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Thread: Chip Shop
10/11/2020 12:01:52

Martin, if you are looking for a long term project ,i think you have found one, i have been on my Chippy for 2+ years and at last its complete and ready for paint, i have test run it down the back lawn and all seems O.K. its electric and i was interested to see if there was sufficient power to fly, it did not take off, but you can tell if there is enough power , similar set up to Dannies, but slightly smaller motor, but 6 s battery . My main grey area when building the wing was trying to understand the underside mid section of the wing, i used an underside photo in a Fly-Past mag, i think it was an article on the B.B.M.F. and there was a flying underside shot of their Chippy. best of luck with yours, if you are looking for balsa and in the west mids., try Penn models at Kingswinford- after the shut down obviously, i was in there just before shut down and they were well stocked for balsa and other hard woods and reasonably priced.

Thread: Warbirds Replicas P51 Mustang
31/10/2020 14:37:38

Richard, great news on you seeing the proverbial light at the end of the tunnel with getting the P51 kits sorted, i am in no panic for mine , i have a B.T. Hurricane and a Duncan Hutson Chippmunk to finish before starting the P51. If the kit arrives too soon it will be to much of a temptation to start it, this is what happened to the chippy ,i just looked at the Hurricane plan and before i realised i had the tailplane , elevators , rudder and fin built so, December or even Jan. is O.K with me , if that is O.k, with you, regards geoff.

Thread: Balsa
31/10/2020 14:22:16

Been in to my local model shop this morning to check on their balsa supplies , the shop is Penn models in Kingswinford West Mids. they are as well stocked as usual with plenty full quantities of all sizes of balsa and hard woods, prices seem to be reasonable and they do mail order, if you live in the area give them a try.

Thread: Li-ion charging in a Taranis X9d + 2019 transmitter
11/10/2020 09:22:47

Steve , Ron, many thanks for your patience with me, i have a 5 year old Toshiba computer, its got so many ports on each side and accross the front , just used the ports to the right of the computer, but on the other side next to the power jack is another port which has a blue bar , i think one of the guys said was a power out port, i plugged into this and low and behold it WORKS, as i said before many many thanks for bearing with me on this problem, now onto sorting the rest of the tranny. have either of you managed to put speech onto your tranny, i have a 16 gig micro sd card and Richard at T9 has sent me speech files do i just down load the files onto the card and put into the tranny or do i connect the tranny to the computer to do this ?Regards Geoff.

10/10/2020 14:52:51

steve , sorry to be a pain, i have connected the cable as your suggestion, but how do i check its charging, the manual tells me there is a green light to the bottom left looking at the rear of the tranny,it does mentionX9d +legacy models ,not certain if this is on the 2019 version, should i be looking any where else for evidence of charging ?

10/10/2020 09:21:28

Earlybird , sorry for being dim, but my computer knowlege is limited, do i just connect the one end of the lead supplied with the tranny to the USB port in the battery bay of the tranny and the other end into my computer ? , will the computer just then charge the battery or do i have to do something to the computer to get it work ? i have been using a charger set to Li-ion but this does not balance charge, i am assuming that the on board charger in the tranny works this out as there are only 3 wires from the battery and no balancing wires, many thanks for your help, as i said previously after 30 odd years as a Futaba user, i am slowly coming to grips with open TX, its taken a month to programme my first model into the tranny, but it is slowly coming together, i doubt if i will ever get near to what this thing can fully do, but my aim is to slowly extend my knowlege , as you use the tranny you slowly discover what took a day to get to work previously becomes second nature , regards Geoff.

09/10/2020 17:17:13

I have just purchased a taranis X9D plus 2019 transmitter, this is my first dip into open tx technology, as you may know you dont get a battery with this transmitter, so i also purchased a 2s1p 2040ma/h Li-ion battery(all from the very helpfull Richard at t9), you do not get a charger either with the transmitter, you charge through the USB port, the transmitter does have an onboard charging curcuit , but does anyone own one of these new transmitters and can advise me what charger they use? the users manual from T9 gives a spec,for the charger of less than 5 volts@ 2.1 amps via the USB socket, does anyone know of a suitable charger ?

Thread: Warning X8R RX - do not use with CDI on IC powered 'planes
09/10/2020 16:54:12

Sorry guys for jumping into this topic, as soon as i posted my reply i realised that i should have initiated a new topic, will do now ,but thanks for the replies, as usual there is someone out there prepared to offer help, regards Geoff.

07/10/2020 17:13:11

I have just purchased a Taranis X9D plus 2019 transmitter, this is my first dip into open tx technology, as you know you dont get a battery with this transmitter, so i also purchased a 2S1P 2040ma/h Li-ion battery ( all from the very helpful Richard from T9 ) you do not get a charger either with the transmitter, you charge through the USB port ,the transmitter does have an onboard charging circuit . But does anyone own one of these new transmitters and can advise me what charger they use ? the users manual from T9 gives a spec, of Less than 5 volts @ 2.1amps via a USB adapter for a suitable charger. Many thanks .

Thread: Radio link transmitters
28/08/2020 12:33:48

Again many thanks for all you replies, looks as like me going for the Radio masterTX16s, keeping the Futaba receivers for my other 7 chan. Futaba tranny.and buying compatable receivers for the 16s. regards all.

28/08/2020 10:47:36

Thanks for all your input, i am swaying from the Radiolink AT10 and Kens. suggested radiomasterTX16s. I have been in touch with Hobbyrc and asked if i can use my Futaba Faast receivers with the radiomaster tranny , the bad news is they dont think i can, so my final question is - is there any one out there who uses the radiomaster TX16s with Futaba receivers , again many thanks for the replies, regards Geoff.

26/08/2020 16:48:30

Has anyone seen ,purchased or used one of these transmitters, i am thinking of purchasing one of their AT10 transmitters to replace my now defunct Futaba transmitter, they seem to have a high spec. for the money, but you know the old saying something that seems to good to be true usually is. I have looked at loads of you tube "experts" extolling the vertue of these radios, but if you are given one for nothing are you going to rubbish it ? any help would be appreciated

Thread: Futaba repairs
23/08/2020 08:54:45

thanks for the help and advise, the tranny is a 10cg, its about 10 years old, i lost a plane just before lock down, put it down to pilot error, but not flying and just building in the shut down i have not used the tranny much, on the resumption of flying at my club i started to double check the planes i had to maiden, to my surprise the first one checked the receiver had become unbound, thinking that it was a receiver problem i swapped the receiver, bound it as usual all seemed O.K. I checked the second plane and again on switching on the second plane had become unbound, on rechecking the first plane it had again become unbound, i dare not risk using the tranny in this condition, thinking because of its age i might opt to replace the thing all together.

22/08/2020 16:26:00

Has anyone managed to get any futaba repairs since lockdown, I have a Futaba 10 chan. transmitter that needs a repair. I have E mailed Ripmax on two occasions (23 july and 22 Aug. ) and had an auto reply indicating that because of Covid virus Ripmax has been temporarily shut down since the 23 of march. has any one managed to get their Futaba gear sorted else wear ?

Thread: Brian Taylor Hurricane Project
21/07/2020 13:18:02

Danny , a bit off topic , but how does your Hurricane fly ? does it have enough power, i am using a smaller motor,but planning on 6 s to help with the balance,regards Geof.

21/07/2020 09:11:22

I am part way through building the BT hurricane, electric version, I have found Danny Fentons build blog on the rcscale site ( Global build off Dannys electric hurricane ) a great informs you on the electrical conversion_ aTurnigy 5065 motor, fitting a sound system, and fitting the retracts ,he used unitracts, but i have used H.K. electric , the key to sucess is the pintle angle of the legs, get it right and the wheels are in the right position up or down, be aware that B.T.plans are very accurate ,but not for the beginner, but if you perceveer ,take your time and double check eveything you will end up with a very accurate scale model.

Thread: Warbirds Replicas P51 Mustang
11/07/2020 08:57:30

Richard, just checking that you have received my details , i E mailed them to you in the week, as i explained no rush for your kit as i am trying to finish a Brian taylor Hurricane , butwould not want to miss out on one of your kits. Regards Geoff.

08/07/2020 09:32:17

Richard is it to late to order one of your P51 kits, if O.K i would like a D version, but knowing my luck its to late to get my hands on one, if a deposit is required let me know , regards Geoff.

Thread: airtek hobbies good service
28/01/2020 16:49:06

i ordered a motor and speedo. from airtek just over a week ago, when the goods arrived i found that either the threads for the small screws that held the prop. driver on had been tapped wrongly or the 4 screws supplied were the wrong thread, i E mailed Peter at airtek to inform him of the problem, he E mailed straight back to tell me he was prepared to replace the motor straight away, i sent the motor back for him to inspect, and in todays post i have received a replacement motor, thats what i call good old fashioned customer service , rest assured i will be using his company again.

Thread: Solar film sales
26/11/2019 09:43:51

I assumed that it was common knowledge that Solar film products were still available on the inter net, I purchased 3 rolls of Solar trim last week, very reasonably priced, arrived in a couple of days ,wrapped in a substantial tube package. I have just checked their site "solarfilm sales" and all their products are listed with prices etc. ready to order, so, if you want any of the good old covering we have used for years get ordering.

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