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Thread: HXT 2835
16/06/2018 08:57:43

Have you looked at the Gliders site, they do inrunner motors, the FF3-301B inrunner is the one I use in my Cyril Carr 163, not certain if the size is similar to your plane but on 3 S we can hand launch the plane, has enough speed to loop and roll, I use a Graphene 2200 65c battery which I needed to balance the plane- these batteries are very heavy !, the specs. as Gliders site is as follows 1800kv, 4mm shaft, 28 dia , 46 long.137 g weight, the quoted output is 460 amps on a 9x6 prop. I have watts metered my set up and with my set up (9x6E prop.) I am getting 562 watts at 55 amps, not certain how long the motor will last, but I have had at least 15 flights and all seems well, the motor is hot to the touch after a 4 min. flight, but it has no cooling what so ever as it is a tight fit in the models nose you just have to power manage, as this thing is an excelent glider, hope this helps,Geoff.

Thread: Dynam Models?
11/06/2018 08:49:31

I have had one of their ME262 planes since they were first produced, the retracts were rubbish, I think the solid oleos did not help, I replaced them with some from Hobby King complete with sprung oleos and they have been faultless for the last 2 years use, to get the sound right you have to balance the fans ,I also fitted split flaps , but not certain if the plane needed it, as usual with foamies you get a lot of hanger rash, but a trip to your local Band Q with part of the plane gets you sample pots computer matched to the correct colours, my 262 has been retired into the loft, so if any one needs any bits let me know, regards Geoff.

Thread: Cambrian models funfighters
03/06/2018 08:45:54

I have not had the ME109, but have had the long nose Dora FW190, I electrified it ,on the first flight I thought I had put a 4 S battery in by mistake it was VERY fast , on landing and checking the battery it was on 3S, they may be all built in a similar way, and built with balsa etc. but why fix anything when its not broke? and if you do happen to crash the thing, you built it, you can repair it,the spares are available in this country- try and get a canopy for a far east foamy, I would say build it ,electricfy it and enjoy.

Thread: Anyone built a Reichard Glider in recent years ?
31/05/2018 08:52:09

Pat, you are probably right it could have been a Champion, its a few years ago and for the reasons explained I did not have the glider for long, I think the snakes were solid rod and installed in the fuselage, so it was not possible to modify, but it did put me off gliders for good.

30/05/2018 10:19:56

I also built a Classic some time ago, as previously mentioned the elevator linkage was just not up to "fast" flying if you came out of a dive there was so much slop in the snake run that the elevator would be ineffective, this with the poor method of holding the motor in the nose,I lost a motor out of the nose, the rearward C/G which resulted was the demise of the glider, this was my first and last experience with Reichard gliders .

Thread: Duncan Hudson Lysander
25/05/2018 10:15:49

I have obtained a plan pack plus all bits for one of these planes, has any one built one if so, did you build with or without the L.E. slats ? the plan shows all sorts of belcranks and pushrods to operate the slats it also shows two wing rib profiles with / without slats not certain which wing to produce, any advice would be appreciated .

Thread: Peacemaker
25/05/2018 10:03:34

3 more flights yesterday, wind still strong and gusty, first flight was with settings as previous flights , but the second two were with reduced elevator and increased aileron, what a difference, the rolls were axial and the plane felt a lot more stable, I now use the new batteries that came on Tuesday, Turngy 2200 3s 40c, the first flight was timed at 3 mins. on landing a battery check gave 73%left, the timer was increased to 5 mins which left 65% in the battery, increasing to 6 mins left over 50% left, I was amazed at this as I was not trying for duration , it was my average flight which does not include many straight and level circuits, I think I have the plane well sorted now, I was planning to use it as a winter hack for next year but I have promoted it to a go to plane for this year, when the plane performed so bad after the first flight I offered it free to one of our club members who normally does not refuse anything, but he refused it ,on seeing it now fly asked if the airframe was" still free to good home " guess what my answer was?

24/05/2018 08:26:11

Your Peacemaker looks good, I cant load photos onto the site otherwise i would post some of mine ,again thanks for your input, only my Chris Gold Defiant and my Nijhous Zero to maiden then I am up to date on flying my new projects

23/05/2018 08:28:27

Martin, at last ! I flew my Peacemaker yesterday using a borrowed "well used " lipo, with all the mods listed it flew really well, strong gusty winds at our field yesterday, but the plane coped well,it needs slightly less elevator,but loops slow rolls even a bit of inverted all coped with well, many thanks for your input, looking forward to many happy hours flying my Peacemaker. Regards Geoff.

19/05/2018 08:13:18

Taking the plane to the field today to try and borrow a 3S battery, rebuilt the cover and beefed up the front lug, rear catch, so should stop in place, will advise if I manage to fly today, otherwise I will have to wait until my new batteries arrive regards

18/05/2018 17:00:21

Martin, good news and not so good news, I made the mods as discussed, also used an old 3 s battery, this brought the watts / amps right down(approx.200 watts/45 amps,c/g forward say 15 mm. elevator movement reduced and aileron movement increased, on hand launch the plane flew away needing only a fair ammount of down trim, maybe move the battery forward once more, I began to enjoy flying the plane, when the battery cover came off resulting in the battery, speed controller and receiver swinging in the breeze, before I could do anything the battery parted company with the plane resulting in the plane going skyward then turning thro. 180 degrees and hit the deck vertically, on retreiving the plane I was amazed to see no damage at all apart from a broken prop. A search for the missing cover and battery did not prove any good, so it was decided to give up the search, I am surprised that there was no damage at all on the airframe, so I have ordered 2 new batteries today, I do not fly planes with 3s batteries so I have had to invest with H.K. once more, Regards .

Thread: Precedent models from the 80, Hi-Boy, Low-Boy and Supernova
16/05/2018 09:34:18

I started back into the hobby many years ago, I flew control line then moved onto other things for approx. 30 years,I got the aeromodelling itch again and went into my local hobby shop and the only names I reccognised were Supre Tigre and Futaba, so, I came out armed with a Futaba skysport 6, Supre tigre engine and a precident Hi-boy. this set up took me via many crashes and rebuilds, some 2 months off with the plane at rest in a local farmers field, the plane was found by the farmer and returned, the wing was twice the weight due to water damage, the wing was dried by leaving in front of the radiator, and flown the following Sunday, with the passing of about 12 months I managed to obtain my A test, and passed the plane onto another beginer, my memories of the Hi- Boy are of a very docile plane ideal for learning with.

Thread: Peacemaker
15/05/2018 07:26:23

thanks for that info. Martin, dont bother measuring the aileron movement, I will try my mods. first, but repairing a fellow members Red Zepher at the moment, so will be the weekend before I try to fly the peacemaker again, Regards.

14/05/2018 08:21:44

Martin , its me again, we discussed the side / down thrust earlier, I have built my Peacemaker as per the plan with the side/downthrust, maidened over the weekend, with my electric set up on 3S,11x5 prop we were getting approx 400 watts,I do not have an undercarriage so it was hand launched, after leaving the hand it went vertical, I put down in and reduced power the plane levelled off, but did not seem to respond to aileron to well, after 30 secs. of "interesting flying "I managed to land without damage, the C/G was right, not excessive movement, my plan now is to move the battery forward and reduce movement on the elevator and maybe increase the aileron movement, any other ideas spring to mind to get the thing flying ? Regards.

07/05/2018 08:22:55

Martin , thats all well to know, mine is an electric version, not certain what size motor to use , went for 25 equivalent as you used a 25- 4 stroke,this might be to powerfull, but i can allways prop. to adjust, looking for around 450 watts, also noted the comment regarding the c.g. not trial balanced mine but I get the feeling that its going to be nose heavy. Planning to get it ready for its maiden on thurs . will let you know how it goes , many thanks for your quick reply, Regards

Thread: Spring 2018 is here...been flying?
06/05/2018 09:19:36

A wonderfull flying day in the Shifnal area of the Midlands yesterday, we have a lovely field we fly off but it has an open location , so it can be windy, but yesterday was perfect, as happens sometimes you get perfect days and fewer than normal flyers, I maidened my Cyril Carr ME163 jet, perfect for a maiden, flew my H.K. Hawk which is covered in red film covering, has a chain-sun 10 blade fan with cyclone motor, as near to turbine sound as you will get, also flew my Scottish Aviation Bulldog and lastly my H.K. Sbach, so 6 hours of total enjoyment, plenty of banter and no prangs thats what I call a good day.

Thread: Forum members' new models: Let's see them.
06/05/2018 08:59:38

No pictures I am afraid, but I did maiden my Cyril Carr ME163 yesterday, it is all blue foam construction,details on power etc. a little sketchy on the plan, if any one out there is looking at building one of these the power I used was a 28 mm Fly-Fly inrunner from Gliders, 9x6 lecy prop. 60 amp speedo. Graphene 2200 3s battery ,numbers with this were 52 amps, 455 watts, the plane ended up at 4.5 lbs, I did put a hook on to bungy, I thought that 4.5 lbs was border line for a hand launch, but the wind picked up slightly yesterday afternoon and I press ganged a fellow club member into hand launching over the crop of half grown wheat we have in our field, we were all amazed when Ian (thanks Ian Jones) let the plane go it just flew away as straight as an arrow, only 6 clicks of up elevator and all sorted, the plane is an absolute pussy cat to fly, Cyril said it needs rudder in the turns but I admit I did not try rudder turns as it did not need it. Set the timer at 2 mins. the timer went off the plane just glided in for a perfect landing, the battery was warm to the touch which is not surprising as it has no cooling and encased in blue foam, and had 55% left, I was told that in the air it looked totally convincing, I know that when the plan was published as a free plan, there was considerable interest but the blue foam construction put a lot of people off, if you can get your head round wire cutting, carving and endless sanding the end result is one amazing plane, only my Chris Golds Defiant and my Nijhous Zero to maiden now !

Thread: Peacemaker
06/05/2018 08:35:18

Martin, I am just at the moment covering my Peacemaker, I probably like you have fond memories of flying a control line version some 50 years ago, did you build as the plan using both the down and side thrust ? I have followed the plan with both these but it looks odd on an R/C model to have both side and down thrust, if you could avise please.

Thread: where are all the ARTFs?
25/04/2018 09:22:44

I tried to order a kit from Glen. Fletcher last year(Glens Models) and he said at that time he was not producing any kits due to lack of demand, this is a pity because his laser cut components were fantastic, you just slotted the components together and ran cyno into them, job done, and the planes flew really well. maybe if enough people contact him regarding kits , he might blow the dust off his laser cutter?

Thread: Sarik Hobbies - Good Service
24/04/2018 08:20:29

I ordered bits for a Denis Bryant Chipmunk, plan , canopy and cowel from Sarik and all received within 2 weeks, all well packed up in a strong box, the only problem is they are now offering 10% discount off their prices to celebrate the 100 years of RAF , but its worth the extra to keep all the plans etc. available, lets hope that Sarik can remain in buisness for the long term in these uncertain times.

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