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Thread: Is this a genuine HOBBYWING 60 Amp, or a knock off ?
29/03/2019 22:50:12

thanks, Folks, I think mine looks `iffy'

regards, Colin W

Thread: RIOT - why 2.4 GHz only
29/03/2019 20:49:02

Martin, as you know I am generally a fairly careful `old fart'. I did get in touch with RIOT/ max-thrust, and had an e-mail reply stating the reason they added the recommendation for 2.4 GHz was that 35 MHz Rx's were often too big to fit easily into the rather restricted RIOT radio bay, which has big thick foam fuz walls. As of two days ago 27/03/2019 the RIOT was flying as if on rails with the `Schulze Alpha DSP processor Rx' on 35 MHz and my trusty FF6. My gear is always stored in the house, much to the consternation of my Wife and I do look out for black wire corrosion. Oh, and maybe we should think further about any more `maiden flights' taking off towards the Village ?? regards Colin Weaver.

Thread: Is this a genuine HOBBYWING 60 Amp, or a knock off ?
29/03/2019 20:04:39


Thread: Hobbywing 60amp esc
29/03/2019 00:53:16

Does this ESC look genuine? It is a HobbyWING UBEC 60 AMP operating at circa 53 KHz re the UBEC. It reduces the radio range big time on 35 MHz. I have a switch in the positive line, and the signal and negative are not switched but permanently connected to the Dual Conversion Futaba FP-R138DF Rx chanel 3 (Throttle)

regards, colin weaver


Edited By colin weaver on 29/03/2019 00:57:02

Thread: Electrifying a WOT4 Pro ARTF
28/03/2019 23:05:22
Posted by Bruce Collinson on 20/11/2018 14:00:37:


There's no panic to answer your question then! I know the feeling.

I can't speak for the Pro version but I'm on my third standard ARTF in two years (don't ask, pilot error) and they all flew on the Ripmax Quantum 40 motor and mostly 5A 4S LiPos. None needed noseweight. I appreciate that your LiPo will be a bit lighter than mine.

I left the standard elevator pushrod in and upgraded all the clevises to metal. If I really wanted to lighten the tail end I'd try a carbon tube pushrod and maybe risk the plastic clevises, than look carefully at the tailwheel, and finally consider some judicious lightening holes in the tail surfaces.

Last time it needed attention I dug out a slightly larger Overlander motor and was about to start drilling to fit when I realised the bullet connectors are larger and contemplating changing all 3, I lost the will to live but next MOT I'll try it. If you're buying a motor especially for it, this might all add up to a no-ballast solution with which I agree entirely.

Whatever you decide, good luck and if it's a Pro do please report back.


Thread: Fleet Control Systems
10/11/2018 13:12:18

early Futaba and Fleet

A friend lent me a 1960's two channel Futaba am 27 Mhz , when my son was into model cars, about 25 years ago. The internals of that looked like it had been soldered up using an 8 ounce copper bit, the type you heated up with `blow' torch, or a soldering iron `furnace', which I dimly remember from my GCE `O' level in Metalwork, in 1964. And then there were the early Micron Rx's, also available as kits ..........those were the days (not). YMMV

10/11/2018 12:55:41

If anyone wants the black ERA stickered 35 Mhz Tx's (x2) , very clean, for a museum collection, along with various Rx's and and the odd servo kit, PM me and they are yours for the P&P cost. They have been stored in the house for the past decade, and I am getting my ear bashed re my ever expanding collection of R/C `junk', according to my Wife. (She has also sent me out in the cold to tidy up my Garage. The mere fact that she can only get 18 inches into her shed/greenohouse escapes her ! ) I am also on Facebook, with a 1990 `electro- Glider' pic.

Regards, Colin Weaver

09/11/2018 12:48:46

I think the type approval was with the ERA, which I think meant Electrical Research Association. I think this was at the time we were moving to 10 kHz channel spacing ?

09/11/2018 01:11:55

The later black Tx's had a UK type approval sticker `SMAE/35/ERA.82/FCS.02' so I guess these wre not splattery re the frequency spectrum......?

08/11/2018 18:53:50

Is that the John Duncker, ex of the Luton club, who departed to sunnier climes on retirement ?

I used to man the 35 Mhz Tx control tent, at public Club events, with the late Les Townsend , but I do not recall ever testing a Fleet Tx. Some of the PCM Futaba Tx gave strange readings at times ..... ? We discussed that with Mainlink, who supplied the Frequency Meter, and it was concluded that they were OK. My two Fleet Tx's gave `spot on' frequency read outs, but by that time I was moving to a Futaba FC-18, for helicopter use. That was fine, until I used a PCM Rx, and got `lock out' and the Heli drifted into the ground, with the usual crunching sound of an IC Heli going in. I think Mick Reay may have had the same problem with PCM lockout, but cannot be sure. The Futaba dual-conversion Rx's were fine, even in my electric heli, a Kyosho EP, which I flew for years, until spares ran out.

regards, Colin Weaver

07/11/2018 16:17:03

I bought my first Fleet Tx, a blue one, in 1978, then upgraded to the black ones in about 1982. I used to solder up the servo kits that Fleet then offered.

I had a couple of problems, one of which was a xtal that drifted out of tune. Somewhere along the line I went from 27 to 35 Mhz, but cannot remember when. The pots used in the very early servos were pretty `flaky'.

Ernie Strutt, John Marshall and I used geared Mabuchi 380 ACOMS motor units with 6/7 yellow Sanyo SCR cub C Nicads. We pushed them hard as motive power for motorised Gliders, and got a mention In RCM& E n the 1980's, sometime. Now look where electric flight has got to..........

regards, Colin Weaver - ex FDMAC - left in 1985 when we moved to Hertfordshire.

Thread: RIOT - why 2.4 GHz only
23/07/2018 16:20:08

Hi, Martin, are you browsing on the back patio, with a cool drink ??

In the olden days, with brushed motors, 35 MHz was supposedly more susceptible to commutator sparking interference. Hence 2.4 was touted as being more robust, as it moved away from the `sparking' frequencies.

Certainly, the early Fleet Rx's did give the odd 540 motor a blip on/off. Never had a problem with DC Futaba, and the later Schulze and Multiplex Rx were supposed to be even more resistant to the `glitch' Gremlins.

Having had 4 years of faultless FRSky, I was surprised to get some Gremlins in 2017....... our other FRSky Member in the Club got a `45' RSSI score just the other day. Planes tend to fall out of the sky at 42 on the FRSky RSSI On other days the issue is just not there.

Hey Ho - I just like to know what was behind this entry in the Riot Manual.......

Colin W


23/07/2018 15:21:36

The manual says use 2.4 Gig only. Anyone know why, as I prefer 35 Meg at our site ........ Does the motor/ ESC supplied kick out a lot of interference ??


Colin W

Thread: Old Brushed ESC fail and `hot' 540 motor -
14/06/2018 20:56:17


The lead from the battery to the ESC is fairly long, about 12 inches, but has a 0.22uF mylar capacitor across the leads at the battery end. From ESC to motor is only 4 inches. The old Kontronik ESC had no issue with this set up ........until a motor brush disintegrated ........

BTW, the total current draw was 39 Aamps (not 35 +39), and the ESC was £30.....

Colin W

Thread: Acro Wot Foam e ESC Failure
14/06/2018 15:54:14

FET switching at part throttle could be a problem with old brushed ESCs, way back (1989?). I remember asking an Electric flight retailer (Fanfare) about this, and he `shamed' a British R/C company* into fitting higher spec FETS in their units. The same company also supplied me with a relay type on/off motor control switch, which burnt out a track on the PCB, on 1st use. (*this company no longer exists, as both of the Principals have now died ........RIP) Mind you, I am talking about the `British Leyland' era of UK manufacturing I think it is all about how fast the FETs could switch, as if they were slow, they acted in a `resistor like fashion' at part throttle.

Thread: Old Brushed ESC fail and `hot' 540 motor -
14/06/2018 15:12:35

Fusion 35A brushed ESC- component failure

I have been modelling a long time, and have run brushed (and later brushless) motors in some motorised sailplanes since the early 1990's.

In this instance I was testing a Kyosho Rev 300T motor, 2.65:1 gearbox, and a Grauper 7.5 x 4 folding prop, on a 40 mm yoke, on a freshly charged 3S 2200mah lipo.

My Son was on the transmitter, and we were monitoring the amps thru my DC powermeter. The ESC was subjected to a 39 amp overcurrent for only about 2 or 3 seconds.
I was disappointed to find damage as per the photo, and a bit surprised at the very small, thin heatsinks. I think it was a capacitor that has burned out?  Could anyone tell me what value and voltage the capacitor (?) was?


fusion35ampesc-img_3238.jpgEdited By colin weaver on 14/06/2018 15:16:49

Edited By colin weaver on 14/06/2018 15:23:39

Edited By colin weaver on 14/06/2018 15:24:25

Thread: What's the main radio brand you use 2017?
02/08/2017 08:06:36

As an `old fart' I go back to 1978 with Fleet, then Futaba, and now FRSKY modules in my old Futaba Tx's. Also I have a couple of Hitec Optic Tx's, again that can have Tx modules fitted. I had a couple of component failures, Zener diodes etc, with the Fleet in the early days, and PCM lock out with Futaba 35 MHz - went back to Dual Conversion Rx's.

FRSKY has been rock solid for me for the past 4 years, but recently had some glitches; another friend with FRSKY telemetry has found low RSSI values across a defined line across our patch, but it comes and goes. We wonder if 2.4 Ghz is getting swamped at times ...... but a bit of a mystery.

Colin W

Thread: Kavan or other good qualty ball joints and clevises
08/03/2017 12:58:07

Thanks for responses. QuickUK were out of small balls ......

So went to SLEC. Their M2 German quick links look much nicer than the previous Chinese c**p.

I was used to the older Kysho heli `push on' ball joints, so I was interested to see that some ball joints were now classed as 'non de-mountable', which may explain my issue with the 'de-mountability' of the Fusion brand ones.

Anyhow, thanks for all the info.

05/03/2017 17:23:30

Years ago, I used to use Kavan or Robbe 2mm metal kwik (quick) links. Just bought some presumably Chinese ones and they are poorly formed Surprise, surprise.

Ditto some Chinese ? ball joints - branded - but you need a 2 tonne hydraulic press to insert and de-mount the ball ! Yes, I do have ball joint pliers ......

Any suggestions for quality brands for the above ? Thanks

Thread: What's the main radio brand you use 2017?
24/02/2017 17:36:06

I do wonder just how many of the advanced features on the upper end / complex radios are actually used ...... maybe the 3 Jeti users in our club, and maybe the 2 Taranis owners ? That is out of say 70 members, of which only 30 ? probably actually fly. Each to their own ...... (And no I do not buy Apple products either !) Colin W

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