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Thread: Amateur Radio operators?
22/09/2017 07:37:43

Regarding what's going on in the hobby, I've been out of it for about a decade, but, in the last year, I've only managed one contact despite any many calls out on 2m and on a few local repeaters. Just doesn't seem to be the people out there anymore.

As mentioned, the real reason I got back on the air was to have some form of "emergency" comms if we're cycling in an area with no mobile signal, though I'm also considering introducing the kids to SOTA when they'er old enough.

Thread: What wind speed to lift a 3.5kg delta?
21/09/2017 22:06:58

The wing itself is approx 108cm at the base, 82cm long, so an area of 4438 cmsq approx.

That website give the wing loading of 7.9g/dm2

21/09/2017 15:47:03

Good point... I'll go measure it this evening and then try to remember trig from my school days a quarter century ago

Thread: Renovation
21/09/2017 14:56:44
Posted by Mark Kettle 1 on 02/09/2017 08:50:22:

Morning Tony, would you consider taking your model to the PSSA meeting at the Great Orme in October. If you come with the family and have children there's plenty to do away from the slope in the local town close by called Llandudno.


Hi Mark,

My wife doesn't want to be left alone in the town, but, I'm slowly working on her to be allowed a solo trip out for the weekend! The plan will be ready to fly by then, but I'm keep the aesthetics as a winter project.

Thread: What wind speed to lift a 3.5kg delta?
21/09/2017 14:54:00

I know, it's not just about the wind speed, but also about the slope itself in how much lift it's generating from that wind. But it got you here didn't it?

So, is there a rough guide I could use to determine what kind of conditions are going to be suitable to lift 3.5kg of delta wing model in a pure slope soaring environment, without having to throttle up the motor?

thanks in advance


Thread: Phoenix rolling left
19/09/2017 21:47:52

That's a good point, with the way I slide the wings onto a shelf, they could have got disturbed enough to cause a problem but still look aligned., I'll check them out.


19/09/2017 21:32:07

Aha! they have both come off and some point and been repaired, the one on the left has a lose bit about 2cm deep, could that tiny bit make that much of a difference? Maybe after so many repairs, I'm getting close to replacing the wings, or at least having a new set as a backup.

19/09/2017 21:27:16

Servos appears to work well in pre flights, no strange sounds, all surfaces moved in sync with each other.

19/09/2017 21:06:32

Actually, for a change I didn't have a lead trapped on the outside of the fuz, which is usually out the right hand side, but can that cause enough drag to induce a roll, or in this case to prevent a roll as today i didn't have the lead trapped outside.

19/09/2017 20:37:01

Today I had my Phoenix 2k in the air again, I've flown this dozens of times and it's my most stable model that gives me hours of relaxation.

But today, she was rolling left and i had to put in about 30% aileron to keep her level. This was happening regardless of direction of flight. Once the trim was sorted, she was straight and level.

The wing looks just as straight as usual, the control surfaces looked level, no other changes to the model and everything looked normal.

Any ideas why she might have started with such an obvious roll? I did notice a _slight_ side/side woble on the horizontal stabiliser, could that cause a roll though?

Thread: Enemies of RC flight
19/09/2017 18:59:26

Wally... is how I felt today when I got the the field and realised that the ESC I picked up and left of the workbench was the very one I needed to fly the model I was going to practice with for my A-cert. Still, had 2 other models and had a great day without any of the other W's !

Thread: Amateur Radio operators?
18/09/2017 21:46:36

Geoff, you're right, the internet has killed off amateur radio quite a lot as kids can't see the point and even us older people (middle aged) don't get as much fun or time for it. For me now, it's more of a practical thing to have emergency communications.

Will be interesting to see if my handie will transmit on aviation frequencies, it can Rx, but I'm not licensed to tx so I can't find out.

Thread: RC model aircraft design book?
18/09/2017 21:32:55

I do have the Martin Simons book and have been following it, just not to the fullest extent. What I'm looking for is something a bit more 'practical' and direct without so much in depth theory. I've bought 2 of those recommended on the thread and will then return to Martin.

Would be great to get to the point where I can try some things out to learn by doing. Looking forward to gluing bits of depron together and chucking it in the air to see what happens!

Thread: Amateur Radio operators?
18/09/2017 21:22:34

I've only been on 2m/70cm for a long time, last time I did anything on lower freqs was about 2003/2004 ish.

18/09/2017 21:16:49

Nope, can be used by aviation too. Mayday is for immediate threat to life and pan is for emergencies that are not an immediate threat, as I understand

It wasn't covered in my intermediate licence but I understand emergency procedures would be in the advanced, if I ever got around to it.

18/09/2017 20:57:40

I hadn't been on the air for years but bought a radio again this year because we were going to start walking and cycling with the family in places that poor mobile coverage but with good coverage on repeaters. The same can be said for some slope sites.

But, I've only once been able to raise anybody, so don't hold out much hope of getting a reply with a pan -pan call! Which was the hole point of getting on the air again.

Thread: Mens Sheds
18/09/2017 19:24:05

Strangely enough, my long term plan is to design/build a glider that looks like a Grey Heron. My "plan" it to use the head for a rudder, the feet as elevator and several feather tips as ailerons, should be interesting to see if it's possible!

18/09/2017 19:12:27

I've lost count of the number of times I've broken the wings on my Phoenix 2000, which looks like it already had some repairs when I bought it at a swap meet. It just goes back together and keeps on flying, even with a break looking like I had a double dihedral ! It's going to give up at some point and I'll have to replace the wings.

You're right, building is therapeutic, I felt ill on Friday - but went to the workshop instead of bed!

Thread: Amateur Radio operators?
18/09/2017 19:01:30

Just wondering if there are any other ham radio operators here and if you're still active on the air?



Thread: RC model aircraft design book?
18/09/2017 18:54:42

Rather surprisingly, I've just got "Flight Without Formulae" for a penny! with £2.79 p&p an absolute bargain. Other sites have it down as a $90+ antique!

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