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Thread: Building, when does it become too expensive to fly
24/10/2018 09:02:56

I enjoy building as much - maybe more than flying, but you have to accept that with any model be it plan built or self designed there is a chance that a problem will occur on the first flight, but once the plane takes off and any trimming done and the plane is actually flying the sense of achievement cannot be described. Yes there are times when you think all is O.K. and something drastic happens. I had an instance of this in the summer when I maidened my plan built Zero, the design weight was 9 lbs.very optomistic in my mind as mine was 11.5 lbs.One of my mates stood by me just in case I needed any trim inputs, the Zero ran down the strip and lifted off ,I gained height took up flaps and retracts and began to enjoy the flight , no trim inputs at all needed for straight and level flight , did a few curcuits to get used to how the plane flew , being mindful that the wing loading was way above what was the design loading, but the plane flew "light " I came across the patch at 6 foot high to a ripple of applause, I must admit that it did look fantastic, I called a landing gained height dropped the wheels, and part then full flaps - no visible trim change slowed the plane down then it happened viscious tip stall from say 40 feet no way of correcting it and the plane went in hard , because of the dry weather we had in the summer the ground was like concrete, you can imagine the devastation that the crash site was, it was all packed into the black bin liners , when I got back to the pits there were the usual comments from fellow members wanting to know how I felt, I said that if you fly you have to be prepared to crash, and I had had the enjoyment of building the plane and the components can be recycled into the next project .I think this is the best method of getting over a crash of a plane that you have spent 12 months time on.

Thread: Peggy Sue 2
20/10/2018 08:29:53

Peter, thanks for the info. but as I said I have a long list of projects to sort , and I dare not add another at the moment, but will add your plan on the end for maybe starting next winter, Regards Geoff.

19/10/2018 16:30:02

Thanks for that Peter, was the Cap 21 issued as a free plan, or do you sell copies? I had a Glens Cap in the distant past, briliant flier, i tried to purchase a new kit off Glenn last year - only to be told that he was having a break from producing kits due to lack of orders! i might be interested in your version of the Cap, but i have a Lysander, Chipmonk and an ARTF Slick540 to sort this coming winter, but you cant have enough models in the pipe line can you. I will let you know what the comparison is between my model and my friends 40 4 stroke version . Regards geoff.

19/10/2018 08:51:10

Well Peter I can only agree, I changed the motor to a Hobby King G32, with the same battery set up-have not had time to Wattmeter, but more than enough power on tap, she took off in about 20 yards and after a bit of trimming it was fun time, rolls, bunts, loops, slow rolls the length of the strip, the only thing she did not take to was rolling circuits,not certain if its the high wing configuration - i have not tried rolling circuits with a high winger before or could it be the flat bottom wing section ? the plane seemed very slow turning on the first part of the roll and very quick on the second ? but its early days and more time flying over the week end might shed more light on this, my usual model is in the Extra/Edge ilk, so I might not be comparing like with like, but congrats .on a very pretty aerobatic model. this is the first of your plans i have built, but because of the very posative comments from my fellow club members i might be adding some of your other designs to my long list of future projects, Regards Geoff.

18/10/2018 08:56:51

Peter, maidened my PS2 on Tuesday, I was doubtfull on getting the plane off the ground because I did a Watt meter check prior to setting off to the field, the results on 4s were a little depressing with a 12 x6 prop I was only getting 240 watts at 18 amps. I took the plane to the field with the idea of just running it along the grass to see what happens, the plane ran the length of the strip ( long wet grass ) I gave a touch of up and the plane lifted off, it eventually climbed to a reasonable height for me to try a turn and the plane did a circuit - very slow circuit !, I slowed to tick over and lined up for a landing, the plane did not loose height, just glided on ,I did not want a go round so gave a touch of down to loose height, the plane picked up speed slightly and virtually landed itself. I think this all happened on about 50-60 watts per pound,must be your wing design. I have changed the motor to a more powerful version, cant wait for today to give it a proper test flight, but initial impressions are that this is a well designed model that should fly really well, will post outcome later today regards Geoff.

Thread: BMFA Online Membership portal open for 2018 membership renewals
09/10/2018 08:49:02

Reading through this topic , I am the treasurer/membership sec. of a small club and I am not computer literate, do I assume that the old method of renewing membership with the stickers that come with the reafiliation pack will be replaced by the on line method of renewing membership ?

Thread: Peggy Sue 2
02/10/2018 08:55:37

Thanks Peter, just ordered the covering from H.K. managed to fit the 2 servos for the elev. and rudder yesterday, only the u/c to sort and the cowel to form and we should be away,I think maybe by the weekend after this should see it ready for first flight, a fellow member of my club is also building an PS2 but using a 4 stroke I/C so we can compare the different forms of power, as I us 4s 5000 batteries the duration should be approx. the same - will keep you posted regards geoff.

01/10/2018 08:48:56

It seems a long time since any one posted any building news about PS2, I am about 3/4 way through the build on my plane , which is electric powered,the only mods to convert to electric being to move F1 forward about 25 mm,this dim. depends on the length of your motor, I usually have to lengthen the nose to get the plane to balance, but with PS2 i was surprised to see that on initial trial balancing she was turning out nose heavy, moving the rudder and elevator servos slightly rearwards cured this, you can cut a battery hatch just in front of the windscreen forward to the new position of F1, then if you deepen the cut out in F2 you can slide a 4S 5000 battery down into the fus, I was not certain how to hinge the ailerons but eventually went for fully radiussing the LE of the aileron and used knuckle hinges burried into the aileron works a treat.

Thread: What's in your toolboxes?
07/09/2018 08:17:13

I find not at the field , but in the workshop a hot melt glue gun comes in very handy, good for securing items in both foam and balsa planes, not used every day but for the price of the gun and glue sticks its worth it just for the occasional use.

Thread: Autumn is been flying ?
03/09/2018 08:50:21

Went flying on Sat. sunny all day ,but a fair old wind blowing luckly straight down the strip, flew my "touch and go" fun fly, so addictive-just make certain the wing bands are tight otherwise you end up doing things not intended, next was my new Hobby King foamy Wargo Yak55, what a plane, after experimentation ended up with a £12 pound Turngy motor, watts meter readings were 462 watts, 42 amps,on 3 S this gives enough power to prop hang at one third throttle and the plane flew straight as a dye allowing for it being a light foamy in very gusty weather,all great until the wire under carriage dropped off, my fault I did not glue it in, last to fly was my ME163 Cyril Carr all foam design, a night mare to build, 28 mm inrunner completly encased in foam, 2 min. flight and the motor is hot to touch, but does it look good in the air, new undecarriage bent, batteries charged ready for a repeat tomorrow, trying to decide what to fly for Battle of Brittain day, any ideas, thinking of trying my Defiant.

Thread: How much to charge
01/09/2018 19:52:36

thanks for all the advise, as is usual today the average age of members in our club is 60 plus,some have been in the hobby for as long as I have but with advancing years,reactions, eye sight and not being as mobile as they were they cannot build/repair. I have made a rod for my own back in volunteering my services without being asked.The reason I asked the question about charging origionally was because the guy who I built the wing for seemed to baulk when I asked for £40 pounds, I did say that the estimate was around that figure, this before adding fabricating the undecarriage and building and fixing the engine box.I enjoy all forms of building weather its new builds or repairs, I consider all my fellow club mates as mates and hope that if I was ever in need they would help me, regarding charging I have known for some time that I was under charging but I dont think that I will change now, I dont need the money, I am well past retirement age and the time spent in my shed/ flying fills the time, thanks for all replies,but I think I will carry on -maybe with a small increase in charges ! I had not better tell you what I usually sell my planes for when I get fed up with them !!

01/09/2018 08:30:17

just a thought , and this should only interest traditional builders, but how much do you charge to build/repair planes for other people? I am a prolific builder , get as much fun out of building as i do flying, and get requests for building or repairing other peoples models, I do this with pleasure but only normally charge a nominal £5-10 pounds this includes all materials and labour, I have recently finished a wing for a scale plane 72 inch span, flaps and ailerons,building and adapting the undercarriage and building and attaching the engine box for the electric motor, all materials were supplied by me.All this took approx. 2 weeks , I felt guilty at charging £40 pounds, what do you think did I over/undercharge ? the guy seemed happy with that.

Thread: Goldwing 70e planes
27/08/2018 16:00:40

Thanks for that cymaz, it is to replace an extreeme flight extra which was 8 years old, I used it as a yard stick for any artf aerobatic planes that I purchased, the only one that came close was a goldwing su26 which although much cheaper than the extreeme flight flew almost as well, this being my idea of trying Goldwing again, I have all the gear our of the extra, bur one or two other projects to sort before starting the slick, will keep you posted regards Geoff.

26/08/2018 09:17:26

I went to the Nats. yesterday (Saturday )and ended up at Rapid models , after talking to the very helpefull staff I ended up with a Goldwing E70 slick 540 kit, so will see how that goes after building, instructions are on a disc, not certain if like this idea , much prefer a chinglish leaflet to try and decipher, I think the"best "conversion into english was in an italian kit which asked me to wipe the plane over before covering with a tampon , thats one part of the instructions I did not follow, regarding this years Nats. there seems to be only a small proportion of trade stands in comparison with previous years, after taking the sunglass, and craft stands away there seems only about 20 true aeromodeling stands , sign of the times? but the weather was kind, mainly sun and not to windy, I think the various competition flight lines were trying to pack as much in to try and get in front of todays (Sunday)forecast of bad weather , all in all not a bad day.

19/08/2018 17:52:13

Thanks everybody for your response, the main reason for asking the question is I am going to the Nats. on Sunday and Rapid are supposed to be there, so I dont need any other excuse to part with my hard earned dosh. Thanks again will post what I ended up with.

19/08/2018 09:00:32

I have had an Extreme Flight electric 60" Extra for about 8 years , I am thinking of a replacement, I have had 2- 30 cc and 1- electric gold wing plane purchased from Kings lynn models i the past when they used to stock them, they were all superb planes. I am thinking of either the Gold wing Corvus 70 e or the Slick 540 70 e to replace my extra , anyone out there any experience of these planes ? I fly mainly turn round aerobatics with a limited amount of 3 d , any advice would be appreciated

Thread: Cosford this weekend
05/07/2018 08:28:41

no you cant, not certain what limits there are on movement when camping i only live 5 miles from Cosford, but they put on a shuttle bus from the flight line to the museum, the distances you have to travel once inside Cosford is nothing like Barkston.

Thread: What percentage of pilots fly Mode 1 in the UK?
04/07/2018 08:35:44

Not certain what the overall picture is nationwide , but in the Midlands I would say that the majority of pilots are mode 1 I fly in the Telford area, learnt to fly in the Bridgnorth area, and been in/at other local midlands clubs all who have members that predominatly fly mode 1 , it seems that when helicopter flying became more popular so did mode 2 .

Thread: fav model of all time
30/06/2018 08:51:49

what a question to answer, like many who have tried to answer this ,those who like me who have decades of building , flying and repairing, there are two many to pick from, from my c/l days only one stands a chance on being my favourite its a Peacemaker with Oliver Tiger engine, we used to fly these things in a local park, without silencers, the only complaint coming from the footballers who could not hear the refs. whistle ! how things have changed, my favourite r/c could be a Tony Nijhous Vulcan,O.K. you have to bungy launch it ( at least I do ) but when its flying its totally convincing, flys in any weather,not to bad to build and seems tough as the proverbial. If I can add my least favourite plane , it was a Y.T, Focke Wulf 190 all composite, 30 cc petrol engine and it was a pig to fly, just had a mind of its own, I was glad when the engine cut on take off and wrecked it.

Thread: YEP 120 amp speed controller programming problems
26/06/2018 08:54:38

Has any one re- programmed one of these speed controllers , I have other YEP controllers and with the card there is no problems in re- programming, but this is the first 120 amp speedo I have and it comes with an additional 3 core wire soldered in, i have tried fitting this into a spare port in the receiver, i have inserted the other wire off the speedo into the motor port on the receiver,the card seems to work, it lights up I can move the lights on the card horizontally and vertically to select what i want to alter but when i press the accept button nothing happens, usually there is a beep to tell you that the speedo has accepted the new setting. I need to alter the setting as the speedo comes set up for a helicopter and the throttle settings need changing, any ideas ?

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