watching out for the V Twin project sounds like a challenge for sure.
Thread: Which lathe
08/10/2018 20:33:36

Just wondering people's thoughts on the mini lathes. I was thinking of buying one very soon but I have seen mixed feedback and now I'm not sure if it is worth it.

I don't have a place to put a bigger lathe, and they can be a lot more money but if the mini lathes are no good for making model engines then I would rather save the money.

I have access to a large lathe but I can't really get there at the same time as the owner and then spend enough time there to learn and get my projects done. So was really considering the mini lathes but if I can't make crankshafts, cylinders, valves and guides so on then I'd rather save the money and just ask someone to make it for me till I get a proper workshop.

So can a mini lathe do the Job or should I just forget it till I get a workshop for a bigger one.

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