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Thread: ESM Tigercat - powered by Laser engines
05/12/2019 09:17:08

The trailer has a roof rack with model holder brackets, alas, I don’t have roof bars for the car. It’s just a bit of a faff to get the trailer out from its undercover storage as I have to get other stuff (grand kids outdoors play things) out of the way first and it was too cold to do that last night!

Thread: Trim reversal in OpenTx
05/12/2019 09:13:01

Personal never change the + to - on the inputs, I always do that either in mixes or in outputs, never had an issue doing it that way.

Thread: ESM Tigercat - powered by Laser engines
05/12/2019 07:33:31

Well I found some suitable material for the needle extenders, paint brush handles, the hollow metal ones, they fit really well. Now I was going to take it up to the field to carry out some more engine tuning but I realise that with it in the car I can’t get anything else in so wouldn’t be able to fly, so I’ll leave the tuning for another day. I should explain that I recently changed cars, well actually we had a complete vehicle rethink and got rid of the motorbike, the VW Campervan and the wife’s car and now just have one ‘family’ car. And whilst the new car is an estate (Toyota Corolla Sports Touring) the available carrying space is somewhat less than the ‘van. In fact my larger ‘planes won’t fit in the car and are carried on the trailer!

@Chrus - I have thought about telemetry and FrSky do make a nice Gas suite system but that is for spark ignition and their rpm sensor is for leccy, so I’m still looking. The idea of the throttle curves was just to allow me to fine tune each motor so that each gave the same rom at the same throttle stick position, but it would only be used to set up the motors then left alone. Having said that, as Jon has suggested the slow running settings, once adjusted, may give me the balance anyway. The stock of ESM ‘planes that Bigplanes have is the last as ESM went bust a couple of years ago so get them whilst you can! I bought a Bearcat earlier this year and found that the ‘kit’ was missing a few bits symptomatic of end of the line! BTW the Bearcat will be using my 240v and it is also nearing completion so the 2 Laser powered ‘cats should be quite something.

More snippets to follow!

04/12/2019 17:01:17

Good idea, I'll have a look through the bits box tonight. If I can source some bits I could take it up to the field with me tomorrow, I think that the neighbours are getting a bit fed up with the noise in the garden!

04/12/2019 16:36:23

Yeah, you can see the smoke! Problem with slow run adjusting is that you can't get to them easily with the engine running, I may have to twist both carbs round a bit so that I can get to them or take the engines off and run them in the test bench.

Thread: Any better ways to store glue ??
04/12/2019 16:19:31

Store it (Gorilla Glue) upside down.

Thread: ESM Tigercat - powered by Laser engines
04/12/2019 16:11:56

The first run of the engines wan't too bad, I had managed to mechanically balance the throttles fairly close but they were out of balance at high revs and each motor needed a bit of jet adjusting to get them to perform. This video is taken from today's running and both engines, at WOT, are spinning at 7.9K. Both also tickover at about 2K (in the vid one stops before the other which I put down to it being somewhat tighter than the other one) but the midrange needs balancing. I'm going to create a throttle curve for each channel so that I can tweak that to get them closer.

04/12/2019 16:06:33

I did start posting bits about this model on the Laser Models thread but that is really supposed to be a gallery and I have been asked to add more details of the model so here we go. This is not a build blog!

I acquired the model about a year ago and it had been built and successfully flown as a leccy jobbie. However I/C was the way I wanted to go and the idea was to get another Laser 160v to add to the one already in my collection. Unfortunately that was not as easy as it sounds as those of you who follow Laser's developments will know. I had given up hope of getting one and had started to kit the model out for electric power and had constructed and fitted 2 battery boxes into the nacelles. Unfortunately when I came to do some ground testing, the performance was somewhat underwhelming so I was just about to upgrade the motors to 10s when, out of the blue, another (BNIB) 160v materialised. My prayers had been answered so I set about cutting out the battery boxes and turning them into tank platforms, I had decided to mount the 160s vertically as this would help with the carb / tank alignment. The alterations alone took over 2 days to complete as it's not easy working within the confines of the engine nacelles.

2 SLEC tanks per engine was the chosen route as each carb needs its own supply of fuel and 2 tanks were easier to fit than 1 large one with 2 clunks. I plumbed them so that the fill lines were joined and the vent from one of the tanks went into the other tank so that, on filling, the overflow would go into the other tank. However, for some reason that caused some filling and possibly some running issues so I re-plumbed them slightly differently but the result was that each tank had its own vent. Filling the tanks is now a lot easier and to ensure that each gets full I block off the first vent to spill and then stop when the second spills.

This is a mockup of the plumbing on a spare pair of tanks

fuel tanks.jpg

Engines fitted to etc centre section


I'll take some shots of various bits of the 'plane which may be of interest!

Thread: The Gov't, CAA, BMFA & UAV legislation thread
04/12/2019 11:23:15

There are ways of saying things and there are ways of saying things! It’s not really confrontation it’s just an observation. If said person ignored your (justifiable) comment then it would indicate the sort of person you are dealing with and at that point you would have to decide to either repeat the comment or report the incident to club officials. Personally I would repeat the comment but then, whilst I don’t seek confrontation, It doesn’t really bother me (call me thick skinned / stupid / nutter).

However, I am against letting it go which is totally against JasonI’s post above.

04/12/2019 09:25:32

If the (hypothetical) guy is a true club member then he won’t mind you saying anything.

30/11/2019 08:36:40

@Nigel - you are spot on there, those who are not used to it find it very hard to understand and more choice leads to further confusion.

Thread: take off dolly
30/11/2019 07:57:15

I too was concerned about the dolly remains in place and in everyone’s way so I did think about motorising mine and having a cheap ‘drone’ flight controller on board with a ‘return to home’ function. That way, after releasing the ‘plane the dolly would trundle back to the pits. I’ve not implemented it as I’ve gone back to hand launching the big glider that I built the dolly for.

Thread: The Gov't, CAA, BMFA & UAV legislation thread
30/11/2019 07:50:53

At our AGM last Monday we had exactly the same reaction from a lot of members, confusion due to having to make a choice! We decided to bring along some iPads / tablets to the next meeting and talk people through things on the screen.

29/11/2019 17:23:25

The CAA are fully aware of the number of members represented by the BMFA, after all its been pushed often enough over the last year or so. In my humble opinion it will make very little difference to the BMFAs position in negotiations with the CAA and I think that it would be grossly unfair for anyone to blame those who have registered direct with the CAA for any ‘failures’ by the BMFA.

Thread: Easy Street 2
29/11/2019 15:58:09

Nice ‘plane but does fly quick but I do fly mine on 4s. I too have legs on mine which make it a lot better:


Edited By Ron Gray on 29/11/2019 15:59:20

Thread: Powered by Laser, a gallery thread
28/11/2019 22:01:45

@Chris, both vents exit close to each other on the underside of the nacelles, just in front of the U/C. I'm not going to get chance to do anymore testing with it as I'm away for the weekend but I am hoping to do another test run on Monday with a possibility of a maiden flight on Wednesday or Thursday. Having said that, I think the CoG is too far back so need to address that as well but will check it on 'Vanessa' on Monday too.

Edited By Ron Gray on 28/11/2019 22:03:11

28/11/2019 18:52:44

Here is a mock up of the installation of the twin tanks in the Tigercat:

fuel tanks.jpg

28/11/2019 16:43:53

@Nigel, no, the 2 tanks are still joined together both at the top and at teh bottom. Must take photo of similar tanks to show what I've done.

The SLEC tanks are absolutely fine, apart from rather small gauge pipes and having the two allows me to fit them in the cowl, one at a time then strap them in side by side.

27/11/2019 21:04:38

OK, so have re-plumbed both sets of tanks. Both are now vented to the atmosphere and the fill lines for each pair have been joined with T pieces doing away with the Robart fillers. So the logic is that when filling, the fuel can go into either tank but by closing off a vent that will force the fuel into the other. The fuel can also balance itself via the T piece.

27/11/2019 18:55:48

Hi Alan.
Yes that is what I’ve done previously but getting the right size tank in place without major surgery took me down the 2 tanks route, which, tbh, I think is a better solution. I’m still not sure that there is a problem with the installation but will find out in a little while when I get back out in the workshop and check out the fuel left.

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