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Thread: Bungee length
09/03/2018 12:22:54

My experience of bungy launching on edf planes, dont go for the surgical bungy- its a fairly thin tube and does not have a cotton covering, this makes it very suceptable to UV light, the longer you leave it in sun light the weaker it gets, its not funny when a fully loaded bungy comes back at you because the tube has split at the weakest point, if you do go for a surgical tube bungy, check to see if there is a light " white dusting"anywhere on the tube, this is where the UV damage has ocured, it happened to me in less than 1 seasons use , I use a ramp made from plumbing tube,for the bungy go for the cotton covered type off E bay, I use the 8 mm thick option. 24 metres of bungy,doubled up to give 12 metres length one end is securley attached to the ground anchor with 6 long tent pegs, attached to the other end of the bungy is 5 metres of 6mm chord which is attached to the foot release treddle again by tent pegs, off this chord is another piece of chord with a ring on to attach to the hook on the plane, I can get 12 kilos of pull with this set up, but its not easy pulling and trying to secure it to the ground, also to acheive this weight of pull the bungy will increase in length

Thread: SLEC
01/03/2018 08:34:20

I totally agree with what everyone is saying about SLEC service, but no one has mentioned their prices, I buy all my stock of balsa, ply and light ply at 3 shows during the year, this will cover my building over that period, some times I run out of the odd size of wood that I need to complete a build , I go to the LMS who also use SLEC for their wood supplies and the cost is almost double what I pay at the shows, I know that this could spell the demise of the local shops, but I build probably 6-8 models a year (Chris Gold Defiant, Nijhouse Zero, English Electric Canberra, Scottish aviation Bulldog, plus 2 old timers) all build last year ,so the saving in costs on balsa stock plus bits like snakes, hinges,small metal items etc is to me considerable so keep up the good work SLEC.

Thread: EDF Vectored thrust
21/02/2018 09:19:07

if you look at videos of the freewing SU35 on you tube ,these are amaizing, twin 70 mm contra rotating fans with nozzels fitted to the end of the jet outlet tubes, these vector the thrust up/down with the elevators, left/right with rudders and up/down with ailerons,they use 6s batteries and are amazing, give approx. 5mins flight,only down side is the inlets are really close to the ground O.K. if you fly off tarmac but if you fly off grass you pick up any debis thats on the runway -dont ask me how I know,spare fans are cheap from RCCastle in Hong Kong. Hobby king sometimes offer these planes at considerably cheaper price than Freewing stockists.

Thread: Durafly Vampire V2?
19/02/2018 09:03:12

The club that i fly from is very Vampire friendly, we have up to 8 flying at the same time all mk. 1 versions, various fans , motors and batteries, mine has a Mad Thrust 4000kv fan unit,80 amp speedo and flies with a 3750 4 s battery-you trim the middle out of the battery tray and push the battery through it ,We buy the basic kit which is foam bits only then add whatever we want to use, I dont think these kits are still available,because of the problem sorting which plane you are flying with that many up, I painted mine in the target tow scheme ,I dont use retracts just bungy off ,no problem, but you do need to reinforce the booms and I also reinforced the leading edge of the tailplane just in case, beleive me with this stet up its real fast, but a 5 blade fan turning at up to 60 k. is quite noisey for an electric

Thread: Ripmax EasyStreet 2
30/01/2018 08:49:44

If all else fails with the canopy latch ,what I have used before is half a small servo arm, this is screwed with one small screw to the top of the fuselage just behind the back of the canopy, with the canopy in place you just turn the half servo arm through 90 degrees to engage over the top of the canopy, to remove the canopy just turn the arm back through 90 degrees, maybe not as good as the catch provided but it gives a positive fix for the canopy

Thread: Bungee for launcher
21/01/2018 09:49:21

Habib, you are going to have problems manually pulling a bungy to give 30 kg. pull, you are right that a 6kg. model will need around 30 kg. on the bungy (5x model weight) I have not used bungys for gliders , but have used them for years on ducted fan planes, which are lighter, you can buy the bungy cord off e bay, be careful using surgical tube as it is affected by U .V. and deteriorates over a few months- dont ask me how i know ! I use 25 m. of 10 mm dia.cotton covered cord attached to a 6 mm dia. string cord which is attached to foot treadle, off this cord is a short length of srtring cord which is attached to a hook on the model , again be carefull on the location of the hook, the location on gliders is not the same as planes , I think that you would need a slow pull with gliders , the above launches planes off at flying speed, the most pull that I can apply with my set up is 10 kgs. I think there was a good article in the Dec. copy of RCME an this subject. As I say my only exprience is with planes not gliders , if any of the info . I have given you is incorrect I expect some one from the glider fraternity will let us know. Regards

Thread: Hobby King Warranty
12/12/2017 08:46:19

I purchased a YEP speed controller from Hobby King with the card to re-programme this type of controller, the speedo worked when first received but on trying to re-programme ,it it would not run the motor (this type of speedo is set up for helicopters from the factory and has to be re-programmed to use for planes) I tried re programming, re setting the throttle settings on the speedo and the transmitter all to no avail, I returned it to the U.K. branch of H.K. and within 3 days they E mailed me back to let me know that it was faulty and a new speedo. was on its way to me. I know that H.K. have had returns problems in the past ,but I think the way that they have dealt with my problem is first class. if any one has settings for this type of speedo for use in ducted fan planes I would appreciate any advise

Thread: Me163 from Cyril Carr!
01/12/2017 16:31:01

I know that it is some 2 plus years since this thread was added to, but I have just purchased one of these planes , it was built by a fellow club member who was a profesional model maker all his life, anything from drones for the MOD to air powered V6 engines, his modelling talents are second to none, he has built it as per the plan, all in blue foam, but he has shaped the wing ,not by hot wire cutting but by cutting and sanding, the result is an unbelevable model, covered in brown paper and finished as the example in the Cosford museum, he does not fly, but gets his enjoyment from seeing the models he has built fly. I am wondering if any one has actually built and flown one of these planes, Cyril is a bit vague regarding the motor he used, he gave the spec. of the motor as 28 mm. dia. 2000 - 2500 kv. 2 s , and 6x6 prop. if you have built one of these planes and its got a good performance, could you advise what motor you used, or if anyone has any suggestions as to a suitable inrunner I would appreciate any info. regards Geoff.

Thread: Hobbyking
25/11/2017 08:55:37

I ordered a YEP speedo. and programme card on the 24 th (Friday) both were reduced and I got free postage , this from the U.K. branch at approx.10 AM. on checking progress in the afternoon, I had an E mail informing me that my order had been checked, another Email advising me that the order had been dispatched and lastly a text advising me to expect a delivery on Monday thats what I call good service, all I have to do now is sort out a faulty speedo. that has not worked since I received it ! I tried to contact someone on their live chat service yesterday, to be told not to expect a reply until after the Thanks giving break, the message came from Mario at the U.S. branch ?Geoff.

Thread: September Special Issue
23/11/2017 08:52:03

Just checked the HK site and the 70mm Hawk is still listed.I have one of these they sell for approx. £35 pounds thats just for the airframe, mine is red arrows scheme covered in red iron on film, you have to be careful with the heat as it draws out the individual foam beads but the polished finish more than makes up for this, its got a Chain Sun 10 blade fan on 4 s , 80 amp speedo, and 3750 4s battery, bungy launched, the sound is unbelavable, true jet sound and almost silent on slow passes, one of the best EDF planes i have, I built one of Tonys smaller Hawks 2 years ago, I built it as light as possible, swapping thicker wood for thinner , lightening holes where poss. and it still turned out heavy, Tony, said a wing loading of approx 35 oz. / sq. ft. It flew like a brick ,as I have stated before if you do build one of his new larger Hawks, go for light build, no retracts, 6 s , bungy launch and hope. You would be surprised how much power is drawn from batteries dragging a wheeled ducted fan plane off the ground ! or better still save a load of cash and go for a hobby king job.

Thread: Aldi scroll saw
23/11/2017 08:26:21

looking at the photos it looks similar to my saw I purchased from Machine Mart several years ago, It has had quite a hard life, all my builds are from plans and I cut all items , but the saw has a variable speed option and will cut from thin balsa to 6 mm. ply , if you are looking for blades the pin types are available from any local Machine Mart in many teeth options and even metal cutting blades, but I have not tried this option, if you are looking for any small electrical items for the workshop, just check to see if your local branch has any refurbed items, I purchased both my scroll saw and pedistal drill this way, they are either returns or display items and were half price, they both looked brand new , had a gaurantee, and are working faltlesly after many years of use Regards Geoff.

Thread: Smooth Operator
18/11/2017 08:46:33

The demise of true kit built planes has been evolving over many, many years, I purchased a Smooth Operator from Pete. many years ago, when he used to be a regular selling his kits, covering and accessories at the shows, I did not buy my plane at the shows , but rang him up at his home, he said he would have to check to see if he had any stock in his garage as it was that long since he had sold a kit, regarding the plane , by todays standards it might be a little bit heavy, but it was the first plane I managed a knife edge loop with, and was a pleasure to fly, its demise was me getting it lost in low sun ! I hope if this plane is being as a kit , the sellers deserve every success , I seem to remember that the fuselage was part assembled in the kit, but I may be wrong regards Geoff.

Thread: 80" Playboy Senior
11/11/2017 08:52:05

Montyb, just picked up your post with a photo of your Powerhouse, looks like shiny heat shrink covering to me, I use the same to cover my old timers, and also electric power and I get all sorts of stick from other members of the club,

at least you have used a I/C motor ! you have made an fantastic job on the plane, I noticed that you have put wires from the tailplane to the fin, I did not put them on mine, I thought the joint between fuse. and tailplane was up to the way I fly my old timers. hope all is well with your playboy build Regards

Thread: Martin`s Hawk
09/11/2017 08:32:57

I thought the alternative fan option might be interesting, the 90 mm Chain Sun comes with a Cyclone inrunner, and is designed for 6 s . My experience with EDF is go for the largest C rating batteries you can afford, I go for 65 - 130 c, more expensive but you get more power, if you can build light and use a bungy to lauch you save a lot of battery by not dragging a heavy plane off the ground using retracts. Regarding the paint issues , the last 3 planes I have built (BT Mosquito, Chris Golds Deffiant and an English Electric models Canberra ) were all covered in tissue, doped and then sprayed with polyester car paint, any good car paint supplier who mixes paint will mix to suit colour swatches you supply or match from their library of colours. it goes on well with any spray gun, you can get in 1/4 litre batches, which is enough for the 70 inch size planes for approx £8, and is obtainable in matt finish, not certain how fuel proof it is as I only fly electric, but I have not had the paint creep problem under the masking tape, I use 6 mm fine line tape backed up with normal masking tape, never had a problem, hope this helps.

08/11/2017 08:54:23

I built Tonys smaller Hawk a couple of years ago, the same spec. as Tonys, Dr. madthrust,fan, 6 s battery etc,etc, built as light as possible,and it turned out heavy, I think this is the plane Tony made a mistake on the finished weight of his plane, I had just finished his Vulcan and it flew superbly approx. 15 oz. per sq. ft wing loading, launched off the bungy at 8 kilo. pull and just floated around and totally convincing in the air, the hawk on the other hand was totally opposite, I increased the pull on the bungy , but the wing loading was around 35 oz. per sq. ft, not enough pull on the bungy and the plane virtually fell off the end of the ramp, but I think the wing loading on both of these Hawks is to much, if you do build either cut as much weight as poss. go for 6 s batteries, and Chain Sun 12 blade fans, these are a lot lighter than Mad Thrust and with Cyclone motors will give 3 kilos of thrust, available from RCCastle in Hong Kong, the last one I purchased was assembled and balanced it was just over £100, and I paid £12 to the post office.

Thread: Seagull DH-98 Mosquito engine choice
08/11/2017 08:29:40

Bill, you will get contra props for electric from a company called 4 max in the U.K. as I posted I have a Brian Taylor Mosquito, electric powered and use 2 x 14 x 6 contra. props, he used to sell 3 blade contra.props as well, but not certain if he sells them now, a visit to his site will tell you.

Thread: NEW 50" Hawk (90mm fan) RCME Special
06/11/2017 10:02:54

Tony,I am planning to build one of your new larger Hawks, I have purchased a Chain sun 12 blade , 90 mm fan which gives 3 kilo,s of waft on 6 s , not certain if fitting retracts at the moment, trying to go the light build option and bungy off, I have a substantial bungy which should cope, but I will make the retracts as a later option if needed. My question is you said that you used a YEP speedo. I have one of these, and have run the fan up on just 4s and low speed just to check it works, but you said that this speedo. is primarily a helicopter speedo. and you had to make some alterations to the set up via the programming card, I am certain that I will not be the only builder using this speedo, so, could you list the alterations that you made for the best settings for an edf set uo ? by the way my Vulcan is still putting in superb flights and its now 2 years old regards Geoff.

Thread: Forum members' new models: Let's see them.
05/11/2017 08:43:07

My latest model is of a Scottish Aviation Bulldog, built from a plan pack kit from the mid 80,s, I obtained it a few years ago, put it in the loft and forgot about it, looking for something else earlier this year I found it and decided to build it, the plan was of the dye-line , ammonium developed variety and had almost gone blank, but the wings were foam/obechi covered and so were the fuse. deckings which had survived well a small ammount of lifting of the obechi only, so the build was both very quick and simple, it was designed for I/C power and I fly only electric, so the only mods to convert were a box on the front of the bulkhead for the motor and somewhere for the battery, I test flew the plane 2 weeks ago, once off the ground it flew really well, a couple of clicks aileron and the same for elevator and settle back and enjoy, shes fitted with flaps , but as it was quite windy, I decided not to use them and she flew in for a perfect landing, subsequent flights have confirmed what a nice flying plane the Bulldog is , and its one that you dont see many models of, she still takes forever to get off the ground, but I have revised the size of the wheels( bigger nose,smaller main ) to try to increase the angle of attack, will advise if this cures the only problem this plane has.

Thread: Seagull DH-98 Mosquito engine choice
03/11/2017 08:52:20

Richard, sorry just picked up your thread, i have a Brian Taylor Mosquito 70 inch span, it is lighter than your plane , but I am all electric and I used a set up put together by George from 4 max, 2 x 50-55 motors, 80 amp speedos,14x6 contra.props, 2x4s x 3750 batteries, the plane needed nose weight and I made the machine gun housing removable and the 2 batteries slid in side by side, the radio is powered by a seperate 2s lipo running through a small regulater, this set up has more than enough power and should hopefully help reduce the one motor out problem, 4max stuff ,is not cheap, but with electrics you get what you pay for, if I was to build another twin I would not think about I/c, all that sludge you have to wipe off the plane, all the starting tackle, and the problematic reliability,no thanks, just turn up put the plane together, put the batteries in and fly,the sound of 2 electric props is just as good as 2 i/c motors, thats if you can hear them above the noise of any one flying i/c

Thread: Autumn here...who's been flying ?
01/11/2017 17:03:29

We had a good day in the Telford area yesterday(Tuesday) only very light wind , initially straight down the strip, but turned to the short strip in the afternoon, flew my trusty Extreme Flight Extra , my ME 262 and maidened my Scottish Aviation Bulldog, the Bulldog is from a plan pack from way back in the 80,s - its amazing what you can find hidden in the loft when looking for something else, but it has foam /obichi covered wings and the same for the decks on the fus. is electric powered, I was concerened about the non steering nose wheel, but she tracked straight with only slight touches on the rudder, took off and with a couple of clicks of trim she flew really well,after a few minutes of flying I called a landing and she just flew herself in for 3 point landing, a perfect finish to a perfect days flying,

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