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Thread: fav model of all time
17/08/2018 10:54:17

Free flight Veron Cardinal with Frog 1cc diesel (always started first flick!) built 1965.

First powered plane build that lead "eventually" to taking up rc on retirement in 2015, 50 years later.

Many happy hours of flying with no crashes, damage or flyaways!

Thread: Nice and gentle
29/07/2018 22:31:40

Is the "problem" with a very stable glider, flying it in a nice and gentle wind no problem, but if it's blowing!

I have a 2 Chanel Precedent hi fly that has been in the attic for 30 years.

In a blow it had to stay within 30 degrees of into wind or it went downwind, nose up, tail down almost stalled, until you could stall turn it back into wind! If you were lucky you got if down on the flat on top of the slope , otherwise back into lift and repeat,

Too much dihederal, too windy, no ailerons? Suggestions please, I would like to try it again one day.

Edited By Richard Ashworth on 29/07/2018 22:32:48

Thread: New caption competition
10/07/2018 19:52:29

Control line 2018 style.

10/07/2018 18:44:47

FPV ok but PLUS voice recognition.

Right a bit, right a bit more!

New dilemma for CAA, not 2.4gh.

Thread: Fed Up!
04/07/2018 17:59:16

Two days respite then it will all start again times two on Friday ready for Saturday's England game!

For those who like comparisons, two days = £60,000 earnings for most of the players! That's 462 foamie Wot4s, other comparisons are available!

Thread: Looking for a new plane need advice
29/06/2018 20:42:02

I tried going from foamie Wot4 to ARTF Acro Wot.

Maidened for me by more experienced member, flown about 6 times, tame with Quantum 55, 4s 4250, APC 13x8. 40amps WOT static.

Felt too big a jump as not relaxing, stalled it in from 3ft just at the start of the the strip, not flying it in! U/c off, ply plate out and minor damage around former at the back of the wing. A few drops of CA, some epoxy and a bit of the spare yellow film that came with the kit. A few more flights without mishap but glad when it was back safely on the deck.

Decided it was too big a jump so ARTF Wot4. Quantum 40, 4s 4250, APC 13x6.5. 40amps WOT static.

Deep breath and did my own maiden (first) and not looked back. 20odd flights. Used to flying it in and loving stability in all conditions. Confidence building with every flight.

Current plan - light wind, wot4s, windy ARTFs.

Worked for me.


Thread: World Cup 2018
23/06/2018 23:06:10

I always thought Ozil and Kroos were luxury, overrated players.

Guess the coach earned his pay by dropping the right one!

Thread: Tx modes
23/06/2018 22:46:39

For Spektrum I believe you can "buddy link" mode 1 and 2 sets together to accommodate a pupil on mode 2 with a master mode 1, the "plane" being flown being bound to the master. The throttle stick on both tx's operate the same receiver channel.

A lot of the instructors where I fly are Spektrum mode 1 and link without problem to pupils either mode 1 or 2 sets.

If they want to fly training on the pupils plane it has to be rebound and set up on the instructors tx, then test flown etc. Time consuming but the pupil ends up with a sorted "safe" plane.

I don't know if this works on a buddy lead or if other manufacturers sets do the same?

Thread: bullet connectors
31/05/2018 08:00:10

I agree that it makes no difference as to which lead has a male bullet on as long as there is a female on the other lead. The more important issue is making sure that the shrinkwrap insulation on is preventing metal to metal contact, and adopting a safe routine when soldering on the connectors.

I don't use bullets but would think that whichever way around they are fastened the female bullet should always be done first and covered, as the male bullet will have exposed metal which could de touched when soldering the female.

Richard A

Thread: How to pass the time when charging Lipos?
11/05/2018 12:59:50

Bit worried that nobody so far has said reading or writing Modelflying threads!

I charge batteries in the garage by the up and over door which is left slightly open and on an extension lead that can be unplugged 10 ft away from the charger. If not working in the garage / workshop they get checked to for progress and temp every 10 or so mins. As others have said, good excuse for a detailed check of clevises, bolts, hinges etc and a clean.

Edited By Richard Ashworth on 11/05/2018 13:01:00

Thread: What's flying over your house
21/03/2018 22:50:54

I live 3 miles from Leeds Bradford airport and A400s have for the last couple of months, on Fridays, have been using the airport for procedural approach training, regularity around lunchtime.

A couple of weeks ago on the Friday, I was at the North Leeds flying site which is approx 5 miles north west of LBA at around 2:00 pm when an A400 suddenly appeared in a steep bank with a lot of power on, at eye level approx 2 miles east of the site and decended out of sight to what must have been less than 500ft into a valley heading NW.

A flying colleague and myself watched half expecting to hear a loud bang and see a cloud of black smoke!

The manoeuvre was repeated in the same area 20 minutes later with less bank and power.

Spectacular but scary!

Thread: WOT4 Becomes Racing Car
08/02/2018 13:49:56

Are you sure that the wing bolts were fully fastened?

I had a similar "racing car' experience with a foamy Wot4 (first flight of day) where I had part tightened the wing bolt (only a third) to check the ailerons were OK with the wing "on" as one connector had been difficult to connect, all worked ok but forgot to fully tighten the bolt.

Racing car, full elevator, 6 ft up then full power dive into terra firma. New fuz.

Only worked it out 6 hrs later sitting at home trying to work out what happened and remembered a change to the usual pre flight routine.

Less likely with two bolts on the ARTF Wot4 but they normally lift off nose up in feet.

Thread: Magnets
16/01/2018 09:32:30

Or autocorrect and smell checker?

Thread: Middle Phase 2
04/01/2018 21:26:31

Hi Jon

Please continue in the same vein. As a teenager 50 years ago I built from plan but much "simpler" planes, free flight and control line, nothing as exotic as foam wings with servos. I have the Middle phase on the possibles list and for me, your build thread has so far been brilliant for education purposes, both general build techniques and Middle Phase in particular.



Thread: Aldi scroll saw
29/12/2017 19:15:30

Definitely a bargain! On Wednesday at our local Leeds store they had 4 (tempted) but at £59.99. They have been going very slowly. Will keep watch for further reduction.

Thread: Christmas Caption Competition!
23/12/2017 09:16:14

Observant prison authorities ban Spektrum iX12 novelty clock radio after LiPo battery deemed fire hazard.

22/12/2017 21:34:42

Applicants for BMFA's new "D" cert.

First five applicants for BMFA "D" cert, switching transmitter on, fail.

Edited By Richard Ashworth on 22/12/2017 21:38:04

22/12/2017 17:06:21

Pending new rules, For Sale, drone transmitters. Job lot £50 ono.

22/12/2017 17:01:47

New meaning to "its behind you!"

22/12/2017 16:59:55

New format! MODE 5 - hands free.

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