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Thread: Switching Brand
11/07/2019 09:23:01

HI All,

Looking at the FrSky, trying to compare the X9 and X10, seems like there's not a lot in it besides the different OS and the X9 being about half the price. Unfortunately, none of the websites I've visited have offered any sort of side by side comparison.

Can anybody advise on the differences?



27/06/2019 18:52:48
Posted by Don Fry on 22/06/2019 17:16:27:

So now we have to ask Tony Kenny, has he got 2 grand, and that doesn't get a receiver to go in anything, or the anything. Not knocking Jeti, it has a fine reputation.

But it's not the fodder you shove in a Wot4

Not really got 2 grand, at least not for a while. I like the look of the FrSky especially with the features to cost ratio!

Thank you all for the valuable input! I'll be picking up a new tranny soon, but going with the old meaning of the word

20/06/2019 09:12:33

Morning all,

Im going to be opening a can of worms here, but its time for me to switch my brand of radio so I'd like to hear some views on which way to swing.

Wy current brand is Tactic which was supplied with my first ever trainer so I was locked into that brand from the outset. However, I've found it difficult to source Tactic rx here in the UK and I've had a couple of dodgy ones so my confidence it the brand isn't high enough for me as I expand my fleet to model that require more channels and will cost more to replace after a radio malfunction!

Initially I'm looking for 8 channels, but may be able to stretch the budget to 12 as a form of future proofing, depending on hon large the gap is. I've also heard systems with open source software which, as a developer' is of particular interest!

Spektrum is a brand that I hear about most often, but I'm also concerned about brand lock in again. Although we also hear about 'compatible' or cloned components, I'm a bit wary of those as there probably no guarantee that they really are 100% compatible or even of a reliable quality.

How safe is it generally to purchase used equipment?

So, let's open the floodgates and see which way I should go!

thanks in advance!


Thread: Battery ejection - bad crash
29/09/2018 10:34:29

Yep, we've become too reliant on convenience and these easy answers are just too tempting! I'm annoyed with myself because I was concerned that the battery wasn't properly secure but it had been OK in all flights for the past year so didn't so anything. That was my mistake, I should have gone with my gut and done something, especially knowing that each time I remove the battery I'm pulling on that velcro and the weak adhesive beneath it!

I'll submit this photo to RCME too, maybe somebody else can learn from my mistakes.

To make matter worse, i also ripped the motor mount out of my FW190. The u/c got damaged and other club members suggest just hand launching and belly landing and the prop would knock out of the way. Unfortunately, a couple of these landings knocked the prop but pull the motor mount out. Thankfully, that's an easy fix, but I wonder what damage these landings will eventually do to the motor shaft. I've bent enough on other model already. The moral again, fix the thing properly!

29/09/2018 09:10:15

HI All,

Some good advice thank you.

Ben, I agree, it's not great on foam at all. My plan is to do the same as I did on the glider which was to use the double sided velcro that sticks to itself and glue that to the fuz so it's nice and secure. For this model I'll probably do that in 3 places and also consider adding an additional 'gate' by way of a piece of balsa under a couple of clips to just slot in place.

I am a bit surprised that ARTF models don't tend to have any form of battery mount whatsoever and even those that do tend to be inadequate. The canopy of this one also had such weak magnets that it fell off the first time I flew inverted, which prompted me to add velco to that too.

We live and learn, but it will be a while before I get time to fix this.

29/09/2018 07:37:12

Hi all,

I'm sharing this photo of my pride & joy after the battery was ejected whilst pulling out of an outside loop after performing various other high-G manoeuvres. Turns out velcro is quite reliable, but, the self adhesive backing is really weak! Battery came out leaving me with no control!

Future plan: 1) more secure battery mounting, 2) a small lipo backup for rx & control so I'll at least have control if this happens again.

I'm also considering some sort of latch on the battery connector so the weight of the battery cannot pull it out.


Thread: Were to buy lipo battery
19/05/2018 11:34:57

Thanks for the nod towards hobby king, they have Turnigy 3200 4S 30C for £23.60 at the minute. (not the nano tech as suggested) That's around £15 cheaper than anywhere else! Perfect timing as a couple of mine are swollen and need replacing.

David, to discharge, I just attached them to an old car halogen until it was completely dead then cut off the wires for later use and chucked it in the bin

Thread: BMFA NAtional Centre website launched
29/12/2017 20:19:27

Fantastic to hear, thank you! Just make sure it's accessible for anybody to grab

Keep up the great work at the centre! Really looking forward to my next visit for the aerobatics day!

Thread: Replacement shafts?
29/12/2017 09:39:55

I've got a couple of motors with bent shafts, tried to straighten them, but that's mission impossible.

Despite lots of searching, I've not found anywhere to buy replacements shafts only. Are they usually available and I'm just not looking in the right places?

Thread: Servo chatter & buzz - HK Raven 990 DLG
29/12/2017 09:37:40

Thankyou, the problems seems OK now, but waiting for the right time to get out and try it in the air.

Broken servos, I tend to keep them just in case I get a similar one strip a gear, then I can enjoy a fiddly 3D puzzle! I did the same with a Rx that failed range checks, handy for bench testing (is labelled most clearly so I don't put it in a model by mistake!)

Thread: BMFA NAtional Centre website launched
28/12/2017 21:49:44

Just found this thread.... I've been to the centre a few times now, twice for the aerobatics training days which have been a fantastic learning opportunity for me and have really improved my overall flying skills.

Facilities are great, everybody I met there were friendly and helpful. I look forward to visiting each month and also look forward to the accommodation blocks being available.

The only thing I would add is, that given the average age of people in the hobby and given how far it is by road from the nearest town, I'd be tempted to install and AED (defribrillator) in case somebody experiences a cardiac event whilst on site. The difference, statistically, is taking survival rates up from 6% to 96%, provided of course, that they're not flying alone and somebody sees them go down within a couple of minutes! Maybe a fund raising event for that separately? I take it the air ambulance wouldn't have much problem finding a spot to land!


Thread: Servo chatter & buzz - HK Raven 990 DLG
28/12/2017 21:39:51

Crikey, between this and my LiPo thread, I've managed to stat 2 simultaneous arguments!

Personally, these connectors never "feel" secure to me, no matter how hard I tighten the screw,it just doesn't feel 'solid'. I'll fly with them at first, but ultimately, I'll replace them with something that 'feels' better to me.

Whichever I use, my policy is to check ALL connectors, control surfaces etc, in fact a full head-to-toe inspection of the aircraft before every single flight. That's just my brain wanting a solid routine so nothing gets missed. (although distractions can happen and then things do get missed!)

28/12/2017 10:01:46

As my experience makes it a lot less likely I'd buy an ARTF from HK again, I'd have hoped that the relationship based on money would make them listen. But, one voice among many.

However, this has been a learning curve that I otherwise wouldn't have experienced, so there's a positive side too.

28/12/2017 09:43:29

I'm hoping to try the model later this week or over the weekend. Shortly after I'll look at replacing those connectors.

I also forgot to mention that the push rods had some sort of coating but that was pressed up against that connector and was preventing it from moving, so I had to trim some back (that was one of the original problems). All in all, a lot of little changes had to be made to make this model air worthy. Just wondering if I should feed back to HK or if they'd even be interested.

PS. I am a "noob", only been flying a year, but do fly various different models and have made plenty of repairs and take pride in setting up my models well! Although, I'm pleased to say that despite my numerous crashes, there were never 2 for the same reason

Thread: Lipo storage, slight swell
28/12/2017 09:34:47
Posted by Brian Cooper on 28/12/2017 07:44:19:

I hate to be the purveyor of gloom and doom but from observations done over a few years by myself and others at various different clubs, it seems that the quickest way to kill a Lipo battery is to put it into storage.

Many folk have discovered (to their cost) that after putting their Lipos into "hibernation" for a while, the things don't fully wake up again -- and it makes no difference how much you paid for the battery when new.

If you want to keep them alive, charge them up 100% and keep them charged.


Hi Brian, Thank you for the input. I might get a charger that logs data to the PC, label them all and keep half at storage and half at full charge and see how they perform. Not sure how much flying I'll get this year as I'm starting a master's degree in addition to running a business, so might have plenty of opportunity for long gaps between usage.

28/12/2017 09:32:17
Posted by Brian Spearing on 28/12/2017 08:01:21:

Thank you, good advice, I will replace the connectors, I also prefer not to have to tighten screws before every single flight, even then, there's nothing to say they won't work loose in flight.

I’m probably missing something here, but what are the screws?

aha! That's me being a prize numtpy and replying on the wrong thread!

27/12/2017 19:44:01
Posted by Percy Verance on 27/12/2017 19:04:31:


If you feel you'd probably need to charge pairs of packs regularly, you'll need plenty of ooomph. I'm no expert, but I think somewhere in the order of 2 x 100watt outputs? You'll also need a big leisure battery to complement it for on field charging. My HiTec X2 has twin 400watt outputs, which seem to handle any capacity of pack I connect to them. Not the cheapest around though at £200+

If you need to charge lots of packs with a reasonably quick turn round, you'll struggle to do it on too tight a budget.

Edited By Percy Verance on 27/12/2017 19:08:36

Thank you, good advice, I will replace the connectors, I also prefer not to have to tighten screws before every single flight, even then, there's nothing to say they won't work loose in flight.

27/12/2017 18:22:57
Posted by Steve Colman on 27/12/2017 17:45:57:

I bought an Ultrapower UP240AC Duo charger from Banggood about 6 months ago and it's been absolutely fantastic!

AC/DC, Internal power supplies, High power output, all the features anyone could want apart from IR monitoring. It was almost 100.00 Euros (about 80.00 quid) but well worth it.


Does it have storage charge mode? I found it on banggood, but it doesn't list that as a feature.

27/12/2017 16:27:09

I think the Overlander RC-D100 looks potentially a good one.

27/12/2017 16:14:04

Looks good, but it's only a single charger so I can only charge one battery at a time, unless I buy 2.

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