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Thread: Spot the plane!
30/09/2017 19:48:56

I'll get there soon ... for some reason, the album uploads have stopped working. They're not appearing in my albums

30/09/2017 19:34:58
Nope... I grab my laptop and put you out of your misery.
30/09/2017 19:17:38
Look where the main trunk branches right, then look directly above where it splits into more branches, just below a slightly darker patch of leaves.
30/09/2017 18:33:41
It's at an angle so you can see the outline of the wings and tail. Good hunting!
30/09/2017 18:32:02
Close, but not quite... It's a white mini switch and it's perched right way up.
30/09/2017 17:46:37

A bit of background and how I managed to perch this plane in the only tree for about 40 metres!

The battery hatch fell off resulting in the battery becoming a pendulum. Plane went into a spinning dive and I just managed to get 'control', straight and level, unfortunately headed straight for the tree with no time to turn. I was quite pleased that I managed to get back control but was unfortunate that the tree stepped out in front of me!

Minor damage only, it'll be flying again in no time!

Hint... the plane approached from the right....

30/09/2017 17:43:10

I could see it plane as day when I took the photo, but was almost impossible to see on the picture!


Thread: Caption competition!
26/09/2017 20:58:40

You know the simulator works at home too and you wouldn't have to keep it in the shade of your boot!

Thread: New canopy?
24/09/2017 20:29:10

I had a go at this to see how the material works and what I'll need to be doing. Learned a lot along the way and it looks like I'll need to create a decent plug for the nose, or just shape one side then turn it round and to the other.

It gets a bit wrinkly at the narrow parts so I'll allow for that with extra length to cut off later. Not bad for a first go, this might work quite well as a temporary thing to protect the motor before I make the real thing! Naturally, I'll need to cut some slots for cooling the motor The canopy will come later





Thread: Should I cut my fuz?
24/09/2017 20:20:01

and here's the isolation plug I'm going to install for the battery


Thread: New canopy?
24/09/2017 18:31:53

I'll try it out soon and post back on results.

This thread and my previous questions about design books have got me thinking now that I'll try and make a whole RC model from pop bottles! Worth a go even if just to try some techniques and see if I understand the books

Thread: Soaring when it's dark and cold outside.
23/09/2017 22:49:51

Looks good, which sim is this?

Thread: New canopy?
23/09/2017 22:07:54

In wish case, I'll shape it on my baby's bum! Failing that, I'll use a fine grain emery for the finish.

Come to think of it, I'll use this same method to make a new front end too which will save some fibre glass work, I'm assuming I can sand the plastic rough and it will take paint, or leave it smooth and use solar film?

Thread: Gyro on delta
23/09/2017 22:01:58

I have a WISE stabiliser unused in a previous model and after reading this month's RCME, I'm thinking of putting it in a new plane before flying it the first time. But, the plane is a delta.

Having no manual for the device and nothing on the manufacturer's site, is it possible to connect up this stabiliser to work on a delta?

Thread: New canopy?
23/09/2017 21:54:57

fantastic, thank you, i'll get this bottle of D&B finished off then and need to get a plug shaped up. I'll see what I've got lying about and hope to get this ready for the Great Orme! I supposed it won't be the end of the world if I don't have a nice canopy, so long at the plane stays together.

23/09/2017 21:23:55

In this old plane I'm renovating, the canopy was smashed so I need to create a new one. My "plan", not being experienced in the workshop, is to build up a block of balsa, sand it to shape and then try to find some sort of clear plastic that I can warm with a hot air gun and try to get it to conform.

Does that sound like a reasonable plan? Is there a particular material that might be able to do this?

Thanks in advance! again!

Thread: Should I cut my fuz?
23/09/2017 21:09:59

OK, i did it. Due to some previous repair underneath the fuz, I decided not to take the risk of weakening it further in that area and instead chose to cut around the cockpit so the line would be less obvious and it gives me easy access from the top so it feels a bit safer. I've also created that external battery isolation plug with deans connectors.

I intend to ad some ply to replace the strength that's been lost by cutting here, get access to do a better repair on the previous damage (before I bought it) and then to carefully shape a ply frame with strong magnets to put the cockpit back on.


Thread: RC model aircraft design book?
23/09/2017 21:03:10

onetenor, It was on amazon and I was flippin lucky to get it!

I've now got "Flight without formulae" and "Designing Model Aircraft". I've not managed to find the buzzards book yet, but I'll keep hunting!

Thanks all!

Thread: Are we being ripped off
23/09/2017 20:53:06

I agree with any of the arguments here. In some places we're being ripped off, in others we're not. For example, the Halfords car washing bucket, flimsy and small cost 6 times more than a good solid builders bucket from B&Q (when I last bought one anyway). In that case yes, a pure and clear rip off!

But, looking at the original post about "£1 worth of plastic" being sold for £27.48, I don't agree with.

I was reminded of this recently when pricing up some workshops we're providing to companies, charging £990 for a half day but then only paying the instructor £300. Rip off? Actually no, when we added up the cost of materials, marketing, sales commission, preparation, accounts, tax etc, we actually still don't make very much of course.

Then it comes to 'value', what's it worth to you? If that £1 of plastic saves me a few hours work, then it's 'worth' £30 or more to me! If I was retired and had lots of time, then maybe I'd buy the bit of plastic and make something...

How long is a piece of string?

Thread: What wind speed to lift a 3.5kg delta?
22/09/2017 17:04:05

All good stuff and lots of food for thought, thank you.

Whilst I'm at it, this is going to be too big to launch by myself and at my nearest slope I'm often alone. Would it affect much if I screw a handle to the bottom of the delta wing so i can one hand launch?

It does have a fixed undercarriage for normal runway work but it's not fitted in such a way that it can be removed.

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