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Thread: ne....1's... pushycat for 2013
06/07/2020 10:18:06

I thought you might like to see my veteran Pushy Cat. Built in 2005, when I hadn't been flying for very long, I thought at the time it probably wouldn't last very long. However here we are dozens of flights later in 2020, and it's still going strong (so I must be doing something right!).

Fitted with a MEGA ACn 16/15/4 inrunner, it originally flew on 35MHz and with 800mAh NiCad batteries, but had an upgrade a number of years ago to 2.4Ghz, and a 1600mAh 3S LiPo, which has to be located right in the nose to get the CofG right (the original, much heavier, NiCad was in the centre as per the plan).

The only other changes over the years have been the addition of some strips of CF to either side of the tail booms (see photo below), which I found to be rather weak - and actually broke a couple of times following bad launches.

I've learned over the years to launch it with plenty of left aileron applied, to counteract the torque effect from the pusher motor & prop.

Pushy Cat 1.jpg

Pushy Cat 2.jpg

Pushy Cat 3.jpg

Thread: Forum members' new models: Let's see them.
08/06/2020 18:20:57
Posted by Chris Walby on 08/06/2020 17:52:20:

Nice MBB-Rockwell X-31 you have there, best of luck with the maiden. Quick question, is the canard fixed or does it move? If so what have you got in mixed into?

Thanks Chris.

The canards move on their own servo. It's all on quite a complicated mix on my DX8 actually;
The canards are on the primary elevator channel, with an elevator to flap mix for the elevons, and an elevator to gear mix to drive the elevation thrust vane. This (the el to gear mix) allows the vectoring to be switched on/off during flight with the flight mode switch if required.

The yaw vane is mechanically slaved off the rudder. You can't switch that off, but then you don't have to use the rudder to fly.




08/06/2020 17:35:24

This is my recently finished depron MBB-Rockwell X-31 vectored thrust 70mm EDF.

Built from a Steve Shumate plan, it's the second one I've made as the first one I built two years ago was jinxed with a faulty EDF motor, and was written off at the start of only it's 6th flight following a particularly bad hand launch by an over confident 'newbie'.

This one hasn't had its maiden yet, and will hopefully survive for longer than the first.

Note the vector-thrust vanes at the back. Unfortunately I had just overcome the motor problems with the first, and carried out the initial trimming flights when it was written off, so I never got a chance to explore the thrust vectoring capabilities.



Thread: Looking for RC Model World back issue
22/05/2020 09:52:37

Try **LINK**

It worked for me when I was looking for an old issue of RCMW recently.

Thread: Benefits of the lockdown
04/04/2020 13:41:00

My phone has been strangely quiet, with no calls purportedly from Microsoft, HMRC, Amazon Prime, or to tell me I've been involved in an accident.

Thread: What Traders are still offering Mail Order? Services?
30/03/2020 12:00:58
Posted by PatMc on 30/03/2020 11:48:29:
Posted by EvilC57 on 30/03/2020 11:35:39:

Surely travelling to a model shop (whether closed or not) doesn’t count as ‘essential travel’.

Hence this thread.

My point was really a response to Steve Webb’s reference to the fact that they’d had people turning up at the shop and being angry to find it closed.

30/03/2020 11:35:39

Surely travelling to a model shop (whether closed or not) doesn’t count as ‘essential travel’.

Thread: Covid 19
23/03/2020 17:56:12
Posted by Scott Edwards 2 on 22/03/2020 14:25:28:
Posted by Martian on 22/03/2020 12:33:01:

I ask myself is the world resetting itself, there have been locusts earthquakes plaque flooding fires volcanic eruptions etc

Indeed ! These are the seven signs of the Apocalypse. Fire, flood, pestilence, plague, earthquakes .... the final and seventh sign is a child born without a soul ... Boris junior ?

Maybe they'll call it Damien if it's a boy!

Thread: Building a Depron Vulcan (smallish)
08/02/2020 14:37:42

I’ve painted Depron and EPP quite successfully using artists acrylic paint which comes in a wide range of colours (although I’m not sure about silver).

08/02/2020 12:48:51
Posted by Foxfan on 08/02/2020 11:19:08:

EvilC57, I really couldn't do that Vulcan with the fuselage looking like an Antonov of some sort, but the wing might be doable with a seriously modified fuselage. So far, I'm tending towards the balsa one!


Ha! Well I've had several complementary remarks about it in our club - but perhaps they're just being kind!

I have the plans for Tony Nijhuis' 42 inch Vulcan too, and considered building the twin pusher version of that. But decided that Graham Dorschell's would be considerably cheaper, simper & quicker to build. Now I can just chuck it in the back of the car, and have a fun-scale vulcan in the air with the minimum of fuss.

08/02/2020 09:45:07

I've been flying Graham Dorschell's Depron E-Vulcan for around 3.5 years now. It's square-section with a pusher prop, but once it's aloft looks quite realistic. It's only 42 inch span, and easy to hand launch, but because of the classic delta shape with a large wing area, looks bigger than it really is.

The plans were in one of the last RCMW magazines before they went out of business, and are available from Sarik Hobbies.



Thread: CAA registration take-up?
19/01/2020 18:20:39
Posted by AndyD on 19/01/2020 17:00:36:

spoken to three people this week two who are work friends and all now have drones and not one new about the new laws and have no intention about registering so looks like a losing battle to me.

Doesn’t surprise me at all. I’ve said all along, that the people most likely to register are those (us) who are least likely to offend. There must be thousands who buy drones on a whim, and know nothing of the CAA, BMFA or any regulations.

19/01/2020 16:27:11
Posted by Martin Harris on 18/01/2020 10:55:15:

Isn't the point of the organisations getting involved to distance "serious" modellers from the "buy a drone and fly it down the street" brigade?

Thinking of them; I've just been dragged around the local Lidl by Mrs EvilC57, and noticed that where the £49.95 drones were last week, there is now an empty drone box, and a sign above saying that "If you wish to buy this item please speak to a member of staff, who will be happy to assist you.".

So it looks as though maybe at least Lidl are aware that they need to advise any of the prospective "buy a drone and fly it down the street" brigade, that they need to be aware of the legislation first.

16/01/2020 17:56:57

However, it now means that if they (the errant drone users) are caught, there is a legal framework in place against which to charge them. I’m by no means a supporter of this legislation, but I can see why they’ve done it.

Thread: Heat shrink covering
10/01/2020 09:26:01

I covered the model below with Easycoat seconds last year. Supposedly seconds, but I couldn’t see anything wrong with it. Robot Birds are selling various colours at £10.95 for 5m at the moment.

miss foxy-1.jpg

Thread: CAA registration take-up?
03/01/2020 13:01:46

It won't.

Thread: Vertical Positioning of the Wing in the Fuselage
19/12/2019 19:14:18

Some food for thought there...

19/12/2019 18:11:10


As you can see from the pics below, the Fifty Caliber and Black 5 fuselages are very different animals. I am aware of the facilty to round turtle decks etc. by adding triangular stock inside a fus and attacking it with a razor plane and perma-grit block (I've been at this game a while). However I think the Black 5 fus would need more than just a little reshaping here and there to make it look attractive. The other way of looking at this, is to just build the Black 5 'as is', put up with the ugly looks (to my eyes), and just revel in the sound of those two RCV 4-strokes burbling away! wink

fifty caliber.jpgblack 5-3.jpgblack 5-2.jpg

Thread: how to get the plan onto the wood!
19/12/2019 17:35:03
Posted by Richard Acland on 19/12/2019 17:29:37:

I use the old method of placing the plan on the wood and going over the outline with a pin which then leaves an outline on the wood. Used this method for years maybe I am stuck in the past.

Edited By Richard Acland on 19/12/2019 17:31:05

The trouble that way is that you can't see the wood underneath I find. At least with tracing paper, you can accurately align the template with (for instance) the edge of the balsa sheet.

Thread: Black 5 twin IC from Sarik Hobbies - Anyone Know it?
19/12/2019 17:14:29
Posted by Robin Colbourne on 14/10/2019 23:32:25:

It looks a bit like a twin-engined version of Dan Santich's Hots or Super Hots.

Just to finish the story on this in case anyone is interested. It turns out that the accompanying article appeared in RCMW in December 2001. I've now managed to get hold of a copy of this, and in the article Dale Tattam says that he based it on the Super Hots - so Robin C was right!

The trouble is that although the wing and nacelles are fine for my RCV58s, I don't much care for the slab-sided (Super Hots) look, which I why I'm hoping to transplant in a different fuselage, I've written about it here.

Edited By EvilC57 on 19/12/2019 17:30:45

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