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Thread: Phoenix 2000 thermaling
30/10/2017 09:41:07

HI All,

My trusty Phoenix 2000 has to be my most robust and most flown model. Partly because she's such a forgiving bird and partly because I get such long flights from her in so many different kinds of weather and location.

But, I want more!.... poor girl!

Whilst my slope landings are improving, I've tried my hand at thermals and can't quite seem to catch them. I can often tell when the model lifts a wing, or rises up, and then turn downwind in the direction of the tipped wing, or, if I get lift, then downwind to try and keep in the thermal, maybe I'm turning too early in that case.

Sometime I seem to catch and keep level, but fail to rise.

Whilst I'm sure that most of the problem is my technique, I have a couple of question about my model and setup.

1. The wings have undergone numerous repairs with UHU Por and carbon rods. Not sure how much weight in total, but I suspect it's not an insignificant amount compared to the weight of the wings. I've also added vinyl, which is probably heavier than the repairs. Could I benefit from replacing the wings new?

2. I've been considering chopping the servo cables (and extension cables) to shorten about 10cm of each, so that's 40cm total cable and maybe 2 extension lugs/sockets. Would it make much difference.

3. Here's the one I really think might help, but only in the "theory" as I know it so far. As I enter a thermal, could I benefit from a tiny bit of down flap and aileron both side to slightly increase the lift of the airfoil? I've seen this on FliteTest with a DLG and wondered if this might apply to my heavier bird?

Thank in advance! Willing to try things out and report back!


Thread: Autumn here...who's been flying ?
28/10/2017 12:48:36

Yes, had some good flights in beautiful weather yesterday... got the repaired Hawk in the air and suffered a sudden loss of battery power on a go around. Will be using a time in future rather than relying of feeling gradual loss of power.

Carbon rods and UHU Por will be coming to the rescue!

Hawk Halves

Thread: UK EDF retailer?
23/10/2017 13:12:06

I just checked the ESC set up, starting with a reset then checking battery type and changed timing. It does try to pull from my hand when held up at 45 degrees but actually reads less on the scales. I suspect that my thrust reading may be very inaccurate given my method.

I looked at the power meter properly this time and it's around 400W and of course decreases by about 10 watts every few seconds. Just maybe 20 seconds or so of full power takes about 10% capacity from a fully charged 3S 2200mAh. Based on the Wattage, should be Ok to fly, we'll find out when the conditions are right at the field.

Re the wheels, I only fly on well trimmed grass but when I dead stick landed short, the uc was ripped off. So, just like my mini-switch, if they come off again, I might just leave them off and hand launch instead.

23/10/2017 12:09:39

Hi John,

I must admit, I did expect greater thrust and it did fell less powerful that the old motor I took out even though it appears to be a similar, if not better, spec. With the old motor, if I held the model in my hand and went full throttle, it tried to pull away quite sharply, this one barely moves on 3S with 40A current draw. However, the old model had a 5 blade, this is a 12, but I thought that would be better rather than worse.

But, I just realised something, the ESC might be one I'd messed with in another model, so maybe the motor speed is set low? I'll try settings later and maybe a different ESC to see what happens.

Are there specific ESCs for EDFs? Could it be the ESC that actually burned out the previous motor and gave the blue smoke?

Thread: Types of coverings
22/10/2017 20:43:04

For the mosquito I'm probably going to go for the HK coverings and paint he plastic fuz, unless I can get some film to stick to the plastic.

For the Mirage, I'm going to follow similar lines to its former owner and paint directly onto the balsa. Already picked up some spray cans and I read somewhere that it might be worth 'sealing' the balsa first with PVA. Main thing with this one is just to get the darned thing finally in the air!

Thread: New request for a 'like' button
22/10/2017 20:32:25

I agree that a 'thank you' button could be useful as it can save the thread getting diluted with thank yous and thumbs up which can make it more difficult to find the responses with useful content.

As for the forum being upgraded, I think the whole site needs upgrading, especially to a responsive design that works properly on my mobile and maybe an app. But, given the enormous cost of that, I wouldn't expect it to be something that would happen soon.

Although I'm a subscriber, this is still a free forum and for the purpose, it's more than adequate!

Thread: UK EDF retailer?
22/10/2017 20:07:33

Hi All, reporting back now I've got a new motor installed.

I picked up a cheap motor from China, worth a go. It's a Soldial 12 blade 3500KV 64mm. £24.81 on amazon, arrived in a couple of weeks so pretty impressed with that.

In the model on its wheels and nose pushed up against some scales, it's pushes about 400g of thrust. That's probably not the best way to measure thrust but gave me some idea. On the power meter I get the following, but forgot to read the Watts so my power values below are calculated from the current x standard voltage for the battery pack.

Model all up eight just shy of 800g (1.7 lbs). With the 150W/lb rule that would need 255W to fly.

On 3 cell. 40A, 435g thrust, so about 480W

On 4 cell. 60A, 600g thrust, about 960W - but, the larger pack will knock to CoG well off and I doubt the wing loading could take it and the wings would rip off if I try to pull any high-G moves.

At full throttle, the thrust starts to drop off pretty quickly, as does the battery capacity! No surprises there I guess though.

Does that sound like enough? Will be a while before I can fly as I need the right combination of weather, free day and available club member to assist with sound testing before I can fly it!

Final question, this model has wheels and rolls beautifully, but, would I get much difference in flight times if I remove the uc?

Thread: Types of coverings
19/10/2017 18:08:10

would the same go for vac formed plastic in the kit?

19/10/2017 17:49:01

here's another question however, on the Mirage, the fuz is fibreglass, would I just paint that or can coverings stick to fibreglass?

19/10/2017 17:44:06

wow, yes, a lot cheaper. Thank you!

19/10/2017 17:37:49

Just coming back to this, which I'd actually forgotten I'd posted!... I'm looking at different brands such as oratex, solarfilm, airpsan, monokote... so now I'm a little confused.

I see with the more expensive brands, I could easily spend more on covering than i did on the kit - which is a Cloud Models Mosquito, and I'm also reicoverng an old mirage.

I'd like something strong that might add strength to the airframe and ideally iron on that I can either airbush afterwards, or add more film for decals.

Thread: Starting a 7 year old flying
18/10/2017 14:03:44

thank you,

She has been building with me over the summer and I find learning opportunities for her to learn more about aircraft and how they work, all very important for her aspirations of being a pilot. But, she's dying to get on the sticks and I'm short enough on time as it is, so for now, it will be the sim and my existing models to start with.

As for building her a model, I'm not good enough yet to put one together in a few evenings, it will literally take me weeks, given that, if I'm lucky, I'll get 2 hours/week workshop time and I've got ongoing projects already that I really want to complete.

17/10/2017 13:50:11

Will do, thanks, Have already dropped an email to my instructor at the club and will chat with him about it too.

I have all the equipment to buddy up so there's no expense involved if I use my existing models.

Thread: Autumn here...who's been flying ?
17/10/2017 13:43:32

I wish I had somewhere close enough to fly at lunch. I guess the local park with the mini switch, but dog walkers tend to emerge from the hedgerows from other fields.

My nearest flying field is 40 minutes away.

Thread: Starting a 7 year old flying
17/10/2017 13:21:20

Thank you,

Sounds like maybe my phoenix 2000 would do well also? It's a very very slow flyer, very forgiving and large enough to see. I easily get 20 minutes on a good day from that and have 4 battery packs, so she'll likely get bored long before we run out of power.

Mum thinks this will be expensive.... wait till she's 14 and can start the PPL ! and then the 2 year old wants the same...

17/10/2017 13:07:22

Good advice, thank you. We'll skip the C/L then and keep on the sim over winter then move her to one of my trainers in the spring.

We've also got this dream together to build a full size sit-in cockpit with 360 degree projector screens, maybe a Cessna 152. Might be a while before we do that though!


Thread: Autumn here...who's been flying ?
17/10/2017 11:43:13

Yes, out at the weekend, top of the hill, was actually so warm I didn't need a coat anyway.

Looking forward to bright sunny winter days. Now if only I can convince the wife about just how much I "need" that discuss launch...

Thread: Starting a 7 year old flying
17/10/2017 11:39:49

HI All,

My daughter turns 7 at the weekend and seems to be able to stay sensible for several minutes at a time, at last! For years she's said she wants to be a pilot and has her eye on the RAF with large transporters!

We tried her on the sim at the weekend in "chase view" and actually did a really good job of keeping straight and level even as I reduced the throttle and she pulled off a lovely landing! Great for her first time, I'd say!

So, into the real world where she'll not be 'in' the plane. My plan is to start her on control line, either electric or whip, so she can get used to the effect of speed and elevator, then move onto sticks when she seems able.

Does that sound like a reasonable plan? Any suggestions on specific control line models? They seem to be hard to find!


Thread: Magazine viewer
11/10/2017 15:57:33

It's working for me today in each of these:

Chrome Version 61.0.3163.100 (Official Build) (64-bit)

Android 7.1.1 Sony F8331

MS Edge v 40.15063.0.0 on Windows 10

Thread: Wintering
11/10/2017 15:46:34

I will indeed keep flying all winter, but, working so much, the planes will still spend more time hanging in the garage than they will be at the airfield!

Sounds like I should be ok with them out there as it's not damp. I'll just add some pipe insulation to the rope on the one foamie suspended from the ceiling.

Thanks for the advice!

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