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Thread: Prop failure
14/08/2019 08:57:27

Aw, c’mon guys let’s be a little bit more light hearted, all things appear to have been said in jest / tongue in cheek!

Thread: AND finally.....the 'Mini Jet' TSR2
01/08/2019 13:54:46

And don't forget the Lightning!

Thread: Forum members' new models: Let's see them.
30/07/2019 11:09:57

Hey Paul, are you on a building spree? 2 in 10 days!!

Thread: New EDF Mini Jets- Sabre & MiG15 RCM&E 2018 Special
24/07/2019 20:42:03

Colin - the cheater holes should be immediately in front of the fan, I’ve played around with these on other edf models and it makes quite a difference!

24/07/2019 07:06:31

Your cheater ducts look to be too far forward?

Thread: ASP etc gone
23/07/2019 08:56:15

Whilst I quite like the smell of petrol, I decided to try Aspen on my Laser gassers and have to report that it appears to be much cleaner than petrol but it is a lot more expensive. Having said that, the GA uses so little fuel that the cost per flight isn't really an issue.

I apologise for the slightly off topic reply!

Thread: Electric Cars.
19/07/2019 19:20:44

It’s all very well charging at home when all you need to do is short journeys, but when your journeys extend into 200 miles you have to plan for charging at your destination. I have checked all such journeys I have carried out over the last 6 months and find that there would have been no charging point located reasonably close to my hotels. This then leaves me with the prospect of charging en route so I would be sitting at a charging station for how long, 3, 4 hours? Not really practical. Fast charging points (of which there are even less) could give me 70 miles for a 10 minute charge, assuming no-one else is using the station but not really practical.

So, as I said previously, it’s a hybrid fir me but even getting that was not straightforward, I need a car that can carry some of my models (I’m resigned to the fact that the larger ones will have to go in the trailer) so it needs to be an estate. It can’t be too big otherwise my wife won’t drive it (a Mondeo is too big) (and we’re going to a 1 car household). I refuse to spend 50+K on it.

Thread: FMS T28 Trojan v4.
19/07/2019 09:09:46

That’s what I’ve done with my Freewing Venom, the sequencer packed up so I’ve wired direct to the Rx and programmed the channels with delays / slow so that doors can open and gear can operate. No such problem with the Trojan as the dorms are wire operated. One thing to watch out for is the nose wheel leg, the joint between the oleo and the plastic nose wheel support is ok for smooth surfaces but not too good for bumpy grass fields.

Colin - you didn’t need to order the full nose wheel set, you could have bought just the retract unit for approx £16. But if you only want the retract unit, pm me about the leg!

Edited By Ron Gray on 19/07/2019 09:16:46

Thread: Electric Cars.
19/07/2019 07:00:42

Whilst I agree that all electric is the future, the infrastructure to support it, ie rapid charging stations, isn’t in place and, imo, won’t be for another 5 years. I live in Norfolk and when I did a check on charging stations near me, my local town had none, the next town had 2, in fact I would have to go to Norwich to guarantee a choice! So, in the end, I’ve gone with a hybrid, which although only gives 40 miles on battery, I know I won’t run out. I should add that I don’t just need the car for local journeys, I also need it for 3 hour business trips. In 5 years time, if the infrastructure is in place that doesn’t mean queuing at a charging point, them I’ll probably go total electric.

Thread: FMS T28 Trojan v4.
17/07/2019 20:10:37

Have you tried to operate the nose wheel servo directly using a servo tester?

Thread: Bungee Tubing
16/07/2019 21:49:42


Thread: Seagull radial rocket
16/07/2019 19:18:02

Well spotted Bob! I cut the top of the leg covers back at a slight angle (not shown in the photos above) then stuck on some white Solartrim to cover the gap. Being flexible the Solartrim deforms / reforms as necessary. By the way, the fairings are attached to the legs by means of a hardwood block which has a groove in it and is fixed to the legs with saddle clamps, the fairings are then mounted to the blocks with 2 small screws.

16/07/2019 07:09:01

Hi Graeme

i would think that the Saito will be fine, I purposely overpowered mine with the Laser 100, it would be happy with the 80, because I wanted a ‘speed machine’! It’s good fun flying it and steeply banked high speed turns are a joy. The big problem is the u/c, the design of the gear is very poor and is prone to pulling out as you can see from my earlier photos. The torsion bar mod that I made improved it no end but I also raked the legs forward a bit more to help prevent nose overs. Also watch that the spats don’t catch on the wheels, mine did and caused a nose over which damaged the cowl!

Thread: DLE 20RA vs ?
07/07/2019 22:13:48

Stick a canister on it instead, that'll bring the noise / sound down to an acceptable level.

Thread: Wings and Wheels 2019
04/07/2019 13:24:14

@Cuban8 - You ask what gets the crowd going, I was at both Weston and Wings n Wheels and for me there were some things that stood out and made me go wow (but hey I'm easily pleased). First, at Weston, the display by the SAB team both their turbines and their leecy powered jobs, so much so that I was sorely tempted by the leccy ones but baulked at the cost. Secondly Jase Dussia and his amazing 3D flying (which I'm not a great fan of but was in awe at his control of that 'plane, if you haven't seen it look on Essential RCs YouTube channel) and thirdly at Weston Jonathan Boisson flying the 3D vectored thrust Rafale, again not really my thing but I appreciated the skill and loved the look. At WnW there were 2 flights that stood out for me and they were both by Mark Hinton, firstly flying his A10 and then his Rafale and the reason they stood out was due to the scale way in which he flew them and totally ignored the egging on from the commentator to fly 3D with the Rafale.

As I've said, I'm not really into hard core 3D, scale aerobatics are more my thing and I've got no itch to get a gas turbine 'plane but I do appreciate them. Having said that, the SAB team got the speed itch going again so I'm not building a 6s power Multiplex Funjet Ultra which is darn site cheaper than the SAB Tourga!

Thread: Lidl 8 foamie glider - Great for RC conversion - my full video here
04/07/2019 12:50:03

Oh gosh smile o all that cutting with the blade going towards the hand!! I made that mistake when I was about 12 and nearly cut my finger off.

But an excellent video nonetheless.

Edited By Ron Gray on 04/07/2019 12:53:17

Thread: Local club attendance
01/07/2019 12:37:58

Try Teamup, it’s a free on line calendar/ events system that can be linked to your own calendars. You put up a day / time when you plan to go flying then all members get notified about the event and also when others add their names as attendees.

Thread: Weston Park 2019
16/06/2019 11:07:21

Not sure if I went to the same Weston show. Got there at 10.15, a queue to park but it moved quite quickly. Lots of people already there but did the usual of walking the trade stands and saw lots of buying activity, especially in the Nexus and Rapid tents. Rain came down forcing a lot of people into the tents but the sun did come out later on. Lots of mud but anticipated that so had appropriate footwear. Watched some very good flying displays, not just 3D and jets but electric sports and scale. Having made a shopping list went back to various tents and found a lot of stock had gone And also saw a lot of people with bags and boxes of purchases. Left the show at about 5 and no problem getting off the fields! All in all a great day out.

Thread: Warning X8R RX - do not use with CDI on IC powered 'planes
12/06/2019 07:12:26

It’s not just the cap to plug fitting, as that can be easily seen on a CM6 type plug, it’s the HT inner wire / resistor / cap connections inside the cap that can form a gap and cause arching.

10/06/2019 22:48:00

@TOC - my advice would be to swap both X8Rs for the R Pro RXs, or, like me go for the R9 module.

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